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Paying the Thugs or Fighting Them: Seder and Hayes vs The Pups?

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Friend and blogger Becky sent me an E-Mail which linked to Sam Seder’s hosting on the Young Turks internet show. Sam Seder Show on Obama and the Demise of Air America.

In the first half, he interviews Chris Hayes of "The Nation" and in the second half he talks about the demise of Air America.

Sam highlights Chris’ piece in "The Nation" called "System Failure".
Chris sees two separate categories of problems. One is all our economic woes such as bad health care, carbon emissions poisoning the earth, lack of jobs, poverty, immigration limbo, etc. The other deeper problem is entrenched power and a broken system. But by trying to solve the economic problems through a corrupt system we further elevate the oligarchs and make the system even more entrenched than before.
Take the health care bill. Chris uses the example of you being a priest in a neighborhood where the merchants must pay thugs protection money. Some very small shop owners can’t pay and so are beaten up a lot. The merchants decide to pool their resources and pay the thugs what the small shop owners owe. Thus achieving some kind of peace. But the downside is channeling even more money to the thugs. What is really awful is that you, the priest, convince the shop owners that they have to pay the thugs. You participate in the shakedown.

Chris’ piece mentions Jane Hamsher and Firedoglake along with Glenn Greenwald as examples of those on the left who no longer want to pay the protection money and who want to redistribute the power by returning it to the people like it has been done several times before in our history.

Sam is discouraged by Obama’s capitulation to the oligarch thugs. He’s really dismayed that Obama is not even rhetorically talking populist. He is dismayed that Obama is not even considering using the power of the grass roots anger on the left. And so all that energy and anger has been ceded to the right and to the tea party people. And that is frightening to Sam because if all the anti-establishment anti-oligarch energy is in the right, it can lead to more nativisim and racism, not less. It is the opposite of what he hoped for by voting for Obama. He had not been an early supporter of Obama because Obama wasn’t liberal enough for him. But he thought that an Obama presidency might deal a death blow to the Southern Strategy of Nixon’s i.e. using racism to divide working people. Instead it looks like this ugliness may be getting a second life because the great populist left moment should have happened eight months ago, but the Obama administration chose to work with the thugs. Having said that, Sam, oddly still thinks he should support the flawed health care bill as does Chris in order to help the small shop owners from being beaten. I guess that is the definition of dilemma.

Chris Hayes is discouraged too. Chris mentions that Obama in the State of the Union said, "I’m not interested in punishing the banks." But Chris said, "I’m interested in punishing them." So are a lot of us and we see this as a fundamental betrayal of the very heart of liberalism which is fighting entrenched greed. And Sam said that he was discouraged that Obama not only won’t punish the banks, he won’t even talk about it.

Sam adds that we must all read Chris’ piece. At the end of the piece, Chris tells a parable in order to show why any of us leftists should keep on fighting. The parable is from a book called "Political Parties", written in 1911 by social democrat Robert Michels. He had come up with "the iron law of oligarchy".

In order for any kind of party or, indeed, any institution with a democratic base to exist, it must have an organization that delegates tasks. As this bureaucratic structure develops, it invests a small group of people with enough power that they can then subvert the very mechanisms by which they can be held to account: the party press, party conventions and delegate votes. "It is organization which gives birth tothe domination of the elected over the electors," he wrote, "of the mandataries over the mandators, of the delegates over the delegators.Who says organization, says oligarchy."

So if either a left or a right organization will always succumb to oligarchy, why bother? Michels, in order to cheer up his fellow social democrats, tells the parable of the dying peasant.

In it, a dying peasant tells his sons that he has buried atreasure in their fields. "After the old man’s death the sons dig everywhere in order to discover the treasure. They do not find it. But their indefatigable labor improves the soil and secures for them a comparative well-being."

"The treasure in the fable may well symbolize democracy," Michels wrote."Democracy is a treasure which no one will ever discover by deliberate search. But in continuing our search, in laboring indefatigably to discover the undiscoverable, we shall perform a work which will have fertile results in the democratic sense."

So the thing that keeps Chris Hayes going is that the left always always no matter where or when…"The left is always fighting the powers that be, always trying to make the hardest changes, speaking for the most marginalized, and it’s never easy work and the odds are always stacked against you."

Chris said he didn’t want to wax philosophical but he concluded, "You have to almost have a spiritual commitment to it."

In the second half of Sam’s show, he explains why he felt Air America died. It sounds like they had a lot of Rahms in charge. In other words, they didn’t care about their base aka their audience. They thought they could play their inside game. Sam remains committed to liberal radio and more skeptical than Chris of working within this corrupt system. But what to do?

The opposite of despair is not HOPE, it is action. So keep digging seems to be the right action. But most of the digging should take place not in Washington or even in electoral politics. It should be done outside of this. It’s time to fertilize and nurture the base, not the politicians. It’s time to water the hard earth. It’s time for all the people at "The Nation" and other progressive groups to start playing their "outside game" not their "inside game".

And it won’t happen without a strong labor movement. Without working people, we will just be a bunch of middle aged middle class over educated reformers with no muscle. Let’s fight for the Employee Free Choice Act and immigration reform. Let’s take it to the streets with millions on May Day. Let’s not be afraid to call ourselves social democrats and fighters against Dr. King’s triple evils; militarism, racism, and economic injustice. We have no president who will "bust the trusts", so it is up to us to get justice for all working people. We will protect our own businesses. Stop paying the thugs.

Uppity Women and Morons Part II: Dr. Flowers Challenges Economist Reinhardt

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Dr. Margaret Flowers already entered into the pantheon of the goddesses of uppityness with her appearance as one of the Baucus 8 in his hearings on health care. And this week she struck another blow at the Cato Institute’s discussion of the new book by Timothy Carney "Obamanomics: How Barack Obama Is Bankrupting You and Enriching His Wall Street Friends, Corporate Lobbyists, and Union Bosses (Regnery Books, 2009). She challenged Princeton economist Uwe Reinhardt to explain why he advocated for a single payer health care system for Taiwan, but not the U.S. His answer was very interesting (twirl mustache here). Economist Reinhardt Says "Interest Groups Own the Government

Even more interesting are the boards of directors that Prof. Reinhardt sits on.

What Professor Reinhardt didn’t tell his audience yesterday at Cato – and what he doesn’t tell his readership at the New York Times – is that he sits on the board of a health insurance corporation – Amerigroup – and at last report controls 144,000 shares of Amerigroup stock worth roughly about $4 million.

He also sits on the board of Boston Scientific – a medical device company.

And he sits on the board of two health care funds – Hambrecht and Quist Healthcare Investors and Life Sciences Investors Funds.

He also sits on the board of Triad Hospitals Inc.

This again leads us to the discussion going on in lennonist’s diary on Glenn Greenwald’s disclosure of the insidious ideas of Cass Sunstein that involve planting information on blogs and in op eds by "well-intentioned" elites. And just the very idea that elites know better than the great unwashed and so should not get bogged down with fake scandals. So Margaret and Marcy should just STFU and sit down, Little Ladies.

Sorry, but we must defend Margaret Flowers and Marcy Wheeler’s right to ask simple questions. Russell Mokhiber over at Physicians for a National Health Plan asks the same ones:

Professor Reinhardt has a legal obligation to maximize the profits for the shareholders of Amerigroup, Boston Scientific and the others.

A single payer national health insurance system would significantly impact those profits.

So, when someone asks you, Professor Reinhardt – why don’t you support single payer for the United States, given that you favored it for Taiwan – you should be right up front and disclose your conflicts.

You say your answer “has nothing to do with my board memberships.”

Maybe yes.

Maybe no.

The heart of Glenn Greenwald’s piece on Cass Sunstein is the way propaganda infests our media and he calls out Sunstein for believing that it is okay to manipulate the masses if you are part of the "well-intentioned" elites both governmental and academic. No it is not okay to create "an infinite feedback loop" to promote your "good" ideas like this nifty health care bill. There are different opinions out there and they didn’t get a voice. That’s wrong. Silencing dissent whether overtly or covertly is what Sheldon Wolin in "Democracy Incorporated" calls "managed democracy and "inverted totalitarianism".

There are many ways to silence opposing views. But thanks to uppity women like Dr. Margaret Flowers and Marcy Wheeler with a little help from some guys like Glenn, we will not be told to STFU even by Princeton profs Reinhardt and Krugman.

NOTE: My original post on Brooksley Born was posted in October of 2008. Uppity Women and Morons (Free Market Preachers) The use of the term "moron" is from a discussion Daniel Ellsberg had with Henry Kissinger in 1968. Ellsberg had served as a combat officer in Vietnam and was at the time of the meeting working on the Pentagon Papers. (credit: Rick Perlstein’s brilliant "Nixonland" p.578)

Ellsberg had lectured Henry Kissinger in that hotel room, lectured him about the narcotic effect of secrets: "It will become very hard for you to learn from anybody who doesn’t have clearances. Because you’re thinking as you listen to them: ‘What would this man be telling me if he knew what I know?’…. You’ll become something of a moron…incapable of learning from most people in the world, no matter how much experience they may have."…American Legion counter protesters would say, "All of a sudden, you guys on the streets, you know more than the secretary of state."

My post on Greenwald and Sunstein today.
My post on Sunstein in 2008; Nudgonomics: The Repackaging of Feudalism One More Time

Teamsters Beat the Vampire Squid – Taking Care of Their Own

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I just heard a man on Washington Journal say to the guest pollsters propagandists/marketers and to the host, "What is wrong with the idea of unions? What is wrong with the idea of helping your brother?" The answer is "nothing" and the Teamsters proved that they still have it within themselves to protect their own by saving 30,000 jobs.
If you are going to have to choose feudal lords, I’ll pick James Hoffa over Robert Rubin any day. The Teamsters cleaned up their own house and now are determined to grow and in the process show us the way out of the grasp of the vampire squid. (Thanks, Matt Taibbi).

Alexander Cockburn over at the invaluable (please subscribe) "Counterpunch" has the story on "How The Teamsters Beat Goldman Sachs"

In the midst of all the Kabuki theater of the health care bill and its latest atrocity, the tax on workers’ decent Chevy/Ford pickup health care plans, we must not lose sight of the thievery that continues as Wall Street sucks our life’s blood. Credit Default Swaps are just bets in this casino society. And these blood suckers are betting against the American people.

Hedge fund entrepreneur David Einhorn had strong words for the evil practice called "basic packaging" where some of the bondholders of the company do not have the best interests of the company at heart, but have bet against the company. They bet it will go bankrupt and then help it along. That sounds kind of illegal, but I guess it’s not anymore. Einhorn at an investors’ convention said:

“trying to make safer CDS is like trying to make safer asbestos. How many real businesses have to fail before policy makers decide to simply ban them?”

Read this short and inspiring tale of a family that is trying to take care of its brothers and sisters.

Footnote: On same Washington Journal, the host says a typical clueless Washington cocktail weenie remark. He thanks Peter Bart, the "Democratic" pollster for moving his tennis game to be on the show. This is in the midst of discussing how angry and upset the Americans he polled were on the state of America. Clueless in a nutshell. (Bill McInturff was the "Republican" pollster).

Spanking the Donkey – Matt Taibbi Shows How Real Audacity Works

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Matt Taibbi spent a full hour with Dave and Di on their local talk radio show in Bozeman, Montana about subjects ranging from what is a naked short sell? What are "dark pools"? Should we draft Elizabeth Warren to be president? Having spent over 10 years in Russia, how would he answer the claims shouted from tea baggers that "We are looking like Russia!!"? Does he still carry around a Viking costume?

His hilarious and depressing 2005 book about the Democratic primaries and the fall presidential election "Spanking the Donkey: Dispatches from the Dumb Season" is still a great read. He talks a little bit about what that was like in the first few minutes then goes into why our system now resembles Russia. Gee, do you think it’s about corruption? That’s about 10 minutes into the podcast.

Discussion of "dark pools" is around 12 minutes in. He talks about the "Tarp on Steroids" that Congressman Sherman targeted around 14 minutes in.
In the 2nd half of the interview, Matt takes phone calls. The listeners came up with great questions. Matt originally said he could only stay for the first half hour, but we wangled a full hour thanks to the listeners.

We need many many more FBI agents who seem to be doing the work that the SEC and the Fed should have done.

We should all be glad that Matt is staying focused on the Wall Street corruption and the influence of Goldman Sachs on Washington. With more people slowly climbing on board the U.S.S. Anti-Corruption, we have a slim shot at salvaging this wreck of a country.

The podcast is at my website under "Democracy’s Edge Podcasts". We stopped calling our show "Democracy’s Edge" a few weeks ago. I’m not as optimistic as Francis Moore Lappe whose book of the same title inspired us to look for signs of life on the edges of democracy. There are a few examples of democracy like commenters here have mentioned such as Oregon’s public financing ideas, instant runoff voting in San Francisco and worker owned companies. But I also feel we are on a precarious edge and time is of the essence. Hence the change of name.

Incrementalism isn’t a good idea. Not having conflict is what the status quo wants. But it is time for conflict. And that doesn’t mean armed conflict. But, for god’s sake, it does mean challenging authority and standing up to power. Investigating the powerful is real audacity. And Matt is doing that. It’s time for the rest of us to stop enabling these wolves in Democratic clothing. As somebody on my last post said, it’s time to move past the "bargaining" stage in the stages of grief and get to acceptance. The time to act is NOW. The donkey is a donkey. It’s not responding to spanking. Now what? Taibbi is encouraged by more stories on this heist coming out in the main stream news. So let’s keep digging and keeping these stories front and center.

Montana Maven

Liberals Need a 12 Step Program – We Ask Taibbi What We Should Do Next

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Okay, people, time to get in a 12 step program. We have been enabling these corporate Democrats in their addiction to money for way too long.

Matt Taibbi (WHO WILL BE ON THE RADIO SHOW TOMORROW) in his 2005 book “Spanking the Donkey” identified Dems back then as "money junkies". They are addicted to corporate cash and the power buzz it gives them. They love all the calculation to get all that money. They ask us to trust them just one more time and give them our votes.

They spout gibberish on the TV to the bloviators of blather. The Fat Cat News spills out drivel by having on professors like Tom Schaller who was on Dylan Ratigan’s show this morning babbling about Democrats being the party of change and Republicans being the party of status quo. Really? What do you call the changes Bush made in tax cuts for the uber rich, wiretapping, torture, war, rape of the environment, shoveling of money to the banks with no oversight, etc? What do you call the changes Bill Clinton made in deregulating the media and the banks and NAFTA and the WTO? Same deal. They both made radical changes in keeping the status quo Milton Friedman free market flim flam chugging along and pillaging the people’s piggy banks. And now the Shock Doctrine is in full swing under the new same old regime.
Phrases like “status quo” and “change” have no meaning anymore. We are beyond Orwell. Schaller uses the pollster Celinda Lake to buck up his old tired left/right divide. Schaller also disparaged liberals who wanted stuff like health care reform as having a "purity in idealogy"… obviously a very upchuck inducing idea for the guy. Bleccck! Purists. Barf!

The Dems use the pollsters to come up with deadly sentences and weasel phrases to keep all this smoke and mirrors thing going. The Repugs do the same. Both parties play tug-of-war with the word "freedom". We are misinformed, spun and lied to. And now we are left with a little hope and a lot of chump change.

We have been co-dependents eager to “fix the problem”. In their latest fake, they convinced us that citizens would have a seat at the corporate boardroom table. Why does this phoney baloney work? Some of us just want to have a sense of place; to belong or not feel helpless. Others want to be players. In our neediness, we have come to the rescue of these junkies time and time again. What do we get? Just like a drunk’s wife, we get slapped around. Time for us to cut them off cold turkey. How will we then spend our free time? We’ll ask Matt. I bet it has something to do with truth.

Matt will be on Saturday, October 31st at 2PM Mountain Time (4PM Eastern time). You can live stream at The Edge Talk Radio Check out his articles Great American Bubble Machine

His expose of the health care debate is turning out to be dead on: Sick and Wrong

His latest RS article is another page turner: Wall Street’s Naked Swindle

On his blog is a terrific piece on the state of the Democrats; Elizabeth Warren for President

Call in at 406-522-TALK

“Rahm is Like a General Fighting the Last War”

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Last night on “Left Jab” on Sirius Left talk radio, the hosts interviewed activist lawyer Kevin Zeese. Zeese was at an action against the Chamber of Commerce sponsored by, but he has also been very active in the health care reform battle. He was one of the Baucus 8, the first 8 people arrested in Senator Baucus’ Finance Committee hearings on health care back in May. I heard him speak at the recent “Mad as Hell Doctors” rally in Washington DC.

One of the hosts challenged Zeese with the conventional wisdom aka company propaganda that “Rahm was around in 1994” when health care reform didn’t even get a vote which some think is the reason why the Democrats lost Congress in the November elections. And since Rahm’s and the White House’s main concern is winning elections, getting a bill any bill however meager or flawed, is the objective.

Zeese said that like many generals “Rahm was fighting the last war” (I might quibble with Zeese about Rahm being a general). Zeese said that the Clinton plan was a mess. It was more complicated than the current bloated bills in the House and Senate. A single payer type of bill was not debated then as it is not debated now. The Clinton plan was another attempt at keeping our for-profit, ludicrously expensive, inefficient and cruel health system going. Zeese makes the case that passing a bad or weak bill will do the opposite of what Rahm thinks will happen. Anger by average Americans at being betrayed by Washington by allowing then to be bilked even more by the sickness industry will show itself in losses, perhaps huge losses for those in charge aka The Democrats.

I would add that there is theory that is not discussed enough for apparent reasons. That theory goes that passing NAFTA alienated and disheartened liberal politicians and really angered rank and file Democrats who either voted Republican in 1994, but more likely sat the 1994 election out. I call myself and people like me FDR type Democrats, Classic Coke Democrats. Many of these Classics sat home in 1994. So the New Fangled Coke Dems aka the triangulating aka pragmatic aka yes men and women and Eisenhower/Rockefeller Republicans started taking over the old party of labor in earnest.

Kevin Zeese is another reason not to lump all lawyers together as leaches and slick fancy talkers. People’s advocates are worth their weight in gold. We see this with Elizabeth Warren’s righteous crusade to protect consumers, formerly known as citizens. We see it with Brooksley Born and her fight to stem corruption in banking.

Trial lawyers have to be clear and concise. Successful ones need to make their cases to juries with clear explanation of their clients’ cause. They must explain things well.

Politicians use rhetoric or the gift of gab if they are good at it or folksy phrases, bad jokes, and manufactured (by pollsters) weasel phrases if they are average. What most of them do is not explain a damn thing. Even Barack Obama during the campaign said that he wished he had more trial experience instead of spending most of his time in the classroom or researching. Yeh, a lecturer is a whole different kind of cat than a trial lawyer.
Unfortunately, we need a strong people’s advocate, a lobbyist for the people. They are out there; Zeese in the streets, Warren in her committee, Grayson in the House, Spitzer on the news shows. Our job is to keep highlighting them and not the company men and women who have sold out to the corrupt corporate culture.

Throwing the Game

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“He needs a victory”, sighed Dr. Paul Hochfeld at the very end of our 40 minute interview with him on our local talk radio show. After a feisty and informative discussion with us about health care reform, in the end, Paul, like us, kind of sighed. When Paul talked to the Doctors for Obama group that had flown in to support President Obama’s health care reform (whatever that was), they told him that “the president needs a victory”. Even though Paul is a single payer advocate and knows like many of us do that a national system is the only thing that will work, in the end does it boils down to giving the President something to sign? He was politely called delusional by his colleagues. Did he not see that the Congress was incapable of passing something meaningfully comprehensive? Did he not see that there were not 60 votes in the Senate?

Basically what our well meaning friends, colleagues, and the pundits are telling us is that we have to throw the game. For some illusion of victory, we must cheat. We must give up and give in and throw in the towel. We are told that victories are incremental. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire was a step along the way to labor reform. Women didn’t get the vote right away. African Americans didn’t really get their right to vote until the 1960s. Change comes slowly. Don’t be annoying and loud. Sit down and make sure you color within those lines, Sally Jean.

Looking backwards, change does seem slow for the cause of justice. But if Mother Jones or Eugene Debs or Sojourner Truth or Rosa Parks or Martin Luther King or Dr. Margaret Flowers had only looked backward and minded their “Ps” and “Qs” and waited for the promised land, women would still be wearing corsets and African Americans would still be at the back of the bus. Somebody should have told Jesus to sit down and shut up. “You know Rome wasn’t built in a day and it will eventually fall. So go eat some figs. You know we can’t get rid of these guys. We don’t have the 60 votes.”

No, without people who are impatient for change and who see justice as their sole guiding light who cannot sit down and shut up, there is no justice. These people cannot “circle the wagons” or “get in line” or all those other weasel phrases that are the bleats of a patriarchal sociopathic system that is in its death throes. Management speak, weasel words and cliches are like the bleats of the dumbass dinosaurs as they sink into the tar pits. Close your ears to them and fly high.

No, Dr. Paul, we must keep on truckin’. We must not throw in the towel or tow the line. And most certainly we must not throw the game. To keep up the illusion of a democracy with propaganda and photo ops is the real delusion. To go along with a political system that is as tainted as Chinese pet food and telling the world that “It tastes mighty fine”; now that is delusion. To have some sort of faith in the false priests of the false religion of greed is clinically delusional. And the sacrificing of millions of workers, throwing them into the volcano to appease that false god is not only deranged, it is criminal.

We want regulations back. We want vanilla consumer banks for ordinary lending transaction and Ponzi scheme gambling entities like Goldman Sachs separated. We want any kind of middlemen that deal with public issues such as health, energy, and food to take a modest profit, not shake us down for our last dime. We want short publicly funded elections with free advertising on TV and Radio for candidates. No more two Americas where wealth is rewarded and work is kicked to the curb.

We want a fair days pay for a fair days work. If we are forced to see life as a game we don’t want it rigged. Stop the purposeful confusion and manufactured illusion. Stop thinking you are smarter than we are because you see yourself as players. (And that includes the purring pundits of the Fat Cat news.) You are not smarter, you are cheaters. You are worse than delusional. To take off from Matt Taibbi, you politicians who collude with the banksters and insurance leeches are evil entrails-sucking vampire squids. And don’t bother to say “that was over the top”. It wasn’t. And I’m not crazy.

Mad as Hell Docter Paul Tells About Crashing the White House and a secretive AMA Committee

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Only 15% of the doctors on the RUC (reimbursement update committee) of the AMA are primary care physicians. This secretive committee decides how doctors are reimbursed through Medicare and Medicaid. And surprise surprise specialists get reimbursed at much higher rates than primary care physicians. Fewer and fewer people are going into primary care. It just doesn’t pay. And our whole system suffers because of this.

Dr. Paul Hochfeld of the Mad as Hell Doctors returns to The Edge Talk Radio in Bozeman, Montana to continue the discussion on the many ways that health care must be reformed. He is back in Corvallis, Oregon after traveling to Washington DC and meeting up with doctors at a rally on September 30. When he found out on October 1st that there was going to be a doctors news conference on Monday, October 5, he changed his plane ticket. Although not invited he made it into the photo op and was seated alone between two very burly guys where he could watch the brief event. He then talked to the doctors who had come at their own expense to support the president’s efforts on health care.

Get Dr. Paul’s perspective on where do we go from here by listening to the 40 minute interview over at
About 20 minutes into the interview he talks about the fishy way that doctors are reimbursed under Medicare and Medicaid. And the AMA gets $100 million to come up with these CPT codes.

I found an article by health analyst Brian Klepper who quotes Dr. Roy Poses on the RUC over at

The RUC ostensibly is just an advocacy group sponsored by the American Medical Association, yet it seems to be the only source of outside input about physicians’ reimbursement used by the US Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Given this influence, it is dismaying that it is secretive, unrepresentative, and unaccountable. Neither its membership nor proceedings are public. It is dominated by proceduralists and sub-specialists. It is unaccountable to US physicians, much less the general public. has a warning to folks thinking of investigating this.
What are CPT Codes and how do they effect healthcare?

Because these particular codes mean so much income for the AMA, it is difficult to find lists of them that are accessible to the public. In fact, groups that have tried to make them public have been cited for violations and fines by the AMA and have been forced to remove them from the Internet. Many groups license the lists of codes from the AMA, however, and then publish them online or in books. They are allowed to charge for access since they are also paying that licensing fee.

Because of practices like this, Dr. Paul Hochfeld really believes that we need some sort of national health care system like improved Medicare for All. Then we can address the crisis in primary care, unfair practices, medical malpractice, rising costs, and a host of other problems with the clout of an entity that represents 300 million Americans. The helter skelter and corrupt system that now operates is just plain mean and stupid.

Mad as Hell Doctor Paul Tells All About Crashing the Party

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Tomorrow on our weekly radio show in Bozeman, Montana (2-5PM), Dr. Paul Hochfeld returns to The Edge Talk Radio. (Used to be call "Democracy’s Edge" but I think we fallen off the edge and down the rabbit hole and are not anywhere near democracy).

In an exclusive hour interview, Dr. Paul will tell us how the Mad as Hell Doctors tried to get into the White House Rose Garden presidential photo op and how Dr. Paul got in. Dr. Paul is a "Smart as Hell Doctor" and I would love to know what is up his sleeve for the next part of the fight for our civil right to health care.

Join us the Feral Cats of Freedom as each week we cough up hair balls of truth from the crap we’ve digested throughout the week from the Fat Cat News, the domesticated pussies of profit. We live stream at Democracy’s Edge

Dr. Paul will be on at 3PM Mountain Time which is 5PM Eastern Time.
Call in at 406 522-TALK. 522-8255.
More links for docs:
Docs as Props
Gazette Times

We may not last much longer on the air. After 5 years, the radio station has new ownership and management and they are replacing live local hosts with national syndication. We lost our engineer last week and must do the engineering ourselves. So wish us luck as we try to hang on through this health care debate.

Also next week I meet with Montana County Chairs to try and come up with our next move. Lots of consternation and hackery going on. You know the drill "Come on, we have to all get along for the good of the party." Some of us are debating whether to quit en masse. Read more at Aristocrats and Democrats in Montana

Mad as Hell Doctor Paul Crashed the White House

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Yippee! Dr. Paul Hochfeld of Mad as Hell Doctors got into the White House photo op yesterday and then appeared on Keith Olberman to tell the tale and make his case for real health care reform.

He got more time than he did on the Ed Shultz Show and he was more prepared and sounded angrier. Keith had on Howard Fineman to remark about the president’s appearance with white coated doctors in the Rose Garden. And Keith called it what it was…a photo op.

Then, amazingly, he announced that next up would be Paul Hochfeld of Mad as Hell Doctors. And Dr. Paul was really ready. Much more so than when he was on "The Ed Show". Maybe it was because Keith just let him talk. It was very good.

The reason I am so excited is that I had pretty much said to myself that my going to Washington last week was the end of the line for me. I was passing the baton on to the next generation and then going to a beach somewhere. But then I was at the rally of "Mad as Hell Doctors" with amazing firedoglake bloggers Let’s get her done and ralphbon. And Margaret Flowers, the doctor arrested as one of the Baucus 8 in the Finance committee was there and she was radiant. I could not quit after looking at her face. Damn you, Margaret and Paul.

Here’s the video: Mad as Hell Doctor on Keith