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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool

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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


These guys did not get to vote, even though no one could possibly be more patriotic than them: During their Torture at the hands of US-backed mercenaries in this video, watch them forced to eat green Libyan flags.



Before the Obama Administration’s US Military crushed Arab Spring by starting its war against Libya, that country’s leader Moammar Gaddafi enjoyed wide support among Black Africans living mainly in Libya’s South. After the US hired Al Qaida mercenaries to overthrow Gaddafi, the new Al Qaida Dictatorship now running Libya carried out widespread repression, Torture, and Genocide against Black Africans. I have seen no reports that any Black Africans voted in the Parliamentary Election there this weekend.

US President Barack Obama’s praise of the Libyan Election was quite echoic of his praise for the “Elections” following the Fascist takeovers that were parts of his Administration’s Administrative coup de tats that Obama’s CIA carried out in Honduras in 2010, in the Maldives earlier this year, and in Paraguay two weeks ago. The New York Times propaganda headline yesterday also said it was a mainly good Election. The problem I see with it is the Election workers Assassinated, polling officials Murdered, and the ballots burned. l call that a “Rigged Election.” But President Obama and inept media with misinformed readers and viewers call it cool.

The New York Times quotes an official of the Fascist Al Qaida regime, an apparent propagandist, saying that it was “very peaceful.” Helicopter shot down, Assassinations, ballots burned …. mainly without incident.

normanb July 8th, 2012 at 10:49 pm 1

Yahoo/AP reports that two people were Murdered carrying out the Election. HuffPost claims just one. Someone shot down a helicopter carrying Election equipment. Also, two rockets were fired at the Benghazi Medical Center.

Like most wars, this one was fought to raise the price of Oil. This one also had the direct effect stealing Oil that a country had been using to support itself, and handing that Oil and its attendant economy to Oil corporations. Mercenaries during the 2011 US War on Libya were paid by BP, Blackwater, and ultimately, by US. At the top of the page is a recent video upload of Black Africans still being Tortured by the current Libyan mercenary Dictatorship. US-backed Al Qaida mercenaries have stuffed Libyan flags into Black people’s mouths, and are forcing them to eat the flags.

The US-backed Al Qaida Torture Atrocities include gang rapes against Black Libyan women.

BrasscheckTV says Obama’s Genocidal actions in Libya constitute War Crimes.

And here are more Torture videos, and background information, if you’re not sick enough from what you’ve already read and seen. is one of the only US media outlets covering the Libya situation, instead of Covering it Up.

Prison Planet noted that the fully corporate Huffington Post favored the invasion.

Here is President Obama lying about the US invasion of Libya, and the US-backed Al Qaida Genocide against the Black people of Libya. He claims it to be a “broad international effort” when in fact more than 95% of the bombing runs were by US Military aircraft. He claims that the invasion avoided Humanitarian catastrophe, when in fact it brought Genocide against the Black people there. President Obama lies to the American people in this video, seeking to legitimize his War Crimes in Libya. Please compare his bullshit to the more level-headed words of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the video that follows.!3064390D-03DB-4704-BB89-FDE823C86DD9


You’ll note that President Obama claims his attack on Benghazi is noble. You’ll also note that Benghazi is one place where ballots were burned and looted.

That last report was from RT out of Russia. Of course, US-backed far-Right Libyan mercenaries arrested Journalists from Press TV of Iran during the conflict.

The British later revoked their license. The US Government named the Journalists at both Press TV and RT of Russia as enemies. If you’ve never watched them, both are much better journalism than we usually find on PBS, on Fox, or on ABCNNBCBS.


Of course, one of the first things NATO did in Libya was bomb the Journalists in the broadcast center.

The US-installed Fascist Government in Libya immediately initiated Fascist Reforms, and cracked down on Freedom of the Press.

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

(What kind of a show job –?! I mean who? or how could somebody talk Japan as a country into heavily relying on/investing in Nuclear installments, after Japan’s unwanted experiments with Nuclear Fallout in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Seems stupid, doesn’t it? Look in the mirror.)

Today on MSNBC’s morning news show, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough (“Joe the Dumb Guy” who replaced “Tucker the Dumb Guy” [McCain campaign personality Tucker Carlson] – on the show now titled “Morning Joe”) encouraged unthinking people to believe President Obama’s frequent lies about the Global Warming forced by Nuclear Energy usage. In the midst of horrific details on explosions and leakages at Japanese Nuclear Power plants, a talking head reminded us that we “still need it,” because it [Nuclear Energy] “has no carbon footprint.”

This is what you call a “lie of omission.” For, though Nuclear Energy does not leave a carbon footprint like Oil and Coal, it does leave a terrible Global Warming footprint from its Nitrous Oxide emissions. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) warms our air 310 times as badly as CO2, pound-for-pound. Energy investors profit if voters think that Nuclear Energy impacts climate much less than it actually does. And the Republicrat brand profits if the US public is duped into believing the President’s lies about Nuclear safety and lack of Greenhouse consequences from Nuclear Power.

For the umpteenth time: Nuclear Energy is a very dangerous and expensive way to boil water. To attain Nuclear Power, Uranium (sometimes mixed with Plutonium and/or Thorium) is dissolved in Nitric Acid. The resultant hot gases boil water that turns turbines to mechanically produce electricity. The Global Warming gas N2O was already emitted during the production of the Nitric Acid, long before the Nuclear Reaction that the acid facilitates.

Even the President’s own EPA (which lyingly categorizes both Nuclear Power and Coal as “Clean Energy”) cites Nitric Acid production as the third most prolific cause of N2O pollution, after Nitrogen Fertilizers and burning fossil fuels. Yet the President says Nuclear Energy is safe and it causes no Global Warming.

But remember what President Pinocchio said about Oil spills, and how we don’t have them any more, just days before the BP disaster. Then he allowed massive for-profit spraying of toxic dispersants, which will poison our lands, our waters, and our air for untold decades. He proclaimed Mission Accomplished, meanwhile lying about appointing an impartial decision-maker to get “fair” money to people whose livelihoods were ruined by the BP Oil disaster.

That man, whom President Bushbama claimed was impartial, was proven to be taking money from … guess who. His “fair” deals included paying desperate people off with one-and-a-half years’ worth of income for a business that had been in their family four generations.

Then Pinocchio’s FDA claimed that Gulf seafood was completely safe to eat, even though it never had been before, and even though the petroleum couldn’t have helped to make it safe. He claimed to be eating the tainted food himself, and he used his own children in a photo op to trick people into thinking that it was safe to swim in the Gulf. The photographer later revealed that the President’s children were never actually in the Gulf waters in the photographs. To top it all off, the EPA started P-ing on us again, claiming that the Oil is gone.

And some Democrats are screaming ‘What else can we do?!’ You mean: What else, instead of heating up the globe to the breaking point? Instead of endangering the public with danger Nukes? Instead of lying that it’s safe? Instead of sending in mercenaries to help Obama’s thugs murder democracy activitsts in the slave-state Bahrain? What else can we do?

You can do what I did. You can quit the Democratic Party. I was a lifelong Democrat until recently. But now, as far as I can tell, the Democratic Party stands for:

1. Torture;

2. Covering Up Torture;

3. Kangaroo Kourts wherein Tortured defendants plead Guilty to what they confessed while being Tortured (even though in legitimate trials with competent counsel in the US, defendents never plead Guilty);

4. Protecting Middle Eastern dictators’ Oil products and the routes thereto by having the US 5th Fleet of Cowards impose slavery on 56% of the people in Bahrain;

5.Hiring mercenaries to murder people who push for democracy in Bahrain;

6. Lying about how we get our energy, and about how safe and how clean it is.

That’s what it means to be a Democrat in today’s world. In modern society, no one would confuse an American Democrat with a real small-d democrat.

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New Orleans Judge Rules that Obama, Ken Feinberg & BP Lied about KF’s “Neutrality,” Orders KF & BP to Stop Lying

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New Orleans Judge Rules that Obama, Ken Feinberg & BP Lied about KF’s “Neutrality,” Orders KF & BP to Stop Lying — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Obviously, Ken Feinberg has been serving BP ever since President Obama appointed him to supposedly serve the people. Anyone who believed he was neutral was hopelessly naive, or not paying attention. Here’s what was true then, and it’s true now: BP stands for “Bribed Politicians.” The important difference between my article & headline, and the one below, is that mine reminds readers that another liar was involved.

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Finale from Protest PG the Rock Opera: O, President Pinocchio

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The Daily Machine:

Finale from Protest PG the Rock Opera: O, President Pinocchio — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

O, President Pinocchio, how can all the Oil be gone?

No, President Pinocchio, we won’t be eating Oily prawn.

You even let your own kids play in that toxic Oil,

But if they’d dig in the beach sand, they’d strike Oil before they hit soil.


O, President Pinocchio, you let banksters write bank law.

Drug companies and Insurance thieves, well, they surely do thank ya.

O, President Pinocchio, the American people are rugged,

But it really gets us down in the dumps when our leaders are so crooked.


O, President Pinocchio, superstitious worse than Reagan,

You sold the whole world out at Copenhagen.

What you did is gonna scorch the Earth and heat up Africa like a fire.

Iran, Sudan, an’ China spoke sense there, then, our holocaust denier.


O, President Pinocchio, our climate holocaust denier,

O, President Pinocchio, our chief executive liar:

Clean coal! Clean nukes!” What’s next! Clean Oil? Clean dirt? Clean poo?!

You sir have betrayed the poor people who voted for you.


Bribe taker. War monger. Stooge. Shill. Sell-out. Crook. Corporate lackey.

The honored US Military is dressed in baby blood and khaki.

You’d not’ve got a goddam vote if you hadn’t lied,

If you’d told us you want private armies and Pashtun Genocide.


You don’t need a rocket launcher to fight a little spider,

Or a hundred thousand Americans to fight ten guys from Al-Qaida.

Don’t you know that folks’ll catch on the this ridiculous sham?!

And that corporate corrupt nonsense, your Filibuster scam?!


Remember: Republicans were in just two years ago, and a majority then took fifty,

So we know you’re lying when you tell us now that a majority takes sixty.

It’s a lie. It’s a theft. It’s corrupt. It’s ridiculous. It’s despicable and downright disgraceful,

And you’re throwing billions at Robert Gates, the Secretary of Wasteful!


You fired over one thousand people just because they’re gay,

And hey! O, Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

You betrayed the pot smokers voting for you, and what’s worse:

You betrayed everybody; America has buyer’s remorse.


Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?


line  footnote

1   On the same day that President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency announced that the BP-Deepwater Horizon-Halliburton Gulf of Mexico Oil spill was gone …

2   … his Food and Drug Administration announced that Gulf of Mexico seafood was safe to eat.

6   Drug companies and Insurance thieves are the middlemen whom all of the healthcare money goes to instead of going to health.

28   Oil investor and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. The US Military is the world’s leading purchaser of Oil, so the more wars and trouble and waste Gates can cause, the more money he and his fellow investor, Mideast “Peace” Envoy George Mitchell, whose business partner was convicted of Bribery of Azerbaijani officials trying to get their Oil. Gates and Mitchell have Conflicts of Interest: If they didn’t find more war and strife, they’d make less money.

30, 33-36   From an anti-Vietnam War chant in the 1960s: Hey! Hey, LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?

Finale from Protest PG (the Rock Opera): O, President Pinocchio

by  Norman B

“Deviations from the Norm”

Protest PG: Pashtun Genocide, Prison Guantanamo, Pariah Gases, Prohibition of Ganja, Pinocchio Government.

(p)(c) 2010 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved. First performed live at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst following a speech and question & answer session given by Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Jill Stein on Thursday, October 28, 2010, scant days before the scariest night of the year: Election night!

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Food Activist Censored By BP’s Christiane Amanpour Show

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Food Activist Censored By BP’s Christiane Amanpour Show — by NormanB

The show has very little credibility as far as I’m concerned. Sponsored by BP.

First segment: Two gut-the-education-establishment ideologues (Bizarro Education Secretary Arne Duncan & DC Public Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee) supporting the Obama Administration’s plan to fire thousands of teachers and put profiteers in charge, ganged up against American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. Sleazy Chicago "education" profiteers who helped pay for Obama’s campaign must be overjoyed.

Second segment censored: English nutrition activist Jamie Oliver explained how England changed school lunches and improved national health by changing standards, but ABC censored his words. He gave examples, beginning with the improvements forced on McDonald’s: He got as far as mentioning free-range eggs, then, in mid-response, he was replaced by 30 seconds of a commercial. His face reappeared on the screen just as his response ended.

Round-table segment: Amanpour and her guests discussed the fictional "Recovery." The show’s propaganda headline specifically touted "Recovery." BP must have been pleased that the panel avoided talking about the Oil spill or climate. Obviously the panel couldn’t speak on the economy, since they were pretending "Recovery."

It reminds me of the late-1980s supposed "Recovery" late in the Reagan Administration: Every day, most news reports told us that the "Recovery" was going well, and that we would begin to feel effects of the "Recovery" in a few months.

For BP’s segment, the Oil company spokesperson claimed that BP is in there helping the Gulf "Recovery" for the long haul. But the truth is that BP is fighting against reimbursemenmt, retribution, "Recovery" and reconstruction tooth and nail. Its money dispersor, appointed by BP Rep. Barack Obama, Rip-off Czar Ken Feinberg, announced that his formula includes paying people who permanently lost an ancestral business about one-and-one-half years’ worth of income. Their family owned it for generations, it’s taken away forever. One-and-one-half-years’ worth oughtta do it!

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The Ballad of April 19th 2010

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The Ballad of April 19th/ Our 19th Nervous Blow Out
–by Rachel Neulander

(Sung to the tune of O My Darling Clementine)

Deepwater Deepwater
the Horizon is gray
and the seafloor is bleeding
on this historic day

Stop the presses stop the presses
just how long will this thing take?
where is Cupid? where’s Allfather?*
there’s a lot of dough at stake

Call the lawyer call the lawyer
Halliburton on the line
put cement man on the witness stand
he’ll be coached but just in time

He’ll admit that safety standards
weren’t exactly up to snuff
if he means yes stammer "Not-No!"
*Might have meant yes, where’s the proof?

He was sitting at the monitor
thought the plug was working fine
he was e-mailing his mother
just to while away the time

On the seafloor pressure building
mixing elements volatile
caused a rent unprecedented
spewing oil for many miles

Run a tape loop run a tape loop
it’ll lull em back to sleep
keep away the damn photographers
we dont want the truth to seep

Get the truth out to the people
cry the fishers of the gulf
we won’t sell you Bloody Poisoned
Oysters Rockefeller it’s enough

And they’re sitting on the money
should’ve been for doing this right
what they’re doing isnt righteous
isn’t fair and isn’t right

We gotta fight em we gotta fight em
we gotta get the truth we got a fight
for our people
for our planet
time is short


good night!

Inspired by MAD Mothers Against Disasters

* I watched a Halliburton cementer testifying today on C-Span2. He was on duty at the monitors when BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil rig blew. He stuttered and wavered and, with some reluctance gave the names of his superiors on the project. I may not be spelling those names accurately, (the live feed broadcast is still on, too fresh, so I can’t obtain a text version yet to check, but I know what it sounded like he said and you can’t make this stuff up. It would seem Homer, or Homer Simpson rather, was on the watch April 19th, when the rig began to spew, with Cupid, the Roman God of Love, and Odin, the Norse Allfather, as his project bosses. All were cheerfully oblivious and/or vaguely aware of the dangers yet nonchalant about the safety and advisability of their project. The cement guy at the monitors didn’t think there were any problems with the pour, he thought it was going just fine. D’oh! Imagine his surprise.

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Republicans in Cheap Clothing (A Political Performance Art Tutorial)

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REPUBLICANS in Cheap Clothing (A Political Performance Art Tutorial) — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Performance Art can be considered a combination of poetry and dance.
1. Language, word. It need not be in a spoken language, but must be at least in Body Language.
2. Dance: It need not look like ordinary dancing, but you must move.
3. Music is optional.
4. Political or social concern to be addressed.
5. Muse: Girlfriend or lover, fleshen or ethereal. Inspiration is essential.

Today is July 4, 2010. On the ancient Roman calendar this is the day honoring Irene, the goddess of Peace, known often by her Latin name Pax. Now and until noon today (that’s ‘Rainbow noon’) at the annual national Rainbow Gathering (this year at Heart’s Content in the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania) the Rainbow Family of Living Light is silently meditating for Peace. Later, less peaceful people will set off fireworks in remembrance of "…the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air…"
Founding Father Samuel Johnson: "Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" or "…of a skunk."

The following video was Inspired, Directed, Shot and Edited by Rachel Neulander.

Oil spewing in the Gulf of Mexico more than 10 weeks, without even a plan of how to stop it – and the criminal’s still in charge of the crime scene, spraying dispersants that make it even worse! And overseas: Bombing civilians, war crimes torture! Why don’t the Democrats stand up to stop him?! Because we don’t have any more Democrats in Federal Government: On one side of the aisle we have Republicans, and on the other side we have …

REPUBLICANS IN CHEAP CLOTHING-(by Norman B-Deviations from the Norm)

We voted to turn left.
Now I feel bereft.
At fibbing some are deft.
S’m'times I wish that I were deaf,

But he that hath an ear
Is obligated to hear
And stop crying in the beer.
The time to move is near (8)

‘Cause if we don’t they’re gonna slam the door
On helping our country’s poor.
No food? Cain’t afford the store?
You better join the Marine Corps

And fight in a tuggin’ war
To kill another nation’s poor
‘Cause Babylon wants more:
Feed the greed of the Great Whore. (16)

Just let the Oil come on the shore?!
What did they do that for?!
We trusted that traitor Coast Guard;
Now we’re hoist with our own petard!

You know this isn’t right,
All this careening to the right.
All this destruction of our rights,
Well, it arrived like a thief in the night. (24)

Mo(u)rning news: I’ll take a look,
Though I’d rather read a book.
(O!) Forsooth! I feel forsook!
My confidence is shook!

Looks like we’ve all been rooked.
The books have all been cooked.
Looks like we all got took,
The President is a crook. (32)

Looks like we all got took,
The President is a crook.
Looks like we all got took,
The President is a crook.

It’s "War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Democrats,
"War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Dems!
"War-Crimes" Obama and his Republicans wearing different hats,
You’re mad as hell if you’re gonna trust them! (40)

It’s "War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Democrats,
"War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Dems!
"War-Crimes" Obama and his Republicans wearing different hats,
You’re mad as hell if you’re gonna trust them!

The party on the left
Is now a party on the right,
And none of ‘em got no beards
‘Cep’ what they sprouted overnight. (48)

And the party on the left
Is now departing on the right
And deporting the desperate poor
Unless they’re lily-white.

Now, I know it’s not in vogue
To call anything "evil;"
So I won’t sound so bog’:
We’ve been bombed back to the old boll weevil (56)

And I know that opera by Gluck
Says don’t you EVEN look,
But how else are we gonna tell
If Euridice’s in Hell?

The wrong hand has been shook!
Ya wanna BET?! Says it in the book!
Looks like we all got took,
The President is a crook. (64)

He said he was a "fierce defender"
Of assertin’ Human Right,
But he’s got a fierce far-right agenda,
Though right is wrong and left is right.

Now instead of choosing the far safer Norwegian-preferred Methane-injector Oil-drilling equipment,
He opts for the much more dangerous Texan-preferred Methane-leaker drills!
He don’t want people to think they’re equal -
He just wants weaker wills. (72)
He bet the farm. It did us permanent harm.
Now we’ll get bigger and bigger spills.

Looks like we all got took,
The President is a crook.
Looks like we all got took,
The President is a crook.

It’s "War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Democrats,
"War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Dems! (80)
"War-Crimes" Obama and his Republicans wearing different hats,
You’re mad as hell if you’re gonna trust them!

………………………….Different hats!

It’s "War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Democrats,
"War-Crimes" Obama and the Bribery Dems! (88)
"War-Crimes" Obama and his Republicans wearing different hats,
You’re mad as hell if you ever trusted them!

(p)(c)2010 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved

0 i.e. "A wolf in sheep’s clothing" (ala Aesop)
5-6,15-16 Revelations
24 Thessalonians
26,30,62 Books should never be cooked. Financial records should not be falsified. Books should never be burned, even if they don’t sell. Not even the Holy Bible, Revelations, Thessalonians, the Dalai Lama’s 4 Noble Truths, the Runes, 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth, or Karl Marx on the Jewish Question.
39,43,81,85,89 different hats: see note for line 0
45-50 The Who song "Won’t Get Fooled Again" prays aloud that we won’t get fooled again by right-wing political parties pretending to be on the left. But we did. The Who sang it at half-time of the 2010 Super Bowl, decrying the same bog’ bullshit by the Republicrats that I’m protesting here. (The Who songwriter/protagonist Pete Townsend is often a preacher in his lyrics; so Biblical allusions throughout this poem relate to that dynamic.)
52 another slight allusion to The Who ("Pictures of Lily")
55 bog’ or bog is a slang word rhyming with vogue; it’s used as an adjective. It has multiple derivations: It is short for "bogus" (meaning fraud); and it is short for "Bogart," the verb meaning greedily taking more than is deserved. Rarely used since the 1970s. When a greedy political party dishonestly steals from the poor, as the Democratic-Republicans do, that action is bog’, that party is bog’! The word "bog’" and the song "Won’t Get Fooled Again" were popular at the same time, in the 1970s.
56 The boll weevil (Anthonomus grandis Boheman [NOT Bohemian]) is a beetle pest that infests cotton. In the 1920s it hurt all cotton farms in the US. Politically, Boll Weevils are right-wing Democrats. Most of them were White and in the South, hence the name. Now, all Democrats in the Federal Government are extremely far-right-wing, bordering on Fascist.
56 "bombed back to the stone age" was what 1960s neo-Fascist US Military Chief of Staff Gen. Curtis Lemay wanted to do to North Vietnam. It’s what Bush Administration neo-Fascist Richard Armitage threatened to do to Pakistan in 2005. (Armitage is the traitor who committed Treason by outing US spy Valerie Plame.) Others said that Kosovo was and Iraq will be "bombed back to the Middle Ages." Right-wing neo-Fascists always want to bomb somebody.
57-60 In Christoph Gluck’s 1762 opera Orpheus and Euridice, retelling the Greek myth, the ruler of the Underworld agrees to let Euridice follow her lover Orpheus (the poet-musician) back to the land of the living, IF he doesn’t look back.
62 To assert that you are correct about that which someone else doubts, wager on it ("Wan’ BET?!" or "BET?!"). If they still doubt you, tell them that it "Says it in the book." This debating strategy was popularized by my cool cousin Eddie Pond in the 1960s.
65 Running for President, Barack Obama claimed to be a "fierce defender" of Gay rights, but he was lying: As President, he has fired over 1,000 people from the US Military just for being Gay. He claims he needs Congress to pass some law so that he can stop firing them. That’s a lie. He pretends that he needs some study or permission from the Military. That’s another lie: As President, he is Commander and Chief of the Armed Forces, and, just as President Truman ordered the Military to stop discriminating against Blacks, Obama can order an end to discrimination against Gays. But he won’t do it, because he’s a liar. How bog’!

by normanb

BP is Burning Endangered Sea Turtles Alive; & more BP (Bad Press reports)

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BP is Burning Endangered Sea Turtles Alive; & more BP (Bad Press reports) — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Not only that, but VOLCANOES under the Gulf of Mexico’s waters confirm: IT IS NO PLACE TO DRILL:

Goldman Sachs was Barack Obama’s top corporate donor in 2008. The BP-Goldman Sachs connection:

In a related story, Goldman Sachs dumped a quarter-billion dollars worth of BP stock immediately before the (presumably unintentional) explosion:

President Obama has a clear Conflict of Interest where BP is concerned: Could this be why, in the BP-Haliburton case, he ignores many of our national interests, like inspections and safety equipment for Oil rigs, and protective gear for clean-up workers?

At a press conference earlier this month, during the moratorium (the first conference without that pesky Helen Thomas to bother him), Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs revealed that "WHEN…" (NOT "if") "…Oil drilling resumes in the Gulf" in six months or less, Obama will allow more underwater Oil trenches in the Gulf, of the type that caused massive flooding during Hurricane Katrina. Gibbs confirmed that Obama’s EPA & MMS will continue to allow the extremely dangerous Texas-preferred Methane-Leaker Oil drills, instead of the infinitely safer Norwegian-preferred Methane-Injector equipment (Gibbs: "You’ll see the huge torches of gas burning on the rigs"). You remember: Haliburton poured cement down the BP well, which then exploded because that’s what happens when you pour cement into the Methane slush sloppily spewed by Methane-Leakers. (They spew this deadly gas and others even when they’re running exactly the way Administration Regulators want them to).

This is supremely important, not just because it looks like Obama is creating conditions for a series of spills similar to the current BP mess, but also because Methane is even deadlier to lifeforms in the Gulf than Oil. In addition, the dispersant which BP refused to stop bombing our waters with is emitting many toxic chemicals, and they will be evaporating and falling as rain within a 200-mile radius of the spill, possibly killing plants, people, and other animals:

And if that’s not enough, the thousands of Methane-Leakers previously deployed in the Gulf present the possibility of a major Tsunami in the Gulf when one of those giant Methane bubbles blows. Of course, if a volcano erupts, with those Oil canals channeling the Tsunami right at the poor people on the Gulf coast … well, that would not be good:

CNN just aired more anti-drilling-moratorium propaganda on CNN Newsroom 10-10:30pm last night. Three different so-called “reporters” lobbied relentlessly against the drilling moratorium.

Then they ran a report about the plight of truckers who would be carting Oil products from the Gulf around, if not for the moratorium. CNN told the truckers that they would not be covered by BP’s escrow account, angering them. The network indicated that getting these truckers hauling Oil again is more important than the nation’s health and safety. CNN finally revealed at the end of the report that in fact those truckers ARE covered in the escrow account.

Next, CNN reported that President Obama’s appeal of the crooked judge’s ruling overturning the drilling moratorium has frightened Oil drillers in the Gulf out of starting up their operations again right away. CNN warned that if the US doesn’t let them drill in the Gulf soon, they’ll go to Brazil or elsewhere to ruin the coast there. CNN went on to threaten that when the Oil companies go elsewhere to drill, they will leave only the oldest and leakiest rigs to work the US shores, greatly endangering US with more probable spills.


CNN on the same show aired a weather report that was pro-dispersant: The weather propagandist said that Tropical Storm Alex and any hurricanes or similar storms in the Gulf of Mexico will stir up the waters: “That should help some, dispersing the Oil.” Of course, we need that Oil kept together, not dispersed. Dispersant is just a tool to make some of the Oil sink so that its area won’t LOOK so big. This is toxic to the shore…

It’s a good thing for the further employment of this weather “reporter” that weathercasters don’t HAVE TO be scientists any more. Apparently, they don’t have to be reporters either. Or ethical. Or honest. Or moral.

Check out Scarecrow’s post from last night:

…and politicalpartypooper’s:

Meanwhile, infamous corporate puppet Ken Feinberg, appointed by Pres. Obama to pay claimants against BP, announced that he will take 4 years to pay claims he’s aware of, and that he will betray the claimants in much the same way he ripped off the 9/11 disaster victims: They’ll get nothing unless they agree not to sue BP. The Appearance of Impropriety is in full bloom: It looks like the BP-Goldman alliance could be funneling money to Obama’s campaign funds in order to avoid full payouts, as it challenges claimants it considers illegitimate.

More sleaze from Obama: The President just appointed General James Clapper Director of National Intelligence. He is the world’s worst candidate for the slot, aside from Osama bin Laden. Here’s why: Clapper was the first Director of Geospatial Intelligence for our country. GI is the science that allows one to estimate by viewing videotape exactly how much Oil is spewing from the BP-Haliburton spill. Unless he lied about his qualifications to get the job, Gen. Clapper knew (should have known/had the capacity to know) from the first shots of it nearly 10 weeks ago that it was spewing more than 13 million gallons per day, not the 42 thousand that BP first reported. To review this paragraph: BP only reported THREE-TENTHS of ONE PER CENT of the actual size of the spill, and Clapper in not informing the nation of this lie, betrayed his country by remaining silent on the OTHER 99.7% of it. On second thought, this may make Clapper a worse choice than bin Laden: Unlike Clapper, bin Laden’s offenses were not against his own country. Let’s hope Clapper is not confirmed.

by normanb

Director of National Intelligence Appointee Clapper Betrayed Our Country BIG TIME on Gulf Oil Spew

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Director of National Intelligence Appointee Clapper Betrayed Our Country BIG TIME on Gulf Oil Spew — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Early this month President Obama selected yet another Bush holdover, retired Air Force General James Clapper, as his appointee for Director of National Intelligence.

If confirmed by the Senate, Clapper will replace retired Admiral Dennis Blair, most famous for his role in ordering and carrying out Genocide against East Timor citizens. The Genocide was done to get the Oil of East Timor, then trying to free itself from Indonesia. It has since become an independent country. His first week in office, President Obama appointed Blair Director of National Intelligence. Many of us feared then that Obama, who had once lived Indonesia, was signaling his intention for Blair to continue Genocide against the Timorese, or to take their land back for Indonesia.

What DID happen was also very bad: One of the worst Oil spills in history, in the Timor Sea, off the North coast of Australia. This may sound familiar: The industry low-balled the figure on how much was leaking … It leaked from last August till last November.

The corporate press never pressed Admiral Blair over his role in either the Genocide or the Oil procurement. Similarly, nobody in press or Government is attacking General James Clapper over his responsibility in the current Gulf of Mexico Oil Spew Disaster.

General Clapper was the first Director of US Geospatial Intelligence. That means he is the world’s foremost expert at estimating from videotaped footage how much Oil is spewing in the Gulf from Haliburton-BP-Deepwater Horizon. The rig has leaked for 2 months now, and BP began by lying to the public that 1,000 barrels of Oil per day was spewing. Now, we realize that number is more likely 60,000 barrels per day, or 2.5 million gallons.

By NOT informing his country that BP was duping us with its claim that only one-sixtieth as much Oil was spewing, General Clapper betrayed his country. He should have told us the first time pictures were released. But he never opened his mouth about it. Not to this day.

We needed General Clapper for the past 2 months, and he hasn’t come to help. His silence helped BP cover up the size of the spill. Maybe he still is covering up. Maybe that 2.5 million is still low-balling it. Maybe he contacted Pres. Obama about BP’s lie, and that got him appointed. If he told Obama the actual size of the spew, and Obama withheld it from us, then Obama is also inappropriate for public office.

The Obama-Clapper policy of letting the Oil spew without trying to contain it fouled much of the US Gulf coast. Both coasts of Florida and the East coast of the US are now in the crosshairs. Letting it leak till it hit the shore may lead to less environmental protection against Oil-drilling in the Gulf, since so much of the Gulf shore is already dead, and no longer needs protecting.

Giving Clapper the most benefit of the most doubt I possibly can, I say this: If Gen. Clapper just let it leak WITHOUT finding out how much, OR withheld the actual size of the spew from the Government and/or the American public, either way, he is a disgrace to his uniform. This disaster needed our best people to push in right away with help and expertise. Clapper did not do that.

We don’t need another Oil company shill!

Clapper shirked his responsibility when his country needed him most. He refused to come to his country’s aid with his expertise 2 months ago, despite knowing what his nation needed. What a disgrace! Unless Obama intends to bring back Blair, Clapper is the worst possible appointee.

by normanb

2008: BNNTheBadNewsNetwork Rebukes Pres. Bush & Sen. Obama Over New Orleans Destruction

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2008: BNNTheBadNewsNetwork Rebukes Pres. Bush & Sen. Obama Over New Orleans Destruction — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

That was first Published Sept. 3, 2008. (p)(c)2008, 2010 NormanB All rights reserved.
This next one talks about New Orleans and its intense problems in 2008 too. It also points out Sarah Palin’s connection with BP. Palin connected with BP & says "Drill-Baby-Drill." Obama, supposedly on the other side, appointees from BP, outrageously leaning over backward for them. Was BP (with its allies) paying for both parties in the 2008 election? First Published Sept. 1, 2008: