Everyone has their winter traditions.

Why not give Death a holiday on Dec. 7th, Bank Run 2010?!

In addition to closing out your bank accounts from offending institutions, be sure to close out all your investment accounts as well. As a matter of fact, having already analyzed where your money flows, switch the railroad tracks and let it flow into the life of your community rather than out. That way you can send a message to the holding companies of the current and future porno scanners, the private prisons, the private “security” firms, arms makers, arms dealers, pharmaceuticals profiting upon human misery and other death trafficking businesses. There’s no better time to divest from slavery, war and expiry for profit!

Update: I find this particularly disgusting: “Watercooler – Arizona Moving Toward Wealth-Based Organ Transplant Process” by Jim Moss, Dec. 3, 2010