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Kony 2012: 50 Million Join Murderous Lynch Mob Propaganda to Shout ‘Death Squads Do Your Duty!’

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Kony 2012: 50 Million Join Murderous Lynch Mob Propaganda to Shout ‘Death Squads Do Your Duty!’ — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Lynching is named after “Judge” Lynch of Lynchburg, Virginia. Nearly 5,000 people have been lynched in the United States. 73% of them were Black. I was born in Virginia.

President Barack Obama just officially endorsed the world’s largest Lynch Mob. More than 50 million people have watched the video Kony 2012 in the last few days, as it soared viral. It swept the nation like a storm – through the internet.

It is a propaganda campaign, a ruse, an attempt to Cover Up, rationalize, legitimize, and ‘justify’ the Intrigues and Murders by the Obama Death Squads (ODS) in Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Central and South America, and island nations.

With aid from Intelligence, this video about a minor African warlord suddenly went viral, just in time. So far, the Cover-Up is working.

Millions of mentally ill individuals are now promoting the pro-Assassination video, and sending zillions of dollars to invisible children! How do we know that they are mentally ill? Only the mentally ill join lynch mobs:

Even if they were sane before they signed on to the Murder Conspiracy, once they threw their support behind it, each of them consciously decided to Murder Mr. Kony, who is Black … believe me, while they are participating in the lynch mob, each of them is certifiably violently insane.

I’ve been sad to see some here at FireDogLake passing along lynch mob info without forcefully opposing it. Try to remember, killing people is wrong. Jesus even said so. Here’s an exposé of Kony 2012. [This is soundtrack only, so (if you're a multi-tasker) you can play the sound on another tab as you read on.]

Get with the program! Get with the group! Get with the mob!

Kony 2012 swamped the news, it was all over! You know what else was in the news? A stupid, relatively meaningless Republican race that nobody cares about. The Republicans aren’t even trying to win, because they know they could never elect somebody as far-Right as Obama: Oh, they keep pretending they don’t like him, and keep running against him, but the far-Right Republicans have never had it so good!

Rick Santorum is just jumping up and down waving his arms around screaming ‘I’m the Stupid candidate! I’m the anti-environment candidate! I’m the dangerous candidate! If you don’t vote for Obama, then you’re Stupid!‘ Obama is truly the most effective Republican President since Grant.

What is Covered Up: Meanwhile Vice President Joe Biden was down in Central America palling around with the world’s most Murderous monster, Honduran Dictator “Pinochet” Lobo, boss of the most active and notorious Obama Death Squad.

Pinochet Lobo’s ODS Murdered at least 20 journalists and 75 lawyers in Honduras during the run-up to Biden’s visit. Reporters were slaughtered throughout the region, in what can only be described as a bloodbath. (That article’s coming, and I’ll link at the end of this one.)

Obama Death Squads also Murdered at least 20 more journalists in Mexico and throughout the region. I don’t yet have stats on lawyer Murders in Mexico and the rest of Central America.

All authorities see Agosto Pinochet as a horrible bloody monster. And it is Pinochet’s career that Lobo’s Obama Death Squad seeks to emulate and duplicate in triplicate. Obama and Biden and Clinton must stop supporting these Assassinations by Pinochet Lobo’s ODS.

Here’s Foreign Affairs‘ take on the Kony propaganda from a few months ago, and The Atlantic‘s from a few days ago.

The Ugandan Government is even trying to slow down the Murderous mob by casting doubt on the propaganda campaign!

Obama used the Kony old news to ‘legitimize’ his invasion of Uganda, Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and recently “independent” South Sudan, five months ago in October 2011.

US Intelligence is also using this Kony propaganda campaign to to trick mentally ill Americans into supporting ODS activity around the globe. Our Government is making millions more Americans mentally ill by committing these Crimes Against Humanity in our names. MyFDL’s bradk called Obama out on the invasion when it happened. <See the first Comment (below) for the working version of this link.>

How many countries has Obama invaded?

And, here’s some disgusting pro-Murder propaganda.

And, here’s some disgusting pro-Murder propaganda directly from the US Government, President Obama’s Propaganda Minister Jay Carney expressing the Obama Administration’s support for the propaganda effort.

Nearly five thousand people have been reported lynched in the US. 73% of them have been Black. So far.

There are of course the obvious parallels in the Kony lynch mob to our collective insanity when we the American people joined in bloodthirsty lynch mobs against dark-skinned Muslims like Dictator Saddam Hussein and that terrible TV star Osama bin Laden.

Oh, yeah, and the lynch mob that killed that poor Black Somali child trying to protect African resources – you know, the kid that President Obama called a “pirate” and ordered him shot. He might have been a Muslim too.

But I am struck by two other parallels.

I made a pilgrimage to Rosewood, Florida, with my partner and chicks in tow, a decade-and-a-half ago. But there is no Rosewood, Florida. You can go there, but there’s no there there. Not anymore.

We looked at what isn’t left of Rosewood, then we got the hell out of there; because, well, I had my family with me, and to this day not only are Black people still not welcome in that part of Florida, but pilgrims and sympathetic gawkers at the site of the Atrocity are definitely not allowed either.

The world’s first viral video, Birth of a Nation with its heroes the Ku Klux Klan, swept the nation like a storm in 1915. Democratic President Woodrow Wilson of Virginia watched it, and said it was “So true!”

What was true [according to the film] was President Ulysses S. Grant had unjustly occupied the South to enforce Voting Rights, Civil Rights, and Human Rights during Reconstruction after the Civil War. The film said that after the evil Grant was out of office, the KKK came in and freed the South from the carpetbaggers.

The film said the problem with universal Civil Rights is that Black people are unequal savages! Black men were raping White women, the viral video said. Immediately after the film’s debut, the KKK re-formed at Stone Mountain Georgia and lynched a Jew.

Thousands of Blacks were lynched throughout the country over the next decade-and-a-half. Somebody in Rosewood saw the movie, or heard about it, or knew about the fad.

Out of many Racist incidents in Florida in the early 1920s, Wikipedia sites this particular race riot as a precursor to the Rosewood Atrocity:

“In December 1922, a white mob burned a black man to death for the murder of a white school teacher in Perry, 75 miles (121 km) from Rosewood, and then burned down the black Masonic Lodge and other black institutions, including a school and a church. The Perry lynching was covered on the front page of The Gainesville Daily Sun for a week in December 1922, heightening tensions in the region.”

The next month at the all-White Masonic Lodge in Sumner, near Rosewood, instigators insisted that a Black Rosewood resident had raped a White woman. No proof. Were these people the KKK? That’s ambiguous. We don’t know if they wore hoods and robes after they left the Masonic Lodge. We do know a Black janitor was working there. He was also a Freemason.

We do know that rules of Masonic etiquette required that the Black Mason not betray the confidence of his White superiors. But some historians surmise that he did go warn Black residents. The White lynch mob killed people and burned the place to the ground. We’ll never know how many Blacks were Murdered that night in Rosewood.

In the early 1980s, the St. Petersburg Times exposed the Rosewood Massacre. To deflect criticism generated by that article, in 1993 the Florida Legislature began investigating the Massacre. In 1997, a film about the Massacre came out, but it didn’t get the kind of viral promotion that Kony 2012 did.

In 2004, to deflect criticism generated by film, “the State of Florida declared Rosewood a Florida Heritage Landmark and erected a historical marker on State Road 24 that names the victims and describes the community’s destruction,” according to Wiki.

What Wiki can’t tell you is this: If you go to that marker, if you see that awful site, you will not be welcomed there. You will be even more of a sitting duck than my family and I were when we went there. You’ll be a worse sitting duck than the people of Rosewood themselves:

Do NOT get out of the car! First, turn the car around. If you have good enough telescopy, you can read the sign or photograph it. Hit the gas and get the hell out. Please. These people are nobody to fuck with.

And remember: To get back to civilization from the Rosewood killing fields, it’s eleven-and-a-half miles of thin road through flat desolate swampland where anybody can see you, and nobody would grieve if something happened to you. If you went to look at that marker, you are either a nigger or a nigger-lover. Get out of there quick; but, whatever you do, don’t get pulled over!

Three years before the Rosewood Massacre, Sir James Frazer published his monumental 12-volume study The Golden Bough, which through interpolative Cultural Anthropology tells the story of the disgusting violent prehistorical slime pit out of which our current humanity has finally emerged. Or have we emerged?!

Royal families marry within royal families. This has gone on for thousands of years [that we know of]. It may have gone on thousands of years before history was recorded in written language. Yet everyone in the slime pit could see that the sperm and blood of the King and a Virgin would cause the fields to be fertile. And it was damn important for the fields to be fertile.

But if they killed the Kings every year, those Kings wouldn’t be to able breed a super race of ruler-class demi-gods, with vestigial tails from all the inbreeding. (No, they’re not lizards from Mars. Don’t be fooled by those scaly tails. They’re just inbred.) Kings determined that Kings were needed alive. They got a substitute for the King. They got him a Tanist.

Now, instead of ritually killing the King every year, the people could rejoice in treating a Tanist as King for a day, or for a year, and then killing him instead of the King. It’s such a simple way to treat simple-minded people already mind-numbed by the prevalent propaganda. Just get them chanting like the people in the Kony 2012 viral video.

The Tanist must die!

We’re gonna make him fry!

The Tanist must die!

Like a flag he’s gonna fly!

The Tanist must die!

His Family will cry!

The Tanist must die!

Tanist must die!

Tanist must die!


How does all of this relate to Honduras? I’ll tell you more about its relationship to Honduras, and how it relates to President Obama’s illegal coup in the Maldives February 6, 2012, in these links.

<Link to new Maldives article coming to this spot tonight.> <Link to new Honduras article coming to this spot tonight.>


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Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo)

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Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo) — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Attention Just-Say-Now Folks:

There’s another state voting on legalizing Marijuana November 2 which is Not one of the four you have listed: Massachusetts: We wish to have that information listed in JustSayNow’s States section, because there are not just four states voting, there are at least Five! Please include Massachusetts too. There’s also a new state blog about the Marijuana movement in Massachusetts, which we hope to add to the Blog List at

This November 2nd, 73 towns and cities in Massachusetts will be give voters a chance to weigh in on either of two Public Policy Questions, one which instructs our representatives to push for the legalizing of medical use of Marijuana, and one instructing them to support outright legalization, with a tax-and-regulate structure similar to that of alcohol.

We know from previous campaigns and polls that a clear majority of voters approve of these Public Policy reforms, and the measures will pass handily. The voter interest from these PPQs could help to elect Green Rainbow candidate Jill Stein as Governor, because she’s the only candidate standing up for and supporting passage of the Marijuana PPQs.

Rachel Neulander launched the Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo), to follow the progress of the 73 PPQs, to push for further reform, and to chronicle the stories of the heroes of this movement.

The official State Voter Information Packet, omits the Marijuana PPQ for Amherst in the packets mailed here, and across the state, because the PPQs were not assigned their Ballot Numbers until the Voter Info Packets had already been sent. It feels like censorship, and possibly an attempt to manipulate the Election results.

If you’re in Massachusetts, and you’re wondering if your town is going to vote on this issue, you can check here.

Congratulations to Jill Stein, who just reached the money-raising threshold imposed by the Boston Media Consortium: Hopefully that means the media represented by the BMC will stop trying to manipulate the Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election by blocking Dr. Stein from Debates, as they’ve done in the past.

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MassGov Green Candidate Jill Stein Raises $100K to Qualify for Debates, Needs 25K more for Matching Funds

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MassGov Green Candidate Jill Stein Raises $100K to Qualify for Debates, Needs 25K more for Matching Funds — NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

The Boston Media Consortium, a cabal of media who between them market most of the news people get in the Boston area, barred Dr. Jill Stein from an earlier Debate ostensibly because of low poll numbers. When her percentage rose, they said they were banning her from further Debates because she hasn’t raised enough money. Dr. Stein told some followers that she has less money than the three Casino-backed candidates because she doesn’t accept special interest money. She said accepting that money, then trying to legalize Casinos should disqualify the other candidates, instead of promoting their campaigns’ status to above hers.

The members of the Boston Media Consortium are Boston University’s National Public Radio station WBUR, Boston’s PBS (WGBH Channel 2), ABC (WCVB Channel 5), NBC (WHDH Channel 7), Globe newspaper, and New England Cable Network. The Boston Globe and the TV concerns can expect advertising dollars if Casinos are legalized, but it’s not clear if Boston University, NPR, or WBUR are to profit from the apparent election tampering. Can you spell Conflict of Interest?

Just now, at 4:19pm EST, Green Rainbow Massachusetts Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein reached the money threshold imposed by the Boston Media Conspiracy. If the BMC doesn’t change its rules again, she cannot be blocked from the remaining Debates. She still needs to raise $25,000 Fast to qualify for matching funds. Here in Amherst last Sunday she told a small gathering of the faithful that she was confident she could raise the $25,000, if she’s seen in the Debates.

The other 3 candidates want Casinos legalized. But two-thirds of the population of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts wants to legalize Marijuana instead. Stein, because of her courage, has risen to become the de facto leader of both the anti-Casino and pro-Marijuana movements in the state. Of course, as an MD, she is the optimum candidate to speak for Medical Marijuana.

One of every eight voters in the state will vote on Public Policy Questions calling for legalizing Medical Marijuana (in the more conservative sections of the state) and legalizing Marijuana outright (in the more liberal parts). 73 Localities will vote to instruct their representatives to support legalization. All are expected to pass. More than 100 localities in the Commonwealth have already passed such Questions.

We hope that the voter interest in Marijuana will boost Jill Stein to the winner’s circle in this 4-person race, as she faces 3 men who usually agree with each other. They need Stein to make it a true Debate. But she’s likely to out-debate them again, if they let her compete: She’s a scientist, and these 3 guys are salesmen!

Good luck Jill Stein!

If you’d like to listen to Tom Neilson’s fine folksong about the race, Follow the Money, or if you’d like to donate to Jill Stein’s campaign at this critical juncture, the link follows. The names fleetingly dropped in the fast flowing song refer to Jill Stein, her running mate Rick Purcell, Green Rainbow candidate for State Auditor Nat Fortune, and Stein’s opponents in the Gubernatorial race: Democratic Governor Deval Patrick, current front-runner Republican Charles Baker, and Democrat-turned-Independent State Treasurer Timothy Cahill.

listen to Follow the Money

Here’s a real treat: An extended interview with Dr. Stein herself. Enjoy! Get inspired.

Jill Stein interviewed on The State We’re In

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Green MassGov Candidate Jill Stein Speaks at Marijuana Rally in Boston Today, In The Face Of The Machine

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Green MassGov Candidate Jill Stein Speaks at Marijuana Rally in Boston Today, In The Face Of The Machine — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Massachusetts Green Rainbow Gubernatorial Candidate Jill Stein will speak today at Boston’s annual pro-Marijuana Freedom Rally HempFest on the Boston Common, in the face of the "Democratic" Party machine, Boston University, and local corporate media, all working to suppress her candidacy and silence her voice by blocking her from the Debates.

The Boston Media Consortium (BMC) rigged last Tuesday’s Gubernatorial Election Debate by excluding Jill Stein, the only woman candidate. The members of the Boston Media Conspiracy/Consortium are Boston University’s NPR station WBUR, and Boston’s PBS Channel 2 WGBH, NBC Channel 7 WHDH, ABC Channel 5 WCBV, the Boston Globe, and New England Cable News.

The 3 Casino-backed candidates in the race, incumbent Democratic Governor Deval Patrick, Republican Charles Baker, and independent candidate Timothy Cahill (often called Tweedledum, Tweedledee, and Tweedledummer), agree with each other on many issues. If legalized, their Casino sponsors would benefit the Commonwealth’s economy in many important ways:

~They fatten the coffers of corporate-funded candidates, so they can buy newspaper ads and TV commercials;
~They encourage drunk driving offenses, and drunken drivers who live through it can then be forced to pay fines;
~They divert education funding toward high-paid Government officials who’ll oversee the gambling operations;
~They provide important low-paying low-skill jobs that Boston U. students will need as the education funding dries up, jobs like bar tenders, bouncers, bookies, prostitutes, pimps, nude models, exotic dancers, massage therapists, escorts, chamber maids, gun dealers, enforcers, collectors, kneecap breakers, hubcap stealers … a real jobs program;
~Hard drugs could flood the area, providing jobs for dealers, wholesalers, smugglers, hitmen and others; which in turn provides jobs and funding for police, prosecutors, lawyers, judges, bondsmen, and corporate jailing facilities (the prison-industrial complex), ready to be filled by those restless former college students, who lost their financial aid after getting caught with drugs when they were innocently driving home drunk from a gambling establishment;
~Giving Organized Crime a bigger foothold in the state could boost a growth industry; we already have some of the best Heroin in the country, as you can tell by our death rate from it; besides, Organized Crime has been very good for Massachusetts: Who do you think picks up your garbage?

But the Massachusetts electorate is not too keen on legalizing Casinos, not like the monied candidates want you to think. What the people of Massachusetts do want to legalize is Marijuana. 65% of voters want it; and 12.5% of the state’s voters will be voting on it on November 2, though in non-binding Public Policy Questions, which nonetheless instruct their public officials and elected representatives to support legalizing Marijuana and liberalizing laws and enforcement concerning it.

As the only candidate brave enough to stand up to the Casinos, Stein is the de facto leader of the anti-Casino movement, which is winning so far. Now, she can also become the de facto leader of the strong-and-growing-stronger Marijuana movement. And as an MD, Jill Stein is an ideal spokesperson for medical Marijuana.

Liberal areas of the state will vote on whether to legalize, tax, and regulate Marijuana, like the California bill. Conservative districts in Massachusetts can vote on legalizing Medical Marijuana. Scott Brown’s old State Senate voters will get to file an opinion. All these Marijuana Public Policy Questions are expected to pass resoundingly. One can hope the Marijuana voter turnout will benefit Jill Stein, and vice versa.

With four candidates in the race, and two-thirds of the state agreeing with Stein on these two important issues, a perfect storm could be brewing. If elected, Stein will push for legalization and get it, with so much of the Commonwealth feeling that way. She will also bring home our state’s National Guard troops deployed to war zones.

Sunday in Amherst, Stein told a small group of dedicated supporters that the BMC’s ostensible reasons given for excluding her from the Debates shift. Sometimes low poling is cited, but as her poling rises, it’s the fact that she hasn’t raised $100,000 in donations yet. Sunday when she said that, she had only raised $70,000. Now she has over $82,000. She doesn’t have much time left to reach that $100,000 goal, which, if missed, gives the BMC an opportunity to manipulate the Election results by blocking participation of the only candidate that would make it a real Debate.

Stein pointed out that the BMC excluding her for not raising $100,000 shows a Bizarro sense of ethics: "Accepting corporate money, Casino money should disqualify them …" from office, rather than promoting their candidacies over hers.

This again shows how we need public financing. Here we see the only honest candidate – the only one not accepting money from special interests – is penalized for her honesty. Shame on the establishment!

And one has to wonder, shouldn’t the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Election Commission, and who ever accredits Boston University be investigating BU, NPR, PBS, NECN, the Globe, and everybody else who is improperly tampering with Elections? Oh, yeah … Who do you think picks up your garbage?