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“Africa Unite” says Occupy Kenya’s Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe/Africa Walks Out of Climate Talks/LIVE Report from Libyan Genocide

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“Africa Unite” says Occupy Kenya’s Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe/Africa Walks Out of Climate Talks/LIVE Report from Libyan Genocide – by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



First, a little background. US President Barack Obama undermined Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s authority and Government a few days ago via Administrative Coup.

Before the US invasion, Libya had been one of the world’s top Oil producers. Hmm… Though many Africans saw Gaddafi as a unifier of Africa, and though [as per Levis] people throughout Africa protested Black Libyans being wiped out by Obama’s Al Qaeda Terrorist Mercenaries, Obama’s former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was videotaped gloating about conquest and laughing uproariously at Gaddafi’s Murder via Torture.

You’ve seen scenes from that Torture-Murder. Here are Black Libyans about to be Murdered by the US side, forced to eat the flag of Gaddafi’s Libya.

Obama’s (and Clinton’s) Reign of Terror continues still in Libya, as persons who worked with the previous Government are being hunted down and Murdered by the US side. We’ll have a LIVE interactive interview in the comments below with a Libyan still in that country, who knows US Assassination victims Murdered last week. She is bravely trying to get word out.

At yesterday’s international climate conference in Poland, delegates of all of the African nations there walked out of the summit when the announcement came that President Obama didn’t want to hear their concerns for at least another couple of years. G-77, the negotiating group that walked out, represents two-thirds of the world’s nations, and 80% of its people. This wanton intentional environment destruction, and the weapons that the Obama Administration are pouring into Africa, are part of the Genocide too.

We shall also have an interactive interview with Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe of the Maasai tribe, Maa Civil Society and Occupy Kenya. You, readers, can leave questions or comments for either guest, in real time.


Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe:

~~The United States of Africa, a concept for federation of 55 sovereign African states, is the most prodigious, intelligent, prospicient and indeed timely inkling Africans ever thought of. The idea was first brought to the fore and advanced by Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi during his stint as chairperson for the African Union (AU). The then AU Chair contemplated the federalist states at the AU headquarters in Addis Ababa for what he termed as blasted expectations by AU to bulldoggishly exasperate for Africa’s and Africans’ space and place in the global world. The Libyan leader emphatically avouched that only true African states can shape up their own destiny and bring to reality own stability and wealth to the continent.
~~African leaders, unanimously bought this acumen with the amenability and avid belief that peace, love, unity and freedom was veraciously feasible in a reborn African continent under the auspices of the federalism. Being a good student of history and of course developed bubbling interests in the various goings-on in Africa and beyond, nothing enkindles my admirations more than the talk of the Union and merger of African states into African United States. History has that the name United States of Africa was coined by Marcus Garvey in his poem ‘Hail, United States of Africa’ in 1924; an idea that gave birth to the Pan-Africanist movement in 1945.
~~This movement caused ‘earthquakes’ in the continent at the height of the unquenchable thirst for freedom and struggle to liberate the African continent from the paws and claws of colonialism. Pan-Africanism was led by epic freedom fighters in Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, our own founding father and first President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, Patrice Lumumba of Congo and the indomitable lion that warded off incursion into his territory by the wolves in white skin called colonialists; Haile Selassie of Ethiopia; all of whom steered their respective nations to independence.
~~However, Ethiopia was never colonized and Perhaps the historical worship by Rastafarians of the nation and indeed Selassie has some connotation with this valiant streak the hero demonstrated. Then came the plainspoken General Gaddafi who crisscrossed the African continent with a clarion call and slogan of UNITY that sparked a frenzy of excitement, boldness and belief in African ingenuity to match, in every sense of the word, developed world economies and democracies.
~~Though Gaddafi succumbed to Libyan agents of foreign masters of discord who felt threatened by the General Gaddafi’s revivification of the sure as fate Pan-Africanist spirit that liberated Africa from monstrous colonialism in the 1960s; the spirit of the fallen son of African soil instilled in us, lives on. It pensively dampens my spirit that Gaddafi assassins are the very people he endeared his whole life to serve and protect with all the venom.
~~The stool pigeons and cohorts of American slave drivers inveigled this greatest African to his untimely death under the guise of fighting authoritarianism and according democracy space in Libya. The incontrovertible truth remains; the Obama administration grew excessively glutinous and gluttonous of the inexhaustible Libyan oil fields that Gaddafi successfully parried the ‘predators’ from, a thing that left Obama and his figureheads with no option but remove the stumbling block that proscribed accessibility to the oil.
~~I dare and typically say Gaddafi made Libya a small heaven on earth and there’s damning corroboration for this. Libyans are now ruefully reaping the soar grapes of American brainwashing and artful implants of hidden motives. Libyans’ silly and mindless indulgence to aid America’s veil of secrecy to kill their ‘god’ has caused their nation inordinately as it has never known peace since. May the soul of the valiant African Rest in eternal peace.


~~Gaddafi was not alone though. Yoweri Museveni of Uganda among other Heads of African States, was his aide-de-camp in the Union advocacy. The Ugandan President’s tough and uncompromising stand against western obsessive thought that they have a right to control and loot African resources, micromanage our affairs and patronage on our leaders; has put him at loggerheads with the western oligarchs but the black man is not ceding an inch. He’s a daredevil that exemplifies true African brave warrior.
~~Though somehow resuscitation efforts got chequered with Gaddafi’s demise, it never sounded a death-knell to African resolution. A new generation is in the rise, a generation that is acutely aggressive and noble. They draw their conviction from the continent’s renowned liberators, a contriving creation altruism, climbing down their high horses and endearing their energies, efforts, travails and resources in fending off western imperialism and advance Africa’s second liberation. I even chuffed by this mellowing and well-founded Africanist spirit radiated across the African continent.


~~Innocuously, my President, Uhuru Kenyatta – son to Kenya’s founding president – has recently rejuvenated this great spirit in the wake of the ICC bugaboo that has opened its venomous-tongued gape to devour not just him, his deputy and Kenya’s sovereignty but also Africa’s freedom. In a recent African Union Extraordinary Summit in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Uhuru bared it all to the despots. He went bare knuckle and scathingly rebuffed western arrogance, intimidation and unfathomable denigration against Africans.
~~The President in a purely African and emancipating speech quipped ‘Whilst we have been divided and incited against one another before, we are now united and more peaceful’. He continued ‘The founding fathers of African Unity were conscious that structural colonialism takes many forms, some blatant and extreme, like apartheid, while others are subtler and deceptively innocuous, like some development assistance’. I cannot agree with him more. Foreign assistance and the pretensions to police the world, is the cloak under which the US and UK have unabettedly perpetuated atrocities against guiltless people.
~~As Uhuru holds ‘it’s thus necessary for African leaders to constantly watch out against threats to our peoples’ sovereignty and unity’, we must jealously guard our territorial confinement at all cost and with all the armoury at our disposal. If there’s ever a time the African states united and forged the foreglimpsed federalism, then it’s now, to pugnaciously accord Africans the dignity they rightfully deserve from all and parry the blandishments of those who have drunk from the bitter and venomous cup of imperialism.
~~ICC itself is a western tool, in fact, an abattoir and Guantanamo Bay meant to teach Africans a lesson and make us tow the western line. Africans are not any lesser beings than anyone in this whole world and our rights, freedoms, recognition and dignity is second to none. The renewal of the African spirit to unite and ravenously protect our sovereignty as bluntly furthered by my president, is indeed a well-seasoned move to brush aside western bromidic baloney, bestial stunts, hellish lordiness, incorrigible injudiciousness and contemptible haughtiness.
~~We are no pushovers to any person, state or continent. Africa should thus remorselessly forthwith severe links with any institutions like ICC that long stopped being a place of justice the day it become a toy of declining imperial powers that are hell-bent to cynicism and hunger in furtherance of geopolitical ends.
~~Africans have been plunged into a painfully ridiculous dumb show, a travesty of justice that adds pain to our licking wounds from humiliation. We say not anymore. Not again. Our trepidations should strengthen us even more and emboldened our resolve to free our people and nations from the shackles and thralls of serfdom to neocolonialism. Africa is NOT a third-rate world, we are NOT a sub class of people.
~~President Uhuru has invoked the spirit of freedom and unity not just to the African presidents but also to all patriotic Africans in the continent. Our unity is thus not a fallacy nor is the African Union a mirage or dream of apparition. It’s indeed a reality that has finally dawned on us. We must embrace it not for us but for the generations behind us not to be subjected to excruciating pain like we have.
~~They may threaten us, slap us with sanctions and even kill our heroes. They may nip our leaders like they did to anti-West like Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro and even Zimbabwean Mugabe. But that’s the ultimate price to pay, it will only serve fodder to our relentlessness, concert our efforts to greater heights and revolutionize our intuitiveness to free our people from captivity. Bob Marley said how long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look?
~~Like the Libyans, little do those of us brainwashed to western delusions know that the enemy will stand aside and look while we slaughter, kill our own brothers knowing we are all victims of western grapes of wrath. Libyans are killing each other, so are Egyptians, Malians, Afghanis, Syrians, Tunisians. They want the same for Kenyans but we are now more conscientious than ever before
~~Africans are much awakened now from the patient silence, aloofness, doldrums, abeyance and heavy burden of stomaching evils and maggots of the western autocrats. African Union and indeed United States of Africa is our lifeline and our leaders must move in hasty manner to ratify the federalism.
~~I reiterate Our unity is not lie and realisation of African States union is not illusive, it’s a extroversion of our a dream-turned-reality overture. Africa is on the rise and no one can clump us down. No amounts of spitting by the pythons can deter us. We are soaring high like eagles, roaring like lions. Our conviction is insurmountable.
~~An African union that takes no dogshit from no one is on its birth and its debut to virulently protect its land and people is in the offing. We are the result of this creation, our minds unclouded, our intuition and acts clearheaded. We are unstoppable. Africa has finally got its bona fide and true sons and daughters who cannot be cheapened by the proverbial western peanuts and beguiling smidgeons to traitorously betray our land and people, instead we slap them on their filthy faces and serve them with an above board fidelity.
~~Second Liberation is brewing, at its full-blown stage ready to submerge our foes with the overflowing volcanic eruptions and overflowing magma. This is real. Watch the space. Long live my mother land of Africa.



And here is the voice of a woman in Libya, calling out to us. She will be on LIVE here at 10am US East Coast Time (1pm West Coast).

“I will be talking about my country, especially my city (Derna). What happening is really horrible. People kill each other in our country since the revolution till now the weapons in everywhere.”

Feel free to educate yourselves and interact with our African sister and brother here. They want and need to hear from us. Let’s not ignore them.

We are honored to have a LIVE Interactive Interview below with both our guests, one in Nairobi, Kenya, and the other in Derna, Libya.

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LIVE Interactive with Occupy Kenya Activist: Obama Administrative Coup to Oust Elected President

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LIVE Interactive with Occupy Kenya Activist: Obama Administrative Coup to Oust Elected President – by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Through his underlings President Obama led an Administrative Coup toppling the authority of Kenya’s Government and its legally elected President at a UN proceeding days ago. Other African leaders tried to prevent the dangerous precedent of White colonialists being reinstalled by the US and its UN puppets, France and Britain.

By abstaining at a UN meeting in Europe [not Africa], the three White Colonial Powers (WCPs) set in motion a procedural measure to bring Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta, elected in 2013, to trial in a White majority country. (Would the African Union be allowed to depose and try a criminal US or European head of state in Africa? Of course not.)

This demand clearly violates Kenya’s sovereignty. Will Obama attack militarily to steal its Oil and Gas if Kenya doesn’t surrender its legally elected President?

The WCPs are attempting to assert their assumed right to remove any African leader elected in their former domains who doesn’t do what he’s told. Soon you’ll hear from an activist of Occupy Kenya in an interactive interview, with his take on the situation. The African Union demanded that the trial be delayed while Kenyatta is in office.

The African Union countries comprise 98% of Africa’s population and 97% of the continent’s area (all except the Northwest and Southeast corners, respectively, Western Sahara and Madagascar). African countries Could  stop cooperating with the International Criminal Court, now that it is violating the UN’s own rules on the rights of nations, in a patently Racist way.

Is any President in the world more obviously a criminal than our own? His tour of Africa urged Africans to join the ‘Natural Gas Boom,’ the burning of which would mean death for millions of Africans, because of the climate change forced by burning that much Fossil Fuel. He urged Fracking in Africa – a toxic and Genocidal technology. Here’s an article from a few months ago at showing the real reason for this Administrative Coup.

I must point out [again] that, even though dishonest politicians and salesmen call it “Natural Gas,” it really is and originally called “Petroleum Gas.” Burning Fossil Fuels adds Carbon Dioxide (CO2) to the Atmosphere, causing Global Warming.

Petroleum Oil and Coal deposits are accompanied by pockets of Methane and related Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). Fracking is worse than other types of Mining, but Oil Drilling or Coal Mining or Gas extraction always cause massive leakage of Methane, which is an exponentially worse GHG than CO2.

Fracking permanently ruins the land and permanently pollutes the groundwater, both Genocidal practices. But Hydraulically Fracturing (Fracking) the aquifer also kills the indigenous people, animals, and plants while destroying the water table. President Obama and his European two lackeys should themselves be tried before the ICC, if it were an honest body.

In fact, much more Natural Gas – actually natural – can be obtained much quicker and cheaper, and millions of times safer, simply by growing fields of Hemp (the plant with by far the highest biomass per acre/hectare):

A Lund University study in Sweden proved just that. Burning Methane derived from plant sources in this way causes NO Global Warming. So, if we were serious about using Methane as the fuel of the future, we can do it without destroying land, overthrowing Presidents, or committing Genocide. Again, from

Here are the words of Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe of the famed and important Maasai Tribe. Should they be forcibly moved, for Fossil Fuel profit? Of course not! Levis is with Maa Civil Society and Occupy Kenya.

“The United Nations Security Council resolution to veto Kenyan ICC case deferment quest, is the most autocratic, fucked up and misplaced act of race hunting. It’s a continuation of the western underestimation of Blacks. It’s time the African Union unequivocally middle fingers all International Institutions controlled by the 3 matriarchal western states (read USA, Britain and France). For how long should we be treated nonentities and third-raters by these recalcitrant contemptuous states? For how long should we lie low like antelopes in pursuit of nonextant and unyielding fairness? Not anymore! My black race is subjected to unfair targeting, profiling and pushed to helotry. Africans are victimized for our up in the arms, tenacity, unintermitting ethos and blatant refusal to bow down to the west and tow their line! We are recipients of western grapes of wrath! Time comes we stood our grounds, to put our feet of long standing on the ground and ward”

Now, we are honored to have Levis Solitei Ole Parnyombe with us Live From Africa, to give his thoughts on the undermining of his country’s sovereignty, and to answer our questions. Leave your questions below as comments.

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Obama’s Forces Launch Chemical Weapon Attack Killing Baby with Poison Gas: The President’s Hateful Policies Against Children

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Obama’s Forces Launch Chemical Weapon Attack Killing Baby with Poison Gas: The President’s Hateful Policies Against Children — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


President Obama and others keep telling us that there’s an emergency in Syria because the Dictator might have or might get a Chemical Weapon – Poison Gas. But President Obama is already using that Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) against helpless unarmed children in Bahrain.



President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton sent Bahrain’s bloody Fascist Khalifa regime yet more Poisonous Gas after this child was killed, lots more, apparently approving of what you just saw. The Gas killings continue in Bahrain. They’re killing Slaves and they’re killing Shi’a with Poison Gas; and they’re killing Slave children and Shi’a children too. Why does Obama support the Khalifas’ Genocidal behavior in Bahrain? Because he parks the US 5th Fleet in Bahrain’s harbor.

The US Navy’s 5th Fleet, docked in Bahrain, is famed the world over for its cowardice. In the first place, they work for Obama, and a bully is always a coward. For eleven years, they’ve been carrying out the most cowardly operation in history: The United States, the world’s strongest and most Militarily advanced country, has waged more than a decade of War against Afghanistan, the weakest and most backward country on Earth. Still, Afghanistan kicked the shit out of us, and we will leave there in shame.

And the men and women of the US 5th Fleet are in Bahrain, apparently trembling in their boots, while mass Atrocities go on a few feet away: Gassings; Torture; Doctors, Nurses, Professors, and Journalists rounded up and disappeared; Genocides against multiple ethnic groups. And the US cowards just sit there, instead of helping out the defenseless.

Mass Murders in US schools, beginning with Columbine, take place only when our nation is at War. Twenty-seven days before Columbine, President Clinton began his merciless bombing of Yugoslavia. Propaganda told us that we must wage War there, or else War would start without us, or something like that: They told us we needed War. I bought it, didn’t you? We fell for it.

All the kids heard that. All the kids then knew that the President of the United States, the father figure of our nation, supported killing people indiscriminately, to make his point. The President is our top role model, so kids started taking up guns and acting it out. They will obviously continue to do so with increasing frequency and intensity until one of three things happens: Either until some other role model does something different, or until we stop Warring, or until we stop supplying killers with assault weapons. Obama has made it abundantly clear many times that he wants to make sure that the violently insane still can get machine guns. And it looks like he doesn’t want to stop having War either.

And President Obama has taken this madness far to the Right of any Democrat or Republican in modern history. Certainly no world leader since Hitler has acted as Hatefully toward children as Obama has.

Indeed, no world leader including Hitler has so publicly claimed that he is allowed to Murder children, and that he is allowed to then pardon himself for their Murders. (Self-pardoning is illegitimate in every case everywhere in the world.) (Even if a lying politician says it isn’t.) Here are some of the babies that Obama’s cowardly forces in Bahrain have Murdered using Poison Gas: and and

Let’s look at some of the recent Psychological Warfare that our Government has run against its own people:

(1) There was the Gulf War under Bush 1 back in 1991, when the US refused to negotiate; (2) the Yugoslavia War; (3) then it got noticeably worse with Bush 2, 9/11, and the Iraq War, “If you’re not with us you’re with the Terrorists,” “Wanted Dead or Alive,” and that old standard stand-by “Weapons of Mass Destruction;” then Obama claimed that he was going to prevent Genocide in Libya – it was a lie – he instead hired Al Qaeda Mercenaries who Murdered the President of the country then carried out Genocide against the Black Africans of Libya and against the Sufis of Libya, then the Al Qaeda group he brought in killed our Ambassador; then Obama said Iran has Weapons of Mass Destruction; now he says Syria has them. (The Obama-Al Qaeda Genocides against Blacks and Sufis in Libya killed some children, and left others without parents.) and

But the worst Psychological Warfare ever deployed against the people of this country was when Barack Obama claimed that he is allowed to order Murders and that’s Legal and OK. That move spread violent insanity throughout the country. It is the President’s responsibility to act like a sane adult. Instead, after our Ambassador was killed in Libya, Obama spewed his deadly Propaganda on the Daily Show – and this may have influenced yesterday’s shootings – saying “I wasn’t confused about the fact that we’re gonna hunt down whoever did it and bring him to justice.” Even Bloomberg’s Mark Miller said that Obama sending Drones back in to Libya in reaction to the Ambassador’s Assassination would be cruel and crazy. Still, Obama did it.

That’s how violently insane and irresponsible our President is: With people like yesterday’s shooter Adam Lanza listening, Obama insisted that, instead of doing something sane, he, our country’s top father figure and main role model, thought hunting down humans was the example he wanted to give people the world over. He, Obama, the man who is allowed to commit Murder any time he wants to, against anybody, anywhere in the world – that he, our President, wants to hunt somebody down, and wants to teach our citizens that hunting people down and killing people is OK, and that it is acceptable behavior.

Adam Lanza killed a lot of kids yesterday, but not nearly as many as Barack Obama did. Now let’s look at some of Obama’s Hateful policies against children.

Late in 2009, Obama’s first year in office, he claimed that he was allowed to order Assassinations, and ordered one against a Somali who had allegedly been involved with an Embassy bombing more than a decade earlier, when he was a child. Obama ordered an Assassination team to Murder him and they did. Since then, they have killed several other Somalis accused of the exact same crime. A few months later, Somali children were trying to stop foreign occupying powers from looting their continent’s mineral wealth. These children were doing what was right for their people, but our Propaganda called them “Pirates.”

Then President Obama started calling them “Pirates.” The shipping companies didn’t know what to do. Obama ordered the children shot dead. The Propaganda called them “Pirates,” the President called them “Pirates,” and if they’re Pirates, it’s OK to Murder them, right? Then came the starvation times: Muslim occupiers were in Somalia’s capital. The US wouldn’t allow food into Mogadishu until the Muslim army left, so thousands of children starved to death. And of course, of all countries in the world, only Obama’s United States and his puppet Somalia agree that it is alright to treat children like that.

Haiti got hit by an earthquake, and only Cuba came to help, then Obama rushed in an occupation force. He promised a billion dollars. (He was lying: The US actually sent no money: Zero!) Our Military blocked Cuba from helping. People had to wait weeks for relief. Obama brought in Nepalese soldiers from the Indus valley, where Cholera has been prevalent since ancient times.

Cholera had never been in Haiti before, but now, thanks to Obama, it has killed thousands in Haiti, including lots of kids. Obama (and the Clintons) may someday be charged with Genocide for their actions and inactions in Somalia, Haiti, and Bahrain. They, like Bush and Cheney, may someday be wary of traveling to certain countries or certain states, for fear of arrest.

Obama claims that he is allowed to order Assassinations, and that he is allowed to kill people with Coward Drones, operated by disgraceful cowardly Murderers in the United States, who pose a grave risk to our National Security by their very presence. After killing a Journalist with a Coward Drone in Yemen, the next week, Obama sent another Coward Drone to Murder the man’s 16-year-old son. Guantánamo held too many children, and all of them there were Tortured. Obama said he would close it, but he was lying.

Obama’s sanctions on Iran and Syria are almost surely killing children now, and his War is killing lots of children in Syria, and the one in Iran will too, if he gets away with it. More than two million children throughout the Middle East are now refugees who are fleeing Obama’s wanton destruction, his Wars of choice. In Syria, Obama’s Al Qaeda Mercenaries are carrying out Genocides against the world’s oldest Christian community, and against Shiites, especially Alawites. and and

Obama started Civil Wars in both Mexico and Pakistan, those Wars kill children, parents, and others. Here’s a story of a child suffering from Obama’s Drug War in Mexico.  According to Medea Benjamin, when Obama Murders with Coward Drones in Pakistan, if his victim has the first growth of hair on his young face, then Obama officially considers him a Terrorist. (Before Obama’s time, the US considered people innocent until proven guilty.)

And the President had his own Trayvon Martin at the Democratic Convention in Charlotte this year: Police chased a youth then shot him dead there the night before it started. Obama didn’t speak up, and of course the cop got away with it.

But President Obama’s work that kills the most children is his blocking of progress in climate negotiations, which he did again at this year’s climate conference that just ended in Qatar, near Bahrain. Oil, Fracking, Coal, Natural Gas, they’re all causing massive Global Warming, which will kill lots of kids. But it could be stopped right away, by growing Hemp which has the highest biomass of any plant, and is the world’s richest source of Ethanol and Biodiesel: Both clean fuels that cause no Global Warming. President Obama today indicated that he may not continue to arrest users where Marijuana is Legal, but he has said similar things before, which all turned out to be lies. If we started growing Hemp on a massive scale today, within a few months our country would be energy independent, and emitting no net Greenhouse Gases.

So, the Fossil Fuels (Oil, Coal, and Natural Gas) compete with Marijuana. They add billions of tons of CO2 to the air, but Marijuana-based fuels can’t add any, because they hold no fossilized Carbon, only that which the living plant recently absorbed from the atmosphere. And it wouldn’t even take changing a law to get Medical Marijuana Legal: President Obama can do it with the stroke of his pen, an Executive Order. If President Obama doesn’t immediately order Medical Marijuana Legal, lots of people will lose the ability to walk because of Multiple Sclerosis, and some will die from it this year, just like last year and the year before.

And what do you tell your child who lies dying in the hospital from Skin Cancer, because s/he can’t get Rick Simpson Oil (RSO)? (Videos show that RSO destroys Skin Cancer cells and heals the skin, but President Obama is blocking it from even being tested in the United States, because it is made from Marijuana.) Well, here’s what you tell your kid then: “Our President won’t let you have the medicine you need to live: We don’t know if it’s because he’s superstitious about a plant, or if it’s because somebody gave him a lot of money to keep it away from you, or if he just Hates kids.”

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Obama’s Al Qaeda Lite Mercenary Terrorists Conducting Genocide Against World’s Oldest Christian Community

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Obama’s Al Qaeda Lite Mercenary Terrorists Conducting Genocide of World’s Oldest Christian Community — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



During his journey on the road to Damascus in Syria, Saul had a vision or hallucination of Jesus four years after his Execution: Saul had been a tax collector and a scourge to Christians (so the story goes). He was immediately transformed; he changed his name from Saul (“Great”) to Paul (“Humble”), and was later called St. Paul. He became the world’s foremost promoter of Christianity, writing 14 of the 27 books in the New Testament. This was the practical beginning of Christianity. Syrian Christians still speak the same Aramaic language Jesus spoke. Syria is home to the Nasrani: The Nazarenes. Many people think Jesus was a Nazarene.

They are called the “Syrian Rebels” or the “Syrian Opposition.” Fighters with the Al Qaeda-manned Free Syrian Army (armed through Turkey by the US and its allies on President Obama’s orders) are conducting Genocide against the world’s oldest Christian community. and and and

Here you can watch the Free Syrian Army Torture a man to death by cutting his throat for supporting Assad, and hear the US-backed Terrorist publicly proclaim the FSA’s intention and goal: “Death to all Government supporters” including the Syrian Christians, associating them with shabihas,” or “thugs” of the Assad Government. The segment on Syria, from Lebanon’s New TV, begins at 12:50 of the following video clip: At 14:10, you’ll hear the Terrorists’ Genocide pronouncement.

If President Obama pushes ahead with his proposed “No-Fly Zone” [an act of war], then the Al Qaeda-affiliated Terrorists can use that cover (Obama’s bombing by of civilian areas in the No-Fly Zone, like in Libya) to carry out their twin Genocides, against both the minority Shia Muslims there – Assad is one – and the minority Christians, most of whom support the Syrian Government. US weapons smuggled to the group in Syria called Al Qaeda in Iraq from Turkey made their way to Iraq, where Al Qaeda in Iraq then took credit for deadly attacks on Shia pilgrims there.

Al Qaeda may well carry out that threat to destroy the Christians of Syria, just as Obama’s Al Qaeda Terrorist Mercenaries in Libya Genocided the Black people of Libya, for supporting Qadaffi.

And, people in Israel suspect that Al Qaeda has it in for them. They’ve said as much. Here the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) discusses its concern over the influx of Al Qaeda beligerent to Israel.

Iraq’s priceless biblical antiquities were looted for profit during the Iraq War. Furthermore, because they were harvested by looters rather than archaeologists, massive amounts of the historical integrity was lost when the items were found. And now Syria’s priceless biblical antiquities, those in the museums and those in the ground, will be looted and sold by war profiteers. President Obama has no right to do this to yet another country. He has no right to destroy these people and these treasures. The antiquities and the Christian community that his Al Qaeda Mercenaries seek to annihilate have existed for thousands of years. They are part of the world’s heritage.

Syria is no threat to the United States. Syrian fighting would never have started if we weren’t sending arms to the Rebels. It would end if we stop. The Syrian people do not want war. We have no right to impose it. Won’t somebody think of the children? The attack that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton exploited to push for US intervention in Syria, the Al Houla Massacre, was actually carried out by the Al Qaeda side, not the Syrian Government, as Sec. Clinton claimed in her lies about the incident. In truth, these were Shia children.



One can see that the Rebel forces filming it (with top professional equipment) are there in plenty of time to manipulate the children, unwittingly demonstrating that the attack has just happened, because rigor mortis has not yet set in. And it was in fact the FSA Rebels who killed those children, according to witnesses. They killed them, so they and Clinton could lie about it, pretending that Assad was responsible.

We just lost two wars; got smeared by Iraq. And now Obama is mongering to start a war with the three allies Syria, Iraq, and Iran. Look at logic: Iraq beat us by itself. Teamed up with two other countries, and armed by bordering Russia, they’ll obviously smear us again. But it will raise the price of Oil, which is what Obama’s really about.

President Obama used to tell us that Al Qaeda was the enemy, just a few months ago. Of course, while he was saying it, he was running bombing cover for Al Qaeda in May 2012 (then called the “Libyan Rebels”) as they carried out the Libyan Genocide.

Meanwhile, the Shia Genocide is picking up steam worldwide: Shia are now being killed and forced from their homes in Pogroms in Burma, and under Obama in Bahrain, India, Syria, and Saudi Arabia. In addition, Iran is dominated by Shia, so the worldwide Shia Genocide will take care of them too.

And of course, Obama like all Oil puppets wants to raise the price of Oil, and keep us on the Oil Standard. And that keeps Medical Marijuana patients off Hash Oil. Obama can’t allow Legalization of Marijuana because the same plant, Hemp, provides clean fuels that emit no Greenhouse Gases, and in massive amounts, much cheaper than drilling for Oil or Gas. Medical Marijuana and Hash Oil alleviate suffering and prolong lives of patients with AIDS, ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease), Skin Cancer, and other deadly maladies. If President Obama refuses to remove Marijuana from Schedule One, lots of those patients will die. Oh, yeah, he already did. Lots of them already died.

Those patients didn’t deserve to die over President Obama’s Global Warming Denial, his insane Marijuana policy, or his political ambitions. Neither do the Christians of Syria.

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President Obama’s Hateful Policies Against Sikhs

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President Obama’s Hateful Policies Against Sikhs — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


I greeted my young Sikh friend. Neither of us spoke of the tragedy. We just spoke of our mutual compassion and respect. He said his father wants him to leave this country … to a place with less bigotry, discrimination, and violence; I guess: South Africa.

During his reign, President Obama’s policies have consistently encouraged Hate Crimes against Sikhs. Below are examples. Most of the world’s Sikhs live in India. Sikhs do not cut their hair or beard. Many wear turbans. The massacre operation was carried out by a Right-wing Terrorist who was US Military Intelligence veteran who was specifically trained to carry out such Psy Ops attacks. He was indoctrinated into anti-religious Hate Groups in the Army.

1. Obama’s FBI refuses to track Hate Crimes against Sikhs even though they comprise the world’s fifth largest spiritual tradition [after Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists], and even though the first high-profile 9-11 Revenge Murder was of a Sikh, Balbir Singh Sodhi, on September 15, 2001. and

I think Obama’s policy of refusing to track Hate Crimes against 25 million people is a Hate Crime itself. The FBI does track Hate Crimes against other religious groups, just not against Sikhs. The Sikh Coalition, a Civil Rights group, said it has received “thousands of requests for protection.” Reuters news agency released a disgusting screaming propaganda headline tacitly supporting the Obama Administration’s now-deadly discrimination against Sikhs, yesterday asking “Was” … killing Sikhs while meeting at their temple … “a Hate Crime?” and

But what can we expect out of a sleazy outfit like Reuters except propaganda? The New York Times [speaking of sleaze] revealed last month that both it and Reuters regularly Bribe President Obama by giving him editing privilege over wording of their articles. New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters divulged that both his paper and Reuters [and other so-called "free" press] began paying the Bribes after President Obama Blackmailed them, insisting that they would get no access to the President if they did not pay the Bribes. Isn’t it nice having a President from the Chicago Mafia?

2. Sikh Slavery in Obama’s puppet state Bahrain: President Obama, Commander and Chief of the US Armed Forces, could park the Navy’s 5th Fleet anywhere he wants. Anywhere he wants. That’s what “Commander and Chief” means. Let’s assume the reason that he parks it in Bahrain is not Only because he wants Sikhs to be kept as Slaves. Let’s assume that he has some other reason that doesn’t seem as evil. Even so, Slavery is a deal-breaker. We fought a Civil War in this country over Slavery. Here’s a Bahraini ad to buy a 22-year-old female Sikh as a sex slave, and have her delivered to Bahrain from Punjab in India. Abraham Lincoln said “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” Under President Obama’s “democracy,” or morals, or whatever you want to call it, keeping Sikhs as Slaves is OK.

3. In Obama’s Bahrain, Sikhism is illegal: The Slaves of Bahrain, including the Sikhs, are not allowed to practice their own religion. Under Bahraini Shari’a law, Islam is the only Legal religion. Even the most immoral and repugnant Slave owner recognizes that he is responsible for the well-being of his Slaves. If President Obama is to continue holding those Slaves, he is morally required to provide protection for their Freedom of Religion. So please, President Obama, I am begging you, if you’re absolutely refusing to free the Slaves, then at least, grant them Freedom of Religion!

4. Sikh religious Sacrament draws the Death Penalty in Obama’s Bahrain: Tolerated in India for millennia, Marijuana is a traditional sacrament at Sikh festivals, and among the Sikh Nihang and Bhangi sects; and the Tenth Sikh Guru, one of Sikhism’s founders, Guru Gobind Singh wrote it about as “Bhang” in his poetry, and gave it to followers. In the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission report, the Sikhs’ practices concerning Ganja are reported under the regional heading “Punnjab.”

5. As South Asians, Sikhs in Bahrain face Genocidal Pogroms at the hands of Obama’s puppet dictator: During both of Obama’s ongoing Pogroms in Bahrain, people are killed with poisonous gas supplied by the Obama Administration – that includes Obama’s South Asian pogroms wherein South Asians are killed or removed. / and

6. Obama Classifies the Pakistanis it kills as “Millitants” if the have Facial Hair, even if the Murdered Pakistani is a Child, according to Medea Benjamin’s documentary Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.

7. Obama’s Goons frequently Commit Hate Crimes Against Medical Marijuana patients, many of whom have Long Hair or Facial Hair: These Hate Crimes ordered by the President (raids on Medical Marijuana facilities) have resulted in excruciating suffering and premature deaths for patients with ALS, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin Cancer, and many other maladies. Longtime activist Medical Rights activist Steven DeAngelo, now a Political Prisoner with long hair and facial hair like a Sikh.

8. The President has publicly announced that he is allowed to order Murders/Assassinations: The Murders he orders are frequently against people with beards. The high-profile Murders that Obama orders are against non-Christians.

9. Obama ordered the Administration’s investigation of US Right-wing Terrorism closed down because Rush Limbaugh and other Right-wing TV personalities demanded it. In ordering the investigation of Right-wing Terrorism stopped, he also committed a Hate Crime: He further that all Terrorism investigation be against Muslims, according to Democracy Now! This was a Hate Crime against non-Christians who might have hair.

10. The Obama Administration has cracked down on non-mainstream-Christian religious practices: Its FDA carried out a Hate Crime in Lawrence, Kansas, at a shop dealing in religious sacraments named “Sacred Journey.” Anyone can tell by the name of the place that its intentions are religious, and thus protected by the First Amendment. The owner was charged with crimes though he was growing perfectly Legal plants, and supplying Legal sacraments. Even if President Obama has an intense personal hatred on non-mainstream-Christians, he should not be empowered to put that hatred into policy against the minority religions.

11. These Massacres of US citizens happen specifically during time of war. Obama is pushing for lots more war.

12. When the Colorado Massacre happened a Few Days Earlier, Obama’s spokeperson immediately announced that more such incidents would certainly be tolerated: According to Democracy Now!, Press Secretary Jay Carney the President would say nothing and do nothing that would curb gun violence by restricting Right-wing lone nuts from massacring Americans. Carney said they weren’t gonna touch it. Terrible choice. The President’s job is to protect the American people, no matter how much money the Gun Lobby has.


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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool

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US/Al Qaida Genocidal Oil Dictatorship Torturing Black Libyans: Obama & NY Times say Rigged Election was Cool — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


These guys did not get to vote, even though no one could possibly be more patriotic than them: During their Torture at the hands of US-backed mercenaries in this video, watch them forced to eat green Libyan flags.



Before the Obama Administration’s US Military crushed Arab Spring by starting its war against Libya, that country’s leader Moammar Gaddafi enjoyed wide support among Black Africans living mainly in Libya’s South. After the US hired Al Qaida mercenaries to overthrow Gaddafi, the new Al Qaida Dictatorship now running Libya carried out widespread repression, Torture, and Genocide against Black Africans. I have seen no reports that any Black Africans voted in the Parliamentary Election there this weekend.

US President Barack Obama’s praise of the Libyan Election was quite echoic of his praise for the “Elections” following the Fascist takeovers that were parts of his Administration’s Administrative coup de tats that Obama’s CIA carried out in Honduras in 2010, in the Maldives earlier this year, and in Paraguay two weeks ago. The New York Times propaganda headline yesterday also said it was a mainly good Election. The problem I see with it is the Election workers Assassinated, polling officials Murdered, and the ballots burned. l call that a “Rigged Election.” But President Obama and inept media with misinformed readers and viewers call it cool.

The New York Times quotes an official of the Fascist Al Qaida regime, an apparent propagandist, saying that it was “very peaceful.” Helicopter shot down, Assassinations, ballots burned …. mainly without incident.

normanb July 8th, 2012 at 10:49 pm 1

Yahoo/AP reports that two people were Murdered carrying out the Election. HuffPost claims just one. Someone shot down a helicopter carrying Election equipment. Also, two rockets were fired at the Benghazi Medical Center.

Like most wars, this one was fought to raise the price of Oil. This one also had the direct effect stealing Oil that a country had been using to support itself, and handing that Oil and its attendant economy to Oil corporations. Mercenaries during the 2011 US War on Libya were paid by BP, Blackwater, and ultimately, by US. At the top of the page is a recent video upload of Black Africans still being Tortured by the current Libyan mercenary Dictatorship. US-backed Al Qaida mercenaries have stuffed Libyan flags into Black people’s mouths, and are forcing them to eat the flags.

The US-backed Al Qaida Torture Atrocities include gang rapes against Black Libyan women.

BrasscheckTV says Obama’s Genocidal actions in Libya constitute War Crimes.

And here are more Torture videos, and background information, if you’re not sick enough from what you’ve already read and seen. is one of the only US media outlets covering the Libya situation, instead of Covering it Up.

Prison Planet noted that the fully corporate Huffington Post favored the invasion.

Here is President Obama lying about the US invasion of Libya, and the US-backed Al Qaida Genocide against the Black people of Libya. He claims it to be a “broad international effort” when in fact more than 95% of the bombing runs were by US Military aircraft. He claims that the invasion avoided Humanitarian catastrophe, when in fact it brought Genocide against the Black people there. President Obama lies to the American people in this video, seeking to legitimize his War Crimes in Libya. Please compare his bullshit to the more level-headed words of Russian President Vladimir Putin in the video that follows.!3064390D-03DB-4704-BB89-FDE823C86DD9


You’ll note that President Obama claims his attack on Benghazi is noble. You’ll also note that Benghazi is one place where ballots were burned and looted.

That last report was from RT out of Russia. Of course, US-backed far-Right Libyan mercenaries arrested Journalists from Press TV of Iran during the conflict.

The British later revoked their license. The US Government named the Journalists at both Press TV and RT of Russia as enemies. If you’ve never watched them, both are much better journalism than we usually find on PBS, on Fox, or on ABCNNBCBS.


Of course, one of the first things NATO did in Libya was bomb the Journalists in the broadcast center.

The US-installed Fascist Government in Libya immediately initiated Fascist Reforms, and cracked down on Freedom of the Press.

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Obama & Netanyahu Threaten to Dirty-Bomb US Soldiers, Marines & Airmen in Afghanistan

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Obama & Netanyahu Threaten to Dirty-Bomb US Soldiers, Marines & Airmen in Afghanistan — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


“All options are on the table,” said US Vice President Joe Biden three days ago.

President Obama made the same threat Monday, February 27: “I don’t bluff … all options are on the table.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the same threat the same day Obama did.

President Obama and puppet PM Netanyahu are threatening to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities with Israel’s Air Force. If these madmen carry out their threat, they will deploy the largest and potentially the most deadly dirty bomb in history against all American Military personnel in Afghanistan. NATO troops too. The biggest Friendly Fire incident ever! And that’s assuming that Obama and Netanyahu are not really as insane as they’re acting.

…Because “All options on the table” could also include bombing an operating nuclear facility with a nuclear bomb. That would incinerate parts of Iran and bordering countries. It would also poison us in this country – because the jet stream just keeps on coming. Or an “option” might be nuking something else in Iran. That would be irresponsible. And evil. And it would still poison our guys.

They’re actually talking about bombing nuclear facilities with “conventional” weapons, and scattering those charged particles into the wind, specifically, into the jet stream of upper air currents that always blows from West to East (due to the rotation of the Earth).

Here are the nuclear facilities. Here are the US bases. & Now, please note how today’s jet stream [for May 25, 2012] will deliver those radioactive particles [that the explosion sends into the atmosphere above Iran] directly to the air over US Military bases in Afghanistan. It does that every day.

Besides poisoning all US servicemen in Afghanistan, this diabolical scheme will poison civilians in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Turkestan, and probably elsewhere. If the US is willing to poison these people merely because they’re Muslims, then our genocidal impulse is reaching a feverish pitch. A Hate Crime in all our names.

And let’s remember just how preposterous this lie is: Obama, Netanyahu, and their propaganda mouthpieces claim that Iran’s nuclear program poses “an existential threat” to Israel. Of course there’s no proof that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons – which Israel already has. But even if Iran had them, they couldn’t bomb Israel with them, for the very same reason: The jet stream would carry those charged particles right back to Iran: They’d be dirty-bombing themselves!

Of course, dirty-bombing one’s own Military is by definition Treason: Waging war against one’s own people. If Obama [or Iran's Military leader] does choose that option, it will be a clear case of Treason. Then, Senators Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and others who got elected as Liberals, will be forced to either oppose President Obama for this Treasonous act, or join him in his War Crime barbarism.

East Turkestan, by the way, is  an occupied nation in the Northwestern quadrant of China. It is the land of the Uygurs, and it’s known in US propaganda as “China’s Muslim West.” Territorial claims of occupied East Turkestan and occupied Tibet comprise more than half of what the colonial powers [through international law] call “China.”

Most Americans have never heard of the Uygurs. Most who have heard just found out about them when Presidents Bush, and then Obama, ordered several innocent Uygurs to be held in Guantanamo Bay Torture Facility for years, as a favor to China. Four were released to Bermuda in 2009. Two were “freed” last month to El Salvador, a Fascist country. Eleven are still said to be warehoused at the G.B. Torture Facility. There is no proof that they are still alive.

The bullying US forcing Bermuda to accept the Uygurs violated the island nation’s sovereignty, and its Constitution. Those just sent to El Salvador also will likely face harsh discrimination.

The reason President Obama is making this nuclear threat is to raise the price of Oil. Iran is one of the world’s leading Oil producers. Newspaper editorials in the 1970s predicted that the US would someday wage war against Iraq and Iran to steal their Oil. Fighting over Oil, or threatening to do so, causes upward pressure on its price. This tactic always works.

And by raising the price of Oil, Obama and Netanyahu help pay for Iran’s nuclear program, wholly financed by Oil. Raising the price of Oil also helps pay for Obama’s and Netanyahu’s own political futures.

Don’t believe Obama’s lies: There Are No WMDs! (Some people will do nearly anything for Oil money.)

by normanb

VIDEO of Slave Children: AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA Sell Out Workers, Endorse Candidate who Supports Slavery

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VIDEO of Slave Children: AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA Sell Out Workers, Endorse Candidate who Supports Slavery — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Slave children are often kidnapped or bought from their parents on the Indian Subcontinent. Others were taken when their parents were slaughtered during anti-Black Genocide in the Sudan. Before Barack Obama became President, there were lots of videos of the child Slave jockeys viewable on YouTube. They’re harder to find now on corporate YouTube. This is a recent video of Slave children.

It’s an example of the Slavery that President Obama, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and CWA endorse by supporting Bahrain and the UAE. And presumably this is what our President and union bosses envision for American workers. Oh, and, by the way, Slaves are beaten, molested, raped, killed. Knowing that, maybe now you don’t want to watch the video. But maybe you’d better watch it. This could be your next labor union!

As the Democrats swerve recklessly to the far Right, large US labor unions are selling out their member workers by endorsing the pro-Slavery candidate, six months ahead of the 2012 Presidential Election. What’s worse, they know that their candidate President Barack Obama (who supports Slavery in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates) is the most anti-labor Democratic Presidential candidate since Woodrow Wilson [who won one hundred years ago in 1912 with Ku Klux Klan support].

With this development we must conclude that the leadership of those labor groups (including Communications Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, and American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) sold out completely to management corporations.

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, famous for lying about the supposed US “need” for Fossil Fuel Pipelines, lied about Obama too, saying that the President is good for workers in his endorsement. Strange that Trumka would support Obama anyway, though, after he’d already noted that Obama is working against labor.

President Obama supports Slavery in Bahrain and the UAE. The Slaves are of a different race and have darker skin than their owners. Camel races in both places and elsewhere exposed the Slavery prevalent on the Arabian Peninsula. To hide the fact that Slavery exists there, robots replaced child Slave jockeys in many televised races, but not in all camel races. Other uses of Slaves were not affected by that superficial change.

Here’s the biggest Slave owner/Slave driver from the above video, laughing it up with Barack Obama while his Slaves suffer. And of course Obama is trying to intensify the Middle East’s Nuclear Arms race by sending Nukes to to his buddy there in the Slave state of UAE.

There are over one million Slaves in Bahrain. President Obama is the biggest supporter of Slavery there. He keeps the US 5th Fleet warships docked there. Warship worship! The Obama-backed Fascist Bahraini Government Murders democracy supporters and Tortures journalists.

(Obama’s M.O.: Remember when cop-thugs fired flashbang grenades at Occupy Oakland emergency workers trying to aid a US Marine they’d shot in the face with a tear gas canister?!) Doctors and nurses who help victims of violent repression in Bahrain are themselves Tortured and then imprisoned for long sentences.

US activists, including my friend Paki Wieland of the Witness Bahrain peace group, were gassed and arrested recently when they tried to document the Obama Administration’s Torture of healthcare workers and crackdown on democracy. (She and the other American observers are out of lock-up and safely back in the USA now.)

Of course, Slavery is always in the financial interest of corporate management, to the extent that corporations by law must seek maximum profit. And by extension, then, Slavery is in our nation’s interest when it profits large corporations, right? Here’s an attempt by and for a couple of pathetic disgusting War Criminals to explain that whatever the Slave state Bahrain does is always in our National Interest and cool with us, no matter what: Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

And, if being Slaves isn’t bad enough, Obama’s puppet’s forces have run pogroms against the Slaves. In the 21st Century. Pogroms!

by normanb

LIVE CHAT with Political Prisoner Paki Wieland, out of Torture Jail as US/Bahrain Regime Murders More there with Poison Gas

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LIVE CHAT with Political Prisoner Paki Wieland, out of Torture Jail as US/Bahrain Regime Murders More there with Poison Gas — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Today we present a rare opportunity for the MyFDL community to question and interact with Northampton, Massachusetts, Human Rights activist Paki Wieland of Witness Bahrain. She is a witness to multiple Atrocities there. She was arrested the same day several other activists were, to prevent them from witnessing further Atrocities.

The US operates a brutal puppet Fascist regime there based on Oil wealth. Our Navy’s 5th Fleet is docked there: Thousands of US servicemen sit on their ships, presumably cowering, as Bahrainis are Tortured and Murdered a stone’s throw away, committed by the ODS – Obama Death Squad.

A majority of the people in the country are non-citizen Slaves from India. 85% of the citizens are Shia Muslims with few Rights. Even most Sunni Muslims are not of the King’s tribe, and so suppressed. No Rights for women. The ODS uses toxic Gas to Torture and Murder people.

Under President Obama, the puppet Government there began carrying out Murderous pogroms, both against the Shia population and against the Slaves. Obama has consistently responded with Violent Crimes Against Humanity against the peaceful demonstrations in Bahrain, from last February to this March. I’ve written about it here repeatedly.

We as a nation are lucky that Paki was willing to risk her life and freedom to witness for us. We at are lucky to have her with us today. Ask away.


Just a little update news: Last night, Mosaic reported more Poison Gas killing by the US-backed Bahrain Government. Here are some recent Poison Gas Murder reports from Bahrain, that may include the most recent incident.

Thousands of Bahrainis marched to protest the ODS Poison Gas Murder of Haj Habib al-Mulla.

There is a movement to boycott the Bahrain Grand Prix; please support it.

With such a repressive regime, and so much propaganda [and betting money!] riding on sports, wouldn’t you expect the Bahrain Government to cheat! Of course!

Mourners at funerals for victims of Poison Tear Gas risk arrest, Torture, and Murder themselves. Yet mourn they must.


There are some things you can do to help the situation in Bahrain:

1. Spread the news: We are the media now; get the word out about Bahrain; share this article;

2. Contact the the shows that look like they’re news and claim to be Progressive: Send Cenk Uygur, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jennifer Granholm, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert a copy of this article: Ask to Covering Up this story;

3. Contact your Senators and Congresspersons about it;

4. Call the White House and demand that President Obama stop Murdering Bahrainis with Poisonous Gas and end its repression there, 202-456-1111;

5. Urge the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands, to fully empower Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón to indict US President Barack Obama and Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa (the Bahraini King) under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity: Their Atrocities in Bahrain against the Bahraini people, their Atrocities against more than one million Slaves held there, and their Atrocities against the foreign Peace Observers like Paki Wieland.

Here is the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

by normanb

VIDEOS of Obama Death Squad Committing Genocide & Torture Against Black People in Libya

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VIDEOS of Obama Death Squad Committing Genocide & Torture Against Black People in Libya — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


When I was a kid in the 1960s, the teacher showed us a pile of bodies in a photo taken at Auschwitz concentration camp. Shocking. Terrifying. Then I thought Genocide was something from the past. I though it would stay in the past. I wasn’t worried about it.

Prevalent propaganda pounded into my head the horrors of the “Japanese Water Torture.” Everybody in the country needed to know graphic details of just how horrible its victims felt under that Torture. That rationalized (if not justified) the fact that we were Executing War Criminals for Waterboarding. I thought back then that we were through with Water Torture too. That’s what I thought. When I was a kid. Kids!

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: But now that I am a man, I must put away childish things. Like nostalgia.

Look, I wish I didn’t have to tell you this. Obviously from the lack of coverage, nobody wants to tell you. This is only on a need-to-know basis. And I know you don’t want to know about it. It’s so much easier to just look away. But that teacher showed me that pile of bodies. And now, I have something to show you.

LOOK! You can no longer say you don’t know about it. From this day forward you will work to end the Libyan Genocide, or you will fail to do so.

What just happened?! Arab Spring got into full swing, a chance for real liberation sweeping the world, talk of an “American Spring;” then US President Barack Obama warned us that a terrible Genocide was about to happen in Libya. What he didn’t tell us was that HE was about to carry it out. I call that a lie of omission. Now, somebody needs to get over there and put that genie back in that bottle, fast!

Obama called for a No-Fly Zone, another lie of omission, though Obama’s Defense Secretary, Republican Oil billionaire Robert Gates, at the time cautioned us that a No-Fly Zone IS a war. Gates was out of that job real quick.

In Yemen, the US trained and armed an arm of Al Qaeda as the invasion force. Like all death squads and intelligence agencies, Al Qaeda mercenaries are far-Right Fascists. The outcome was predictable. As you know, Right-wing Fascists hate Black people.

The US led the war effort against Libya, supplying most of the personnel and more than 90% of the sorties. Qaddafi’s communistic habit of spending Oil money on the country’s needs had irked the wrong people: That is, it had the people who control the President of the United States: Obama then led an international feeding frenzy to steal the Libya’s Oil for Wall Street, Banksters, Chemical companies, and Fossil Fools.

Fighting over that Oil hurt Libyan Oil production and thus drove prices up temporarily. The US and its allies froze Libyan bank accounts and stole the money too. And all the while, Syria was consciously trying to imitate Obama’s Atrocities in Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Somalia.

And – I must say this – though you’re all too young to get the allusion – unless you study History – Chamberlain’s Britain, Vichy France, and Quisling Norway did more than just appease this madman. (Those of us who study History are condemned to watch the world repeat it.)

Now, our side is lynching and beheading people. Libya banned Slavery in 1853, more than a decade before the US did; though Slavery persisted in Libya, it was finally abolished in the 1890s. Now, with Obama’s takeover there, it’s back.

Our President allowed the whole world to see our shame: We’re not a democracy with a rule of law: We [ US] Tortured Qaddafi to death for the cameras. This continues to make Americans mentally ill. It will never be OK until we have a Truth Commission look into our collective American experience of Torturing Muammar Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein to death. Torturing people to death makes us insane.

You can look away if you want. Just keep looking away. But if you do, things WILL get worse! A lot worse. Enough small talk. Are you ready for some football?

Let’s start out light: A witness just back with video reveals that Obama-led NATO bombing sorties targeted hospitals and schools. At other hospitals and schools, victorious gunmen from our side barged in and killed Blacks.

And, lest you think that its over, here’s a report from this week: Black people massacred in a concentration camp.

Anthony Shadid was an American Arab. Shadid was the primary reporter covering the Libyan Genocide. Then he let airport security handle his asthma meds, and quickly got dead. Less than two weeks ago, he breathed his last. Here’s one of the last reports he ever made.

An Al Jazeera reporter was Murdered for covering a Black people in Libya demonstrating against Genocide.

Here pro-Obama propaganda calls Black men Qaddafi’s Mercenaries: You can watch this one; a crowd of children even gathered to watch Obama’s Mercenaries Torture these two Black men to death in public. As the scene opens, one is already dead, and you can watch the other one’s last seconds of life.

And speaking of the last seconds of life, here are hundreds of Black Africans seconds before Obama’s Misurata Death Squad Murders them.

Here’s a bunch of bodies.

Here, President Obama’s Misurata Death Squad Tortures Black Libyans to death by marching them on a trail of tears across the Sahara Desert. These are Murders for Oily profits, in the US President’s name.

Now, watch Obama’s Death Squad lynch a Black man.

Another Torture Murder: ODS beheads this Black man.

Here’s the ODS massacring a whole neighborhood, mainly Black women and children.

Watch the ODS Torture bound prisoners. What a bunch of cowards!

This map shows locations of massacres. It also shows the Obama Death Squad (ODS) rounding up and abusing Blacks. It shows bound Murdered Black prisoners.

As if the Genocidal impulse hadn’t gone far enough already, here we find that these Chemical Weapons of Mass Destruction will spread birth defects to Libyans not yet born.

Here we get a close up view of one of many Obama Death Squads, like the ones deployed in Honduras, Yemen, Somalia, etc.. In this report, Obama’s Misurata ODS Brigade brags about being “the brigade for purging Slaves and Black skin.” There are maps and lots of links and videos with this one.

If you have the stomach for it, read ‘em and weep!

The world has known about this for a long time, though you’ve been kept in the dark. Here’s a report on the lynchings and Libyan Genocide from last April.

And it’s not just Libyan nationals: Black Africans from other countries are being rounded up, Tortured, killed.

Here are some things you can do to help the situation in Libya:

1. Spread the news: We are the media now; get the word out about Libya; share this article;

2. Contact the the shows that look like they’re news and claim to be Progressive: Send Cenk Uygur, Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbermann, Jennifer Granholm, Bill Maher, Jon Stewart, and Stephen Colbert a copy of this article: Ask them not to Cover Up this story any longer;

3. Contact your Senators and Congresspersons about it;

4. Call the White House and demand that President Obama halt the Genocide against Black people in Libya immediately, 202-456-1111;

5. Urge the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Netherlands, to fully empower Spanish Judge Baltasar Garzón to indict US President Barack Obama under Article 15 of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court for Crimes Against Humanity: US-led Genocide against the Black people in Libya.

Here is the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.