From: Gov. Howard Dean, Democracy for America
Sent: Wednesday, March 10, 2010 11:00 AM
Subject: I’m going to fight for a public option until we get one

I’m going to fight for a public option until we get one. It really is that simple.

The American people want the choice of a public option. I’m going to stand up for what the majority of the American people want again and again and again and I’m going to keep doing it until we win.

Now is not the time to give up and accept less. With 40 Senators on the record in support of passing a public option by majority vote, we’ve proven that the majority of Senate Democrats are ready to get the job done. All it takes now is leadership. It only takes one senator to offer an amendment from the Senate floor to bring the inclusion of a public option to a vote this year.

So today, we’re bringing back the bat. DMA bat

Democrats in Washington think that if they pass healthcare reform by the end of March, they’ll be done no matter what’s in the bill. But they’re wrong. If the bill doesn’t include a public option, we’re not going away and we will not forget. Send Washington a message that they understand.


We will prevail in this fight this year.

And if Democrats in Washington don’t deliver, we will not stop because of their failure of leadership. We will not stop because Democrats in Washington say it’s done. We will not wait 20 years — 10 years — we will not wait a single year — because we will not stop until every American has the option to voluntarily buy into a program like Medicare.

Send Democrats in Washington a message: Get on board or get out of the way.


We will not stop until we win and it’s up to us to make sure Democrats in Washington get the message.

Thank you for everything you do.
-Howard Governor Howard Dean, M.D.
Founder, Democracy for America

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