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Survivors of South Africa’s 34-Slave Massacre Leaving Jail, Ordered Back to Work by Their Owner; More Slaves Shot; Democrats Party On

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Survivors of South Africa’s 34-Slave Massacre Leaving Jail, Ordered Back to Work by Their Owner; More Slaves Shot; Democrats Party On — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



South African Government forces brutally Murdered 34 enslaved Platinum miners owned by Lonmin on August 16. Lonmin spokesman Simon Scott immediately told Bloomberg, the BBC, and others that the strike was “illegal,” and that the Slaves had to return to work. After a few days, Slaves who had survived the Lonmin Massacre were arrested and charged with the Murders of their comrades, under the theory that they were committing a crime by striking, and that crime had caused the Murders by police.

During the Lonmin Massacre police also wounded 78 other Slaves. In addition, police killed eight Slaves in the days leading up to the Massacre, and claimed that two policemen were also killed. Of course, the lying police also claimed that they Murdered the Slaves in self-defense, which the video of the event disproved. 140 Slave miners were said to be scheduled for “conditional release,” meaning they must go back to work and drop their pay demands.

South African President Zuma immediately stood up to support the Lonmin Massacre as an unfortunate but sometimes necessary way to control the conduct of Slaves. That was two weeks ago. Now, at least four of Zuma’s own Slaves have been shot overnight. This is the Gold Fields corporation, which, like Lonmin, claims that Slaves striking against their owners is illegal.

Later reports cleaned it up, saying that the police had only Tortured the Slaves with Teargas – a Weapon of Mass Destruction that is illegal for use in wars – and that they had shot the Slaves with rubber bullets.

In the late 1970s, the underground documentary Last Grave at Dimbasa was smuggled out of South Africa: It exposed the Slavery there. Americans then and now were/are in denial about South Africa’s Racist Apartheid system. To this day, Americans use a propagandistic mispronunciation of the word to Cover Up its true meaning. Americans pronounce it “Aparth Hyde,” but it is actually pronounced “Apart Hate,” and that’s exactly what it is. It is Slavery. If strikes are illegal and survivors of Massacres can be ordered back to work, then Slavery persists there. Today Lonmin is ordering 40,000 striking Slaves back to work.

And today the Democratic Party begins its Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Billed as the “Teargas and Taser-Torture Convention,” at least one Black man was already Tortured there, a child is dead, and police are apparently lying about an arrested protester having a gun – police in the US often claim people that they Torture were armed, as if that would excuse the Torture.

The Torture victim, Chris Stevens, was hospitalized and charged with Resisting Arrest: The “Resisting Arrest” charge marks it as a case of Torture: When police Torture, Murder, or mistreat US citizens, the officers often claim that their victims were either Resisting Arrest (as they did when they Tortured me in 1981) or that they were armed, as they did with Anna Wright, who was arrested for protesting in Charlotte. Lying police first claimed that she had a knife. Later, they changed it to a gun.–168306526.html Both Stevens and the Murdered Slaves are Black.

Police near Charlotte are on edge: They Murdered a 16-year-old child last night after chasing him. Of course, they claimed that he had Murdered himself.

Remember, police killed the suspect at the scene of the recent Sikh Massacre, then lied that said suspect had committed suicide – police at first admitted to killing the suspect, then later changed their story to he killed himself. President Obama’s “Justice” Department always lets police get away with these Murders, which obviously emboldened them to Murder this child near Charlotte, who is President Obama’s and the Democrats’ first dead victim of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Let’s hope he’s also the last person killed by police around the Convention this year.

Now is the chance for the Democratic Party to come out against Slavery, and against the shooting of Slaves. Now is the chance for the Democrats to come out against the deadly Racist police actions in North Carolina. Now is the chance for Democrats to come out against Torture. But the leader of the Democrats, President Obama claims “We don’t Torture.” New videos to YouTube every day prove that he’s lying. But, who are you going to believe, your eyes or your President?

My friend Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, the Political Theatre Performance Artist who finished third in the 2012 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, diffused a tense situation at the Republican Convention in Tampa a few days ago. Tampa has a very mellow police force. Even a man with long hair and a beard like me can walk around Tampa without getting into trouble. Not so easy in North Carolina. Ever ride a Greyhound through there? The police presence and searches there are combative and terrifying. So, if you’re there or going there, be careful.

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VIDEO of Slave Children: AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA Sell Out Workers, Endorse Candidate who Supports Slavery

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VIDEO of Slave Children: AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA Sell Out Workers, Endorse Candidate who Supports Slavery — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Slave children are often kidnapped or bought from their parents on the Indian Subcontinent. Others were taken when their parents were slaughtered during anti-Black Genocide in the Sudan. Before Barack Obama became President, there were lots of videos of the child Slave jockeys viewable on YouTube. They’re harder to find now on corporate YouTube. This is a recent video of Slave children.

It’s an example of the Slavery that President Obama, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and CWA endorse by supporting Bahrain and the UAE. And presumably this is what our President and union bosses envision for American workers. Oh, and, by the way, Slaves are beaten, molested, raped, killed. Knowing that, maybe now you don’t want to watch the video. But maybe you’d better watch it. This could be your next labor union!

As the Democrats swerve recklessly to the far Right, large US labor unions are selling out their member workers by endorsing the pro-Slavery candidate, six months ahead of the 2012 Presidential Election. What’s worse, they know that their candidate President Barack Obama (who supports Slavery in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates) is the most anti-labor Democratic Presidential candidate since Woodrow Wilson [who won one hundred years ago in 1912 with Ku Klux Klan support].

With this development we must conclude that the leadership of those labor groups (including Communications Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, and American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) sold out completely to management corporations.

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, famous for lying about the supposed US “need” for Fossil Fuel Pipelines, lied about Obama too, saying that the President is good for workers in his endorsement. Strange that Trumka would support Obama anyway, though, after he’d already noted that Obama is working against labor.

President Obama supports Slavery in Bahrain and the UAE. The Slaves are of a different race and have darker skin than their owners. Camel races in both places and elsewhere exposed the Slavery prevalent on the Arabian Peninsula. To hide the fact that Slavery exists there, robots replaced child Slave jockeys in many televised races, but not in all camel races. Other uses of Slaves were not affected by that superficial change.

Here’s the biggest Slave owner/Slave driver from the above video, laughing it up with Barack Obama while his Slaves suffer. And of course Obama is trying to intensify the Middle East’s Nuclear Arms race by sending Nukes to to his buddy there in the Slave state of UAE.

There are over one million Slaves in Bahrain. President Obama is the biggest supporter of Slavery there. He keeps the US 5th Fleet warships docked there. Warship worship! The Obama-backed Fascist Bahraini Government Murders democracy supporters and Tortures journalists.

(Obama’s M.O.: Remember when cop-thugs fired flashbang grenades at Occupy Oakland emergency workers trying to aid a US Marine they’d shot in the face with a tear gas canister?!) Doctors and nurses who help victims of violent repression in Bahrain are themselves Tortured and then imprisoned for long sentences.

US activists, including my friend Paki Wieland of the Witness Bahrain peace group, were gassed and arrested recently when they tried to document the Obama Administration’s Torture of healthcare workers and crackdown on democracy. (She and the other American observers are out of lock-up and safely back in the USA now.)

Of course, Slavery is always in the financial interest of corporate management, to the extent that corporations by law must seek maximum profit. And by extension, then, Slavery is in our nation’s interest when it profits large corporations, right? Here’s an attempt by and for a couple of pathetic disgusting War Criminals to explain that whatever the Slave state Bahrain does is always in our National Interest and cool with us, no matter what: Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

And, if being Slaves isn’t bad enough, Obama’s puppet’s forces have run pogroms against the Slaves. In the 21st Century. Pogroms!

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URGENT: Demand President Obama Stop Murdering Bahrainis with Poison Gas, so People won’t Compare him to Hitler

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URGENT: Demand President Obama Stop Murdering Bahrainis with Poison Gas, so People won’t Compare him to Hitler — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

When you’re done reading, watch this:

Anger over the US/NATO burning of Qurans in Afghanistan sparked demonstrations sweeping across the Muslim world, as protests erupted against the US-Government-approved Hate Crime this weekend in Pakistan, Bangladesh, the Palestinian Territories, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, and elsewhere.

Instead of prosecuting the War Criminals, US President Barack Obama apologized for the desecration. By the way, Obama claims he can order Muslims Murdered anytime he wants, anywhere in the world, without evidence, and for no reason. He has authorized the Murder of Muslim children in Somalia and Yemen, calling them “pirates” and “masterminds.” He has authorized Assassinations and pogroms.

He has funded, trained and armed snipers who Murdered peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Yemen. He has authorized remote Murder through Coward Drones – operated by American cowards who usually miss their stated targets. US Military Murderers and Torturers of Muslims keep getting off with a pat on the back; while Tortured Muslims supposedly plead Guilty – as nobody with competent counsel actually would do, in an honest trial.

Afghan policemen Murdered US officials. The US and its allies are retreating.

Bahrain is a far-Right repressive regime where Torture and Slavery are prevalent. A figurehead Oil King “rules” there, carrying out the dictates of the US President. Under President Obama, he has carried out pogroms against both the non-citizen Slave population and the Shiite Muslims, who make up 85% of the citizens.

You may remember that when Bahraini troops fired on peaceful protesters last February, as doctors and nurses tried to help the injured, they too were fired upon. This is part of President Obama’s M.O.: Remember Occupy Oakland? Obama’s goons shot a US Marine in the face with a Tear Gas canister, nearly killing him, then threw flash-bang grenades to prevent other demonstrators from helping their victim. For treating the injured Bahraini protesters, the doctors and nurses received lengthy sentences.

As the protests continue, and continue to grow, President Obama’s puppet thugs are Murdering Bahrainis with Poisonous Gas. And in Afghanistan itself, where the Hate Crime happened, US and Afghan troops opened fire with live ammunition, Murdering peaceful protesters with bullets. (Bizarrely, the New York Daily News propagandistically says the peaceful protesters “clashed” with the Military bullets.

The immediate problems began in January 2012, when the United States lost two Wars:

~On January 1, the US combat forces had to be out of Iraq, a consequence of the Surrender Agreement President George W. Bush signed with Iraq during his last weeks in office: The Surrender required that remaining soldiers be restricted to base unless requested by the Iraqis, and that they leave Iraq at the end of 2011. Obama did everything he could to talk or trick the Iraqis into letting the US just stay there, and not keep its word. No dice.

~Then on January 16, the Taliban declared victory in Afghanistan, the poorest, weakest, most backward country in the world. And they just won the longest War in our history over the United States – supposedly a strong nation – and they skunked us!

And going into the Afghanistan War under such cowardly circumstances marked the US as a coward nation: Every bully is a coward, no exceptions. Then the Coward Drones: US Military Cowards kill Pashtun children; respect; Tawakkul Karman won this year’s Nobel Peace Prize for her courageous opposition to President Obama’s bullying repression and targeted Assassinations.

But the people Obama is now Torturing with Tear Gas and Murdering with Poison Gas in Bahrain had nothing to do with that War. They are angry over a Hate Crime in Afghanistan which Obama has now Conspired to Cover Up. He’s shirking his duty: He refuses to do anything about the Atrocity.

I lived through the loss of a War before: The Vietnam War. I know: TV news hasn’t announced that we lost these last two Wars yet. But they will, after they get us into the next two. Everyone will realize we lost, within a few years, just like with Vietnam: When the US retreated – fled Saigon – propaganda called it “Vietnamization” – letting the Vietnamese, or the Afghans or the Iraqis, handle their own defense.

And “Vietnamization” is exactly the word General David Petraeus used in Iraq on December 13, 2003, at his press conference announcing the capture of Saddam Hussein. He said it was time for “Vietnamization” in the Iraq War. That means we lost; and the Military knew we lost the Iraq War way back in 2003, but they just let the killing continue. Because it was making profits for Oil companies and Wall Street.

My friend Paki Wieland, of Witness Bahrain, was arrested by US forces in Bahrain twelve days ago, Tuesday February 14, on the first anniversary of the Uprising, to prevent her from witnessing what the thugs were about to do: They picked her and other Western activists up just before firing Tear Gas at a kettled crowd.

“What do you think they use Tear Gas for? Crowd control?” Paki asked at her press conference last Saturday, hours after returning home from detention in Bahrain. The audience seemed stumped, as I shook my head from side to side signifying “No!” “Norman knows…” she said: She explained that the US puppet regime in Bahrain Tortures Political Prisoners with Tear Gas.

She said all the prisoners in that jail were Tortured. And, like Paki, they’re all Political Prisoners. And Obama just appropriated another big shipment of Torture devices for the Bahrain Dictatorship.

And to make matters worse, the US Fifth Fleet is docked in Bahrain, so the US Military just sits there cowering on its ships while US-armed thugs commit these disgusting Atrocities. We should all be very ashamed of the US Military.

And – excuse me while researching Obama’s Atrocities makes me throw up, I’ll be right back – I’ve been writing about President Obama’s crimes against the Bahraini people for more than a year now, but I usually haven’t gotten into as much detail as I’m about to. (I’m a Torture victim too, so this is hard for me.) If you still belong to the Democratic Party, perhaps you should quit now, or at least take at least some responsibility for this:

Nearly three months ago, December 7, 2011, the World Organization Against Torture’s (OMCT) and the International Federation for Human Rights’ (FIDH) joint project – the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders – unleashed a desperate demand and plea for emergency help ending the Obama Administration-sponsored Bahraini attacks and Assassinations against Human Rights activists.

“The Observatory has been informed by reliable sources about the death threats made by a former official from the State Security Services against Mr. Mohammed Al-Maskati, President of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights (BYSHR), Mr. Nabeel Rajab, President of the Bahrain Centre for Human Rights (BCHR) and FIDH Secretary General, and Mr. Yousef Al-Mahafdha, a member of BCHR.”

Why are they so desperate?! Why was I so desperate when I wrote about Paki in custody in Bahrain? Well, for one thing, there’s the case of Abdulhadi al-Khawaja, co-founder of the BCHR. Until last February, he was Middle East and North Africa Protection Coordinator with Front Line Defenders (of the International Foundation for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders). He’s an International Adviser in the Business and Human Rights Resource Center led by former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson.

You can read more about him in the Wikipedia entry, but for now, know this: On President Obama’s watch, April 9, 2011, US-equipped masked Bahraini security police invaded al-Khawaja’s house in a warrantless search and Tortured him there in front of his daughter for 45 minutes, until he was unconscious, causing a gaping head wound. Of course his daughter was assaulted too when she tried to stop his Torture. She said her father’s blood left a wide trail as Obama’s goons dragged him down the stairs and out the door.

Locked up in Obama’s Bahrain, al-Khawaja’s Torture got worse. A lot worse. He was repeatedly gang raped by masked security police. To avoid another gang rape, he intentionally smashed his already wounded head, so he would be unconscious and hospitalized. His jaw bones were smashed. He’s had extensive surgery for his head wound, and he will need a lot more. His face is broken at least four places. He is sentence to Life.

Is that the kind of change that you can believe in?! Go Democrats!

Al-Khawaja’s two sons-in-law were Tortured and arrested in the raid too, and a third son-in-law, Muhammad al-Maskati, President of the Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights, at the house at the time doing his job monitoring Human Rights violations, was himself Tortured on the spot. Since March 10, 2011, websites and messages have called for the Murders of the three Human Rights activists: Al-Khawaja, al-Maskati, and Nabeel Rajab.

I hope to have Human Rights activist Paki Wieland herself here at the computer soon to answer your questions about the situation LIVE. Possibly even today during this post, though I wrote the article during the night and haven’t contacted her about it. I will also upload the video of her aforementioned press conference soon.

There are some things you can do to help the situation in Bahrain:

1. Spread the news: We are the media now; get the word out about Bahrain; share this article;

2. Contact the the shows that look like they’re news and claim to be Progressive: Send Cenk Uygur, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jennifer Granholm, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert a copy of this article: Ask them not to Cover Up this story;

3. Contact your Senators and Congresspersons about it;

4. Call the White House and demand that President Obama stop Murdering Bahrainis with Poisonous Gas, 202-456-1111;

5. Urge the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands, to fully empower Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón to indict US President Barack Obama and Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa (the Bahraini King) under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity: Their Atrocities in Bahrain against the Bahraini people, their Atrocities against more than one million Slaves held there, and their Atrocities against the foreign Peace Observers like Paki Wieland.

Here is the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.



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Nobel Peace Prize to Tawakul Karman for Resisting Obama-Saleh Massacres of Peaceful Protesters, Premeditated Murders & Democracy Suppression

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Nobel Peace Prize to Tawakul Karman for Resisting Obama-Saleh Massacres of Peaceful Protesters, Premeditated Murders & Democracy Suppression — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


This morning in Oslo, in a show of solidarity with Occupy Wall Street, and a direct slap in the face of the Obama Administration, the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee awarded the world’s top honor to Tawakul Karman for opposing President Obama’s:

  • ~~Massacres of Peaceful Protesters in Yemen and Bahrain;
  • ~~Premeditated Murder Program, carried out by Obama Death Squads (ODS) in Yemen, Bahrain, Honduras, Mexico, Pakistan, India, and elsewhere;
  • ~~Coward Drone Program, in which cowards in the US Military remotely Murder innocent children in nearly every Muslim nation in the world;
  • ~~Parking the US 5th Fleet war machine in Bahrain, thus supporting Slavery (56% of people in Bahrain are non-citizen Slaves) and Repression there;
  • ~~Cruel and criminal wavier of the Child Soldier Law in Yemen and elsewhere (President Obama continues to claim that using child soldiers is “in our National Interest”);
  • ~~Taking of Political Prisoners;
  • ~~Suppression of Freedom of the Press;
  • ~~Suppression of Democracy.

Tawakul Karman is a Journalist, and the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Besides his Murders, she has long campaigned against President Obama’s taking of Political Prisoners, and against his attacks on Press Freedom in Yemen. Indeed, Karman herself was one of those Political Prisoners taken by President Obama’s Fascist forces in Yemen.

Two Liberian women share the Prize with her. A year ago, I urged the Nobel Committee to take action to draw attention to Obama’s massacres and Democracy Suppression in Yemen. One obvious aim of today’s award is to humiliate President Obama into ending his Atrocities against Yemeni civilians.

I have been writing about the Obama Administration’s War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity in Yemen and Bahrain here at FireDogLake for a long time. I usually get very little reaction or support. Today I feel vindicated and triumphant.

In Yemen, Obama’s Atrocities are carried out by the Government of his puppet Ali Abdullah Saleh. In Bahrain, the US puppet Royal Family owns more than one million slaves and brutalizes Shiites and Health Care Workers for the US.

The Nobel Prize Committee released the news when it can actually do the most good: Right now, over two million peaceful protesters are demonstrating in the street in Yemen, Mosaic reports today (on LinkTV).

Usually, when protesters march peacefully in Yemen, snipers trained by the US CIA massacre demonstrators, Murdering scores of them. The Yemeni Obama Death Squad (ODS) has done this several times, but Yemen has not had an assembly of millions like this before.

The ODS Murdered seven peaceful protesters in Tawakul Karman’s hometown Taiz two days ago, setting off the largest demonstration in the history of Yemen.

If Obama orders or allows the massacre of millions or thousands of Yemenis, if he condones another Mass Murder in our names, “in our National Interest,” as the President puts it, we must hold him accountable. Premeditated Murder is a crime. It is not alright. Even for a Democrat.

(Below are some of my previous posts opposing those same practices for which Tawakul Karman’s opposition today won her the Nobel Peace Prize, plus some items from the FireDogLake news department, and from FDL’s Siun about the Bahrain situation, and others from FDL’s fairleft and emptywheel.)

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Tiananmen Update: Obama Thugs Torture Journalists, Activists; and Murder Pro-Democracy Protesters

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Tiananmen Update: Obama Thugs Torture Journalists, Activists; and Murder Pro-Democracy Protesters — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

In Yemen and Bahrain, Government forces loyal to President Obama [and to his puppet dictators Ali Abdullah Saleh and the Al Khalifa Dynasty, respectively] are now Torturing journalists and activists [with beatings, rubber bullets, teargas, other methods]. Obama’s thugs are murdering many peaceful pro-democracy protesters.

Al Jazeera’s live “crawl” info across the bottom of its screen gives the running death toll. Enforcers armed by the Obama Administration are also attacking non-violent democracy demonstrators in Iraq.

President Obama tonight (in a move that was hypocritical, irresponsible, and deceptive) seized on reports of violence in Iran for an opportunity to lie publicly about the revolution in Egypt. Obama claimed that the Iranian Government’s response differed from the Egyptian Government’s response in that the Egyptian forces had refrained from shooting at the protesters.

That was a blatant lie. A Suleiman thug shot a journalist through the head, but Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama still supported turning the Egyptian Government over from Mubarak to Suleiman. The latest count says the Obama-Suleiman thugs murdered 364 Egyptian activists and reporters.

The President also pretended to be unaware that his forces (people he’s paying) are Torturing and killing peaceful pro-democracy demonstrators in Yemen, Bahrain, and Iraq.

The US Administration seems determined to stay on the wrong side of history. Secretary Clinton this week assured the Yemeni Government that hundreds of millions of dollars more in weapons are coming, apparently to aid in the crackdown on democracy.

The US has sent Coward Drones, operated by cowards in the US and elsewhere, to kill and terrorize the people of Yemen, the poorest populace in the Middle East.

The $170 million the Obama Administration gave Saleh last year comprises two-thirds of the quarter-billion dollars the US sent him in the past decade. Hence, the thugs Torturing and murdering peaceful civilians there for merely asserting their Human Rights are American forces, contract killers for the Greater Chicago area, paid by US.

President Obama has claimed that his position as President of Greater Chicago [and de facto leader of the Daley Machine/Capone Syndicate] grants him authority to order gangland-style hits – assassinations against Muslims anywhere in the world.

The President has been especially adamant on his presumed righteousness in sending hitmen into Yemen, where he intends to have his thugs murder American-born Pentagon confidant Anwar Al-Awlaki. Obama alleges that Al-Awlaki “inspired” a crime and a fake bomb.

There allegedly was a time when the United States stood for something more. I’ve been conditioned to believe there was a time when the US Government did not order hitmen to murder people merely suspected of crime. That same system had me believing that Americans don’t Torture. President Pinocchio said as much.

The US news media, I’m conditioned to believe, used to report when the Government was involved in corruption. Now, every day, Al Jazeera demonstrates how inept US reporting has become. In 1991, CNN rocketed to prominence because it was the only US 24-hour news network. Now, 20 years later, we have none. US media falling down on the job propelled Al Jazeera to prominence, as Americans got a taste of legitimate journalism not even being attempted by ABCNNBCBS or Fox.

The Democratic Party, I think, used to complain about corruption in Government. The Democratic Party, I think, used to stand up against Torture and injustice. The Democratic Party used to stand for honesty and decency. Times sure have changed.

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Without Funding, True Activist Progressive Leftists Are Challenging Progressive Democrats in Massachusetts

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Without Funding, True Activist Progressive Leftists Are Challenging Progressive Democrats in Mass — by NormanB (Deviations from the Norm")

Here in Western Massachusetts, we’ve had a one-party system for a long time. Nearly everyone registered is a Democrat. Sometimes in political races, Republicans don’t field a candidate. For instance, in 2002, the Republicans didn’t even run someone against Senator John Kerry. Though Republicans might not run, sometimes Socialists do, or Greens, or Libertarians, or Independents. Democrats usually win. But Massachusetts and Vermont are quite Left-leaning, and it is our responsibility to pull the country forward in our direction if we can.

Leftist candidates usually have no money, no funding at all, no campaign ads. They rise only based on desire for reform.

Good luck to Jerry Brown and Russ Feingold. If only more Democrats were like them, we wouldn’t need this radical break-away movement.

Progressives across the country swept Democrats into office two years ago in hopes the Party would make positive changes. To our horror, instead of stopping Human Rights abuses and Right-wing shenanigans, the Democrats jumped in and got every bit as dirty as the Republicans. I have been a Democrat all my life, and I have never been so disgusted with my Party.

With all the disgraceful War Crimes, the media suppression to help BP hide its crimes, the continuing filibuster scam, why don’t honest Democrats stand up to oppose the Human Rights abuses, the War Crimes, the media suppression, and the filibuster scam? Are all Democrats in Government as thoroughly dishonest as those in the Obama Administration? The Democratic attitude of ‘We’re not going to investigate at all, because he’s OUR crook!" is not winning anyone over. When an Administration is corrupt, it is the duty of those in Government to bring it down, irrespective of party affiliation.

And so it is a breath of fresh air that our Massachusetts Democrats, progressive compared to those in the rest of the country, and their nominal opponents the centrist Republicans, are being challenged from the Left. We’ve had a quiet subdued far-left pro-peace, pro-pot Congressman, John Olver, for many terms. He’s done well, but many complain that he’s too quiet, too timid. Where’s our national reform of Marijuana laws? Where’s our investigation of Torture and other War Crimes?

Enter Michael Engel, Independent candidate for Olver’s Congressional seat. Engel is a true grassroots reformer, a democratic socialist in the mold of Bernie Sanders. Below is his first YouTube video:

Another progressive Democrat not usually challenged is State Representative Ellen Story. She’s a friend of the Left, far Left of the national Democratic Party. Her opponent is longtime hard-working dedicated Cannabis activist Dan Melick:

Cannabis reform is on the move in Massachusetts. This election cycle, one of every eight voters in the Commonwealth will be able to vote on a Cannabis question. In the more progressive parts of the state, many will be voting on a non-binding resolution instructing their elected representatives to support legislation to legalize, tax and regulate Marijuana. In the more conservative parts of the state, people can vote on whether they want to legalize medical Marijuana. 53 State House districts and several State Senate Precincts will make Marijuana choices in November. Scott Brown’s former local constituents will vote on a pot question. We expect Cannabis reform to win widely.

More than two decades ago at a wild party benefiting Leftist Community Radio station WMNF at the Cuban Club in Ybor City, Tampa, I opened for an ecstatic abstract jazz genius called Sun Ra, who told people he had been taken up onto the "mothership" and interrogated by "a guy who looked like Spock." Be that as it may, the son of one the members of Sun Ra’s space band, Governor Deval Patrick, has turned out to be kind of middle-of-the-road. The same can be said for both his Republican and Independent opponents. The powers that be would prefer to keep Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein out of the debates, but the debates need her, for the taste of honesty, so it won’t just be three men agreeing with each other.

Below is a link to the first debate in which Jill Stein was included, the Cape Wind Debate. Stein asked the Governor to give back political donations from sources trying to influence his decisions, including Cape Wind. One can see in this debate three candidates who want to sell us a bill of goods, and one who wants to reveal the truth: