Whistleblowers need to recognize the opportunities that abound these days and convert them into tangible rights and legal protections. Yes, the government is hostile to whistleblowers (especially those from the national security sector), but with sustained, effective, and forward-looking political action, it can happen, even if not right away.

Consider the following:

Finally, I understand that, for whistleblowers and their advocates who have been in the fight for many years and have seen many false hopes shattered, it’s easy to become discouraged or to treat this moment with suspicion. I don’t pretend to know that “this time it will be different.” But I do know that now, more than ever, is the moment to tie public support for Snowden and what he stands for to “the rights of whistle-blowers or the issue of whistle-blowing.” Ultimately, that’s the goal we’re all fighting for, right?

Image by cool revolution under Creative Commons license