It is in the vogue among some here lately to claim that this site is terribly prejudiced towards independents, third parties, and certain personalities.  We are told that this site is simply a Democratic front, and by extension, that most who were here prior to these worthies is an agent of the much reviled D’s.  We are continually informed that those who are not affiliated with the despised D’s are targeted for irrelevance, cheated out of their due recognition and place of prominence on the front page, and that their posts are automatically consigned to oblivion, either by flagging, a dark Democratic Party conspiracy among the front pagers, or some other nefarious machinations by those in power.  To disagree or offer constructive criticism is tantamount to insulting, belittling, or marginalizing the poster, who some might think was paranoid.

There are those who continually cry foul, yet they continue to post here regularly, even as they explain to us how the present crowd of  bullies is vastly inferior to the past participants here.  The question, IMHO, is why anyone would continue to post their opinions and campaign announcements here, even as they complain of the unfairness and boorishness of the regulars-who are regularly blamed for being Democratic apologists.

We are told that these folks “Shall not be silenced”, even as their diaries are posted and they inveigh against the unfairness of the very site which allows them to publish their material.  If one dislikes the previous members of this community so much, of  FDL and its perceived unfairness, of which we are accused ad nauseum, why would you continue to visit us and post your material?  Surely you can find (or establish) a more amenable place to post, absent of those whom you so dislike.   Or is it more entertaining to come here, co-opt posts with pronouncements irrelevant to the subject, insult us, and this forum?

I must be confused, please set me straight.