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Did Obama Mouthpiece Threaten to Torture and Murder Bob Woodward’s Family for Exposing BO’s Budget Deal Lies?

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Did Obama Mouthpiece Threaten to Torture and Murder Bob Woodward’s Family for Exposing BO’s Budget Deal Lies? – by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

President Barack Obama’s attack dog Gene Sperling threatened iconic journalist Bob Woodward, saying that Woodward would “regret” reporting the truth: That slashing would-be life-saving benefits for children, African Americans, and other poor and vulnerable people was President Obama’s idea, although Obama’s lies purport otherwise. Here’s Right-wing Propaganda from ABC, casting doubt on Woodward.

The Media Research Center analyzed some of the Propaganda.

And listen to this recording of Mark Levin’s analysis of the case.

In other lies, President Obama claims that he is allowed to order Murders if he feels like it, or if Neo-Nazis in the CIA want it: The official Obama line is that the CIA is infallible like the Pope.

President Obama has attacked the press worse than any President since the 1700s. His thugs destroyed the world famous Occupy Wall Street Library. I suspect it was Obama people that burned Africa’s irreplaceable relics at the ancient Timbuktu Library. The Obama Administration gave an award to the world’s most prolific book burners, calling their methods the finest in recycling.

Lanny Davis, formerly with the Clinton White House, also said the the Obama White House threatened him and his paper, the Washington Times, over his reporting.

A New York Times reporter revealed that President Obama and Mitt Romney (Obama’s 2012 Presidential Election Fraud co-conspirator) shook them down, and demanded and received Bribes from the Times, the Washington Post, and Bloomberg News. The Bribe is that the Times, the Post, Bloomberg, and many other media outlets Bribe Obama (and his partner Romney) by letting them censor news stories. It seems that Woodward (legendary for bringing down Richard Nixon in the Watergate scandal) (played by Robert Redford) violated the Bribery agreement his paper had with President Obama by not giving the President final say over what the newspaper publishes about him.

When you violate an agreement with the world’s most prolific, remorseless, and bloodthirsty Mass Murdering hitman, you’re treading on thin ice. Obama claims “We don’t Torture,” but he belies that by refusing to investigate or prosecute Torture. President Obama and his Murderous henchman John Brennan have Murdered lots of defenseless children with Coward Drones already this year. It was brave what you did. Our prayers are with you, Bob.

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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool

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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


These guys did not get to vote, even though no one could possibly be more patriotic than them: During their Torture at the hands of US-backed mercenaries in this video, watch them forced to eat green Libyan flags.



Before the Obama Administration’s US Military crushed Arab Spring by starting its war against Libya, that country’s leader Moammar Gaddafi enjoyed wide support among Black Africans living mainly in Libya’s South. After the US hired Al Qaida mercenaries to overthrow Gaddafi, the new Al Qaida Dictatorship now running Libya carried out widespread repression, Torture, and Genocide against Black Africans. I have seen no reports that any Black Africans voted in the Parliamentary Election there this weekend.

US President Barack Obama’s praise of the Libyan Election was quite echoic of his praise for the “Elections” following the Fascist takeovers that were parts of his Administration’s Administrative coup de tats that Obama’s CIA carried out in Honduras in 2010, in the Maldives earlier this year, and in Paraguay two weeks ago. The New York Times propaganda headline yesterday also said it was a mainly good Election. The problem I see with it is the Election workers Assassinated, polling officials Murdered, and the ballots burned. l call that a “Rigged Election.” But President Obama and inept media with misinformed readers and viewers call it cool.

The New York Times quotes an official of the Fascist Al Qaida regime, an apparent propagandist, saying that it was “very peaceful.” Helicopter shot down, Assassinations, ballots burned …. mainly without incident.

normanb July 8th, 2012 at 10:49 pm 1

Yahoo/AP reports that two people were Murdered carrying out the Election. HuffPost claims just one. Someone shot down a helicopter carrying Election equipment. Also, two rockets were fired at the Benghazi Medical Center.

Like most wars, this one was fought to raise the price of Oil. This one also had the direct effect stealing Oil that a country had been using to support itself, and handing that Oil and its attendant economy to Oil corporations. Mercenaries during the 2011 US War on Libya were paid by BP, Blackwater, and ultimately, by US. At the top of the page is a recent video upload of Black Africans still being Tortured by the current Libyan mercenary Dictatorship. US-backed Al Qaida mercenaries have stuffed Libyan flags into Black people’s mouths, and are forcing them to eat the flags.

The US-backed Al Qaida Torture Atrocities include gang rapes against Black Libyan women.

BrasscheckTV says Obama’s Genocidal actions in Libya constitute War Crimes.

And here are more Torture videos, and background information, if you’re not sick enough from what you’ve already read and seen. is one of the only US media outlets covering the Libya situation, instead of Covering it Up.

Prison Planet noted that the fully corporate Huffington Post favored the invasion.

Here is President Obama lying about the US invasion of Libya, and the US-backed Al Qaida Genocide against the Black people of Libya. He claims it to be a “broad international effort” when in fact more than 95% of the bombing runs were by US Military aircraft. He claims that the invasion avoided Humanitarian catastrophe, when in fact it brought Genocide against the Black people there. President Obama lies to the American people in this video, seeking to legitimize his War Crimes in Libya. Please compare his bullshit to the more level-headed words of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the video that follows.!3064390D-03DB-4704-BB89-FDE823C86DD9


You’ll note that President Obama claims his attack on Benghazi is noble. You’ll also note that Benghazi is one place where ballots were burned and looted.

That last report was from RT out of Russia. Of course, US-backed far-Right Libyan mercenaries arrested Journalists from Press TV of Iran during the conflict.

The British later revoked their license. The US Government named the Journalists at both Press TV and RT of Russia as enemies. If you’ve never watched them, both are much better journalism than we usually find on PBS, on Fox, or on ABCNNBCBS.


Of course, one of the first things NATO did in Libya was bomb the Journalists in the broadcast center.

The US-installed Fascist Government in Libya immediately initiated Fascist Reforms, and cracked down on Freedom of the Press.

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VIDEOS of Obama Death Squad Committing Genocide & Torture Against Black People in Libya

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VIDEOS of Obama Death Squad Committing Genocide & Torture Against Black People in Libya — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


When I was a kid in the 1960s, the teacher showed us a pile of bodies in a photo taken at Auschwitz concentration camp. Shocking. Terrifying. Then I thought Genocide was something from the past. I though it would stay in the past. I wasn’t worried about it.

Prevalent propaganda pounded into my head the horrors of the “Japanese Water Torture.” Everybody in the country needed to know graphic details of just how horrible its victims felt under that Torture. That rationalized (if not justified) the fact that we were Executing War Criminals for Waterboarding. I thought back then that we were through with Water Torture too. That’s what I thought. When I was a kid. Kids!

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: But now that I am a man, I must put away childish things. Like nostalgia.

Look, I wish I didn’t have to tell you this. Obviously from the lack of coverage, nobody wants to tell you. This is only on a need-to-know basis. And I know you don’t want to know about it. It’s so much easier to just look away. But that teacher showed me that pile of bodies. And now, I have something to show you.

LOOK! You can no longer say you don’t know about it. From this day forward you will work to end the Libyan Genocide, or you will fail to do so.

What just happened?! Arab Spring got into full swing, a chance for real liberation sweeping the world, talk of an “American Spring;” then US President Barack Obama warned us that a terrible Genocide was about to happen in Libya. What he didn’t tell us was that HE was about to carry it out. I call that a lie of omission. Now, somebody needs to get over there and put that genie back in that bottle, fast!

Obama called for a No-Fly Zone, another lie of omission, though Obama’s Defense Secretary, Republican Oil billionaire Robert Gates, at the time cautioned us that a No-Fly Zone IS a war. Gates was out of that job real quick.

In Yemen, the US trained and armed an arm of Al Qaeda as the invasion force. Like all death squads and intelligence agencies, Al Qaeda mercenaries are far-Right Fascists. The outcome was predictable. As you know, Right-wing Fascists hate Black people.

The US led the war effort against Libya, supplying most of the personnel and more than 90% of the sorties. Qaddafi’s communistic habit of spending Oil money on the country’s needs had irked the wrong people: That is, it had the people who control the President of the United States: Obama then led an international feeding frenzy to steal the Libya’s Oil for Wall Street, Banksters, Chemical companies, and Fossil Fools.

Fighting over that Oil hurt Libyan Oil production and thus drove prices up temporarily. The US and its allies froze Libyan bank accounts and stole the money too. And all the while, Syria was consciously trying to imitate Obama’s Atrocities in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Somalia.

And – I must say this – though you’re all too young to get the allusion – unless you study History – Chamberlain’s Britain, Vichy France, and Quisling Norway did more than just appease this madman. (Those of us who study History are condemned to watch the world repeat it.)

Now, our side is lynching and beheading people. Libya banned Slavery in 1853, more than a decade before the US did; though Slavery persisted in Libya, it was finally abolished in the 1890s. Now, with Obama’s takeover there, it’s back.

Our President allowed the whole world to see our shame: We’re not a democracy with a rule of law: We [ US] Tortured Qaddafi to death for the cameras. This continues to make Americans mentally ill. It will never be OK until we have a Truth Commission look into our collective American experience of Torturing Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein to death. Torturing people to death makes us insane.

You can look away if you want. Just keep looking away. But if you do, things WILL get worse! A lot worse. Enough small talk. Are you ready for some football?

Let’s start out light: A witness just back with video reveals that Obama-led NATO bombing sorties targeted hospitals and schools. At other hospitals and schools, victorious gunmen from our side barged in and killed Blacks.

And, lest you think that its over, here’s a report from this week: Black people massacred in a concentration camp.

Anthony Shadid was an American Arab. Shadid was the primary reporter covering the Libyan Genocide. Then he let airport security handle his asthma meds, and quickly got dead. Less than two weeks ago, he breathed his last. Here’s one of the last reports he ever made.

An Al Jazeera reporter was Murdered for covering a Black people in Libya demonstrating against Genocide.

Here pro-Obama propaganda calls Black men Qaddafi’s Mercenaries: You can watch this one; a crowd of children even gathered to watch Obama’s Mercenaries Torture these two Black men to death in public. As the scene opens, one is already dead, and you can watch the other one’s last seconds of life.

And speaking of the last seconds of life, here are hundreds of Black Africans seconds before Obama’s Misurata Death Squad Murders them.

Here’s a bunch of bodies.

Here, President Obama’s Misurata Death Squad Tortures Black Libyans to death by marching them on a trail of tears across the Sahara Desert. These are Murders for Oily profits, in the US President’s name.

Now, watch Obama’s Death Squad lynch a Black man.

Another Torture Murder: ODS beheads this Black man.

Here’s the ODS massacring a whole neighborhood, mainly Black women and children.

Watch the ODS Torture bound prisoners. What a bunch of cowards!

This map shows locations of massacres. It also shows the Obama Death Squad (ODS) rounding up and abusing Blacks. It shows bound Murdered Black prisoners.

As if the Genocidal impulse hadn’t gone far enough already, here we find that these Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction will spread birth defects to Libyans not yet born.

Here we get a close up view of one of many Obama Death Squads, like the ones deployed in Honduras, Yemen, Somalia, etc.. In this report, Obama’s Misurata ODS Brigade brags about being “the brigade for purging Slaves and Black skin.” There are maps and lots of links and videos with this one.

If you have the stomach for it, read ‘em and weep!

The world has known about this for a long time, though you’ve been kept in the dark. Here’s a report on the lynchings and Libyan Genocide from last April.

And it’s not just Libyan nationals: Black Africans from other countries are being rounded up, Tortured, killed.

Here are some things you can do to help the situation in Libya:

1. Spread the news: We are the media now; get the word out about Libya; share this article;

2. Contact the the shows that look like they’re news and claim to be Progressive: Send Cenk Uygur, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jennifer Granholm, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert a copy of this article: Ask them not to Cover Up this story any longer;

3. Contact your Senators and Congresspersons about it;

4. Call the White House and demand that President Obama halt the Genocide against Black people in Libya immediately, 202-456-1111;

5. Urge the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands, to fully empower Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón to indict US President Barack Obama under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity: US-led Genocide against the Black people in Libya.

Here is the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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URGENT Immediate Action Needed! Help Prevent Obama’s Goons from Further Torturing US Rights Observers in Bahrain

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URGENT Immediate Action Needed! Help Prevent Obama’s Goons from Further Torturing US Rights Observers in Bahrain — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

URGENT: Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party member and longtime peace activist Paki Wieland of Northampton was just arrested and detained in Bahrain for peacekeeping, along with other American activists. If you want to help, please call the State Department and demand action: (202) 647-6178 – They keep track of how many calls they receive. I’ll suggest a script later in this post.

Paki is part of an international peacekeeping force – Witness Bahrain – and after a couple days of teargassing, was picked up. She’s in a detention center with five other US citizens. The group is being provided with Consular support. The State Department is withholding details, reportedly because of a privacy act.

To understand the danger Paki is in while being locked up by our US puppet, remember that, a few days ago, President Obama’s forces Tortured political hunger strikers in Bahrain by cruelly firing teargas into their cells.

The six American International Observers with Bahrain Witness were arrested for approaching the square where the protests began a year ago. This is part of President Obama’s attempt to crush the Arab Spring and prevent democracy in Bahrain.

President Obama’s spokesperson addressed the issue of the detentions, but said nothing of the Torture inflicted on Americans and Shiites by Obama’s puppet Government there. The statement tacitly condoned Torturing Paki and the others. And President Obama just appropriated more Torture devices and equipment to the Slave-rich Fascist regime of Bahrain. And:

I know Paki, and have long admired her career as an activist. She works at it tirelessly. She was on the recent aborted flotilla from Greece to Gaza. She does not deserve to be Tortured or imprisoned for standing up for freedom. Indeed, the President and the US Military shouldn’t be so cowardly: They too should stand against this heinous brutal repression!

You may remember a day earlier, two other activists from Witness Bahrain were deported.

Why can’t President Obama tolerate democracy in Bahrain? I’m glad you asked me that question! Because 56% of the people there are Slaves, who aren’t citizens. And 85% of the citizens are Shiites, the people protesting. And even most of the Sunni Muslims there have few rights.

The US Fifth Fleet is docked in Bahrain, to our disgrace. You see, with Slavery prevalent in Bahrain, if the US servicemen weren’t cowards, they would immediately free the Slaves. They would immediately free the US observers. They would not tolerate the suppression of democracy.

If they’re just going to sit there cowering, disgracing our country, trembling on their ships in Bahrain’s harbor as people are Tortured and Assassinated for trying to have a democracy, then those cowards are not worthy of being called “US servicemen.” Every one of them should get a Court Marshall and a Dishonorable Discharge. They’re making us famous as a nation of cowards!

President Obama’s puppet forces (called ODS – for Obama Death Squad) have killed scores of people in Bahrain, just for seeking freedom. They have Tortured and imprisoned hundreds. The “security” forces have attacked their own people. After those attacks, doctors and nurses who helped the wounded were tried and imprisoned as Political Prisoners. (See 6:33 of the following clip).

The ODS conducted Pogroms, killing Shiites and destroying their homes, bulldozing entire neighborhoods of Manama, the capital.

I’ve been writing blogs about the Bahrain Atrocities for at least a year.

Please call the US State Department and demand action. The State Department keeps track of how many people call, and someone listens to the responses. The State Dept. number is (202) 647-6178. And as for what to say, just look above in this article, and complain about what you don’t like.

Please share this post as much as you can as fast as you can! Hurry! Lives WILL be lost, but the sooner we draw attention to it, the sooner the madness may be contained. Email this article to your Congressperson and your news sources. Spread the news.

Our Congressman [Paki's and mine] is James McGovern, the absolute leader in the US Congress on not supporting political repression in Bahrain. President Obama is the leader of the side that is supporting the political repression.

Jim McGovern deserves credit for his brilliant leadership on this issue. Call him to thank him, and to get action: Here are his office numbers: (508) 831-7356, (508) 460-9292, (508) 431-8025, (508) 677-0140, (202) 225-6101 (please call more than one of them).

McGovern is already working about on stopping the Pogroms and the Torture of Political Dissidents and Health Care Workers in Bahrain, but he may not know that one of his constituents is now held there, has been Tortured, and is in grave danger.

Email the International Criminal Court at the Hague and ask it to empower Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón to indict US President Barack Obama and Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa (the Bahraini King) under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity: Their Atrocities in Bahrain against the Bahraini people, and against more than one million Slaves held there, and against the foreign Observers.

Here is the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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9:30am 8/15/11 Breaking NOW: FBI Agent Just Revealed that the “Osama bin Laden” Body Had the WRONG Fingerprints

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9:30am 8/15/11 Breaking NOW: FBI Agent Just Revealed that the “Osama bin Laden” Body Had the WRONG Fingerprints — by Norman B (“Deviations from the Norm”)


This morning’s guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, author and retired FBI Agent Ronald Kessler, just revealed that the person called “Osama bin Laden” who was Assassinated by Navy Seals did not have Osama bin Laden’s fingerprints, which were on file with the FBI. This may explain why the Navy Seals destroyed the body with a “traditional sea burial.”


President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and many other high ranking Cabinet officials, as well as Intelligence and Military officials, participated in the Conspiracy to Murder the man who lived very near a US-subsidized Military base in Pakistan. After the Murder, the President and others went on to tell the world that the operation had killed bin Laden, despite fingerprint evidence disproving that assertion.


After the President’s announcement, his office and the US Military quickly changed their official version of the story at least five times during the night, finally settling on the most preposterous version of all: That the Navy Seals had destroyed the body via sea burial to be reverent and respectful of the sea burial tradition of bin Laden’s ancestry. The bin Laden family is from Saudi Arabia, and from Yemen before that. Those are desert countries. Sea burial tradition. Preposterous.


By morning, the daughter of a famous Republican diplomat, Mika Brzezinski, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe wondered aloud “Now, it doesn’t take away from what they did, but why didn’t they get their story straight?” Yes, Mika, it does take away from what they did. And if they were telling the truth, they wouldn’t need to tell a story or to get it “straight.” In Virginia and North Carolina (where the Navy Seals are based and trained, and where the TV show was broadcast), telling a story means telling a lie!


The show’s host, disgraced former Florida Republican US Congressman “Joe the Dumb Guy” Scarborough, and others on the show, immediately pushed the propaganda line that everyone on television news and pseudo-news now had to promote: On the Administration’s and the Navy Seals’ latest lie about the illegal Lynching of the so-called “Osama bin Laden,” if you don’t believe this newest lie, then you’re a crazy wack-o conspiracy buff!


Within days, Bill Maher had jumped on the propaganda bandwagon on his show Real Time by attacking conspiracy crazies. Anyone would have to be crazy not to believe lying cowardly Murderers who destroy evidence.


The bin Laden Oil family has long been close with the Bushes. Both families are heavily invested in Oil and related industries, so both families make money anytime the US Military does anything, but especially when those Military moves involve Oil countries or their neighbors. That is because the US Military is the world’s largest buyer of Oil, thus every Military move by the US makes money for all Oil investors. Simple math.


Eight days after 9/11/01, US airspace was declared a No-Fly zone for all civilian aircraft except the Ryan Airlines flight moving bin Laden family members, to make them safe from the American people. Osama bin Laden’s brother Shafiq bin Laden was on that flight. He had spent 9/11 at the Carlyle Group meeting with former US President George H.W. Bush (father of then-Pres. Bush).


Osama bin Laden’s other brother, Salem bin Laden, was an investor in President George W. Bush’s Arbusto Energy, an Oil company that was an early proponent of Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. After giving money to the future President, Salem bin Laden died mysteriously in Texas.


Osama bin Laden waged war as a CIA Asset, to defend Afghanistan against the Soviet Invasion during the Carter Presidency. The US got more than it bargained for: Osama bin Laden turned out to be a brilliant strategist: Armed by the US, bin Laden’s fighters were able to thoroughly impoverish the Soviet Union, which fell soon thereafter.


Then, through the War on Terror/War on Muslims, Osama bin Laden’s strategy thoroughly impoverished the United States with apparently unwitting cooperation from Presidents G.W. Bush and Obama (the man whom GWB’s actions, intentionally or not, helped to install).


Counter-terrorism and Intelligence expert Richard Clarke, the former US diplomat, recently revealed that the CIA contacted the 9/11 hijackers to recruit them before the attack. (See David Dayen’s FDL Roundup for Aug. 11 & links below.) In the days following the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden released videos denying involvement in the attacks, but did say he that Allah was punishing the US. This was the beginning of his television propaganda career.


Apparently still working as an Intelligence Asset, bin Laden then started releasing videos aimed at aiding the electoral hopes of his brother’s business associate. The long-running series’ most famous episode was the “October Surprise” video, released a few days before Election Day 2004 – the day former bin Laden associate G.W. Bush stood for reelection. The video brought a late rush of voters and monetary support to Bush, who won the controversial election.


The next electoral video, calculated to help usher far-Right ideologues into the US House of Representatives, came out four months before the midterm election, wherein the Republicans did take back the House. Bin Laden also put out recordings in 2008. He had a long-running video and audio career, successful in brainwashing Americans. So successful, that when his Lynching was announced, Americans celebrated their loss of rights, and the new outlaw status of their President. They acted as if what they had seen on TV made it OK for the President to sanction Murder. It did not.


After the Murder (on Obama’s orders) of the man whom President Obama called “Osama bin Laden,” the US Senate voted 97-0 to claim that the Murder was Justice. Bernie Sanders didn’t vote that way, but all the Democrats in the Senate so voted, and all of the Republicans except two. Thus, no Senate Democrats can be considered Liberal or Progressive: Liberals/Progressives don’t believe that the President is above the law, or that he’s allowed to order Assassinations of Muslims. No Liberal or Progressive would agree that Murdering a suspect without a trial is “Justice.” Especially when they got the wrong suspect!


Obama’s current Wars and warmongering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Bahrain are putting massive upward pressure on the Oily portfolios of the Bushes, the bin Ladens, the Cheneys, and Obama’s old friends at BP. These Wars engender spectacular Conflicts of Interest and huge cash windfalls for two Oil billionaires very close to President Obama: Retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates and retiring Mideast Peace Envoy George Mitchell. They made the Wars worse, and made money off the fact that they made the Wars worse. President Obama was both irresponsible and reckless to appoint those two foxes to be in charge of the hen house that held our fragile chances for peace. Irresponsible, reckless, and dishonest.


A couple of weeks after the Murder of the man whom the President called “bin Laden,” on ABC’s This Week, reporting the Murder of another Muslim ordered by Pres. Obama, Christiane Amanpour  proudly, propagandistically proclaimed “Justice has been done again!” Our Journalists and our political “leaders” lie prolifically to help Oily War Profiteers and international criminals.

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Meeropol on Political Prisoners, Torture Victims, Whistle-Blowers, Press Freedom, IGLO Alternative Political Convention

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Meeropol on Political Prisoners (John Sinclair, Bradley Manning), Torture Victims (Manning), Whistle-Blowers (Julian Assange, Thomas Paine), Press Freedom (Jane Hamsher, Paine), the IGLO Alternative Political Convention — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Tireless Human Rights activist Robert Meeropol spoke to the Thomas Paine Society in Amherst, Massachusetts, on January 29, 2011. Meeropol and his brother were small children when their parents Julius and Ether Rosenberg were executed by the United States. Officially, young Robert Meeropol’s mother was executed for typing. The execution of the Rosenbergs (primarily for their political beliefs, because they were Jewish, and to fire up the American Right Wing) is internationally considered one of the most important Crimes Against Humanity of the 20th Century.

The world was in dire straits four weeks ago, four days after Egypt’s Jan. 25 Revolultion began. It was just weeks after the January 2011 Assassination mayhem, and scant weeks before President Obama would order the Federal investigation of those shootings closed down. The speaker for the Thomas Paine Society talked of the things listed in the above headline. He noted that Meeropol’s appearance made this the largest meeting the TPS ever had.

Paine was an important Founding Father, pamphleteer, and political philosopher. He is best known for his pamphlet Common Sense, but was quite prolific. He was an important whistle-blower in the new republic.

The T. Paine Society’s speakers and Robert Meeropol and I all expressed the same concerns. I had just self-published a pamphlet on Manning-Assange-Hamsher-Wikileaks, and disseminated it among college students at the University of Massachusetts. Meeropol read my pamphlet, and signed it large, like John Hancock. I’ll reproduce it below.

I told Mr. Meeropol that legendary political prisoner John Sinclair was coming to Amherst-Northampton this April to participate in the IGLO radical political Convention, and to speak and perform at our annual  Extravaganja pro-Marijuana rally on the Amherst town common. “I know John,” he assured me.

Meeropol said he may not be able to speak at the rally, which will be Saturday and Sunday April 16 and 17. He asked me to be in touch with him about it, and about him sending a statement or Skyping the rally or Convention, if he can’t be there.

IGLO stands for Independents, Greens, Libertarians, and Others. (Others includes Democrats, Republicans, unregistered, et cetera.) Most people and parties in our nation agree on three principles that the two corporate parties eschew: (1) Ending the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; (2) ending Prohibition; and (3) restoring Human Rights/Civil Rights.

Those missing Rights in need of restoration include many parts of the Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, Geneva Conventions, Bill of Attainder, Ex Post Facto, Abolition of Slavery. The IGLO Convention will open April 14, 2011, in Northampton, Massachusetts, with a Keynote speech, and then, the very first Presidential Debate of the new election cycle. Candidates who agree on the three guiding principles above are invited. Three have already accepted.

My pamphlet’s statement signed by Robert Meeropol:

Urge President Obama to HALT the Torture of Wiki-Leaks Hero Bradley Manning!

White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111

The Tunisian people overthrew their Government a few days ago, after Wiki-Leaks revealed crimes of their leaders and ours. The Obama Administration has ordered US college students not to read Wiki-Leaks, but you can still read about the Torture of political prisoner Bradley Manning, the US Army Private accused of heroic information leaking that revealed crimes of our leaders and leaders of other countries.

Torture is a Crime Against Humanity. Torture is un-American and inhuman. Punishing someone based on suspicion is unconstitutional. Sunday (1/23/11), the US Military arrested Journalist Jane Hamsher and Manning’s friend David House, who together revealed Manning’s Torture to the world.

The Obama Administration has warned US college students that they face Government retaliation if they comment on Wiki-Leaks, but you can still comment on Torture. Urge President Obama: Halt ALL Torture and Assassinations of citizens. Urge the President to turn over all Torturers to the International Court of Justice in the Hague to be prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity. Ask a non-student to read Wiki-Leaks for you. You’ll be shocked.

Norman Bie

Robert Meeropol

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Madoff’s Stolen Ponzi Loot Funneled to Obama Campaign Through Daley

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The Daily Machine

Madoff’s Stolen Ponzi Loot Funneled to Obama Campaign Through Daley — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Nearly $1 million of Bernard Madoff’s stolen Ponzi-scheme profits went to elect US President Barack Obama. JP Morgan Chase paid it directly to his campaign, and President Obama just appointed JPMC’s executive William Daley (of the infamous Daley Machine) to be his new White House Chief of Staff. Daley himself skated with $7.6 million in the Madoff swindle. Yep, he just made off with it. Morgan Chase made $1 billion. Hillary Clinton got some, but gave it back, and the President’s new “Competitiveness” nominee Jeffrey Imelt got plenty.

You can’t make this stuff up.

According to OpenSecrets, William Daley’s JP Morgan Chase gave $695,132 to the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign:

Through recent revelations…

…I learned that despite the fact that Daley’s Morgan Chase knew Bernie Madoff was running a [$65 billion] Ponzi scheme, JPMC conspired to keep the crimes secret until after Obama’s November 2008 election (an apparent Obstruction of Justice), because JP Morgan Chase made at least $1 billion (that we know of) on the scheme. Morgan Chase spent much of that money promoting Obama.

Firedoglake’s masaccio was onto it when it happened:

No one stopped Madoff until December 2008, after Barack Obama was elected, albeit just a few weeks after.

On Daley’s appointment in January 2011, Huffington Post said “President Barack Obama’s next Chief of Staff holds more than $7.6 million worth of stock in JP Morgan Chase, according to a regulatory filing …William M. Daley, vice chairman at JP Morgan Chase, holds 175,678 shares in the $2.1 trillion behemoth, the nation’s second-largest bank by assets. Daley headed the firm’s Corporate Responsibility division, which included oversight of the firm’s lobbyists and relations with government officials.”

This means that Daley still has Ponzi loot: His $7.6 million, out of JPMC’s $1 billion, out of Madoff’s $65 billion.

But the Obama Administration’s dirty dealings with Madoff don’t end there, not by a long shot! Madoff gave $50,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and at least $600,000 to lobbyists:

“Madoff Investment Securities made campaign contributions totaling $372,100, with about 89 percent of those funds directed to Democrats, according to, the Web site of the Center for Responsive Politics.” (That’s how PoliticalTicker put it, but the OpenSecrets headline says Madoff spent $1 million.)

Much of that political campaign money went for and continues to go for buying ads on NBC and MSNBC, the head honcho of which is GE Chairman Jeffrey Imelt, whom President Obama just appointed to head his new White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Competitiveness?! According to Forbes, GE is the world’s second-largest company, after JP Morgan Chase. In the Obama Administration, we see Conflict of Interest running off the scale, but Imelt’s MSNBC just keeps MSNBC-ing it.

MSNBC-ing” is the type of propaganda that tries to make it look like the Obama gang of crooks is on our side, our good guys, looking out for our interests. It’s as if, like the Egyptian propaganda claiming that Mubarak’s Suleiman goon squad is needed to hold back the evil Muslims, the White House wants us to think that our crooks are the only possible heroes who can save us from the bad Republican Cheney TeaBag Beck.

So, not only did MSNBC (in a partisan move) refuse to air Michele Bachmann’s alternative State of the Union response (as it had aired Senator Obama’s alternative State of the Union response in 2006), Chris Matthews (apparently trying to out-juvenile the newly removed Keith Olbermann) called Ms. Bachmann a “Balloon Head!” and told her “Go back to grammar school!”

At the exact same time that the President tapped Imelt to “oversee” “competitiveness” (or overlook the lack thereof), Imelt’s firm dumped Olbermann, and at the same time Comcast announced its working relationship with MSNBC (further limiting competition, but making profit for the Administration’s cronies) … as Rayne pointed out:

Speaking of Conflict of Interest: Both GE and Morgan Chase are heavily involved in the Nuclear industry and the Wind industry, two of the dirtiest forms of energy generation. When Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show comes on, a Wind Farm masquerading as Clean Energy steps up to fight for GE/JPMC energy profit, and supposedly against the bad Republican Cheney TeaBag Beck. The President frequently lies about both Wind and Nuclear being “Clean.” He claims that both are free of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and that they therefore help fight Global Warming. This is completely false.

For details on the emissions, use the fdl search window and search “normanb ghg nuclear wind.” Wind energy causes massive emissions of the worst GHG known, Sulfur Hexafluoride, or “Air Jordan.” One pound of SF6 warms our planet more than 17 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2); and 20 million pounds of it are made every year. The so-called “Smart Grid” is stupid, but, hey, it makes money for the President’s men.

Nuclear Energy causes massive emissions of Nitrous Oxide, which is 310 times as bad as CO2. Yet President Obama had the EPA reclassify it officially as “Clean Energy,” just as he did for “Clean” Coal. President Obama even appeared on a TV commercial for Clean Coal, just weeks after taking office, just days after the Coen Brothers had released a widely circulated commercial reminding us all that Clean Coal doesn’t exist.

Athough lying about climate and energy causes disease epidemics, insect infestations, and environmental devastation, even so, President Obama still doesn’t mind lying about climate and energy when it profits his allies. Just ask BP:

So, who’s keeping score here? Madoff stole $65 billion –> then, with Obama in the White House, and with his appointees in charge of regulating things, less than $10 billion got paid back to the poor set-up victims of the famous Madoff-Morgan Chase-Daley-Obama-Imelt Ponzi Scheme.

Where’s the rest of the stolen money? Well, President Obama’s sitting on $695,132 of it; or he was before spending it on Imelt’s and other networks’ commercials for the 2008 campaign. Secretary of State Clinton (who posed as an opposing candidate during the campaign) got $50,000; Chief of Staff William Daley has $7.6 million; his company JCMC, the President’s 6th-highest contributor, got $1 billion. I’ll bet others on the President’s top contributors list Made Off with some too! (i.e. GE, who gave half a million dollars!)

Madoff’s family officially got to keep $2.5 million of the stolen funds, but I suspect more of that money is still somewhere corrupting our political system. And Madoff’s son conveniently got dead a few weeks ago, conveniently partially covering up the White House connection. And somehow those “investigating” the killing quickly called it “suicide.” Never mind who’s behind the curtain. No reason to investigate this.

Oh, and let’s remember that JP Morgan Chase didn’t hire Daley because he’s a famous banker; he’s not. They hired him for the Organized Crime connection: They hired him to pull strings for them politically. And they sure got what they paid for: A billion dollars in stolen funds, out of which they only had to give the Obama cartel a few million. A body or two along the way. Banker plus Gangster equals Bankster.

“Madoff founded the Wall Street firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in 1960, and was its chairman until his arrest on December 11, 2008 … JP Morgan Chase & Co. may have also benefited from the scheme – through interest and fees charged – to the tune of a billion dollars.”

Along with the family of one of President Obama’s major financial appointees (Mary Schapiro, whom President Obama appointed to head the Securities and Exchange Commission), Bernie Madoff started the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in 1971 as National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). Madoff was its President and Chairman. The economy collapsed and the President of the Stock Exchange made off with $65 billion at the same time, and at the same time, more than $1 billion were being funneled to the cronies of and the Presidential campaign of the winning candidate, Barack Obama, who had just appointed Madoff’s partner’s kid:

“Two years after Madoff’s $65 billion fraud was revealed, its victims are trying to move on. It was good news indeed to hear over the holidays that Irving Picard, the trustee hired by the Securities Investor Protection Corp., or SIPC, has recovered $9.8 billion so far – much more than some had expected. Yet many of Madoff’s neediest victims might never benefit from Picard’s settlements, and in fact some are being sued to give back gains from the sceme, funds already spent on retirement or taxes.”

February 10, 2009, a few days after taking office, President Obama said “There are a lot of banks that are actually pretty well-managed – JP Morgan being a good example … I don’t think [CEO Jamie Dimon] should be punished for dong a pretty good job managing an enormous portfolio.”

Well, Madoff’s victims have only been compensated 15% of what they lost. Immediately after JPMC gave $7 hundred thousand to Obama, and Madoff gave $1 billion to JPMC, all to help to get BO elected, then President-elect Obama, when the Madoff Ponzi news broke, said “In the last few days, the alleged scandal at Madoff Investment Securities has reminded us yet again of how badly reform is needed when it comes to the rules and regulations that govern our markets…

“…Charities that invested in Madoff could end up losing savings on which millions depend – a massive fraud that was made possible in part because the regulators who were assigned to oversee Wall Street dropped the ball. And if the financial crisis has taught us anything, it’s that this failure of oversight and accountability doesn’t just harm individuals involved; it has the potential to devastate our entire economy.”

Indeed, Mr. President indeed. Give the money back to the destitute widows and orphans that your gang helped to steal it from. Order Daley and Imelt to give back theirs too. If memory serves, Hillary Clinton has already returned the Madoff contribution, but what about that $6 hundred thousand to the lobbyists? And after you give it back, come clean: Tell the truth about what you know about the crimes, and make Daley and Imelt do the same.

So, the profits from the biggest theft that ever happened helped elect our current President. GE is pouring even more into lobbying since the 2008 elections. The co-conspirators in this story, General Electric, Morgan Chase, and Madoff, together poured more than $1 billion into campaigns and political lobbying over the past few years, and lots of it went right back to GE and Imelt through purchase of airtime on MSNBC. And our President is in cahoots with these thieves. You just can’t make this stuff up.

And you Democrats out there, in the Congress, and in the blogosphere and other media: Don’t you now have a responsibility to do something about this? Go ahead: Do what Democrats do.

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Okay, If No One Else is Willing, I’ll Address the Elephant in the Room

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Okay, If No One Else is Willing, I’ll Address the Elephant in the Room — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Tucson is a scant 50 miles away from a country in which President Obama started a Civil War. Civility strikes again.

In early December 2008, after election, before inauguration, someone asked Barack Obama an honest legitimate question about legalizing Marijuana to end the violence of its underground economy, and to curtail profits of organized crime. But the President-elect offered no honest answer. Instead, he made a joke about it. Ha ha. Immediately Marijuana-related murders in Mexico shot through the roof. More than one thousand Mexicans were murdered over Marijuana in the following month, and in every month since then. By the time President Obama took office, the situation was declared a Civil War.

Once in office, President Obama appointed Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske as his Drug Czar. An ABC documentary around that time reported that sentencing guidelines in Washington state called for no jail term whatsoever for people convicted three times of possessing 99 live Marijuana plants. Given the likely profit for such an operation, that policy is tantamount to encouraging cultivation. Kerlikowske was able to severely lower the crime rate by not prosecuting Medical Marijuana “crimes.” But as Czar, “Old 3 Ks” has consistently lied about Medical Marijuana, claiming it has no medical use. The fact is: Marijuana has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Such a civil lie, to perpetuate a Civil War.

But because the War’s victims are mainly Mexicans instead of norteamericanos, civility doesn’t call for ending Prohibition to help end the Civil War. You see, there is so much profit money for corporations in keeping Marijuana illegal, and those very corporations give so much money to President Obama’s election efforts, what do you expect him to do? Just how honest do you think this guy is? The victims are only Mexicans. What’s a thousand deaths a month, more or less? Let’s be civil about this.

Meanwhile, propaganda reports resurrecting the Reefer Madness specter tell us repeatedly that the assassin is a pot-smoking loner, recalling the old claims that Marijuana causes violence and murder. In fact, the opposite is true. But there is a grain of truth behind this myth: People with violent tempers often smoke Marijuana — I smoke it a lot, but my friends with violent temper problems smoke many times as much as I do. Marijuana can stop a temper tantrum or a depressive episode quickly. Arizona voted to legalize it.

The assassinated judge frequently criticized the Obama Administration’s requiring the state(s) to pay costs of fallout from the US Government’s efforts to destabilize Mexico, including paying for the policing of illegal immigration and the Drug War. That judge is much more civil, now that he has stopped criticizing the President, the same President who so civilly claims that as President he is allowed to order assassinations of Americans.

Representative Giffords was named Sierra Club’s most valuable player. President Obama’s environmental record is abysmal. And now the same media voices that called Pres. Obama’s December 2010 series of sellouts “victories” are praising his great civility speech, and passing on the President’s civility message to all Americans. And that message is: “‘Do as I say, not as I do.”

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Usually Honest “Liberal” Newsspeakers Myopic to Worst Vitriolic Rhetoric Leading to Massacre

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Usually Honest “Liberal” Newsspeakers Myopic to Worst Vitriolic Rhetoric Leading to Massacre — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the gang on MSNBC, all noted Republican rhetoric apparently advising or insinuating that someone should shoot Representative Gabrielle Giffords. (Her opponent Jesse Kelly’s commercial asked the public to shoot “a fully automatic” weapon and remove her from office; Sarah “Re-Load” Palin displayed her name, targeted with gunsight crosshairs; Sharon Angle called for a “second-amendment” remedy, but not specifically against Giffords. It is illegal to advocate drug use. It must therefore also be illegal to advocate assassination. Palin seems to have published an Assassination Manual, directing any of her would-be conspirators to shoot Giffords, and explaining where to find her.)

But Goodman, Stewart, Olbermann, Chris Matthews, the other MSNBCers, and the Sunday talk shows all ignored the person who spewed the worst, most hateful rhetoric of all. President Barack Obama claims that he is allowed to order political assassinations against Muslims based merely on suspicion. Barack Obama is the ultimate authority figure for the youth of this country. Obama is the first President to so openly and adamantly insist that premeditated political assassinations are an acceptable way of forcing one’s will to be done. It is President Obama whom the young assassin has been obligated to adnmire, since he [the shooter] was twenty-years-old.

It is a shameful day for Freedom of the Press in the United States, and an extremely shameful day for the Democratic Party, the Party which once stood for peace, human rights, and honesty. Never mind that speck in Sarah Palin’s eye. Our President advocates killing people suspected of being Muslim extremists (and their neighbors). This is a national emergency.

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The Killing of Iraq War Whistle-Blower Dr. David Kelly, and its Subsequent Cover-Up

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The Killing of Iraq War Whistle-Blower Dr. David Kelly, and its Subsequent Cover-Up — by NormanB

Here’s a report from BrasscheckTV on a story that isn’t getting much play in this country. The cover-up is scheduled to continue for the next seventy years.