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Child Murderer-in-Chief Announces Hateful Cuts, Issues Veiled Warning Threat to First Graders

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Child Murderer-in-Chief Announces Hateful Cuts, Issues Veiled Warning Threat to First Graders — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Today it’s not just me: Glenn Greenwald and George Monbiot both called President Obama a Child Murderer. Obama has killed 9 times as many children with Drones as the Sandy Hook shooter did, and has shown NO remorse. In fact, he laughs and jokes about killing children with Coward Drones.




With his ha-ha funny Coward Drones, President Obama has Murdered at least 178 children. We must as a country find some way to turn him over the the International Criminal Court in the Hague for prosecution. If we don’t, we are helping him Murder more children.

Today President Obama announced Hateful slashes to benefits slated for the very poorest and most vulnerable people in our country: This is so that the richer half of the country won’t have to pay the automatic tax increase that he himself signed into law, but now calls “The Fiscal Cliff.” Make no mistake about it: These cuts do constitute a monumental Hate Crime, and they are sure to kill lots of children. President Obama seems to be letting his apparent Hatred of children get in the way of his governing.

In Hateful anti-child Propaganda [reminiscent of 1984's newspeak], President Obama calls the richer half of the country “the Middle Class.” He calls the emergency life support system that’s keeping poor children alive “entitlements,” with its negative connotation, calculated to make the listener feel that those lazy poor kids are not entitled to anything. Let ‘em wither!

When people are in such dire straits that they need Government assistance just to stay alive, those who are turning off the feeding tubes know they’re killing some of their victims. President Obama knows that further squeezing the poorest of the poor at this critical juncture will kill children. So, I guess he’ll get another big laugh.

If he has studied history and economics, he knows that cutting aid to the very poor is likely to cripple our faltering economy, and to ramp up our current Recession into a devastating decades-long Depression.

Let me mention the obvious: Money and influence from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other corporate interests control our politicians to a large extent. I think of it as Bribery.

Obama had his spokesperson Jake “the Snake” Carney say that the President supports Oil billionaire Dianne Feinstein’s fake Assault Weapons ban, with 900 exceptions in it. Of course, if Obama and Feinstein were actually serious about limiting gun violence, they would be trying to prosecute Attorney General Eric Holder for supplying weapons to Drug Cartels in Mexico that were then used to Murder cops in this country. Instead they’re Covering Up Operation Fast and Furious.

And in a most troubling development, the President (and other politicians hoping to sweep this shooting under the rug) are pointing at mental health and autism, as if to say: “We don’t have insufficient Gun Control laws in this country, we have insufficient Autism Control laws!” This veiled threat means that he won’t speak out forcefully for banning handguns and Assault Weapons.

It means that school children in this country may soon be as traumatized as President Obama’s victims in Pakistan and Yemen and Somalia, wondering if they’ll be next, if their classroom will win this month’s “Lottery.” I say Obama should not let Congress break for holidays until our children are safe and Assault Weapons and handguns are banned.

Watch this whole fascinating report. Jake the Snake delivers Obama’s veiled threat beginning at about the 6-minute mark of the video.

Handguns and Assault Weapons are made for Murdering people. They have no legitimate purpose. It is possible that a person buying a gun will use it to protect himself, but it is 100 times more likely that he will Murder with it. The gun seller knows that, and he knows that the buyer is 300 times more likely to kill himself with the gun than to protect himself with it, no matter what he says is the purpose of his purchase.

So, the Obama Administration is not trying to limit gun violence against children. Here’s how you can tell. Australia had a school massacre problem. They ended it by confiscating the offending guns. That’s all it took. Immediately the massacres stopped completely. There hasn’t been another one since then; and that’s 16 years. Australia had lots of gun nuts too, just like we do. But they handled it. With a little less Hatred of children, we could get this done right away.


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Million in Mass Lose Medicare this Month: Healthcare Bill Makes New England’s Teeth Like England’s

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Million in Mass Lose Medicare this Month: Healthcare Bill Makes New England’s Teeth Like England’s — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

I wasn’t blogging Diaries for Firedoglake during the Healthcare Bill debate. Hearing so many false reports, and lies from politicians (including the President) about ‘good’ healthcare in Massachusetts disturbed me.

Often the lie was that Medicare in Massachusetts is single-payer. In fact, Massachusetts lets for-profit Insurance companies cover indigent patients, severely compromising their care. For example, I have Glaucoma, a complication of which is constantly building intra-ocular pressure that causes permanent vision damage if not treated every 24 hours. But when faced with the decision to let me medicate or let permanent optic nerve damage partly remove my sight, the for-profit Insurance company opted for eyesight loss. More than once.

At the end of this month, the severely poor people of Massachusetts will lose their Dental Coverage. Thank you Mr. President, for selling us out to Insurance companies and Drug companies. The Dental Coverage in this state was already aimed at getting rid of poor people’s teeth and preventing them from having working dentures.

I wish I were making this up:

Case One: One day I saw my friend Don. I was shocked that he had no teeth. He had gone to a dentist covering poor people. The dentist pulled all of his teeth, eventually replaced by poor fitting dentures that can’t really be worn.

Case Two: My very close friend went to one of those dentists and to my horror came back with no teeth. Same story: Dentist insisted on taking them all out. Then it gets worse: Insurance denied coverage and refused replacement dentures for the teeth already taken out – for a whole year! Finally after getting her elected State Rep involved, she got dentures, the kind Massachusetts allows to poor people, the kind that don’t fit and can’t really be worn.

Case Three: My own case. I take pretty good care of my teeth. I had a cavity back in the 1960s and a root canal in the 1970s. Then last year I got a tooth infection, and had to go to one of those dentists to get the tooth removed. He unbelievably wanted to remove ALL my teeth: The infected one, and all the healthy ones. I refused. Then he asked "Any of those teeth giving you any trouble?"

As of the end of June, Massachusetts will no longer cover dentures or the repair of ill-fitting dentures. If you are poor in Massachusetts, go to the dentist right away, before the end of this month.