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Former Special Counsel Scott Bloch Threatens to Sue a critic

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From Julia Davis’ LA Homeland Security Examiner:

My articles about disgraced former head of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC) Scott Bloch appear to be a thorn in his side. In an attempt to erase them from the Internet, Bloch is brazenly threatening to sue the webmasters featuring links to my reports. In February of 2013, Bloch pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of injury to government property, related to his hiring of technicians with “Geeks On Call” to conduct the 7-level memory wipe of the computers at the OSC’s office, deleting whistleblower complaints and related computer files.

Bloch is currently attempting to use the said wit to eradicate my articles about him from online circulation by sending out threatening letters on his law firm’s letterhead. He is especially fond of the word “falsehoods,” stating in relevant part, “I direct your attention to the attached which contain falsehoods, cast me in defamatory light. They contain numerous falsehoods, intentional and gratuitous swipes at me and my tenure as Special Counsel that are false and defamatory, demonstrating actual malice. It continues to stand on the internet with its falsehoods. I write to demand that you remove these articles and blogs about me and my time as Special Counsel immediately. This is harmful to my professional reputation as a lawyer… Your demeaning personal attacks impute to me qualities that tend to injure me in my business… If you choose to ignore this and not remove the materials from your internet site and blogs and all caches, I will be forced to sue for an injunction and to seek damages… I will institute an action in Virginia and in Washington, D.C. against you for defamation and actual malice, together with damages and punitive damages. I will also seek damages for civil conspiracy to harm my business… If I determine through discovery that you have worked with others to do this, I will join them as well.”

Ms. Davis seems to have the support of Mark Zaid, “a prominent Washington, D.C. attorney who frequently represents whistleblowers in high profile cases.” Other whistleblowers and their supporters are sure to be interested in Bloch’s heavy-handed attempts to control speech. Here, for instance, are all my writings on Mr. Bloch. Like Ms. Davis, I stand by them and would be willing to defend them in court, even if Mr. Bloch fails to prosecute his conspiracy theories.

For now, I urge all whistleblowers to submit their victim impact statements in USA v. Scott Bloch by May 13 to:

Judge Robert L. Wilkins
333 Constitution Avenue N.W.
Washington D.C. 20001

Make sure to use the subject line: USA v. Scott Bloch, 1:13-cr-5, and abstain from giving out information (names, addresses) about third parties.

Justice Sought in Scott Bloch’s Prosecution

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In the 1990′s, Douglas Kinan was an Equal Employment Specialist with the Department of Defense’s Defense Logistics Agency, out of Boston. While there, he blew the whistle on multi-million dollar pricepromotion fixing and rampant racial discrimination. He also refused to go along with the frame-up of an innocent employee. Even after leaving DoD, he reached out to every federal agency that could investigate, including the Office of Special Counsel, to no avail. Through these efforts, he came to know former Special Counsel Scott Bloch during Bloch’s lawless heyday.

Kinan retired in August 2012 after a 12 year run with the Massachusetts trial court system.

This is his letter [pdf] to U.S. District Judge Robert L. Wilkins, who is overseeing Bloch’s latest criminal prosecution. In it, Kinan writes:

Mr. Bloch’s conduct deserves to have a constant light on it until there has been a just resolve befitting his ‘alleged’ criminal activity, of which he pleaded guilty and later was allowed to withdraw his guilty plea. If it were a poor person, without connections, he/she would have gone straight to jail.

Accordingly, Mr. Bloch’s conduct, actions and behavior demand just consequences. Mr. Bloch’s conduct was incredibly destructive. He shattered dreams, destroyed lives and families and, using his position of public trust, turned hope into heartache. He didn’t care who he hurt. Your Honor now has the opportunity and privilege to apply the rule of law to make things right.