Zorg Pontificates

It’s now Day 41 and Cameron Whitten is continuing the Hunger Strike for Housing Justice despite local corporate “media” preferring to talk about rats at City Hall and play along with the Portland Police Bureau trying to work the booga booga factor in its supposed Federal approval-seeking for its search of Portland’s China Town for methamphetamines as it continues to play its part in the global War on Drugs. So, should the City of Portland and your city continue as cash cows for the “creative destruction” process that benefits private coffers or should they actually do their job to fix the problems right in front of all our faces? Do drop by in the comments to speak your mind.

If you are new to this topic, see “41 4̶0̶ 3̶9̶ 3̶8̶ 3̶7̶ Days: Portland’s Cameron Whitten on Hunger Strike for Housing Justice” for background.