Look at the History. Look at the Constitution. Look at the Oil: The Filibuster Scam

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Look at the History. Look at the Constitution. Look at the Oil: The Filibuster Scam … by Norman B ("Deviations from the Norm")
The Senate’s Filibuster Rule is not in the Constitution: It was Changed Twice by an Oilman that Nobody Voted for. Who can Change it Now? The Answer is Shocking.
It’s as simple as this: The Vice President of the United States is also the President of the Senate. Our current Vice President said that he doesn’t want the Republicans to use the Filibuster the way they are using it. He said that just weeks ago, but it isn’t true. If it were, he would already have changed the rule, as his predecessors did before him.
Let’s look at an extreme example: Republican Oil billionaire Nelson Rockefeller was officially Vice President of the US for two years in the 1970s.
He became Republican Gerald Ford’s Vice President when their fellow Republican Richard Nixon resigned the Presidency after evidence proved Nixon could go to Federal prison (unless someone pardoned him). Ford had been appointed VP after Republican Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned because evidence showed him eligible for prison. Felons or not, Nixon and Agnew had been elected. Nobody voted for Ford. Nobody voted for Rockefeller.
But the people did vote for Democrat Joe Biden; and as Vice President he holds the exact same power to change the Filibuster Rule that Rockefeller did. Here’s how Nelson Rockefeller used that power: First he ruled that Democrats were not allowed to Filibuser any of Ford’s nominees. Then, days before leaving office, he changed it again, this time ruling that the Republicans WOULD be allowed to Filibuster President-elect Jimmy Carter’s up-coming nominees. This Filibuster effect helped cripple Carter’s Presidency.
The Filibuster Rule is completely unjust and undemocratic, especially when used to condone a system wherein Republicans only need 50 votes plus Vice Presidential Oilman Dick Cheney to make up a majority, but Democrats need 60.
Where this logic leads is troubling: Joe Biden isn’t the only one being dishonest about the Filibuster. So is President Obama. So are ALL the Democrats in the Senate. So are all the Republicans in the Senate. And all the Independents in the Senate, too. Shame on them all.
Who profits from this scam? Of course, this fraud profits Obama-Biden and the 100 Senators, in campaign spending from oil companies, who apparently consider our elected representatives their lackeys. So BP got to help write the oil safety regulations. And the drug and insurance profiteers got to write the health care legislation. And the six too-big-to-fail banks are writing the financial "regulations." (But as University of Massachusetts Economics Professor Emeritus Richard Wolff points out: Regulations can’t stop these guys – they got around them before, and they’ll get around them again. They can pick the legislators, and make them dance.)
Who loses in this scam? Everyone who voted loses. But bigger than that, with the world’s worst polluters now writing our climate and energy laws, the biggest loser is Earth.