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We’re Cowards in America, When We Operate a Coward Drone

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We’re Cowards in America, When We Operate a Coward Drone — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)




(We’re Cowards in America, When We Operate a) Coward Drone   by Norman B


We’re cowards in America, when we operate a Coward Drone.

Every bully is a coward, who, remotely powered, can kill kids while sitting home;

But our cowardly War Crimes on TV to thE whole world are shown.


That’s right, we’re cowards in America, when we operate a Coward Drone.

We didn’t want ouR kids to know we’s cowards. Too late! OuR shit gits known,

‘Cause the kids git to see ouR cowardice every time a Drone gets flown;


Because we’re cowards in America, when we operate a Coward Drone.

We’re lily-livered candyass fraidy-cats, we got a yellow streak to the bone.

‘Robot Cowards Draw Octobor’ is ouR favorite palindrome.


““ No, no, no, no: The ‘Americans’ who killed those kids are traitors to the entire human race:

““ President Obama & the abominable disgusting cowardly pilots we’re all ashamed of killed those kids -

““ – Wasn’t US. Wasn’t US.


“““ And where were you then? In the U.S? In the U.S.?

“““ Then, yes, it was. Yes it was.


O, we’re cowards in America, when we operate a Coward Drone.

Every bully is a coward, who, remotely powered, can kill kids while sitting home;

But our cowardly War Crimes on TV to thE whole world are shown.


That’s right, we’re cowards in America, when we operate a Coward Drone.

We didn’t want ouR kids to know we’s cowards. Too late! Our cover’s blown,

‘Cause yella is the color of chicken shit: Our true color’s flown;


Because we’re cowards in America, when we operate a Coward Drone.

We’re lily-livered candyass fraidy-cats, we got a yellow streak to the bone.

‘Robot Cowards Draw Octobor’ is ouR favorite palindrome.


(P)(C)2012 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved.


The above video is not part of the poem being presented in the text. It was written, recorded, and videotaped much earlier. But the two poems cover related subjects. It’s too bad so little has changed during the 8-year interim between the two. The poetry and singing are me. The music performance, selection, arrangement, and recording are by Rob Connelly, aka Irish Moss. The videotaping, directing, and editing are by my partner Rachel Neulander of YouTube Channel medicinesocks. Full lyrics and dates for Horse Man by Norman B (“Deviations from the Norm”) can be viewed here:

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Obama’s Forces Launch Chemical Weapon Attack Killing Baby with Poison Gas: The President’s Hateful Policies Against Children

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Obama’s Forces Launch Chemical Weapon Attack Killing Baby with Poison Gas: The President’s Hateful Policies Against Children — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


President Obama and others keep telling us that there’s an emergency in Syria because the Dictator might have or might get a Chemical Weapon – Poison Gas. But President Obama is already using that Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) against helpless unarmed children in Bahrain.



President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton sent Bahrain’s bloody Fascist Khalifa regime yet more Poisonous Gas after this child was killed, lots more, apparently approving of what you just saw. The Gas killings continue in Bahrain. They’re killing Slaves and they’re killing Shi’a with Poison Gas; and they’re killing Slave children and Shi’a children too. Why does Obama support the Khalifas’ Genocidal behavior in Bahrain? Because he parks the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain’s harbor.

The US Navy’s 5th Fleet, docked in Bahrain, is famed the world over for its cowardice. In the first place, they work for Obama, and a bully is always a coward. For eleven years, they’ve been carrying out the most cowardly operation in history: The United States, the world’s strongest and most Militarily advanced country, has waged more than a decade of War against Afghanistan, the weakest and most backward country on Earth. Still, Afghanistan kicked the shit out of us, and we will leave there in shame.

And the men and women of the US 5th Fleet are in Bahrain, apparently trembling in their boots, while mass Atrocities go on a few feet away: Gassings; Torture; Doctors, Nurses, Professors, and Journalists rounded up and disappeared; Genocides against multiple ethnic groups. And the US cowards just sit there, instead of helping out the defenseless.

Mass Murders in US schools, beginning with Columbine, take place only when our nation is at War. Twenty-seven days before Columbine, President Clinton began his merciless bombing of Yugoslavia. Propaganda told us that we must wage War there, or else War would start without us, or something like that: They told us we needed War. I bought it, didn’t you? We fell for it.

All the kids heard that. All the kids then knew that the President of the United States, the father figure of our nation, supported killing people indiscriminately, to make his point. The President is our top role model, so kids started taking up guns and acting it out. They will obviously continue to do so with increasing frequency and intensity until one of three things happens: Either until some other role model does something different, or until we stop Warring, or until we stop supplying killers with assault weapons. Obama has made it abundantly clear many times that he wants to make sure that the violently insane still can get machine guns. And it looks like he doesn’t want to stop having War either.

And President Obama has taken this madness far to the Right of any Democrat or Republican in modern history. Certainly no world leader since Hitler has acted as Hatefully toward children as Obama has.

Indeed, no world leader including Hitler has so publicly claimed that he is allowed to Murder children, and that he is allowed to then pardon himself for their Murders. (Self-pardoning is illegitimate in every case everywhere in the world.) (Even if a lying politician says it isn’t.) Here are some of the babies that Obama’s cowardly forces in Bahrain have Murdered using Poison Gas: and and

Let’s look at some of the recent Psychological Warfare that our Government has run against its own people:

(1) There was the Gulf War under Bush 1 back in 1991, when the US refused to negotiate; (2) the Yugoslavia War; (3) then it got noticeably worse with Bush 2, 9/11, and the Iraq War, “If you’re not with us you’re with the Terrorists,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and that old standard stand-by “Weapons of Mass Destruction;” then Obama claimed that he was going to prevent Genocide in Libya – it was a lie – he instead hired Al Qaeda Mercenaries who Murdered the President of the country then carried out Genocide against the Black Africans of Libya and against the Sufis of Libya, then the Al Qaeda group he brought in killed our Ambassador; then Obama said Iran has Weapons of Mass Destruction; now he says Syria has them. (The Obama-Al Qaeda Genocides against Blacks and Sufis in Libya killed some children, and left others without parents.) and

But the worst Psychological Warfare ever deployed against the people of this country was when Barack Obama claimed that he is allowed to order Murders and that’s Legal and OK. That move spread violent insanity throughout the country. It is the President’s responsibility to act like a sane adult. Instead, after our Ambassador was killed in Libya, Obama spewed his deadly Propaganda on the Daily Show – and this may have influenced yesterday’s shootings – saying “I wasn’t confused about the fact that we’re gonna hunt down whoever did it and bring him to justice.” Even Bloomberg’s Mark Miller said that Obama sending Drones back in to Libya in reaction to the Ambassador’s Assassination would be cruel and crazy. Still, Obama did it.

That’s how violently insane and irresponsible our President is: With people like yesterday’s shooter Adam Lanza listening, Obama insisted that, instead of doing something sane, he, our country’s top father figure and main role model, thought hunting down humans was the example he wanted to give people the world over. He, Obama, the man who is allowed to commit Murder any time he wants to, against anybody, anywhere in the world – that he, our President, wants to hunt somebody down, and wants to teach our citizens that hunting people down and killing people is OK, and that it is acceptable behavior.

Adam Lanza killed a lot of kids yesterday, but not nearly as many as Barack Obama did. Now let’s look at some of Obama’s Hateful policies against children.

Late in 2009, Obama’s first year in office, he claimed that he was allowed to order Assassinations, and ordered one against a Somali who had allegedly been involved with an Embassy bombing more than a decade earlier, when he was a child. Obama ordered an Assassination team to Murder him and they did. Since then, they have killed several other Somalis accused of the exact same crime. A few months later, Somali children were trying to stop foreign occupying powers from looting their continent’s mineral wealth. These children were doing what was right for their people, but our Propaganda called them “Pirates.”

Then President Obama started calling them “Pirates.” The shipping companies didn’t know what to do. Obama ordered the children shot dead. The Propaganda called them “Pirates,” the President called them “Pirates,” and if they’re Pirates, it’s OK to Murder them, right? Then came the starvation times: Muslim occupiers were in Somalia’s capital. The US wouldn’t allow food into Mogadishu until the Muslim army left, so thousands of children starved to death. And of course, of all countries in the world, only Obama’s United States and his puppet Somalia agree that it is alright to treat children like that.

Haiti got hit by an earthquake, and only Cuba came to help, then Obama rushed in an occupation force. He promised a billion dollars. (He was lying: The US actually sent no money: Zero!) Our Military blocked Cuba from helping. People had to wait weeks for relief. Obama brought in Nepalese soldiers from the Indus valley, where Cholera has been prevalent since ancient times.

Cholera had never been in Haiti before, but now, thanks to Obama, it has killed thousands in Haiti, including lots of kids. Obama (and the Clintons) may someday be charged with Genocide for their actions and inactions in Somalia, Haiti, and Bahrain. They, like Bush and Cheney, may someday be wary of traveling to certain countries or certain states, for fear of arrest.

Obama claims that he is allowed to order Assassinations, and that he is allowed to kill people with Coward Drones, operated by disgraceful cowardly Murderers in the United States, who pose a grave risk to our National Security by their very presence. After killing a Journalist with a Coward Drone in Yemen, the next week, Obama sent another Coward Drone to Murder the man’s 16-year-old son. Guantánamo held too many children, and all of them there were Tortured. Obama said he would close it, but he was lying.

Obama’s sanctions on Iran and Syria are almost surely killing children now, and his War is killing lots of children in Syria, and the one in Iran will too, if he gets away with it. More than two million children throughout the Middle East are now refugees who are fleeing Obama’s wanton destruction, his Wars of choice. In Syria, Obama’s Al Qaeda Mercenaries are carrying out Genocides against the world’s oldest Christian community, and against Shiites, especially Alawites. and and

Obama started Civil Wars in both Mexico and Pakistan, those Wars kill children, parents, and others. Here’s a story of a child suffering from Obama’s Drug War in Mexico.  According to Medea Benjamin, when Obama Murders with Coward Drones in Pakistan, if his victim has the first growth of hair on his young face, then Obama officially considers him a Terrorist. (Before Obama’s time, the US considered people innocent until proven guilty.)

And the President had his own Trayvon Martin at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte this year: Police chased a youth then shot him dead there the night before it started. Obama didn’t speak up, and of course the cop got away with it.

But President Obama’s work that kills the most children is his blocking of progress in climate negotiations, which he did again at this year’s climate conference that just ended in Qatar, near Bahrain. Oil, Fracking, Coal, Natural Gas, they’re all causing massive Global Warming, which will kill lots of kids. But it could be stopped right away, by growing Hemp which has the highest biomass of any plant, and is the world’s richest source of Ethanol and Biodiesel: Both clean fuels that cause no Global Warming. President Obama today indicated that he may not continue to arrest users where Marijuana is Legal, but he has said similar things before, which all turned out to be lies. If we started growing Hemp on a massive scale today, within a few months our country would be energy independent, and emitting no net Greenhouse Gases.

So, the Fossil Fuels (Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas) compete with Marijuana. They add billions of tons of CO2 to the air, but Marijuana-based fuels can’t add any, because they hold no fossilized Carbon, only that which the living plant recently absorbed from the atmosphere. And it wouldn’t even take changing a law to get Medical Marijuana Legal: President Obama can do it with the stroke of his pen, an Executive Order. If President Obama doesn’t immediately order Medical Marijuana Legal, lots of people will lose the ability to walk because of Multiple Sclerosis, and some will die from it this year, just like last year and the year before.

And what do you tell your child who lies dying in the hospital from Skin Cancer, because s/he can’t get Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)? (Videos show that RSO destroys Skin Cancer cells and heals the skin, but President Obama is blocking it from even being tested in the United States, because it is made from Marijuana.) Well, here’s what you tell your kid then: “Our President won’t let you have the medicine you need to live: We don’t know if it’s because he’s superstitious about a plant, or if it’s because somebody gave him a lot of money to keep it away from you, or if he just Hates kids.”

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NORAD Ignorant of High-Speed Drones in Denver/New Obama Policy: Killing Marijuana Possession Suspects from the Air

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NORAD Ignorant of High-Speed Drones in Denver/New Obama Policy: Killing Marijuana Possession Suspects from the Air – by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)




A citizen sighted high-speed Drones flying over Denver, Colorado, and videotaped them. The local Fox TV station taped them too, and asked what they can be. NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), 70 miles to the South, said it didn’t notice them. Colorado just Legalized Marijuana.
600 miles to the East, at Ft. Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas, Political Prisoner Bradley Manning is held indefinitely for whistleblowing: That is, he’s being held – and according to the UN he was Tortured by Obama’s forces – for allegedly protecting his nation from criminal acts committed by President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others in high Government posts.

On Halloween Amy Goodman reported on Democracy Now! that a US Border Patrol sharpshooter in a helicopter Murdered two Guatemalans on the US-Mexico border because he suspected they were possessing drugs. The report begins at 3:53 of the following clip.

This reminds one of the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) massacre Murders of Honduran pregnant women, some men, and at least one child in May, as reported by Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! These Murder victims were also accused of drug possession by the US. In this case, a US State Department helicopter accompanied the US DEA helicopter from which the US-paid killers shot the poor people. I would like to know if President Obama personally authorized the slaughter of these pregnant women and children, or if he authorized Covering Up their Murders. I would further like to know if Secretary of State Clinton was in the State Department helicopter that participated in the massacre.


I don’t know if President Obama personally gave the order to kill the pregnant women, or if he just generally empowered employees of the DEA and the Border Patrol to Murder anyone suspected of Marijuana possession. One hopes that he didn’t empower US forces to Murder anyone suspected of being Hispanic or Latino, as he appears to have ordered against Muslims and Arabs. Obama’s reign of terror has also brought on the Murders of hundreds of journalists, in both Mexico and Honduras; but that’s a story for a different article.

Most drug enforcement efforts in this country and Mexico are aimed at Marijuana. In the Honduras massacre, the suspicion may have been Marijuana, Hashish, or Cocaine. Murdering people on suspicion of anything is an Atrocity, and in the two cases cited above, these were War Crimes, committed by our Government, apparently shielded from prosecution by our President and by Attorney General Eric Holder. The Murderers had no right to kill these people. Even if President Obama gave the DEA and Border Patrol permission to kill any suspected drug possessors or Latinos, even if Obama did that, these barbaric killers of the DEA and Border Patrol still need to be arrested for Murder. All of them.
Why does President Obama push to have people who may be possessing Marijuana killed? Why does he block Skin Cancer patients from access to the malady’s anecdotal cure, Rick Simpson Oil? What does President Obama have to gain by subjecting Skin Cancer to painful and unnecessary deaths? Is it because Marijuana can be grown in such a way and in such quantities that it can replace all our Petroleum, Coal, and Nuclear Power usage with Clean Energy that does not emit any Greenhouse Gases? Yes it is: Why? Money.
President Obama claims that he wants the United States to be Energy Independent, but that’s obviously a lie: As cited below, Lund University in Sweden proved Jack Herer’s hypothesis that, by growing Cannabis Hemp (Marijuana) on just 6% of our arable land, we can be Energy Independent on Hempen Clean Fuels in just two months, and we, the United States, would then no longer be contributing to Global Warming. What’s more, by no longer importing Petroleum or Petroleum products, we can instantly flip our disastrous Trade Deficit into a Trade Surplus – because our Petroleum-related imports are larger than our Trade Deficit.
President Obama yesterday said that his Administration has not done enough to address Climate Change. As far as I know, that is the only true statement he has ever made relating to Climate Science: Remember the Debate, when he Superstitiously bragged that he had laid enough Pipe to wrap the world with Oil and Gas Pipelines too many times? Remember the Debate, when he Superstitiously ridiculed his opponent Mitt Romney for once blocking a filthy Coal-burning plant from killing more children?
Remember the last two years’ ANOHOs (Annual Northeast Obama Hurricanes in October)? Obama learned by December 2010 (at the latest) at the Copenhagen Climate Conference that Earth’s climate had reached its tipping point. But instead of doing something about it, he pumped enough Oil and laid enough Pipe and Mined enough Coal to cause the biggest hurricane of all time, Superstorm Sandy.
But with President Obama’s program of selling out US citizens on Global Warming to make more money for BP and his other Oily cronies, next year’s ANOHO will very likely be an even bigger Superstorm than Sandy!
With President Obama’s insane, stupid, and expensive Bribery idea of pumping Petroleum through a giant Pipeline to Texas(!) [which already has plenty of Oil], he remains in complete denial of Global Warming: The most anti-science President we’ve ever had, and just at the time that we need a President who can tell the truth about Climate Change without having to consider how big a Bribe BP is going to give him and his Interior Secretary, Ken “Horse Burgers” Salazar.
Speaking of BP, looks like they just made a ridiculous deal. As reported here at FDL at the time, BP was ‘paying people off’ by paying them only the estimate of what they would have earned in two years without the BP Oil Spew in the Gulf of Mexico. But many of these people lost something worth many times that much, for their families had fished the Gulf for generations. They lost the family business, and BP, with Obama’s help, paid them a disgraceful pittance. Also, the Coast Guard was supposed to protect our coast, and should have prevented that Chemical Company from spraying that toxic Dispersant, which may have permanently ruined Gulf waters, including the seafood.
David Letterman last night, when introducing Steely Dan’s Donald Fagan to perform his new song Fix the Weather in the World, said “I was into Steely Dan. I’d smoke a lot of weed.” His band director Paul Schaefer seemed to agree: “That was you!” Letterman confirmed: “That was me!” One must hope, for his own safety, that President Obama and the DEA don’t suspect that Letterman is now in possession of pot. But even if he is, Leave him alone, Mr. President!
Tomorrow, the Green-Rainbow Party will hold its Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, beginning at 9 am. 2012 Presidential candidate Jill Stein will speak there, and 2012 Green Vice Presidential nominee Cheri Honkala will be the Keynote Speaker. You should attend if you can. And if you’re passing through Western Massachusetts on the way to Worcester, and you’d like to carpool, please let me know, because, otherwise, I’ll be on my way walking. But I’ll be there at the Convention for sure, I wouldn’t miss it. Giant Green Women From Earth!
(UPDATE: This part is over: It was a smashing success!)


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On Veterans’ Day, What Can You Do If You Got PTSD in a Covert War?

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On Veterans’ Day, What Can You Do If You Got PTSD in a Covert War? — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



This is a poem. That’s all it is; it’s just a poem. Generalities and hypotheticals. It doesn’t mean this is that or that is this. It doesn’t. Don’t infer nothin’ ’bout nothin’. Shut up. Leave me alone. Mind your own business.

What can you do if you get Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in a covert war? You can’t call the VA – the Veteran’s Administration hospital – where they presumably have lots of experts on PTSD. You’ll never see the inside of one of those places. (Maybe as a visitor.) You can’t get a Military Disability. You can’t get Veteran’s Benefits. You can’t even say you’re a Veteran.

When somebody asks you – and they will ask – “Have you ever been in a war?” you’ll have to answer “No.” But it’s worse than that. You’ve got to say it with a straight face. No one can even suspect that you took part in that war. What war? There was no war. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

And you can’t get together with your fellow Veterans to reminisce, or even to process it a little. There will be no reunion. Want to go look up the people you were in the operation with? Wouldn’t that be spying on your own Government? You’d better not try it. You might run into those people in public: That would be easy: Just ignore them; and keep a straight face. But what if you do run into one of them, and then you get to talk? What then? You still can’t reminisce – if you did, well then, they would have to kill you.

What? After everything you did under orders in great personal danger for your country, didn’t you think that they would help you out with that legal trouble – because you were so deserving – and because it was their fault? No, you did not think that. You didn’t even suppose for one minute that they would come to aid you in the least. You had known, ever since Mission: Impossible [TV series] 45 years ago, that if you were ever “caught or killed, the secretary w[ould] disavow all knowledge of your actions.” And so they did. They just hung you out to dry.

It’s because you got fired. That bugged them out. Of course you didn’t want to do the job anymore after you found out what they were really doing. Nobody does. But most are even more cowardly than you: They’re afraid to quit. But once you were in, it was too late to quit for you too – you couldn’t just decide to quit, or to not do what you were told. So, you started acting up.

The foreign spy who’d just been smuggled into the country tried to check you out, asked what you did. Here was your chance to get yourself fired! You could have played it cool, you could have said anything, but it was up to you. So you blurted out that you were a reporter. The newcomer turned white as a sheet (and he was already pretty white). But all of the others in the room just sat there with their straight faces. They already knew you were a reporter. That’s one reason why they recruited you. And they knew you weren’t going to report on them, because they knew something that you did not know: That there were some major threats and harsh actions coming your way.

And so now all these years later you can sit so high and mighty as a good and decent person, and you can say that these horrible cowardly Coward Drone pilots are not doing what’s good and right. Oh, you’ve probably said worse things than that about the pilots of Coward Drones. Haven’t you?! You fucking hypocrite.

OK. OK. Coward Drone pilots are bad, right? Because they’re killing people remotely, removed physically and psychologically from the battlefield. At least they’re trying to be psychologically removed, just like you were with your “Stateside Support.” That’s what you were recruited for. Sounded reasonable. But you did know it was the CIA. No secret there. Sounded reasonable, exciting, sex, drugs, money. (Well, you were paid in something, somehow; maybe not money.) But it was exciting. And you were helping your country.

Or were you helping the CIA poison and destabilize your country? Well, never mind. (Who cares about that? We have bigger fish to fry.) What’s bigger than maybe poisoning and destabilizing your own nation? Lots of stuff worse than that! Lots worse! A lot worse! How’s this threat for a start: You tell anybody anything about what you did, and he will kill his whole family. You asshole. He brought you in, and now his family’s safety depends on your actions, and silence.

Why did they give you that Cabinet official’s name? You’re not high enough up to know that, not by a long shot! You’ve got to stop knowing it right away! Don’t you see that when an intelligence asset was using sex and hedonism to manipulate you and to get information out of you, you were getting information out of her the same way, and that if you’re somebody who’s so brilliant as to have been recruited by the Company, well don’t you see that: She didn’t just give you that information; you took it. Illegally. If you used sex and drugs in order to discover the name of a crooked Cabinet official, learning that name from an intelligence asset, and then she handed you written documentation of his office; well, then, you are a double agent, reporter or not. Then it should be no surprise to you that they put across that threat. And worse.

And what about seeing your freshly Tortured and permanently disfigured co-worker? They had to shock you into comprehending our side‘s Torture mill, to keep you in line. There was no “need-to-know” reason for you to see her face or to know about her Torture, and you didn’t want to know about it. But you did see her face, and now you have to know about it. You have to think about the consequences of your Stateside Support.

You’d never seen anybody with a freshly cut up face like that before. And this was intentional. Weren’t you glad right then that you hadn’t had sex with her a few weeks earlier, when she was beautiful, when she tried to seduce you, back when you were being recruited to the operation? If you’d already had sex with her too, then seeing her scabbed and stitched face at this time would have been even more traumatic. As it was, as soon as you saw her new face, you spontaneously erupted into projectile vomiting. In a room full of important people. That should have gotten you fired. But it didn’t. Coward. Hypocrite.

Yes, you are the Coward Drone operator, and I’ll tell you how: You were over here doing your Stateside Support for somebody who was arming both sides in a war that didn’t have to happen, a covert war that was killing people and corrupting Governments, and overthrowing Governments, and one of the Governments corrupted and overthrown was ours! You Mr. Hypocrite Coward Asshole, yes, you are worse than a Coward Drone pilot, because through your Stateside Support you helped your co-workers kill people without even knowing you were doing it. You didn’t have to see those dead people, or know their names, or know what they did. Ignorance is bliss. Was. But now you’ve been made to know about them, made to know specifically to hurt you and to threaten you; you should feel guilty. You are guilty.

In the beginning, they had asked you to help them. They didn’t say it was help for a covert war. You should have asked. This is another thing I’m pissed off about. You have known ever since James Bond [and Jethro Bodine(!)] in the 1960s that spies might use sex to manipulate people. Yet you fell for it. Again and again. Idiot. And, hey – red alert! – if somebody is giving you lots of expensive drugs, they too might be trying to manipulate you. Think about it.

That one getting-fired idea you had was a good one. Too bad it backfired. Direct superior was a needle freak. Should have been a piece of cake. Told her to stop obsessing on shooting up. Held that whole box of insulin needles inside the open door of the public dumpster at the shopping center. That got her attention. Threw those needles right in the dumpster and slammed the door. That stunt should’ve sure as hell gotten you fired. But instead, it got her to saying that she’ll quit coke for you.

When you use sex (and love) as weapons and tools of manipulation, things get misunderstood and mixed up. So you had to shock her back into reality, by saying “You don’t even know if you’ll ever see me again. You need to quit coke for you.” God, I hope she didn’t come back to the shopping center later and climb into that dumpster to get those needles back out. She probably did. (This may come as a surprise to some of you, but people under the influence of Cocaine are mentally ill. They’re crazy. That’s the thrill. That’s the high.)

Still not fired yet. Better amp it up. You were ordered to obtain Chinese bootleg Quaaludes. You knew that DEA were in the house waiting for you. You didn’t want to get anyone busted, leastwise yourself. So you outsmarted them: Got the smuggled drugs from a uniformed cop. Pretty slick. Pretty sick. But then you had to walk into that house full of intel agents, while holding. If you had just walked into the room where you were supposed to go, if you had exchanged the drugs ‘privately’ with the DEA dude, right there in front of the camera, they’d have had you dead to rights. Then, there would have been no need to fire you or beat you up or kill you or Torture you or threaten you – they’d have just locked you up and thrown away the key.

So you whipped it out right in middle of the living room! Big old clear plastic bagful of 100 fat white bitter pills. Right in front of everybody. Fulfilled your obligation, but nobody got it on tape. Pretty slick. Pretty sick. You might have been making some people pretty mad, but at least you weren’t getting busted. …Yet. And, hey, they all kept a straight face. Thought you were pretty smart, didn’t you? Obviously, you were, sometimes. But you still weren’t fired yet.

You had one weapon left: A very confused and drug-addled woman who thought she loved you, or you loved her, or something crazy like that (because you’d had sex with her, and shown compassion and concern). She was a ripe tool for manipulation. You were adamant to gain your dismissal. Not gonna be stopped. You were determined to use that weapon. You were gonna get fired! And all you had to do was to do the right thing, at last. Right, but very hard.

It was h-hour, the culmination of the whole operation. The top people were just going to send her out to sell most of the haul. They said she could handle it. They didn’t care much if she was in danger. They figured risking her life was worth the money they were going to make by selling the coke: A gigantic package of Cocaine, but still smaller than a breadbox. So you told her not to do it. You told her that she would be holding a small package worth too much money, and that she’d be stepping into a den of criminals with guns, who all knew that it would be cheaper to kill her than to pay her. You told her the truth.

You told her not to go, not to make the deal. Are you crazy?!! Do you even know how much money you just told her to turn down? No, you do not! You fucking asshole! You should have been shot! Oh, you had to be fired, that’s for sure. Can’t have you doing anything like that ever again. Can’t have the CIA losing money – or failing to get money that they might otherwise have gotten. Can’t have him killing you and her and the whole family over you fucking up the money. You’re fired! Good work.

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Obama’s Torture Chief Omar Suleiman (who Caused the Egyptian Revolution with Mubarak) Suddenly Gets Dead

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Obama’s Torture Chief Omar Suleiman (who Caused the Egyptian Revolution with Mubarak) Suddenly Gets Dead — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Omar Suleiman, who Tortured victims for Barack Obama and George W. Bush, mysteriously got dead in a US hospital today, where he was supposedly being tested for something undisclosed. Clearly, the person who benefits from this killing the most is President Obama. Interestingly, Barack Obama claims that he is allowed to order Murders against Arabs anywhere in the world. Omar Suleiman is an Arab.

In fact, according to Medea Benjamin’s LinkTV lecture, President Obama’s policy regarding beards is: If a man or boy has a beard and is killed by a drone, that man was a “militant.” The implication is that killing a man or boy with a beard is always OK to do. Omar Suleiman has a beard. Had.

President Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, and then-CIA-director-now-Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, incompetents all, were all into sending their Torture victims to Omar Suleiman in Fascist Egypt.

Suleiman was also into rigging the election in Gaza. We wouldn’t want any testifying about that, would we?

Under insistence from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Obama, Suleiman was christened Vice President of Egypt, late in President Hosni Mubarak’s Fascist 30-year reign of terror. Suleiman’s death prevents him from testifying about his Torture for the US Presidents, after Obama and Bush had their victims illegally “renditioned.” He was being sued for Torture by Australian victim Mahmoud Habib.

President Obama’s policies toward Arabs, Muslims, people with beards, and his other Torture and Murder/Assassination victims, these policies are Hate Crimes. America, you should be ashamed of yourself.


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Coward Drones Get Even More Cowardly

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Coward Drones Get Even More Cowardly — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Coward Drones are now targeting and murdering civilians in the Swat Valley and Balochistan, even as those areas are experiencing the worst flooding in history.

That fact alone must make one consider that the Indus River dams which international profiteering financiers made billions on, were installed as Engineering Genocide to hurt all citizens of Swat and Balochistan, not just "the enemy."

Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any more cowardly, the US Military bombs people who are already suffering and in panic. This is disgraceful and disgusting. And the collateral killings are justified by claims that the principle target was housing future suicide bombers. Now, American hit squads are not just killing people on basis of suspicion, they’re killing people for what those people will do in the future if we let them live.

The US War on Afghanistan is by far the single most cowardly act in the history of the world. Remember, when a big boy beats up a smaller or weaker person, it is an act of cowardice.

The US, the strongest in the world, has been bombing Afghanistan, the weakest in the world, for 9 years. The first month of the "War" (It was called a "War," even though only one side was fighting), the US bombed 30 cities everyday, even though none of those cities had military targets.

Bombing cities is a War Crime. Bombing civilians is a War Crime. As it continues, our President earns his nickname, "War-Crimes" Obama.

Oh, and need I mention: Both the hiring of hitmen and Conspiracy to Commit First Degree Murder are Impeachable Offences.

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Chris Matthews: Innocent Victims Killed by Coward Drones are Just “Trying to Embarrass Us!”

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Chris Matthews: Innocent Victims Killed by Coward Drones are Just "Trying to Emparrass Us!" — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Chris Matthews reported last night on MSNBC that US Coward Drone attacks are going just great! Look how we just got another number 3 guy. We’ve gotten number 2 and 3 guys before; this is the third we’ve gotten this same guy.

After glowing and crowing about the spectacular success, in the final seconds, as a Sapphic appendix, an afterthought, an anticlimax, Matthew and his guest agreed that the phenomenon of increasing collateral civilian deaths from Coward Predator Drones is the result of "them" just "trying to embarrass us!"

According to Loyola Law School Professor David Glazier in Wired magazine (and other sources), operators of Coward Drones can be tried for War Crimes:

Meanwhile, according to Agence-France Presse (Saturday’s report), the US plans an unprovoked unilateral invasion of Pakistan:

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US Harboring Child Killer/Mass Murderer/War Criminal in Nevada, McChrystal Reprimands 6 Conspirators

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US Harboring Child Killer/Mass Murderer/War Criminal in Nevada, McChrystal Reprimands 6 Conspirators — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

As Karl Gotthardt reported from Kabul at the link below …

… and CBS Up To The Minute News reported from a comfortable office in New York at 5am this morning, the US military knows from the videotape that the mass murderer saw the children in the Afghanistan convoy before deciding to kill them. He was at Breech Air Force Base in Nevada. US Minister of Propaganda, General Stanley McChrystal, confirmed that he has reprimanded four senior officers and two junior officers over the murders. The murderer may be among those reprimanded. Gen. McChrystal blamed "inaccurate drone support," and said we must learn from our "mistake."

But the US Military is supposed to protect US citizens, not subject them and their children to the risk of letting a mass murderer of children drive around in Nevada. I am guessing that there may be children missing in Nevada or neighboring states. The man is obviously a danger to US citizens and a danger to our Military. Did all six of those reprimanded OK the mass murder of children? And they aren’t even arrested?! They’re still in the US Military, after using Coward Drones to murder children?!

Premeditated murder of children is a War Crime of the highest degree. The murderer and his six co-conspirators (whose wrists were slapped) should be turned over the Hague for War Crimes prosecution. Gen. McChrystal should be fired and probably arrested for lying to protect War Criminals.

US officials often express regret that Coward Drone attacks create enemies, whose presence is then used to justify spending money on more Coward Drone attacks. US officials express no regret over the growing reputation of the US Military as a pack of cowards.

Flagrant Human Rights Violations and flagrant War Crimes are routinely covered up by the US and its Military, as in Oil mogul Robert Gates’s recent decision to not prosecute, and and to thereby cover up the US Military’s assassination of Reuters journalists in Iraq, shown in graphic video at the link below.

Then there’s the case of harboring international kidnappers. Americans kidnapped a man in Italy, thinking it would be OK, since he was an Arab whom they intended to torture. They did torture him. Italy called for extradition of the kidnappers. President Obama blocked extradition, betraying justice and ignoring the law, and harbored the fugitives. He continues to harbor those fugitives and the others cited above.

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We Know Obama Uses Coward Drones to Inspire Hatred, Attacks Against Americans/We Don’t Know Why

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We Know Obama Uses Coward Drones to Inspire Hatred, Attacks Against Americans. We Don’t Know Why. But using Coward Drones has an unanticipated consequence: It makes people think we’re Cowards. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

All Bullies Are Cowards. When a big boy beats up on a small boy, it is always because the big boy is a Coward. When a man beats a woman or a child, it is because the man is a Coward. When the strongest, "most powerful nation on Earth" attacks the weakest, least technologically advanced nation in the world, it can only be because the strong nation is Cowardly.

But when the strong nation regularly sends unmanned Coward drones to kill unarmed women and children, it reveals that we have people in our military effort – with its reputation as the most Cowardly on Earth – parts of that effort are so disgusting, vile and sniveling, that they disgrace our entire country by sitting safely in their dens, remotely killing the defenseless.

If there’s a Hell, its fires await them.

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Bin Laden Vid Pans Civil War for Mexican Marijuana & Murtha’s Assassination?

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bin Laden Vid Pans Civil War for Mexican Marijuana & Murtha’s Assassination?
Hey! That’s not bin Laden! That’s a video-age journalist trying to cut through the haze of sound bites and atomized consciousness.

The video was directed and recorded by Rachel Neulander of medicinesocks. Script, Lyrics, Detailed Footnotes follow below.

OBAMA bin PLOTTIN-Norman B-Deviations from the Norm

WARNING! This is VERY SCARY! Try not to be afraid. The man you’re about to see is an actor. He’s just an actor, not a real monster. Please, don’t be scared!

Greetings, Infidels. Asalaam Alayikum. Welcome to my cave, and my new video.

Wars of Reagan and George Bush and Johnson and Nixon
And Dubya, who got in through e-lection fixin’,
But do you recall
The most dange-rous Pres’dent of all?

Obama the Baby Bomber
Killed Pashtun kids ev’ryday,
Not just because they were Pashtuns,
But just because they were in the way!

All of the worldwide nations
Were wary of this violent maniac.
But few spoke up, for fear that THEIR kids
Would get sacked in the very next attack.

Thugs accUSEd a sevenTEEN-year-old KID of a CRIME,
NOT PROVEN in all these years – I’m tellin’ all o’ ya -
Then, ELEVEN YEARS LATER in September ’09,
U.S. hitmen INVADED and caught and KILLED him in Somalia.

After Somalia, the Hit Squad moved on to Yemen,
People who knew said then that the killing was wrong.
But cads kept it mostly outta corp’rat’ propaganda news,
And soon we ALL heard a different kind of song:

‘Cause then on False-Flag Christmas Eve,
Congressman Peter King told CNN:
"Any minute now, a terrorist’s plane is gonna land,
And then he’s gonna claim he’s from Yemen!

"He’ll go on to claim that he is Al Qaida!
Hey! Let’s X-ray genitals in Amsterdam!
Men with beards are weird! They must be tortured ’cause we’re skeerd!
Mass insanity is part of this whole scam!"

Then courageous John Murtha blew the whistle on the military lies,
And way Way WAY too much Charlie Wilson knew,
So, in a single week, with the wink of an eye,
Obama’s hitmen hit those Congresspeople, too!

"Morale at the CIA" and Blackwater
HAD "reached an all-time low,"
But when Obama said he’d let them murder anyone they want,
THAT really gave them lots of get-it-up and go!

After the election, back before B.O. took office,
His pot comments started civil war in Mexico.
Many U.S. Americans don’t have maps, but Mex is right next-door to Tex.
Is there a WORSE PLACE that a civil war can go?!

El Chapo Guzman is the world’s richest man.
His worldwide wealth wouldn’t fit in failing banks!
For knocking off his competition and propping up the DEA,
Guzman publicly gives Barack Obama thanks!

The 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan stressed regional tensions – "Like, I’m – I’m really stressed-out, man" – pushing Pakistan and India to the BRINK of nuclear exchange,
Then, Bush worsened it, illegally sending nuclear bomb parts to India.
First thing Obama did when he got int’ office: Start a ANOTHER civil war, this one in Pakistan! That’s Change
I CAN’T Believe In. Doesn’t killin’ kids kinda seem a sin t’ ya?

What?! Do you think I’m not being "fair" to President Obama? Well, I’m only talking about killing kids. He’s actually doing it. And these kids he’s killing are NOT terrorists.
They’re kids.
I don’t think I’m the one being unfair here.

O, Obama the Baby Bomber
Kills Pashtun kids ev’ryday,
Not JUST because they are Jewish,
But just because they are in the way!

So, we’ve got a President committing War Crimes,
And the Democrats are covering it up,
Even so-called "progressives" and the Congressional Black Caucus;
And, who’d have thought that EVEN THEY would be corrupt?!

Blackwater/CIA – Coups-Intrigues-Assassinations – and rigged elections
Have manipulated world politics for years!
But they’d never try it here, where it would directly affect their funding.
Just keep repeating: "It can’t happen here!"
If you’re one of those who buys Government propaganda lies,
Just keep repeating: "It can’t happen here!"

(p)(c)March 7, 2010 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved.
(NOTE–The tune may sound similar to something familiar, but it’s not that tune exactly, and even if it were, I would still be able to use it under the Fair Use (F.U.) doctrine, because this is satire, parody, humor. All material used here is used fairly. This is much MORE fair than the situation discussed in Stanza 12. And if there’s any other point here on which you question its Fair Usability, remember, I already said "F.U.!")


Stanza2 Pashtuns are indigenous people of Eastern Afghanistan and Western Pakistan. They are the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan. The Government is comprised of Heroin exporters and Oil executives. The Pashtun symbol is the Star of David; the Pashtuns refer to themselves at the "Children of Israel;" their holy book is the Book of Moses, their national hero. When the name "Moses" is spoken, Pashtuns stand at attention to honor him.

Stanza3 (This verse is NOT about the child "pirates" killed by US Navy Seals in April 2009.) In September 2009, the US Assassination Team went to Somalia to murder a person accused of a crime that happened eleven years earlier, when he was 17 years old. The commandos declared "Mission Accomplished!" The murder victim/"suspect" was never proven to have committed the crime. If there were evidence that he’d committed the crime, he could have been tried: Somalia is a puppet state set up by the US: According to the UN, Somalia’s is the most corrupt Government in the world. The bottom line: There was no evidence that this man had committed a crime when he was a child, but President Obama ordered him assassinated anyway, during a illegal clandestine invasion of a supposedly sovereign country.

Stanzas4-6 Three months later, the US Assassination Squad was killing people in Yemen. Corporate news barely reported it, but some Americans got upset that our Government was assassinating un-convicted foreign citizens on no evidence, killing people who were merely accused by right-wing ideologue Oilmen. The few protests were squelched by the False-Flag operation on Christmas Eve involving the so-called "Underwear Bomber." This is a misnomer, because the banker’s son from Africa had no bomb on him: He had PETN, from which it is possible to make a bomb, but PETN with no detonator is not a bomb, and cannot blow a hole in a plane. I happened to be watching CNN when the "announcement" came out: Not a regular news bulletin, but The White House interrupted television when nearly no one was watching. The plane was in the air near Detroit. The accused was on the plane and Congressman Peter King was already on TV trying to make political hay from it. In fact, both King and Joe Lieberman were booked to discuss the False-Flag event and advocate war with Yemen on the Sunday talk shows AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE the Christmas Eve fake terrorism fraud took place. So, Senator Lieberman and Rep King apparently knew that a "terrorist" was flying a "bomb" into the US, but instead of stopping him from getting on the plane, they let it happen then tried to profit politically from the "terrorism" themselves! BY THE TIME THE PLANE LANDED the supposed perpetrator had already (falsely?) declared that he was from Yemen and Al Qaida, meaning that the murders President Obama had already ordered the day before must be OK. Just THINK about it: A suicide bomber is a person so completely dedicated to his cause that he would never turn in his compatriots, and would even die for his cause. A suicide bomber is obviously not a scared whimpering wimp that spills the beans in a few seconds when caught. THINK AGAIN: If Al Qaida is so clueless and impotent that they send part but not all of an unmade bomb, and so easy to torture information out of that an Air Marshall can get their most sensitive info in 3 minutes by just tackling him tying him up, if that’s Al Qaida, then obviously we have nothing to fear from them! But instead of arresting and prosecuting the traitors perpetrating this False-Flag fraud against the American people, President Obama is playing along with the treasonous ruse, and adding to the deception by ordering more discrimination against longhairs, bearded men, and hippies traveling to and from Amsterdam.

Stanza7 Congressman John Murtha was the most prestigious and influential spokesman against Obama’s war machine. As a highly respected ex-military man, his words carried a lot of weight both in and out of the military. During a "routine" gall bladder operation last week (at the time of writing), a doctor killed him by slicing his intestine with a scalpel. Slicing the patient’s intestine is NEVER part of routine gall bladder surgery.The doctor who killed Murtha wasn’t arrested for murder and political terrorism, he was rewarded, paid thousands of dollars by an insurance company for his skillful cutting. "Charlie Wilson’s War" was a book and movie about the Soviet war in Afghanistan wherein the CIA’s Osama bin Laden fought against the Russians. The sudden untimely deaths of Congressmen Murtha and Wilson came just as President Obama was announcing that he sends Assassination Squads to murder people, sometimes Americans. He claimed it is his right to do so, even though it is obviously an impeachable offense. If this stands, Obama makes permanent one of the Fascist Reforms that Bush implemented while people were in a state of shock following September 11, 2000.

Stanza8 When "CIA morale hit an all-time low" (because so much info on torture and terrorism committed by CIA had emerged), President Obama used the lack of morale as an excuse to rationalize his order to cover up the torture and other Bush War Crimes, joining in the Criminal Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice by blocking prosecutions of those criminals. The Obama cover-up encourages the CIA and Blackwater to commit ever more and worse torture, War Crimes, coups, assassinations and rigged elections.

Stanza9 In December 2008, a month before taking office, President Obama called for questions from the public. By far the most popular question was on legalizing marijuana (marijuana’s illegality causes thousands of killings annually). The world was hoping for reform. But Obama wasn’t taking his new job seriously: The President-elect laughed and joked and casually rejected the idea: Insisting that it’s OK to arrest others the "crime" that he committed and enjoyed.The human rights travesty, the economic devastation, and the thousands of people killed over it were things that he somehow found funny. Within in minutes of this heinous hypocrisy, the current Mexican Civil War began, and hasn’t let up since, with thousands killed each and every month. Obama started the Mexican Civil War, and Mexico is not far from the US. Not a smart move. Not a moral move. Not an honest move.

The U.S. Government claims that Pashtun children must be killed because they may be near terrorists. Ask the Obama Administration to stop killing the Pashtuns. Have Americans No Decency? Show some Courage! Stand up Against the Injustice!