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Fracking Industry, Shale Pipeline, Weapons Industry, Siemens & The Nation mag (?!) Introduce MSNBC’s New Far-Right Propaganda show

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Fracking Industry, Shale Pipeline, Weapons Industry, Siemens & The Nation mag (?!) Introduce MSNBC’s New Far-Right Propaganda show — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

I just watched the debut of MSNBC’s Up With Chris Hayes show. Let me be the first to say, what a disgusting piece of salesmanship! The fracking commercial so authoritatively showed how fossil fuel companies intend to drill under our drinking water sources, because they’re so nice and green. Pollution/Weapons manufacturer General Electric and Microsoft/Bill Gates own MSNBC. Advertiser Siemens is also in the Pollution business.

The most striking thing about this sham pretending to be Journalism was its censorship. MSNBC and other media blacked out news coverage of the Occupation of Wall Street (censorship that Keith Olbermann complained about They blocked out the Facebook photo of the bloodied Tortured face of a protester held face down on pavement by a brutal officer. They ignored the twelve protesters massacred today by President Obama’s puppet’s marksmen in Yemen.

Of course, I’ve heard Hayes shill in the past. I saw him triumphantly glowing on the Rachel Maddow Show, reactionary to President Barack Obama’s boasts about his order for Premeditated Murder of a Muslim, a member of the Bin Laden Oil Dynasty of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. But it troubles me to see The Nation magazine endorse Right-wing propaganda. This show is another cheerleader for the Obama reelection campaign.

So, here we have a magazine that’s nominally Progressive (it does publish the brilliant reporting of Jeremy Scahill), but when faced with the magazine’s Editor-at-Large Chris Hayes’s decision to go to work for a political campaign one year and two months before the election, The [presumably nonpartisan] Nation, instead of dismissing Hayes from his post for the Conflict of Interest, wished him luck and sent a guest from the magazine for his first show, to help push the Right-wing propaganda.

(This is not the first time The Nation has veered off to the Right way too far for my comfort. In the 1872 US Presidential Election campaign and before it, President Ulysses S. Grant and the Radical Republicans crusaded for Black [male adult] suffrage. But The Nation magazine, newspaper publisher/Presidential candidate Horace Greeley, and the Liberal Republicans insisted that Black people who were illiterate should be barred from voting. What’s “Liberal” about that?! It’s not Liberal: Sometimes words are used to deceive.)

Most of the two-hour Chris Hayes show consisted of several guests sitting around a table pushing MSNBC’s Party line for the week. [That's the Party line of the Republicrat Party.] Hayes’s guests made the exact same points as talking heads on MSNBC’s other shows did this week. Some were the same people. Their message was “we need Obama.” The Nation‘s commercials claim that it has “Liberal bias,” but here it is supporting a far-Right candidate more than a year before the election, without even bothering to find out who the Left-wing candidates are. That’s “bias” alright, but not “Liberal bias.”

MSNBC’s shows (the ones that aren’t Right-wing propaganda about cops and prisons) all opine that Obama, with his warring against all Muslim countries, his endorsement of Slavery and massacres ignored by US troops in Bahrain, his attacks on Human Rights, his deadly criminal treatment of Haiti/Somalia/Yemen … every MSNBC show claims that only this neo-Fascist nightmare can save us from terrible stupid crazy Tea Partiers.

MSNBC’s been claiming that for a long time. Now, they’re overtly campaigning for Obama, and it’s still a year and two months before the election: MSNBC doesn’t even know who the Liberal candidates may be, but it’s forcefully trying to trick naive Liberals and uninformed college students into falling for the MSNBC/Obama Campaign: “It’s-Fascist-or-Crazy-or-Nothing!

(Wednesday evening, MSNBC was forced against its will to start covering the Troy Davis execution by firedoglake shaming them, and Democracy Now! reporting on it. MSNBC host Al Sharpton was missing from his own show at 6 pm: He was on Democracy Now!, down in Georgia, trying to save Troy Davis’s life. Here’s my MyFDL Diary on the subject at the time: “Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency” Both Rachel Maddow and Chris “the Dumb Guy” Matthews had to – “unexpectedly,” she said – come back on the air and cover the Davis Murder, during the time slots when their shows would usually re-air the earlier broadcasts. On Matthews’s 7 pm show, he had endorsed Davis’s killing. On the Troy Davis’s Death Certificate, the cause of death is listed as “Homocide.”)

The panel on the Chris Hayes show lamented the Republican crowd cheering Rick Perry’s boasts of Premeditated Murders [Capital Punishment]. But for some reason, none on the panel compared it to the Democratic crowd cheering Obama’s boasts of Premeditated Murder [Targeted Assassination] of a Muslim. (Rachel Maddow also used the Perry death cheer incident for misleading Right-wing propaganda, which I’ll cover in a different Diary.) One Hayes show graphic showed the top ten countries in executions, with the US in the middle of those. The Obama regime’s puppet far-Right dictatorships in Yemen and Somalia also made the top ten. So, instead of fifth, if you include its satellites, the US is third.

Top 10 countries for executions in 2010

To be balanced, guests on the show made sure to note that the Death Penalty can be good. One panelist, Ezra Klein, noted that that the “Death Penalty doesn’t work … ” but then went on to insert Right-wing propaganda “… the way Communism doesn’t work.” He said that Communism failed everywhere it was tried. This brings me to longstanding propaganda in this country: That Communism=Left. I have here on my desk a 1940 reprint of “A Popular Essay In Marxist Strategy and Tactics” written in 1920 by V.I. Lenin. The book is titled “Left-Wing” Communism, an Infantile Disorder. Lenin obviously detested the Left.

So, Lenin, who founded the Soviet Union, was no Leftist. Stalin who succeeded him purged the Left. Later leaders locked up poets Yevgeny Yevteshenko and Alexander Ginsberg, for being too far Left. “Red” China’s Cultural Revolution purged artists, free thinkers, Leftists. What was “tried” in the Soviet Union and China was far-Right dictatorship, and propaganda. I don’t want it.

No one on the Hayes panel pointed out that Mitt Romney, the candidate who beats Obama in head-to-head polls, is the one major candidate to the Left of Obama. I say this having lived under both of them for several years, Romney here in Massachusetts, and Obama here in the United States.

Romney signed the world’s first Gay Marriage bill into law. Last I heard, Obama is still against it. Romney enacted the most far-Left health care law of any state in the US (though Vermont has passed us on that by now). Obama enacted the most far-Right health care policy of any country in the world. In one of the debates, Romney spoke out against the Wars and said he doesn’t want citizens who make under $100,000/year to pay any taxes at all. Obama is a warmonger and wants citizens who make under $100,000/year to continue paying Social Security tax at a rate that’s at least ten times as high as what he and his fellow millionaires pay. In fact …

… If you paid taxes on less than $100,000 in earnings in 2009, then you paid a 55-times-higher rate in Social Security taxes than President Obama did. Oh, but Obama said he wants to end that unfair disparity, in 2019! He knows it’s unfair and he wants to fix it someday, long after he’s out of office, after he and his contributors have made money on the unfairness for almost another decade. As I said, I’ve lived a long time under both of them: Mitt Romney is far to the Left of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, Romney like Obama is quite – how can I put this diplomatically – truth challenged. We heard two things about Mitt Romney here before he ran for Governor. People warned that he was a Mormon. But actually, that never came up in his governing at all. Others bragged of his “bringing the Olympics to Utah.” But to me, that didn’t seem like something to brag about: Utah was famous as home to a Conservative religion, but to get the Olympics people on the International Olympic Committee were Bribed. (Don’t get misread me – I support Jill Stein for President.)

When Chris Hayes fills in for Rachel Maddow, one can tell that their words are exactly the same: There’s no difference. It’s seamless. They even look the same. We can see that on MSNBC, we don’t have actual reporters or journalists or editorials, we don’t have Rachel or Chris, the real person; we have someone reading a script from the propaganda arm of a weapons manufacturer, trying to manipulate us into thinking and doing things profitable to the Weapons Industry.

That reminds me, tomorrow morning on Up With Chris Hayes, he’ll talk with someone about the Constitutional Convention Conference. This Conference fills me with great hope, the reason for which I’ll write about in a separate column; but Hayes will not be reporting on how Progressives can uses Article Five Constitutional Conventions to take over. No, he’ll be talking to Koch brothers ally Mark Meckler.

The name of the show is Up With Chris Hayes. I say “Down with Chris Hayes!” What a load of crap!

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Madoff’s Stolen Ponzi Loot Funneled to Obama Campaign Through Daley

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The Daily Machine

Madoff’s Stolen Ponzi Loot Funneled to Obama Campaign Through Daley — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Nearly $1 million of Bernard Madoff’s stolen Ponzi-scheme profits went to elect US President Barack Obama. JP Morgan Chase paid it directly to his campaign, and President Obama just appointed JPMC’s executive William Daley (of the infamous Daley Machine) to be his new White House Chief of Staff. Daley himself skated with $7.6 million in the Madoff swindle. Yep, he just made off with it. Morgan Chase made $1 billion. Hillary Clinton got some, but gave it back, and the President’s new “Competitiveness” nominee Jeffrey Imelt got plenty.

You can’t make this stuff up.

According to OpenSecrets, William Daley’s JP Morgan Chase gave $695,132 to the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign:

Through recent revelations…

…I learned that despite the fact that Daley’s Morgan Chase knew Bernie Madoff was running a [$65 billion] Ponzi scheme, JPMC conspired to keep the crimes secret until after Obama’s November 2008 election (an apparent Obstruction of Justice), because JP Morgan Chase made at least $1 billion (that we know of) on the scheme. Morgan Chase spent much of that money promoting Obama.

Firedoglake’s masaccio was onto it when it happened:

No one stopped Madoff until December 2008, after Barack Obama was elected, albeit just a few weeks after.

On Daley’s appointment in January 2011, Huffington Post said “President Barack Obama’s next Chief of Staff holds more than $7.6 million worth of stock in JP Morgan Chase, according to a regulatory filing …William M. Daley, vice chairman at JP Morgan Chase, holds 175,678 shares in the $2.1 trillion behemoth, the nation’s second-largest bank by assets. Daley headed the firm’s Corporate Responsibility division, which included oversight of the firm’s lobbyists and relations with government officials.”

This means that Daley still has Ponzi loot: His $7.6 million, out of JPMC’s $1 billion, out of Madoff’s $65 billion.

But the Obama Administration’s dirty dealings with Madoff don’t end there, not by a long shot! Madoff gave $50,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and at least $600,000 to lobbyists:

“Madoff Investment Securities made campaign contributions totaling $372,100, with about 89 percent of those funds directed to Democrats, according to, the Web site of the Center for Responsive Politics.” (That’s how PoliticalTicker put it, but the OpenSecrets headline says Madoff spent $1 million.)

Much of that political campaign money went for and continues to go for buying ads on NBC and MSNBC, the head honcho of which is GE Chairman Jeffrey Imelt, whom President Obama just appointed to head his new White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Competitiveness?! According to Forbes, GE is the world’s second-largest company, after JP Morgan Chase. In the Obama Administration, we see Conflict of Interest running off the scale, but Imelt’s MSNBC just keeps MSNBC-ing it.

MSNBC-ing” is the type of propaganda that tries to make it look like the Obama gang of crooks is on our side, our good guys, looking out for our interests. It’s as if, like the Egyptian propaganda claiming that Mubarak’s Suleiman goon squad is needed to hold back the evil Muslims, the White House wants us to think that our crooks are the only possible heroes who can save us from the bad Republican Cheney TeaBag Beck.

So, not only did MSNBC (in a partisan move) refuse to air Michele Bachmann’s alternative State of the Union response (as it had aired Senator Obama’s alternative State of the Union response in 2006), Chris Matthews (apparently trying to out-juvenile the newly removed Keith Olbermann) called Ms. Bachmann a “Balloon Head!” and told her “Go back to grammar school!”

At the exact same time that the President tapped Imelt to “oversee” “competitiveness” (or overlook the lack thereof), Imelt’s firm dumped Olbermann, and at the same time Comcast announced its working relationship with MSNBC (further limiting competition, but making profit for the Administration’s cronies) … as Rayne pointed out:

Speaking of Conflict of Interest: Both GE and Morgan Chase are heavily involved in the Nuclear industry and the Wind industry, two of the dirtiest forms of energy generation. When Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show comes on, a Wind Farm masquerading as Clean Energy steps up to fight for GE/JPMC energy profit, and supposedly against the bad Republican Cheney TeaBag Beck. The President frequently lies about both Wind and Nuclear being “Clean.” He claims that both are free of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and that they therefore help fight Global Warming. This is completely false.

For details on the emissions, use the fdl search window and search “normanb ghg nuclear wind.” Wind energy causes massive emissions of the worst GHG known, Sulfur Hexafluoride, or “Air Jordan.” One pound of SF6 warms our planet more than 17 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2); and 20 million pounds of it are made every year. The so-called “Smart Grid” is stupid, but, hey, it makes money for the President’s men.

Nuclear Energy causes massive emissions of Nitrous Oxide, which is 310 times as bad as CO2. Yet President Obama had the EPA reclassify it officially as “Clean Energy,” just as he did for “Clean” Coal. President Obama even appeared on a TV commercial for Clean Coal, just weeks after taking office, just days after the Coen Brothers had released a widely circulated commercial reminding us all that Clean Coal doesn’t exist.

Athough lying about climate and energy causes disease epidemics, insect infestations, and environmental devastation, even so, President Obama still doesn’t mind lying about climate and energy when it profits his allies. Just ask BP:

So, who’s keeping score here? Madoff stole $65 billion –> then, with Obama in the White House, and with his appointees in charge of regulating things, less than $10 billion got paid back to the poor set-up victims of the famous Madoff-Morgan Chase-Daley-Obama-Imelt Ponzi Scheme.

Where’s the rest of the stolen money? Well, President Obama’s sitting on $695,132 of it; or he was before spending it on Imelt’s and other networks’ commercials for the 2008 campaign. Secretary of State Clinton (who posed as an opposing candidate during the campaign) got $50,000; Chief of Staff William Daley has $7.6 million; his company JCMC, the President’s 6th-highest contributor, got $1 billion. I’ll bet others on the President’s top contributors list Made Off with some too! (i.e. GE, who gave half a million dollars!)

Madoff’s family officially got to keep $2.5 million of the stolen funds, but I suspect more of that money is still somewhere corrupting our political system. And Madoff’s son conveniently got dead a few weeks ago, conveniently partially covering up the White House connection. And somehow those “investigating” the killing quickly called it “suicide.” Never mind who’s behind the curtain. No reason to investigate this.

Oh, and let’s remember that JP Morgan Chase didn’t hire Daley because he’s a famous banker; he’s not. They hired him for the Organized Crime connection: They hired him to pull strings for them politically. And they sure got what they paid for: A billion dollars in stolen funds, out of which they only had to give the Obama cartel a few million. A body or two along the way. Banker plus Gangster equals Bankster.

“Madoff founded the Wall Street firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in 1960, and was its chairman until his arrest on December 11, 2008 … JP Morgan Chase & Co. may have also benefited from the scheme – through interest and fees charged – to the tune of a billion dollars.”

Along with the family of one of President Obama’s major financial appointees (Mary Schapiro, whom President Obama appointed to head the Securities and Exchange Commission), Bernie Madoff started the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in 1971 as National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). Madoff was its President and Chairman. The economy collapsed and the President of the Stock Exchange made off with $65 billion at the same time, and at the same time, more than $1 billion were being funneled to the cronies of and the Presidential campaign of the winning candidate, Barack Obama, who had just appointed Madoff’s partner’s kid:

“Two years after Madoff’s $65 billion fraud was revealed, its victims are trying to move on. It was good news indeed to hear over the holidays that Irving Picard, the trustee hired by the Securities Investor Protection Corp., or SIPC, has recovered $9.8 billion so far – much more than some had expected. Yet many of Madoff’s neediest victims might never benefit from Picard’s settlements, and in fact some are being sued to give back gains from the sceme, funds already spent on retirement or taxes.”

February 10, 2009, a few days after taking office, President Obama said “There are a lot of banks that are actually pretty well-managed – JP Morgan being a good example … I don’t think [CEO Jamie Dimon] should be punished for dong a pretty good job managing an enormous portfolio.”

Well, Madoff’s victims have only been compensated 15% of what they lost. Immediately after JPMC gave $7 hundred thousand to Obama, and Madoff gave $1 billion to JPMC, all to help to get BO elected, then President-elect Obama, when the Madoff Ponzi news broke, said “In the last few days, the alleged scandal at Madoff Investment Securities has reminded us yet again of how badly reform is needed when it comes to the rules and regulations that govern our markets…

“…Charities that invested in Madoff could end up losing savings on which millions depend – a massive fraud that was made possible in part because the regulators who were assigned to oversee Wall Street dropped the ball. And if the financial crisis has taught us anything, it’s that this failure of oversight and accountability doesn’t just harm individuals involved; it has the potential to devastate our entire economy.”

Indeed, Mr. President indeed. Give the money back to the destitute widows and orphans that your gang helped to steal it from. Order Daley and Imelt to give back theirs too. If memory serves, Hillary Clinton has already returned the Madoff contribution, but what about that $6 hundred thousand to the lobbyists? And after you give it back, come clean: Tell the truth about what you know about the crimes, and make Daley and Imelt do the same.

So, the profits from the biggest theft that ever happened helped elect our current President. GE is pouring even more into lobbying since the 2008 elections. The co-conspirators in this story, General Electric, Morgan Chase, and Madoff, together poured more than $1 billion into campaigns and political lobbying over the past few years, and lots of it went right back to GE and Imelt through purchase of airtime on MSNBC. And our President is in cahoots with these thieves. You just can’t make this stuff up.

And you Democrats out there, in the Congress, and in the blogosphere and other media: Don’t you now have a responsibility to do something about this? Go ahead: Do what Democrats do.

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Christiane Amanpour Sold Out Journalists & All Americans her 1st Sunday Morn Hosting

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Christiane Amanpour Sold Out Journalists & All Americans her 1st Sunday Morn Hosting — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Last weekend Christiane Amanpour replaced George Propagandopolous hosting ABC’s Sunday morning talk show, This Week.

She interviewed Defense Secretary Robert Gates. She asked him about going after the heroic journalists and whistle-blowers who brought out the tape cited below and others like it, instead of asking Gates if he would go to the Hague to turn himself in as a War Criminal for ordering the cover-up of the assassinations of two Reuter’s journalists and several nearby civilians, including those offering humanitarian aid.

War Crimes are clearly shown in the video. Shooters and dispatchers are clearly using language supplied by lawyers seeking to justify the obvious War Crimes they committed. The shooter is cleary lying about several people carrying "AK-47s," but if that were true, the assassinations would be justified, so the shooter, obviously terrified, is demanding that he be turned loose to commit mass murder. Gates covered it up by ruling out prosecuting the murderers. And Christiane Amanpour covered it up by ignoring the obvious War Crimes of Gates.

She failed to ask him about his/Obama’s transfer of the accused, Manning, to Kuwait for torture [presumably: Many US prisoners transfered to Kuwair were tortured there].

She also failed to ask him about the "Gates Heroin," which has killed one-quarter-million Americans since the invasion of Afghanistan.

Worst of all, she neglected to ask him about his massive conflict of interest, being invested in Oil, and in control of the US Military, the biggest buyer of Oil on Earth. Every warlike move he makes requires his nation to buy more Oil, which inflates his own stocks.

Christiane Amanpour once had a good reputation because of her radio reports. Those days are over. What a disgrace!

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BP is Burning Endangered Sea Turtles Alive; & more BP (Bad Press reports)

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BP is Burning Endangered Sea Turtles Alive; & more BP (Bad Press reports) — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Not only that, but VOLCANOES under the Gulf of Mexico’s waters confirm: IT IS NO PLACE TO DRILL:

Goldman Sachs was Barack Obama’s top corporate donor in 2008. The BP-Goldman Sachs connection:

In a related story, Goldman Sachs dumped a quarter-billion dollars worth of BP stock immediately before the (presumably unintentional) explosion:

President Obama has a clear Conflict of Interest where BP is concerned: Could this be why, in the BP-Haliburton case, he ignores many of our national interests, like inspections and safety equipment for Oil rigs, and protective gear for clean-up workers?

At a press conference earlier this month, during the moratorium (the first conference without that pesky Helen Thomas to bother him), Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs revealed that "WHEN…" (NOT "if") "…Oil drilling resumes in the Gulf" in six months or less, Obama will allow more underwater Oil trenches in the Gulf, of the type that caused massive flooding during Hurricane Katrina. Gibbs confirmed that Obama’s EPA & MMS will continue to allow the extremely dangerous Texas-preferred Methane-Leaker Oil drills, instead of the infinitely safer Norwegian-preferred Methane-Injector equipment (Gibbs: "You’ll see the huge torches of gas burning on the rigs"). You remember: Haliburton poured cement down the BP well, which then exploded because that’s what happens when you pour cement into the Methane slush sloppily spewed by Methane-Leakers. (They spew this deadly gas and others even when they’re running exactly the way Administration Regulators want them to).

This is supremely important, not just because it looks like Obama is creating conditions for a series of spills similar to the current BP mess, but also because Methane is even deadlier to lifeforms in the Gulf than Oil. In addition, the dispersant which BP refused to stop bombing our waters with is emitting many toxic chemicals, and they will be evaporating and falling as rain within a 200-mile radius of the spill, possibly killing plants, people, and other animals:

And if that’s not enough, the thousands of Methane-Leakers previously deployed in the Gulf present the possibility of a major Tsunami in the Gulf when one of those giant Methane bubbles blows. Of course, if a volcano erupts, with those Oil canals channeling the Tsunami right at the poor people on the Gulf coast … well, that would not be good:

CNN just aired more anti-drilling-moratorium propaganda on CNN Newsroom 10-10:30pm last night. Three different so-called “reporters” lobbied relentlessly against the drilling moratorium.

Then they ran a report about the plight of truckers who would be carting Oil products from the Gulf around, if not for the moratorium. CNN told the truckers that they would not be covered by BP’s escrow account, angering them. The network indicated that getting these truckers hauling Oil again is more important than the nation’s health and safety. CNN finally revealed at the end of the report that in fact those truckers ARE covered in the escrow account.

Next, CNN reported that President Obama’s appeal of the crooked judge’s ruling overturning the drilling moratorium has frightened Oil drillers in the Gulf out of starting up their operations again right away. CNN warned that if the US doesn’t let them drill in the Gulf soon, they’ll go to Brazil or elsewhere to ruin the coast there. CNN went on to threaten that when the Oil companies go elsewhere to drill, they will leave only the oldest and leakiest rigs to work the US shores, greatly endangering US with more probable spills.


CNN on the same show aired a weather report that was pro-dispersant: The weather propagandist said that Tropical Storm Alex and any hurricanes or similar storms in the Gulf of Mexico will stir up the waters: “That should help some, dispersing the Oil.” Of course, we need that Oil kept together, not dispersed. Dispersant is just a tool to make some of the Oil sink so that its area won’t LOOK so big. This is toxic to the shore…

It’s a good thing for the further employment of this weather “reporter” that weathercasters don’t HAVE TO be scientists any more. Apparently, they don’t have to be reporters either. Or ethical. Or honest. Or moral.

Check out Scarecrow’s post from last night:

…and politicalpartypooper’s:

Meanwhile, infamous corporate puppet Ken Feinberg, appointed by Pres. Obama to pay claimants against BP, announced that he will take 4 years to pay claims he’s aware of, and that he will betray the claimants in much the same way he ripped off the 9/11 disaster victims: They’ll get nothing unless they agree not to sue BP. The Appearance of Impropriety is in full bloom: It looks like the BP-Goldman alliance could be funneling money to Obama’s campaign funds in order to avoid full payouts, as it challenges claimants it considers illegitimate.

More sleaze from Obama: The President just appointed General James Clapper Director of National Intelligence. He is the world’s worst candidate for the slot, aside from Osama bin Laden. Here’s why: Clapper was the first Director of Geospatial Intelligence for our country. GI is the science that allows one to estimate by viewing videotape exactly how much Oil is spewing from the BP-Haliburton spill. Unless he lied about his qualifications to get the job, Gen. Clapper knew (should have known/had the capacity to know) from the first shots of it nearly 10 weeks ago that it was spewing more than 13 million gallons per day, not the 42 thousand that BP first reported. To review this paragraph: BP only reported THREE-TENTHS of ONE PER CENT of the actual size of the spill, and Clapper in not informing the nation of this lie, betrayed his country by remaining silent on the OTHER 99.7% of it. On second thought, this may make Clapper a worse choice than bin Laden: Unlike Clapper, bin Laden’s offenses were not against his own country. Let’s hope Clapper is not confirmed.

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Obama Administration Profiteers Getting Filthy Rich On Oil Explosions

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Obama Administration Profiteers Getting Filthy Rich On Oil Explosions
In a Massive Conflict of Interest, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates & Mideast Envoy George Mitchell have made Billions of Dollars on Wars & Warmongering over Oil. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Every time fighting erupts over Petroleum, and every time an Oil pipeline is bombed, the result is less usable Oil in the world, causing upward pressure on prices. Each of these explosions amps up the portfolios of all Oil investors, including Oil-Drilling magnate Robert Gates, the Bush family, the Cheney family, the bin Laden family, the Saudi royal family, the Governments of Iran and Russia, and Oil Billionaire George Mitchell, President Obama’s Middle East Envoy, one of the world’s wealthiest men, according to Forbes and Fortune.

Last summer Mitchell’s business partner Frederic Bourke was convicted of Bribing the President of Azerbaijan for control of its Oil. (Formerly Soviet territory, Azerbaijan is a small republic in the Caucasus Mountains, between Russia to the Northeast, Georgia to the Northwest, the Caspian Sea to the East, Turkey and Armenia to the West, and Iran to the South.) Azerbaijan’s Government and people did not want keep sending Oil to Russia, as they had done for more than a Century. On the other hand, they knew they couldn’t trust the Obama Administration after its attempt to illegally obtain the Oil. So they made a deal to sell it to neighboring Iran, angering the powerful George Mitchell. Mitchell flew in for face-to-face talks with Pres. Obama. They both emerged warmongering against Iran, claiming that its Nuclear program threatened international stability.

A Big Deception: Hiding the fact that Nuclear Energy is merely a very expensive method of boiling water for power; and that the only way Iran can afford to spend a fortune on boiling water is if the US keeps buying Oil, thus propping up its price and funneling billions of dollars to Iran. Oil industry critics have cautioned since the 1970s that the US intends to invade both Iran and Iraq to take their Oil as other sources dry up. But unfortunately, as British General Bernard Montgomery, 1960s US comedian Mort Sahl, and the 1987 movie The Princess Bride warned: The first Rule of Warfare is "Don’t Start a Land War in Asia." That is, unless you’re invested in Oil, then it doesn’t really matter how many wars or warriors the country loses, as long as we pump up the price of Petroleum.

September 1, 2001, with White House photos and all, Pres. George W. Bush welcomed Robert Gates, the Oil-Drilling millionaire, as his special adviser. Then, after the World Trade Center attack a few days later on Sept. 11, Bush named him to be the first Secretary of Homeland Security, but he turned it down because the move would have required him to divest from Oil Drilling. But as President Eisenhower noted in his Military-Industrial Complex speech, people who flow back and forth between Industry and Government inevitably start wars & conflicts to profiteer on them for their "former" cohorts. And so it went with Gates: He had to "divest" on paper when Bush appointed him in 2006 to head the Defense Department, by far the world’s biggest buyer of Petroleum. Since then, Drill-Baby-Drill policies of Bush & Obama have made his companies billions.

Gates was part of the Iraq Study Group, which many call the Didn’t Study Group because of its boneheaded conclusions. That commission was formed by the US Institute of Peace, which includes lots of Oil execs, Gates and Condoleezza Rice among them. The "Institute of Peace" also counts at least one active US General in its ranks. Trusting them to find peace is like trusting BP to clean up an Oil spill

Maybe the Obama Administration’s Conflicts of Interest led to the Gulf of Mexico’s BP gusher, and to the much larger one that started nine months ago in the Timor Sea. If our Government were really trying to protect us, it would try to stop that gusher too, but the Timor leak has done so much to enrich George Mitchell and the business partners of Robert Gates, that the Administration has apparently decided to just let that one run, as long as the press keeps it quiet.