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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool

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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


These guys did not get to vote, even though no one could possibly be more patriotic than them: During their Torture at the hands of US-backed mercenaries in this video, watch them forced to eat green Libyan flags.



Before the Obama Administration’s US Military crushed Arab Spring by starting its war against Libya, that country’s leader Moammar Gaddafi enjoyed wide support among Black Africans living mainly in Libya’s South. After the US hired Al Qaida mercenaries to overthrow Gaddafi, the new Al Qaida Dictatorship now running Libya carried out widespread repression, Torture, and Genocide against Black Africans. I have seen no reports that any Black Africans voted in the Parliamentary Election there this weekend.

US President Barack Obama’s praise of the Libyan Election was quite echoic of his praise for the “Elections” following the Fascist takeovers that were parts of his Administration’s Administrative coup de tats that Obama’s CIA carried out in Honduras in 2010, in the Maldives earlier this year, and in Paraguay two weeks ago. The New York Times propaganda headline yesterday also said it was a mainly good Election. The problem I see with it is the Election workers Assassinated, polling officials Murdered, and the ballots burned. l call that a “Rigged Election.” But President Obama and inept media with misinformed readers and viewers call it cool.

The New York Times quotes an official of the Fascist Al Qaida regime, an apparent propagandist, saying that it was “very peaceful.” Helicopter shot down, Assassinations, ballots burned …. mainly without incident.

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Yahoo/AP reports that two people were Murdered carrying out the Election. HuffPost claims just one. Someone shot down a helicopter carrying Election equipment. Also, two rockets were fired at the Benghazi Medical Center.

Like most wars, this one was fought to raise the price of Oil. This one also had the direct effect stealing Oil that a country had been using to support itself, and handing that Oil and its attendant economy to Oil corporations. Mercenaries during the 2011 US War on Libya were paid by BP, Blackwater, and ultimately, by US. At the top of the page is a recent video upload of Black Africans still being Tortured by the current Libyan mercenary Dictatorship. US-backed Al Qaida mercenaries have stuffed Libyan flags into Black people’s mouths, and are forcing them to eat the flags.

The US-backed Al Qaida Torture Atrocities include gang rapes against Black Libyan women.

BrasscheckTV says Obama’s Genocidal actions in Libya constitute War Crimes.

And here are more Torture videos, and background information, if you’re not sick enough from what you’ve already read and seen. is one of the only US media outlets covering the Libya situation, instead of Covering it Up.

Prison Planet noted that the fully corporate Huffington Post favored the invasion.

Here is President Obama lying about the US invasion of Libya, and the US-backed Al Qaida Genocide against the Black people of Libya. He claims it to be a “broad international effort” when in fact more than 95% of the bombing runs were by US Military aircraft. He claims that the invasion avoided Humanitarian catastrophe, when in fact it brought Genocide against the Black people there. President Obama lies to the American people in this video, seeking to legitimize his War Crimes in Libya. Please compare his bullshit to the more level-headed words of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the video that follows.!3064390D-03DB-4704-BB89-FDE823C86DD9


You’ll note that President Obama claims his attack on Benghazi is noble. You’ll also note that Benghazi is one place where ballots were burned and looted.

That last report was from RT out of Russia. Of course, US-backed far-Right Libyan mercenaries arrested Journalists from Press TV of Iran during the conflict.

The British later revoked their license. The US Government named the Journalists at both Press TV and RT of Russia as enemies. If you’ve never watched them, both are much better journalism than we usually find on PBS, on Fox, or on ABCNNBCBS.


Of course, one of the first things NATO did in Libya was bomb the Journalists in the broadcast center.

The US-installed Fascist Government in Libya immediately initiated Fascist Reforms, and cracked down on Freedom of the Press.

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Harry Shearer’s New Film Decries Pres. Pinocchio’s Lies About Army Corps’s Culpability re Katrina

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Harry Shearer’s New Film Decries Pres. Pinocchio’s Lies About Army Corps’s Culpability re Katrina — by NormanB

Harry Shearer’s new documentary is "The Big Uneasy."

The Army Corps of Engineers dug canals that killed the marshes, and underwater canals for Oil rigs. Those canals and inadequate levees made the un-natural disaster that followed Katrina, the flooding. A builder sued the Army Corps after being ordered to build sub-standard levees that he knew would fail. The Army Corps won and forced the builder to install the levees that he knew would fail:


All teachers in New Orleans were immediately fired, and all N.O. schools were replaced by the disgraceful for-profit schools (like the ones that ruined the Chicago school system), that President Obama and his bankrollers favor.

Instead of evacuating the impoverished citizens in advance, the Government shipped Black residents of N.O. hundreds of miles away, after it was over … so far away, states away, redrawing the demographics, resulting in the election of Mitch Landrieu, the first White N.O. mayor since his father Moon Landrieu left that throne in 1978. Mitch L. is the brother of the notorious Oil puppet, Senator Mary Landrieu.

Obama’s speech in New Orleans did not address the Army Corps’s culpability, in fact, he pretended it didn’t exist. By ignoring what actually happened, he continued the cover-up of the many police murders of N.O. citizens in the days immediately following the flood. He did not address the looting of the N.O. school system. He did not address the internationally televised torture of Roger Davis, a black resident of New Orleans returning weeks later whose torture by N.O. police, FBI & Blackwater personnel is shown below.

Police there threatened the reporters covering the torture. Mr. Davis tried to bring a case against those responsible, but, of course, as his case approached, he suddenly got dead.

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State Dept. & CIA Help Blackwater Get Away With Smuggling & Treason

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State Dept. & CIA Help Blackwater Get Away With Smuggling & Treason — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

This one just came off the wire – I can’t let it go without bringing it up. First, here’s the link:,0,4085629.story

Here’s what happened:
Blackwater (now called Xe) did the following (I don’t say "allegedly did" because they settled the case, tantamount to admitting fault):
1. Illegally trained Taiwanese police as snipers;
2. Smuggled weapons into a war zone (Afghanistan);
3. Conspired to illegally train troops in the Genocidal conflict in Southern Sudan;
4. AP says the alleged offenses included these, indicating that Blackwater also committed other crimes during this spree.

Here’s how US Government officials conspired with Blackwater in these crimes:

1. Rather than let the Smugglers/Traitors face charges for their crimes, the State Dept. accepted a $42,000,000 payment from Xe, and called it even;
2. So far, neither US nor Blackwater officials have been charged with Bribery for the above;
3. The CIA gave the criminals a new $100,000,000 contract in June: In effect, the Government is making US taxpayers pick up the tab for Blackwater’s fine, and is handsomely rewarding Xe for its crimes;
4. The US failed to charge Blackwater’s owner and operatives with Treason, even though committing massive Fraud and Smuggling against the US in a war zone during war requires those charges.

The Moral of the story is this: It’s OK to smuggle US state secrets to corrupt foreign powers, and it’s OK to smuggle weapons into a US war zone, as long as one is rich enough to grease the right palms; and it’s OK to make US taxpayers supply that grease.

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Bin Laden Vid Pans Civil War for Mexican Marijuana & Murtha’s Assassination?

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bin Laden Vid Pans Civil War for Mexican Marijuana & Murtha’s Assassination?
Hey! That’s not bin Laden! That’s a video-age journalist trying to cut through the haze of sound bites and atomized consciousness.

The video was directed and recorded by Rachel Neulander of medicinesocks. Script, Lyrics, Detailed Footnotes follow below.

OBAMA bin PLOTTIN-Norman B-Deviations from the Norm

WARNING! This is VERY SCARY! Try not to be afraid. The man you’re about to see is an actor. He’s just an actor, not a real monster. Please, don’t be scared!

Greetings, Infidels. Asalaam Alayikum. Welcome to my cave, and my new video.

Wars of Reagan and George Bush and Johnson and Nixon
And Dubya, who got in through e-lection fixin’,
But do you recall
The most dange-rous Pres’dent of all?

Obama the Baby Bomber
Killed Pashtun kids ev’ryday,
Not just because they were Pashtuns,
But just because they were in the way!

All of the worldwide nations
Were wary of this violent maniac.
But few spoke up, for fear that THEIR kids
Would get sacked in the very next attack.

Thugs accUSEd a sevenTEEN-year-old KID of a CRIME,
NOT PROVEN in all these years – I’m tellin’ all o’ ya -
Then, ELEVEN YEARS LATER in September ’09,
U.S. hitmen INVADED and caught and KILLED him in Somalia.

After Somalia, the Hit Squad moved on to Yemen,
People who knew said then that the killing was wrong.
But cads kept it mostly outta corp’rat’ propaganda news,
And soon we ALL heard a different kind of song:

‘Cause then on False-Flag Christmas Eve,
Congressman Peter King told CNN:
"Any minute now, a terrorist’s plane is gonna land,
And then he’s gonna claim he’s from Yemen!

"He’ll go on to claim that he is Al Qaida!
Hey! Let’s X-ray genitals in Amsterdam!
Men with beards are weird! They must be tortured ’cause we’re skeerd!
Mass insanity is part of this whole scam!"

Then courageous John Murtha blew the whistle on the military lies,
And way Way WAY too much Charlie Wilson knew,
So, in a single week, with the wink of an eye,
Obama’s hitmen hit those Congresspeople, too!

"Morale at the CIA" and Blackwater
HAD "reached an all-time low,"
But when Obama said he’d let them murder anyone they want,
THAT really gave them lots of get-it-up and go!

After the election, back before B.O. took office,
His pot comments started civil war in Mexico.
Many U.S. Americans don’t have maps, but Mex is right next-door to Tex.
Is there a WORSE PLACE that a civil war can go?!

El Chapo Guzman is the world’s richest man.
His worldwide wealth wouldn’t fit in failing banks!
For knocking off his competition and propping up the DEA,
Guzman publicly gives Barack Obama thanks!

The 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan stressed regional tensions – "Like, I’m – I’m really stressed-out, man" – pushing Pakistan and India to the BRINK of nuclear exchange,
Then, Bush worsened it, illegally sending nuclear bomb parts to India.
First thing Obama did when he got int’ office: Start a ANOTHER civil war, this one in Pakistan! That’s Change
I CAN’T Believe In. Doesn’t killin’ kids kinda seem a sin t’ ya?

What?! Do you think I’m not being "fair" to President Obama? Well, I’m only talking about killing kids. He’s actually doing it. And these kids he’s killing are NOT terrorists.
They’re kids.
I don’t think I’m the one being unfair here.

O, Obama the Baby Bomber
Kills Pashtun kids ev’ryday,
Not JUST because they are Jewish,
But just because they are in the way!

So, we’ve got a President committing War Crimes,
And the Democrats are covering it up,
Even so-called "progressives" and the Congressional Black Caucus;
And, who’d have thought that EVEN THEY would be corrupt?!

Blackwater/CIA – Coups-Intrigues-Assassinations – and rigged elections
Have manipulated world politics for years!
But they’d never try it here, where it would directly affect their funding.
Just keep repeating: "It can’t happen here!"
If you’re one of those who buys Government propaganda lies,
Just keep repeating: "It can’t happen here!"

(p)(c)March 7, 2010 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved.
(NOTE–The tune may sound similar to something familiar, but it’s not that tune exactly, and even if it were, I would still be able to use it under the Fair Use (F.U.) doctrine, because this is satire, parody, humor. All material used here is used fairly. This is much MORE fair than the situation discussed in Stanza 12. And if there’s any other point here on which you question its Fair Usability, remember, I already said "F.U.!")


Stanza2 Pashtuns are indigenous people of Eastern Afghanistan and Western Pakistan. They are the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan. The Government is comprised of Heroin exporters and Oil executives. The Pashtun symbol is the Star of David; the Pashtuns refer to themselves at the "Children of Israel;" their holy book is the Book of Moses, their national hero. When the name "Moses" is spoken, Pashtuns stand at attention to honor him.

Stanza3 (This verse is NOT about the child "pirates" killed by US Navy Seals in April 2009.) In September 2009, the US Assassination Team went to Somalia to murder a person accused of a crime that happened eleven years earlier, when he was 17 years old. The commandos declared "Mission Accomplished!" The murder victim/"suspect" was never proven to have committed the crime. If there were evidence that he’d committed the crime, he could have been tried: Somalia is a puppet state set up by the US: According to the UN, Somalia’s is the most corrupt Government in the world. The bottom line: There was no evidence that this man had committed a crime when he was a child, but President Obama ordered him assassinated anyway, during a illegal clandestine invasion of a supposedly sovereign country.

Stanzas4-6 Three months later, the US Assassination Squad was killing people in Yemen. Corporate news barely reported it, but some Americans got upset that our Government was assassinating un-convicted foreign citizens on no evidence, killing people who were merely accused by right-wing ideologue Oilmen. The few protests were squelched by the False-Flag operation on Christmas Eve involving the so-called "Underwear Bomber." This is a misnomer, because the banker’s son from Africa had no bomb on him: He had PETN, from which it is possible to make a bomb, but PETN with no detonator is not a bomb, and cannot blow a hole in a plane. I happened to be watching CNN when the "announcement" came out: Not a regular news bulletin, but The White House interrupted television when nearly no one was watching. The plane was in the air near Detroit. The accused was on the plane and Congressman Peter King was already on TV trying to make political hay from it. In fact, both King and Joe Lieberman were booked to discuss the False-Flag event and advocate war with Yemen on the Sunday talk shows AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE the Christmas Eve fake terrorism fraud took place. So, Senator Lieberman and Rep King apparently knew that a "terrorist" was flying a "bomb" into the US, but instead of stopping him from getting on the plane, they let it happen then tried to profit politically from the "terrorism" themselves! BY THE TIME THE PLANE LANDED the supposed perpetrator had already (falsely?) declared that he was from Yemen and Al Qaida, meaning that the murders President Obama had already ordered the day before must be OK. Just THINK about it: A suicide bomber is a person so completely dedicated to his cause that he would never turn in his compatriots, and would even die for his cause. A suicide bomber is obviously not a scared whimpering wimp that spills the beans in a few seconds when caught. THINK AGAIN: If Al Qaida is so clueless and impotent that they send part but not all of an unmade bomb, and so easy to torture information out of that an Air Marshall can get their most sensitive info in 3 minutes by just tackling him tying him up, if that’s Al Qaida, then obviously we have nothing to fear from them! But instead of arresting and prosecuting the traitors perpetrating this False-Flag fraud against the American people, President Obama is playing along with the treasonous ruse, and adding to the deception by ordering more discrimination against longhairs, bearded men, and hippies traveling to and from Amsterdam.

Stanza7 Congressman John Murtha was the most prestigious and influential spokesman against Obama’s war machine. As a highly respected ex-military man, his words carried a lot of weight both in and out of the military. During a "routine" gall bladder operation last week (at the time of writing), a doctor killed him by slicing his intestine with a scalpel. Slicing the patient’s intestine is NEVER part of routine gall bladder surgery.The doctor who killed Murtha wasn’t arrested for murder and political terrorism, he was rewarded, paid thousands of dollars by an insurance company for his skillful cutting. "Charlie Wilson’s War" was a book and movie about the Soviet war in Afghanistan wherein the CIA’s Osama bin Laden fought against the Russians. The sudden untimely deaths of Congressmen Murtha and Wilson came just as President Obama was announcing that he sends Assassination Squads to murder people, sometimes Americans. He claimed it is his right to do so, even though it is obviously an impeachable offense. If this stands, Obama makes permanent one of the Fascist Reforms that Bush implemented while people were in a state of shock following September 11, 2000.

Stanza8 When "CIA morale hit an all-time low" (because so much info on torture and terrorism committed by CIA had emerged), President Obama used the lack of morale as an excuse to rationalize his order to cover up the torture and other Bush War Crimes, joining in the Criminal Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice by blocking prosecutions of those criminals. The Obama cover-up encourages the CIA and Blackwater to commit ever more and worse torture, War Crimes, coups, assassinations and rigged elections.

Stanza9 In December 2008, a month before taking office, President Obama called for questions from the public. By far the most popular question was on legalizing marijuana (marijuana’s illegality causes thousands of killings annually). The world was hoping for reform. But Obama wasn’t taking his new job seriously: The President-elect laughed and joked and casually rejected the idea: Insisting that it’s OK to arrest others the "crime" that he committed and enjoyed.The human rights travesty, the economic devastation, and the thousands of people killed over it were things that he somehow found funny. Within in minutes of this heinous hypocrisy, the current Mexican Civil War began, and hasn’t let up since, with thousands killed each and every month. Obama started the Mexican Civil War, and Mexico is not far from the US. Not a smart move. Not a moral move. Not an honest move.

The U.S. Government claims that Pashtun children must be killed because they may be near terrorists. Ask the Obama Administration to stop killing the Pashtuns. Have Americans No Decency? Show some Courage! Stand up Against the Injustice!

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Blackwater Orders US Troops to Kill Marijuana Possessors: Mission Accomplished! War Crime?

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Scahill’s report on Democracy Now! May 4, 2010, included some details which deserve headlines of their own:
Blackwater Orders US Troops to Kill Marijuana Possessors: Mission Accomplished! War Crime?
Jeremy Scahill reports Blackwater/XE Ordered US Forces to Kill People Blackwater Suspected of Possessing Cannabis in an Air Strike. The US Complied, in an Apparent War Crime Atrocity. Harvard Business School Helped Pay For It & Cover It Up. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")
The US Military, in our names, carried out these murders. Think about that. A Mercenary Terrorist corporation is allowed to order our Military to murder people for Possession of Marijuana. If Blackwater orders the US Military to kill US citizens in this country for Marijuana Possession, will the troops comply, or will they know that they owe their loyalty to the citizens, not to a for-profit Mercenary Terrorist corporation? Do our troops need special training to prepare them to defy such orders, no matter who they come from?
Scahill also played recordings he’d obtained of Blackwater/XE CEO Erik Prince discussing War Crimes and Atrocities that his Mercenaries had committed with members of Harvard Business School’s Young Presidents’ League, on condition that all there conspire to cover it up.
It’s significant that Afghanistan is the world’s leading producer of Cannabis, far ahead of even Mexico. Only 20 miles squared of Opium grows on the entire planet, legal and illegal, but Marijuana is grown throughout Afghanistan, and nearly everyone there can be suspected of possessing some, including the Americans. Can this Obama-Gates policy of allowing Mercenaries to murder people for Possession of Cannabis be used justify Blackwater ordering our troops to Kill all Afghanis?