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See You In Court: House Republicans vowed to take Attorney General Eric Holder to court over documents withheld from Congress in its Fast and Furious scandal investigation.

Defiant: Ignoring a surrender order by the London police, Julian Assange has remained in the Ecuador embassy while awaiting President Correa’s decision on his political asylum request.

Abstention: The Justice Department won’t prosecute Attorney General Holder following Congress’ historic contempt vote.

Below the Fold:

–Jason Zuckerman, Senior Legal Adviser at the Office of Special Counsel, discussed how to foster a more ethical culture in the federal government.

–Special Counsel Lerner was commended for turning around the Office of Special Counsel.

–The U.S. Senate passed a bill to honor a Russian whistleblower who died mysteriously while under the custody of Russian authorities in 2009.

–An ATF manager who threatened to “take down” two Fast and Furious whistleblowers was assigned to supervise them. Senator Grassley and Rep. Issa are investigating.

–White House Chief of Staff Jacob Lew claimed the Obama Administration is the “most transparent ever.”

–Senior executives in the federal government are now subject to new financial disclosure requirements.

–Wikileaks has unveiled 2 million emails [video] from Syrian government officials and rebels and U.S. corporations.

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