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The Magic Map says 43 States Want Pot Reform; but the Clock says Just 4 Days Left to Repeal Prohibition with President Jill Stein

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The Magic Map says 43 States Want Pot Reform; but the Clock says Just 4 Days Left to Repeal Prohibition with President Jill Stein — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


This story really has some teeth. It should grow some legs. This is an emergency! Lots of lemmings are galloping over the edge of the pier, into the cold sea, but some of us are turning Left instead of falling off, because there is a real alternative.

As the 1932 US Presidential Election was a referendum on Legalizing Ethanol, the 2012 US Presidential Election will be a referendum on Legalizing Cannabis. We are that close now. Only seven states are not considering Legalizing this year – the other 43 and the District of Columbia are. (Did I say Colombia?!) (Never mind, I guess you’d have to be nearly as old as me to get that joke.)

When the US repealed Alcohol Prohibition in 1933, the voters didn’t have to wait to have a drink until the legislators in their state got around to Legalizing their drug of choice, Ethanol. Most of you know that it was Legalized by a Constitutional Amendment, which repealed another Constitutional Amendment. You may not realize that that repeal process, a series of Article V Constitutional Conventions, took only nine months from the first state (Massachusetts) until the 37th state (Utah) passed the Amendment, making it the law of the land. But still the people didn’t have to wait out that process. Because they had already forced the hand of the politicians. The people had spoken. On the Prohibition issue anyway, the people had taken over!

Prohibition of Ethanol terribly damaged our national and world economy and ecology. It corrupted diplomats, spies, businessmen, politicians, and police. Sound familiar? The Democrats and Republicans were both far-Right-wing Parties at that time. Both tried to keep Prohibition and its high-paying crime and corruption going strong. The Republicans were the Party of Big Business, and the Democrats were the Party of the Ku Klux Klan. Just nine years earlier, in 1924, the largest Klan Rally in history took place, at the Democratic National Convention. Then, five years later, the stock market crashed. Then, the people finally said “No” to the duopoly legacy Parties.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt bucked his own Democratic Party on Prohibition. He announced that he would be having a drink as soon as the law was repealed. But he didn’t have to wait that long. And neither did the voters. In fact, for the Prohibition Repeal of 1933, the celebrants didn’t even have to wait until 1933. Ethanol was de facto Legalized the very next day after the 1932 Presidential Election: The people had spoken: The people elected Roosevelt: The people started legally selling and using their drug of choice, right away, as much as they wanted. We can do the same. Support Jill Stein.

Massachusetts attorney Richard Evans has been instrumental in the Marijuana law reform movement here in Massachusetts. He has prepared a series of historical lectures and presentations on the two Prohibitions, teaching how they are alike, teaching how the first one was repealed, teaching how this one can be repealed. Here are links to historical teaching material on Prohibition from Dick Evans. Check them out when you get a chance.

Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein stands ready to bring the United States into the 21st Century on environment, economy, energy, Human Rights, and peace. You don’t have to choose somebody from the corrupt far-Right criminal Parties. You can be a part of a true revolution! Jill Stein needs your help to gain enough money in donations in just over three days to win over to her campaign coffers more than one hundred thousand dollars in matching funds. That influx of cash will boost visibility and viability of Stein and the Green Party. On environment, economy, energy, Human Rights, and peace, the two big Parties seem either evil or superstitious – but most Americans assume that the reason nearly all elected Republicans and Democrats act that way is that they take bribes from the 1%. Recent polls decrying the lack of choice in the 2012 Presidential Election indicate that both Republicrat candidates are no damn good. In any case, the Democratic Republican Obromneys can’t be viable, because they’re not sustainable!

Now we’re in a Green Revolution, and we can win it. We will win it, if our species is to survive. Al Gore was just in Washington again this week, asking them to be reasonable. They’re not. They’re instead being dishonest, and acting superstitious. President Obama this week snubbed another climate conference, this one’s in Rio de Janeiro. I just saw Canadian scientist David Suzuki speaking from there on Democracy Now! He said we’re doomed because of that snubbing by US politicians. He said that because of these environmental Atrocities, humans may have only a 50% chance of surviving the 21st Century. Ignoring climate change is a real crime.

As I asserted in my previous article on the subject, scientists at Lund University in Sweden have proven my friend Jack Herer’s hypothesis that growing Cannabis Hemp on 6% of US arable land can produce enough clean energy to power our entire economy, replacing all current usage of Nuclear power, Oil, gasoline, diesel, natural gas, and propane; without causing any Global Warming! Cannabis fuels do not add CO2 to our atmosphere, because the only Carbon in biofuels is that which was recently absorbed out of the air: Hempen biofuels are Carbon neutral. If we begin growing Hemp today on 6% of our arable land, the US could be energy independent by 45 days from now, never needing Fracking, pipelines, Coal mining, offshore drilling, or onshore drilling. Those dirty Fossil Fuels should keep their Oily fangs out of our funky shores! Check out these Jack Herer links about Hemp and Clean Energy, when you get the chance.

But, hey, we’re out of time. The bought-off major media keep telling people that they must choose the far-Right, anti-science, anti-Human-Rights, war monger Obama; or they must choose Romney, who claims to be worse than Obama. American democracy has never been in so much trouble. Think about it as if you were a foreign election observer, observing a foreign election: One set of campaign donors first funded George W. Bush, then funded Barack Obama, and are now funding Mitt Romney. At the same time, every televised news source (except Fox) constant tells Americans (in subtle and not so subtle ways) that they must vote for Obama, or they are doomed. Even Democracy Now! doesn’t mention Green Party Presidential candidates. Both Jill Stein and 2008 Green Vice Presidential nominee Rosa Clemente pointed it out to me: Democracy Now! doesn’t seriously cover the Greens in Presidential Elections. Google it. (They spoke to Roseanne Barr, as a novelty, once).

Jill Stein has just over 3 more days left to qualify for matching funds for her campaign. She is very close. If she gets it, she will be the first Green Presidential candidate to do so, quite an accomplishment in itself. If she makes it, the campaign garners more than one hundred thousand dollars in matching funds, to help get the word out. If she gets it, we might get legal Marijuana this November. Of course, the Obromney Republicrats have a lot more money than Jill Stein will get. But everybody knows that they are loudmouthed liars. Jill Stein is not a TV star. Jill Stein’s voice is not loud, but she speaks the truth. She is principled. Has any other candidate told you about the Slavery, Genocide, Torture, and repression our Government is carrying out in Bahrain? Of course not. They wouldn’t dare!

How could the Holocaust happen? Politicians were unprincipled. Voters didn’t care much, didn’t want to think about it. A lot more is at stake than just Marijuana. But Marijuana voters hold the key. Many people, like my friend Dick Evans, say it should be [or at least that it will be] taxed and regulated “like alcohol.” But Boston activist attorney Steve Epstein, also very important in the Marijuana movement here, says they should take it a step further, and make it “Legal like tomatoes.” Steve is right. Legalize it first. If we elect Jill Stein President on November 6, 2012, we can start legally growing it, smoking it, and trading it right away, when the results are announced, that night; because the people will have spoken!

Jill Stein needs to collect at least $5,000 in donations from each of at least 20 states in order to get the matching funds. She has already made it in eleven states. She needs just nine more. Call your friends in different states who care about these issues. The first $250 of any donation counts toward securing the matching funds for the campaign. Of course, she needs donations in any amount and from any state. But this map or the Jill Stein funding link will help you think of who to call, by showing you which states are within reach of the $5,000. We need nine. If you know anybody in those states who cares about Marijuana and Hemp issues, or who cares about peace and justice, for that matter, or who cares about energy and the environment and the economy, please, if you know people there who care, call them or email them. Send them this link. Broadcast this all over the internet as fast as you can, because we need to get this done, now!

Accept no (l)imitations. Dr. Jill Stein, MD. Give Now! After Jill Stein is elected, we’ll be powering our cars and power plants on Green Energy. And to celebrate, I’ll take a toke from that same plant – the Hemp plant – the same plant that those clean fuels are made from, and when I do, I’ll feel the Green Energy. Join the Green Party. It’s time for Economic Conversion! Join the Green Revolution. Click on the Jill Stein funding link, get out your digital wallet, and send her some Green Energy. Do it now. Please. Future generations are depending on you.


How to Read this Map

A. Get so stoned that it looks like a map. All 50 states and the District of Columbia are situated approximately where they should be. Find your state on the map. Compare it to other states.

B. The caption for each state shows how close Dr. Stein is to securing $5,000 in donations from that state, and it shows the Marijuana legal situation in the state.

Line 1: Two-letter state abbreviation, followed in parentheses by the number of donors needed to put that state over the top, assuming that each donor gives the maximum of $250.

Line 2: Tells if donation collection in each state is: Below 25% of the $5,000 needed [<1/4]; around a quarter of the way there, as estimated by the campaign [quart]; around halfway there [half]; more than three-quarters there [>3/4]; or already over $5,000 [done].

Line 3: Tells if state has Medical Marijuana [mmj]; if the state’s Medi-Juana is crucial to our national economy [mmj(!)]; and if the state had/has a Marijuana Proposition this year [prop].

Line 4: Tells if Marijuana is on the ballot in the state this year [ballot]; if outlaw Marijuana Smokeasies currently operate in the state [smokeasy]; if state citizens frequently use Civil Disobedience pot smoking to intimidate police [CD]; if the state has a strong Industrial Hemp movement [hemp]; if the state has Willie Nelson helping out its (Industrial) Hemp movement [Willie]; and if the state has a hidden loophole through which Marijuana is already more legal than it is in other states [loophole]. (The Line 4 stuff may spill over into other Lines. That’s just it goes when you get to Line 4.)

Loopholes: (1) In Florida, prescription Marijuana is already legal. Very few people get it. Elvy Musikka, a good friend of mine who has severe Glaucoma, is one of the few patients in this country getting it prescribed. Unfortunately, it is the worst pot you can imagine: The males and females aren’t separated; it’s harvested by lawnmower; if she gets a bud, it’s by accident; it’s warehoused for years so that by the time she gets it, she has to re-humidify it or it won’t even smoke. (2) In Ohio, if you possess less than 100 grams, you cannot even be ticketed. Nearly everyone in Ohio has under 100 grams. (3) Here in Massachusetts, if caught with Marijuana, the culprit doesn’t have to give the police his or her real name, and doesn’t have to pay the fine. Another Massachusetts Loophole: If the person caught with Marijuana is using it medicinally for Asthma, AIDS, or Cancer, then the charges must be dropped. (4) Alaska’s Supreme Court ruled Marijuana legal there. (~5) Wisconsin’s Constitution provides that possession of Marijuana on private property is not a crime unless and until someone files a complaint. (Wisconsin is not marked as a full Loophole on the map.)







*****     WA(0) MT(20) ND(20) MN(0) WI(0) MI(1.6) ******  MA(0) VT(20) NH(20) ME(15)

*****     *done* *<1/4* *<1/4* *done* *done* *>3/4* ****    *done* *<1/4* *<1/4* *quart*

*****     *mmj* *mmj* ooooo oooo *prop* *mmj* ********   loophole *prop* *mmj* *mmj*

*****     *ballot* ooooo *ballot* oooo *hemp* *ballot* ****    *ballot* ooooo *CD* *hemp*


*****       OR(1.2) ID(20) WY(20) SD(20)   IL(0) IN(16) OH(6) NY(0) CT (10) RI(20)

*****      *>3/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *done* *quart* *>3/4* *done* *half* *half*

*****     *mmj* *prop* oooo ***** oooo *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *mmj* *mmj*

*****     *ballot* oooo oooo *hemp* *ballot* oooo *ballot* smokeasy oooo oooo


*******  NV(20) UT(20) CO (5) NE(20) IO(20) WV(20) VA(5) DC(12) PA(0) DE(20) NJ(0)

*******  *<1/4* *<1/4* *>3/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *>3/4* *half* *done* *<1/4* *done*

*******  *mmj* oooo *mmj(!)* oooo *mmj* *prop* oooo *mmj* *prop* *mmj* *mmj*

*******  *prop* oooo *ballot* oooo *prop* oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo


CA(0) oooo    KS(20) MO(14) OK(20) AR(20) TN(15) KY(20) NC(7) MD(0)

*done* oooo    *<1/4* *quart* *<1/4* *<1/4* *quart* *<1/4* *>3/4* *done*

*mmj(!)* oooo  *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop* *prop*

*ballot* oooo     oooo oooo oooo *ballot* oooo *hemp* oooo oooo


*****   AZ(11) NM(2.5) TX(0) LA(20) MS(20) AL(20) SC(16) GA(17)

*****   *half* *>3/4* *done* *<1/4* *<1/4* *<1/4* *quart* *quart*

*****   *mmj* *mmj* oooo oooo *prop* *prop* *prop* oooo

*****    oooo oooo *Willie* oooo oooo oooo oooo oooo


HI(20) oooo       oooo         oooo      oooo        FL(9)

*<1/4* oooo       oooo         oooo      oooo         *half*

*mmj* oooo     oooo         oooo       oooo        *prop*

oooo oooo    oooo         oooo       oooo    loophole


The only seven states not trying to Legalize Marijuana this year are Georgia, Louisiana, Utah, Nebraska, Virginia, Minnesota, and Wyoming. Even so, in all seven of them, Marijuana is by far the biggest cash crop.



Jill Stein is the best candidate in the Presidential race on Marijuana. It’s time to stop beating around the bush and end Prohibition now. Legalize it. Under present law, before it can be prescribed or used legally, the President or the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) must order it removed from the Schedule 1 illegal drugs list, which purports that the drug has no medical use. Marijuana is on Schedule 1, even though its documented use as a medicine goes back thousands of years. Dr. Jill Stein, MD, is a Harvard-trained physician, and teaches medicine. She is an expert on the environmental impact of pollutants on people.

In ten states, citizens will be voting on Marijuana questions this year. Other states came close to getting such measures on their respective ballots – came close, but no cigar. Certainly in all those states, there are people who would enormously benefit from Jill Stein’s increased exposure in the campaign, should she get the matching funds. For instance, Marijuana is on the ballot in Oregon, and Jill Stein only needs two more donors to put Oregon over the $5,000 mark. Now, listen, both of you, I want you to forgo that next ounce, and give that $250 to Jill right now. Do it. If you’re in other states, give anyway. You can check the map to see if your state is voting on pot, and what the Marijuana movement is like in neighboring states.

Eighteen states (including the District of Columbia) have Medical Marijuana according to law now, but the Federal Government under President Obama has been ruthless in cracking down on these law-abiding citizens. If you’re in Colorado, a state with a successful Medical Marijuana program, and an upcoming Marijuana Election, you probably want the Federal Government out of your hair, whether you’re a patient or a provider. Jill just needs six donors to put her over the top in Colorado. It could be you.

Twenty-one states have or had Marijuana Propositions in motion in 2012. Missouri, for example, has Marijuana activity this year. It only takes fifteen of you in Missouri to put Jill Stein over the top. The Green Party is all over the world. The established media will not report on this. We are the media now. It is time for the United States to join the Green Revolution. Let’s stop letting our country act superstitiously!

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Washington Post-Bloomberg Presidential Economy Poll Shows Jill Stein Winning in a Landslide (the way I read it)

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Washington Post-Bloomberg Presidential Economy Poll Shows Jill Stein Winning in a Landslide (the way I read it) — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

A new poll (October 6-9, 2011) from the Washington Post and Bloomberg News officially reports for the first time what we have all heard many times: Democrats and Republicans are the same, and they’re all crooks – they’re hopeless. The current economic crisis needs a tireless worker who’s not afraid to push for what’s right.

This poll, to my mind, actually reveals the electorate’s shocking Presidential preference. You’ll note that a clear majority of respondents (45% + 7% = 52%) cited no difference between the corporate Republicrat Parties. Here’s the raw data, followed my my interpolation:

Washington Post/Bloomberg News Poll. 10/6-9/11. N=1,000 adults nationwide. Margin of error ± 3.5.

“If a Republican were president right now, do you think the economy would be better, worse, or about the same as it is now?”
It would be:

Better      Worse      The Same      Unsure
23%        25%           45%                7%

Repub.   Obama       Stein         Undecided

Reported at:

Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party 2010 Gubernatorial nominee Jill Stein announced her “Green New Deal” the same day President Obama announced his bogus “Jobs” Bill. Of course, Obama simultaneously pushed three “free trade” deals, his real agenda: No jobs here, but low-paying jobs in Colombia, Panama, and Korea, to put downward pressure on wages both here and there.

The term New Deal originates with Franklin Roosevelt, a President. One may therefore reasonably draw from this that Jill Stein is running for President. Hallelujah. Here are Jill Stein’s words on the Green New Deal, followed by a FireDogLake post from gpus (Green Party of the United States): &

At Long Last! A true Progressive with a strong voice for a sound economy, peace, justice, equality, workers’ rights, and environmental integrity is running for President of the United States. Jill Stein will end the wars, end the Drug War, end the Obama Death Squads, end the environmental destruction. She is a dedicated courageous valiant crusader, just when we need one!

For the first time, the Green Party of the US will be fronted by an aggressive Marijuana/hemp/medical Cannabis activist, Jill Stein, MD (assuming she wins the nomination). Marijuana is an issue that ties all of the others together: Wars, economy, environment, Human Rights, Political Prisoners; I could go on. Marijuana also represents the key demographic group of non-aligned voters.

Donate now and help get Jill Stein matching funds before she officially declares her candidacy Monday October 24, 2011, at the Massachusetts State House. It would be ideal if she receives $5,000 in donations from each of 20 states by that time. Tell your friends and political allies. Our time is at hand.

Announcement of the upcoming Announcement:


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The Nation’s/Maddow’s Chris Hayes Chuckles over Bird Killings and Ignores ChemCo Connection

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The Nation’s/Maddow’s Chris Hayes Chuckles over Bird Killings and Ignores ChemCo Connection — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

This fraud has gone far enough. Today I am filing an FCC complaint against Chris Hayes, the Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC, Good Morning America, and the local Massachusetts station known as ABC-40/Fox-6. Their deception over the mass killings of red-winged blackbirds endangers American lives.

The reason a canary is placed in a coal mine is to warn humans that there is already enough poisonous gas in the mine to kill birds, and that humans must immediately evacuate. An alternative strategy would be to stop the poisonous emissions.

Yesterday, our local station affiliate of both Fox and ABC aired a report on the killing of hundreds of red-winged blackbirds in Arkansas. The local commentators laughed it up. Later, many more red-winged blackbirds fell dead from the sky in Louisiana. Then, last night on MSNBC, The Nation‘s Chris Hayes, filling in for Rachel Maddow, yukked it up over the killings. This morning, ABC’s Good Morning America got a good laugh out of it. And of course, later, more red-winged blackbirds dropped dead, in Kentucky. And now, it’s happened in Sweden, too.

The birds were obviously poisoned. The stories offered by ABC and MSNBC: (1) That they got wet and disoriented, then killed themselves; (2) that they bumped into power lines; (3) that a storm did this, are preposterous. These fraudulent claims are criminal, I think. Hayes, the Maddow Show, GMA, and even our local news, have a responsibility to let us know when our fellow citizens are being poisoned. Those who play Journalists on TV have particular obligation here.

One of the reports to which I’ll link below says that a Cornell professor tested the birds and ruled out poisoning. This is also preposterous. If he actually did that, then he perhaps should be arrested for conspiracy to cover up what happened. Some poisons leave no trace, so a few hours of toxicology testing cannot rule out poisoning, and anyone reporting that is lying.

To confuse things and help cover it up, the US Geological Survey quickly rushed out a list of large bird kills, trying to make this look normal. There have also been millions of fish killed in the US in the past few days.

Now let me give you the really important facts of this bird case, the ones that Hayes or Maddow or GMA or anybody could have looked up, and maybe did, but chose to keep it secret: The three US blackbird kills all happened very, very close to chemical companies:

(1) The street on which the Arkansas birds were found is two blocks South of the street on which Google Maps shows the nearest chemical factory;

(2) chemical companies surround the Louisiana dead bird site;

(3) the Kentucky university campus that dead blackbirds were found “near” is about 7,000 feet from the nearest chemical factory. (Someone with better access to the area, and to computers, than myself can check to find out if the birds were between campus and the factory.)

Now I must hurry to the bus, and so, must wait until tomorrow morning to file my FCC complaints. At least I got it out here. Maybe tonight’s MSNBC and tomorrow’s ABC will tell the truth, and I won’t need to mail the letters. Where the hell is the EPA? What does that P in EPA stand for anyway? I guess the EPA P-ing on us again.

The American people are not stupid enough to believe these birds had a suicide pact. Are “Journalists” trying to convince us that these were red-winged black-Muslim-birds?,8599,2040485,00.html,28804,2035319_2034098,00.html

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Weekend Art of the Economic Collapse: Racoon sings Dumpster Diver: Garbology 101

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Weekend Art of the Economic Collapse: Racoon sings Dumpster Diver: Garbology 101 — posted by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Racoon is holding a large white crystal in one of the photos.

Video by Rachel Neulander. The music by her friend, our late Rainbow brother Racoon, is public domain.

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But President Pinocchio, How Can the Oil be Gone and the Oily Fish Good to Eat?

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But President Pinocchio, How Can the Oil be Gone and the Oily Fish Good to Eat?! — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Gulf of Mexico fishermen in the New Orleans area can’t sell their fish to distributors, who, like everyone else, know that the fish are toxic. Petroleum is toxic. It causes cancer and many other problems.

Dispersed Oil is not gone or "almost gone," as the propaganda press claims. Matter cannot be created nor destroyed. It is not gone.

And the Oil that propagandists admit is not "gone," that which is still visible floating on the surface of the Gulf waters, that final 25% of the Oil, well, that last quarter remaining totals about 5 times the size of the Exxon-Valdez spill.

So, what I want to hear from President Pinocchio and the other Oil company lackeys in the straight press is: Was the Exxon-Valdez Oil spill a ever a disaster? Or was it always "almost gone?"

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Drug-Oriented Suicide Art with Bad Words in it

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Drug-Oriented Suicide Art with Bad Words in it — by NormanB {"Deviations from the Norm")

Norman B – Deviations from the Norm Read the rest of this entry →

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Learn the 7 Greenhouse Gases, and Stop Them!

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LEARN the 7 GREENHOUSE GASES, and STOP THEM! — by NormanB "Deviations from the Norm")

Here’s a quick course on Climate Change presented in short entertaining videos. For this first one, gather the kids around, and we’ll all learn the 7 Greenhouse Gases together in a fun way.

Then we’ll stop them. (So the kids won’t need to deal with them. We really can and should clean up our own mess.)

The following video was our entry to HuffingtonPost’s Hopenhagen Ambassador Contest. It’s been viewed in every country in the world.
It has lots of important climate info in the short one-minute format.

by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

SEVEN GASES — by NormanB

We don’t need to emit any Greenhouse Gases. Cars and Power Plants don’t HAVE TO cause Global Warming.

And here is more detailed scientific information on how burning Fossil Fuels causes Global Warming, and why burning Biofuels can’t. I self-published it as a booklet in 1994. It begins my book How to HALT Global Warming this week AND Pull the Carbon back Out of the Air.

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I’ve Been Waiting for Things to Change for a Long Time; I Finally found out How to Make ‘em Change …

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I’ve Been Waiting for Things to Change for a Long Time & I Finally found out How to Make ‘em Change … Just Keep Waiting! — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

The Waiting Time
by Norman B
Deviations from the Norm

Well, I’ve been waiting for things to change for a long time, and I finally found out how to make ‘em change: Just keep waiting. But, …

When the waiting time is over
We will all be free.
When the waiting time is over,
Harmony for you and me.
When the waiting time is over
We’ll defend equality.
When the waiting time is over
We’ll befriend ecology.

When the waiting time is over
We will sing a different song.
When the waiting time is over,
‘C-Can(‘t) we all just sing along?’
When the waiting time is over
Do what’s right, not what is wrong.
When the waiting time is over
Be allowed to have a bong.

When the waiting time is over
Cops won’t be busting heads,
When the waiting time is over,
Nor rousting them from their beds.
When the waiting time is over,
Religious freedom for the dreads.
When the waiting time is over,
Free the heads and jail the feds.

When the waiting time is over
People won’t be killed by pigs,
When the waiting time is over,
Nor tortured in their brigs.
When the waiting time is over
Zigs will replace cigs.
When the waiting time is over,
We’ll dominate the major leagues.

When the waiting time is over
We will learn our lesson and, listen:
When the waiting time is over
People won’t keep turnin’ up missin’,
When the waiting time is over,
They won’ keep overstockin’ the prison.
When the waiting time is over
Oliver North’ll be tried for treason.

When the waiting time is over
We’ll have RUSSIAN-style reforms,
Like free press, and private ownership
Of homes and firms and farms,
And an opposition party …
And won’t be ruled by sellers of arms
And spies and oil and insurance
And spewers of sewers of harms.

When the waiting time is over
We will learn another way.
When the waiting time is over,
There will dawn a brand new day.
When the waiting time is over
The rich will have to pay.
When the waiting time is over
We’ll disband the CIA.

When the waiting time is over
We will hire the world a florist.
When the waiting time is over
We will massively reforest.
When the waiting time is over
We will all sing out in chorus.
When the waiting time is over,
We’ll overthrow tyrannosaurus.

(p)(c)2007 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved. Used with permission. First performed live in 1992. First broadcast in 1992 on WMNF 88.5 Tampa Community Radio