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A Very Disappointing “Peace” & “Justice” “Coalition” “Attempt”

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A Very Disappointing “Peace” & “Justice” “Coalition” “Attempt” — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



I just came from a meeting. At the Friends Meeting House. A political meeting. Of radicals, so to speak. The local Left, showing up in Northampton, Mass. Peace and justice issues. Thirty-five or so activists. Real dedicated people.

You know, it’s impressive and inspiring to see and hear dedicated activists who’ve worked hard through many decades, and even through the Obama years, unflinching. (Let’s see, just a minute, let me do the math…) Okay: I’m 57; and I was one of the youngest people in the room. Someone quoted the completely non-commercial songwriter Charlie King (who wrote the legendary Vaguely Reminiscent of the Sixties), and nobody even asked “Charlie who?” But, something was missing. Why were so few young people there?

There was an Election Tuesday. President Obama was reelected. Here in Massachusetts, voters replaced pliable incumbent Republican Scott Brown with hawkish Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Massachusetts also saw one of the nation’s biggest landslides Tuesday:

In a binding Referendum, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly Legalized Medical Marijuana, voting 63%-37% in favor of the new law, which takes effect in early 2013. In a previous Election, the state voted by a similar margin to instruct all of its elected representatives to work to Legalize Marijuana. Massachusetts US Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren said (in her Debate against Brown) that on this issue she will defy the will of the people who elected her, and will refuse to strive for Marijuana Legalization.

Because of that, I couldn’t vote for her, I mean, if she’s going to snub our democratic process and not protect our Rights, well, as George Wither wrote 400 years ago in Shall I Wasting in Despair, “…But if she be not so for me, What care I how fair she be?”

Back to the meeting: There were several cool people there, and some important Progressive organizations were represented. Jill Stein’s 2010 Gubernatorial running mate Rick Purcell was one of the speakers. Former Political Prisoner Paki Wieland was there, fresh from her courageous trip to Pakistan to witness Obama’s Coward Drone Murder regime for herself. (At least it wasn’t like in Bahrain, where Obama’s thugs detained her immediately before one of Bahrain’s infamous ‘Torture-the-protesters’ crackdowns in March.)

The Murderous Obama-backed Fascist Khalifa regime was then running, and now continues to run Genocide programs (Pogroms) against Bahrain’s Shi’a Muslim majority, and against its South Asian Slaves (which far outnumber the citizens). The Obama Government’s Genocidal Murders in Bahrain are often carried out with Poison Gas paid for by US taxpayers. Hurry, hurry, don’t look, walk fast, nothing to see here.

It’s the deplorable, anti-Semitic Genocide in Bahrain that gets more noticed in the limited news coverage; but most reporters don’t use the words Genocide or Pogrom – though the more honest ones do. (Google it if you care to.) Yes, it’s the horrific anti-Semitic Genocide that gets the more notice, because the Semitic Arabs are citizens and they’re protesting; however, I think the anti-Slave Genocide is just as bad. But, maybe that’s just me.

In fact, I don’t even think they should have Slaves. I think it was Archie Bunker who said of Slavery “I was never for that!” Me too neither, but you know, I’d like to take it a step further even than Archie was willing to go: I just don’t think that the US should arm Genocidal Slave states at all. Maybe that’s just me. And that’s even if they give the President lots of money, I still say No Pogroms. No Poison Gas to killers. Just Say No!

So, back to the meeting. We were all pretty happy about the ‘Budget-For-All’ non-binding Referendum that passed overwhelmingly – 87% in Northampton, and 86% in neighboring Amherst. Such bills passed in many towns in Western Mass, and in Vermont. It’s basically Green Presidential candidate Jill Stein’s Green New Deal (but without Dr. Stein’s understanding of Hemp’s place in our economy and environment): The Referendum advises that money now going to the Military and giant capitalists should instead be spent locally, hiring the jobless, manufacturing the things we need, addressing the environment; and, taking the money out of politics – thus getting rid of Citizens United.

We’re against Nuclear weapons, against war in Iran and Afghanistan. Hopefully against the war in Syria, too, but no one said that. (I hope that people aren’t now considering Syria ‘the good war,’ like Afghanistan before it.)

We’re against Drones, very much. We’re seeing that Obama is already putting Medicare and Social Security on the Fiscal Cliff for his Grand Bargain with his Republican cronies (even though, in the Vice Presidential Debate, Joe Biden revealed that Obama is lying about one reported part of that Grand Bargain, and that Military cuts are not really on the table as Obama has repeatedly claimed): In the Debate, Paul Ryan challenged Biden on the issue, asserting that cutting the Military arbitrarily is completely irresponsible. Biden hushed him up immediately saying “We’re not gonna do that” [cut Military spending].

A speaker at our meeting pointed out that Obama has already offered to cut twice as much from the social safety net as is cut from the Military. On how we might attain Jill Stein’s goal of Medicare For All, and the Budget-For-All, Richard Purcell quoted Jill Stein: “It doesn’t take an army [to organize for political change], if you start a street at a time.”

Many people at the meeting said that they wanted to form a broader coalition. Amid all the praise for the success on non-binding Referendums, there were calls of “Let’s do some binding Referendums!” (Or is it Referenda?)

The highlight of the event, as far as I’m concerned, was when 93-year-old peace and anti-Nuclear activist Frances Crowe called for a national General Strike. Nobody said nothin’! So she explained a scenario wherein lots people would simultaneously not work or drive on a Sunday afternoon. The audience looked very confused. Then she came to her point. She lamented that in Italy people just stayed out on strike nationwide for five raging days, but here, we couldn’t even get a few people to strike for just part of a Sunday afternoon.

Frances, and several others there, noted that Obama had quoted Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words on getting Progressive change accomplished: “‘Now, make me do it.’” We intend to make him. Please help.

Frances, Paki, and Rick were brilliant, and the other speakers were good too. Even the guy from Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). He said that social issues showed a Progressive victory in this Election. He mentioned Gay Rights. He did not mention Marijuana. He bragged that his organization had not endorsed Obama in 2008 or in 2012. He glowed over the electoral victories Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren, and the ever-popular Alan Grayson. He said he did not like Warren’s pin-headed jingoistic Militarism, but that they had worked something out. Then he went on to name some prominent members of Congress’s Progressive Caucus.

(Elizabeth Warren is a rabid war monger on Iran, inferring [when she endorsed throwing "all Military options" on the table] that the United States should consider such a Genocidal move as Nuclear Bombing Iran’s Nuclear facilities, even though that would set much of the country on fire, and would kill many US servicemen in Bahrain and Afghanistan – the latter because it is downwind from Iran, via the jet stream upper air current. I hope that Warren and Obama don’t Dirty-Bomb our own troops. Jet stream phenomena, by the way, also show that Warren and Obama are lying in their claim that Iran would shoot Nukes at Israel if it ever had them: Iran is downwind from Israel: They’d be Dirty-Bombing themselves!)

And there were other names dropped at the meeting too. I had to take exception eventually, when I finally got my chance to say a few words. Someone mentioned our state’s senior Senator John Kerry, who was directly involved in the most viewed public Torture video in history [up to that time]. Yes, John “Taser Torture” Kerry is our US Senator, as disturbing as that is. I was once Tortured until my back was broken. I don’t like Torturers. If you don’t remember the incident, let me refresh your memory:

John “T.T.” Kerry was speaking at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He was taking questions. A student asked Kerry embarrassing questions, including one about his lodge-brotherhood with his Presidential Election opponent George W. Bush: Kerry and the Bushes belong to Yale University’s ghoulish homoerotic Skull & Bones secret society (believed by many people in Florida to be a devil-worshipping cult). Apparent Democratic Party shills started to shout the young man down. Cops started brutalizing him and arresting him. A cowardly policeman stepped forward and aimed a Torture device at the student.

“Don’t Tase me, bro!” the Torture victim pleaded. Incredibly, even though the incident was before large group of witnesses, and on widely circulated video, the Torturer was not arrested. Incredibly, though he was once said to have courage, Senator Kerry did not speak up for the Torture victim. Incredibly, the University blackmailed the student, threatening him with the loss of his college education – everything but the loans – the University in violation the law forced the Torture victim to apologize to his Torturer, and to the cowardly crooked politician too. UF has done a lot of good in history, but it should lose its certification over its criminal Conspiratorial participation in Torture. University officials should be turned over to the Hague in Holland, for War Crimes prosecution. (But I didn’t tell the Quakers all that.)



None of those Torturers has been arrested. So much for Bushbama’s lie “We don’t Torture.” Incredibly, the cowardly Senator Kerry has not yet apologized for his role in the Torture of Andrew Meyer, and for Meyer’s ordeal as a Political Prisoner. What an incredible disgrace to our Commonwealth and country, what a disgrace to the human race is John Taser Torture Kerry! Why are there not loud protests everywhere he goes?!

Yeah, so I mentioned Kerry’s part in the Torture at the meeting, to dead silence. The PDA guy had already mentioned Kerry voting for war twice. Said that they had found some common ground, though. And don’t get me started on Kerry’s fake climate protection bill.

And I pointed out that most of those “Progressive” Democrats now in the Caucus in Congress that he’d just named had recently Covered Up for our criminal Attorney General Eric Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious, which smuggled assault weapons to the notorious Zetas Cartel in Mexico. Some of the assault weapons Holder’s F&F smuggled to Mexico got smuggled back to the US, and used to Murder Law Enforcement.

And Holder and Obama have Conspired in Hate Crimes against Skin Cancer patients, thousands of whom will die this year. But active ingredients in Marijuana kill Cancer cells, and with a stroke of his pen, Obama could give Skin Cancer patients access to Rick Simpson Oil, simply by removing MJ from Schedule 1, which he can do at any time as an Executive Order. If you’ve never seen the photographic evidence that it works, I recommend seeing it. and and

So there was no reaction to Frances Crowe’s call for a General Strike, no reaction to Kerry Torture, no reaction to so-called “Progressive” Democrats sold us out on Eric Holder, lying that the Congressional investigation was a “Witch Hunt.” A Congressional Committee subpoenaed Holder but he [and Obama] refused to honor the subpoena, just like the Bush Administration. That’s crooked, and it’s Fascism. In the last couple of months, Ron Paul, Rocky Anderson, and Cornel West have all publicly called President Barack Obama “Fascist.”

And there was no reaction to the information about our President and Attorney General – the nation’s two highest ranking Law Enforcement officials – and their Fascist refusal to answer a subpoena, and their Hate Crimes against medical patients. Hate Crime against Skin Cancer patients. That seems pretty bad to me. (One would think that someone would rationalize some conscience-easing by saying ‘Hey, that’s not Hate Crime,’ or something.)(I’d like to see Human Rights extended even to the people who will die if they don’t get Rick Simpson Oil for their Skin Cancer, even though they’d technically be using a Marijuana product – albeit one that doesn’t get people high.) Seems pretty bad to me, but maybe that’s just me: Obama-Holder Hate Crimes against Skin Cancer patients.

Still no reaction. But my main message was about the landslide. These people and groups at the meeting were (I thought) trying to build a broader coalition. Some had suggested that they go for binding Referendums in the future. (Or is it Referenda?) So, here, in the Marijuana movement, we just put together a coalition that includes 63% of the voters in the state. We are less than a dozen small-s socialists and Rainbow hippies who did the leg work for years, proving with hundreds of Public Policy Questions put before Massachusetts voters town-by-town that we could carry just about exactly 63% of the vote.

Looking for a broader coalition? Broader than 63% may not be possible anywhere. We carried every ethnic group by a landslide. We carried Gays and Straits. We carried Freaks and Straits. We carried Democrats and Republicans and Independents and Blacks and Whites and Hispanics and college students, lots of college students. Our percentage was even higher among young voters. Looking for an economically revolutionary binding Resolution? We just passed one by a Super Majority. The group took no interest.

Man, was that frustrating! One person came up to me afterward and noted that my sound advice on coalition building unfortunately fell on deaf ears. Frances Crowe may have been the only person there who actually had deaf ears, but the others were faking it pretty good.

It is unfortunate: The Republicans are going after the Marijuana demographic, and they might get it. Republicans have now taken over what much of what the the public perceives and the pro-Marijuana Party, the Libertarians, it seems: In 2008, Right-wing Republican Bob Barr supposedly turned over a new leaf and campaigned for the Libertarian nomination. He got it, but here in Massachusetts, the state Libertarian Party refused to recognize Republican Barr. The Mass Lib Party ran George Phillies instead.

But this year, Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico, got the full Libertarian Presidential nomination, even here. The Republicans have taken over the Libertarian Party, and Libertarian nominee Johnson got three times as many votes as Green Party candidate Jill Stein. So, lots of Marijuana smokers don’t vote, perceiving that the Democrats and the Republicans are all against their Civil Rights, and that Progressive organizations are indifferent to our Rights. And caring about Rights but not our Rights makes the organizations seem much less sincere, and even a little hypocritical.

To counter that argument, one of the speakers said to me privately that probably everyone in the room had voted for the bill. But that’s not the same thing as working for it. That’s not the same as joining the coalition. Not quite the same as really caring fully. Someone there mentioned the Occupy movement, which of course had some old people, but mainly young. And we here in the room were mainly old. And Marijuana voters are mainly young. In Massachusetts, without Marijuana voters, what can this movement’s chant be? I’ve got one: “We Are The Thirty-Seven Per Cent!”

And as if that weren’t frustrating enough, as I walked away from the Friends Meeting House on this warm and sunny, touristy afternoon in downtown Northampton, I ran into a friend, an award-winning investigative documentary filmmaker. Everybody here at is familiar with dirt on Bush that this man has uncovered, and the memes he generated therefrom. A brilliant writer. Tremendous activist. I told him about my frustration, trying to Left-orient people who’d thought they were already Left enough, but (to my mind) may have overlooked some important facts.

I told him my disdain for Obama ordering Murders and then pardoning himself for it, noting that self-pardons are illegitimate everywhere. He said that people take it too easy on Obama, and that he is one of them. He even used the term Liberal, referring to the President. I had to correct him. He feebly tried to argue back, but facts are facts. If the President or the King or the Dictator orders someone killed, then, by definition we’re living in a Fascist country.

And the President ordering Murders and then self-pardoning is not Liberal. And I had to correct him again. No Liberals condone Presidents ordering Murder. Fascism is not Liberalism.

That exchange was troubling, too. Even a little stressful. We smiled and cordially parted company. Luckily, 4:20 pm was approaching, time for meds. I ducked away to an undisclosed location and began to toke up. Right away something happened to restore my faith in humanity. A couple of young voters came walking along with a guitar. When they saw me, one of them said “We won!” I didn’t know if they smelled the pot, or recognized my face, or what. As they walked up to me, one of them asked “Aren’t you Norm?” (It’s a small town.)

We introduced ourselves and toked up together and talked about the Election. “There’s gonna be 35 Dispensaries.” “At least 14, one in each county” I told them, having read the text of the new law. As we walked away from the scene of the crime, we continued to discuss the election. “Can’t wait till March!” “Obama sucks, though.” “Yeah, Obama sucks.”


You see, the point is: We’ve already got 63% of the voters on our side: That means, in two years, if we hang together and put up a Full Legalization binding Referendum, then in 2014 we Marijuana voters can pick both our new Governor, and a new US Senator to replace our current Taser Torture Senator.

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UPDATE: Troubling Irregularities and Some Uplifting Moments: About Voting Today in Massachusetts

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UPDATE: Troubling Irregularities and Some Uplifting Moments: About Voting Today in Massachusetts — by NormanB (“Deviations form the Norm”)


Lots of people voted early, via absentee ballot. That makes their vote twice as likely to get tampered with, according to C-Span last week.



In case you didn’t hear, Vegas has been paying off on the Presidential race for two days already. In case you didn’t know, they don’t pay when they lose. In case you’re not aware, I won’t tell you who won – I don’t want to spoil your surprise.

Here in Western Massachusetts – the most “Liberal” or Leftmost part of the state – Republicans often don’t contest political races. Sometimes Socialists do. And Independents. And Greens and Libertarians. Democrats always win.

We had good things and bad things happening at the polls today. My partner and I were planning how we would negotiate the buses to go to vote, and what else we would do during the hours we would need to be out in the world: It looked like it would take hours, to fit in with the bus schedule. Then a friend called. He had just moved to the neighborhood. He had given himself a mission today to carpool-shuttle automobileless voters to their respective polling places. We were in luck. We took the ride. We voted. I heard him offer rides to others.

Then our friend went to vote himself. Nothin’ doin’. He was disallowed from voting, he thought at first it was perhaps because he’d moved within the town in the past year. It was actually because he had been purged from the voter rolls. Amherst removes voters from the rolls who don’t fill out the town census, obviously hoping to skew the voter pool into a much more Conservative body: Twenty thousand or more students can be purged like that. That’ll teach’em democracy!

When I was similarly purged before, and my partner too, we both merely had to say “No” and were then allowed to go ahead and vote. I found it very troubling that that procedure was no longer being followed.

UPDATE: My friend, the Good Samaritan, told another friend about what happened to him, being disallowed. She went to vote at the same polling place. She complained about the way our friend had been cheated [Election-rigged]. The Election official there said that he could vote via Provisional Ballot. She called him. He came in and voted. Happy ending!

I’ve been wondering about these crowded polling places I’ve heard about, and how that restricts voting in Florida. It was never a problem to vote in Florida when I lived there up to 1995. And it has never been a problem for me voting here in Mass. We walked in, and only two or three were in line in front of us. Right away, though, twenty more people queued up behind us. Why doesn’t everybody across the country have enough poll workers to get it done? Is it because in Florida there isn’t enough money appropriated to pay poll workers?

There was a policeman in the polling place. That’s never happened before. There’s usually a friendly, smiling retired cop greeting people out in the hall. This guy was young, maybe his first time at it. If he sticks with it, maybe he’ll be the smiling friendly guy one day.

One thing that troubled me quite a bit was: What happened to the Greens? (The ones I just voted for in the 2012 Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party Primary this fall!) Here’s the problem: I voted in the Primary. I voted for every office. I voted for a Green for each office. Independents may have voted in the Green Primary. That would allow people who are actually not Greens to choose our nominee, which would not be fair, and might be considered Election-rigging. A local attorney who’s a Green was quoted in the paper saying this threatened our ability to name our own nominee.

Be that as it may, we voted a month or two ago, and none of those Green Rainbow nominees appeared on the ballot. This was clearly Election-rigging. Even if the local lawyer filed suit to remove the non-Greens from the Green Rainbow slots on the ballot, that should have still left Greens in all the races on the ballot. Instead, the only Greens appearing on the ballot were the Presidential ticket, Jill Stein and Cheri Honkala (for whom I voted).

Ellen Story, Stan Rosenberg, and Jim McGovern ran unopposed for State Rep, State Senate, and the US House of Representatives, respectively. In the Primary I voted for a qualified Green to oppose each of them today, but, as I said, they [apparently illegally] ran unopposed. They’re all on the side of Marijuana, but we local activists had to pressure Ellen and Stan into their current positions.

We had one of the Leftmost Congressmen in the country, John Olver. If you’re out there reading this, Representative Olver, thank you for your many years of dedicated selfless service in the US House, and thank you for your charitable gift to the local soup kitchen. (I know you were trying to be anonymous and modest; but I saw you!) John Olver has been a supporter of Marijuana, Civil Rights, economic reform, peace, the environment, equal marriage, and many other things good. Thank You God for giving us John Olver. They don’t make ‘em him like that any more.

The Democrat-controlled Massachusetts legislature gerrymandered John Olver the hell out of here. Yes, in the state legislature, they’re Democrats, but not necessarily “democrats,” if you get the difference. John Olver and Barney Frank had served the Commonwealth for decades, good Liberals, good Democrats and good democrats, longtime Marijuana Legalization supporters: Olver and Frank had already announced their intentions to run in today’s Election, but then came the closed-door meeting in the smoke-filled room: The state “Democrats” redrew the districts of Olver and Frank. Both Olver and Frank then announced their retirements. Here they gave us McGovern, who’s from nowhere near here: We’ve had a local Rep forever, but no more.

James McGovern is pretty good. He’s damn good: He’s spoken out on the US-sponsored War Crimes in Bahrain, perhaps the only elected official in the entire nation with the guts to do that. War Crimes are not cool. I’ll support McGovern in trying to stop them.

I don’t approve of McGovern and Olver going along with the other Democrats on the Congressional investigation into Attorney General Eric Holder’s apparent Felonies and War Crimes in the Fast and Furious case, calling the procedure against Holder a “Witch Hunt.” It looks like there’s sufficient evidence that he is actually a witch, and that a special prosecutor needs to be brought in immediately to prepare the case against Holder.

Besides offices big and small, we also got to vote on five questions or initiatives. Question 1 would Legalize assisted suicide. Question 2 would allow auto repair shops not associated with auto dealers equal access to repair parts and information. Question 3 Legalizes Medical Marijuana. In the state’s published voter guide, the opponents of Question 3 claimed that if it passes, practically anyone in the state can Legally grow Marijuana in the back yard. (And that’s supposed to get us to vote against it?!) I don’t think that back-yard scenario is exactly correct, but I voted for the new law anyway.

Massachusetts is one of eighteen states where people are voting today on Marijuana and Hemp measures, North Dakota would have made it nineteen, but the scheduled Election was [I think improperly] removed from the ballot.

We’ve seen a horribly disturbing case of attempted Election-rigging here at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst: For decades, the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition (CRC) [to which I belong] has had an office on the ground floor of the Student Union building, the most traveled area in the center of the University. A particular student with an apparent Nazi bent got control just weeks ago the University’s Student Government Association. New though he was, somehow the University embued him with extraordinary power: He evicted the CRC from its office of decades of tradition:

This greatly restricted the availability of information and the electorate’s ability to organize on behalf the ballot issue there, the office where more organizing had happened on this issue than anywhere else in the state. But then came the Nazi tactic: The Election-rigging student claimed that someone unknown had painted a Marijuana leaf on the door of the CRC office (where one had years earlier been painted). Then came the Nazi tactic: Collective Punishment: No one knows who did the ‘defacing,’ but everyone in the CRC [and everyone depending on us to keep up the struggle for their Rights] is now being punished through the University’s allowing the use of this Nazi tactic:

The club may lose its official accreditation, through these Election-rigging efforts. It seems lawsuits could be in order, perhaps from voters interested in the issue, and from the general student body, and from the CRC members, and from the town citizens, whose longstanding annual Marijuana celebration, Extravaganja, is sponsored and carried out by the CRC. Saturday night, somebody knocked over my “Vote YES On Question 3″ sign and the garbage bin too, which probably weighs over 100 pounds: It took some work to knock it over.

Question 4 on our ballot today was a non-binding but very important instruction to our incoming US Senator: Introduce legislation and/or an Amendment to the US Constitution ruling that (1) Corporations are not People; and (2) Money is not Speech: That is, that spending on Election can be limited Legally.

Question 5 is another important non-binding question, instructing our incoming Senator and all of our elected officials to immediately institute the Green New Deal, which is part of Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein’s platform. The text of Question 5 does not use the words “Green New Deal,” but it does call for hiring millions for environment and health and safety and manufacturing, and to divert money from the Military, etc.

I was born in Virgina, and lived in Florida most of my life. I lived in Ohio too. I’ve lived in the “battleground states,” where they get Presidential ads, and where their votes really count a lot more toward electing the President than ours do here in Massachusetts. But you know what? In Massachusetts, I can wear my beard as long and scraggly as I want – not that it’s anybody’s business, but sometimes I get acting gigs when my beard impresses people. In New England, I can walk around dressed any way I want. I feel more relaxed being around like-minded people who aren’t likely to discriminate against me.

The state always goes Democratic in the Presidential race. Sometimes it goes Republican in the statewide races, Governor and Senator. Though Scott Brown was the first Republican Senator elected in a long time, we’ve had three Republican Governors since I moved here in 1995. I think Scott Brown got in, not on his own merits, but largely in reaction against President Obama’s improper imposition of an interim Election to replace Ted Kennedy. Voters reacted against this manipulation as they did in Wisconsin during the attempt to recall of Governor Scott Walker: People don’t want their local Election cycles disrupted for the purposes of the national Parties.

The Special Election was staged for his [Obama's] convenience and prestige, in clear violation of both the Massachusetts Commonwealth Constitution and the United States Constitution: Our law and state Constitution had a clearly defined procedure for replacing any Senator who might die in office. But President Obama demanded that we change for him, which the state did, in clear violation of the US Constitution’s ban on ex post facto laws in Article I (written more than a decade before the Bill of Rights). It is unconstitutional to change the rules relating to an Election after the fact, i.e., after the Senator to be replaced upon death has already died.

We’ve held Elections wherein the electorate overwhelmingly voted to instruct our elected officials to Legalize Marijuana. Democratic US Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, Scott Brown’s opponent, has said that if elected she will defy the will of the voters on this important issue, and instead will not seek to Legalize. She did say that she would probably vote For the Medical Marijuana Legalization measure on today’s ballot, but that’s a largely empty gesture on her part, when coupled with her pledge not to try to Legalize it.

No Green was listed on the ballot today for US Senator. I voted for a Green anyway.

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Legalize Ganja and Overthrow the Fracking Obromney Crooks: Jill Stein for President – Last Chance

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Legalize Ganja and Overthrow the Fracking Obromney Crooks: Jill Stein for President – Last Chance — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Medical Marijuana versus Fracking: The Corporate Parties – Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians – all support Fracking; which kills all the children in the world with Global Warming, poisons the drinking water, and launches an enemy Military attack against our country’s actual structural integrity. Fracking is a thoroughly insane risk to take, even if somebody gives the President a million dollars.

The corporate crooks support Fracking; and it supports them. Fracking gives money to Barack Obromney ( [#2 on his list is Romney donor Goldman Sachs, e.g.]), Mitt Obromney ( [#1 on his list is Obama donor Goldman Sachs, e.g.]), and Gary Johnson ( [#1 on his list is Tower Energy, e.g.]).

All three Corporate candidates say burning Fossil Fuels can bring us Energy Independence. They are lying, and leading us like lemmings to suicide. Everyone who supports Fracking is in full Climate-Science Denial.

and and



It’s time to Legalize Marijuana. It’s time to halt Global Warming. It’s time to end Oil wars. Those are all the same issue, because Marijuana has the highest biomass of any plant. That means that with Marijuana we can grow enough fuel to make our nation completely Energy Independent in a few months.

and and

and the study:

In doing that – achieving Energy Independence through Hempen Energy farming – we will cause NO Global Warming, and will never need Oil Drilling, Coal Mining, Fracking, Shale Oil, Pipelines, “Natural” Gas, Mountaintop Removal, Nuclear Energy, or Oil wars. As it is, we have the President lying to fool us into attacking countries that have Oil.

Obama, Romney, and Johnson are willing to nudge Iran and Israel into a war that could include dirty bombs, Syria and Iraq, or even a Nuclear strike from Russia. Johnson said let them fight it out, and the Obromney twins are a lot more militant about it. (They will do anything to raise the price of Oil and so-called “Natural Gas.” [It used to called "Petroleum Gas," before somebody came up with the new Propaganda term "Natural ..."].)

Under the Cheney-Obama Administration we’ve already tried Right-wing idiocy, for years now. How’s that workin’ for ya? But wait: The Green Party Presidential candidate, Dr. Jill Stein, MD, is on the Left, not the Right. The Right-wing Obromney team is driving fast, driving us off the road, and off the financial cliff. Somebody’d better steer Left fast.

The good is better than the bad and the ugly.

If we donate to Jill Stein now, we can try to air the above commercial. We can try to get her in the debates. We can try. The Corporate Parties are trying to Frack all the children in the world to death. Give to Jill Stein immediately. Please! She can only get Matching Funds for a few more days. Give like your life depends on it.

It does. And President Obromney has already bet your children’s lives on it, too.

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End Prohibition Now: Jill Stein & Willie Nelson want a Peaceful Solution

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End Prohibition Now: Jill Stein & Willie Nelson want a Peaceful Solution — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


(You can click on the above link to play all consecutively.)

Willie Nelson’s daughter had a dream. In that dream was a song, A Peaceful Solution. Willie Nelson added to the song and published it, for the world to use and enjoy, and for anyone to record. My partner Rachel of YouTube channel medicinesocks wrote lyrics and performed it. Willie Nelson’s YouTube channel hosted Rachel’s version of the song on their page. Our friend Concha in Spain made a video of it. If you click on the link above, the automated playlist proceeds like this: (1) Rachel plays the intro on Guitar; (2) Concha’s video of the full song displays the words in English and Spanish below the picture; (3) Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein speaks out on Legalizing Marijuana at the Boston Freedom Rally, during her 2010 run for Massachusetts Governor; (4) Rachel plays the song live: All of that lasts eight-and-a-half minutes; then (5) Amy Goodman on Friday’s Democracy Now! interviews Green Party Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein, MD, and (6) her just-named running mate Cheri Honkala; and (7) the psychedelic aud-vid mash-up version from our friend Stephen Adamo on his YouTube channel DEATHINKING.

This link from Jill Stein for President states her position on Marijuana.

Beside Democracy Now!, and before it, Jill was also interviewed by CBS News and the New York Times, links included. She’s at the Green Convention in Baltimore right now, where she has named homelessness/foreclosure activist Cheri Honkala her Vice Presidential choice. All of those out here at and on Facebook who helped Jill Stein get matching funds in the past few weeks deserve thanks, and congratulations: Jill Stein just became the first Green Presidential candidate ever to earn matching funds (paid by the Fair Elections Fund when we check on our Income Tax forms that we want publicly financed Presidential Elections, but that it won’t increase our tax amount). &

To do that, she had to gather more than $5,000 in donations from at least 20 states. She did so in 22 states, with lots of exposure here at FireDogLake, and an enormous amount of help and Green Energy from the Medical Marijuana advocates and activists in Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Michigan, Maine, and elsewhere, and from Marijuana Legalization activists in Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, DC, and elsewhere.

More than a year ago, Willie Nelson started the Tea Pot Party and Roseanne Barr started the Green Tea Party. Around the same time, Ralph Nader started the Coffee Party and I started the Sticky Greens. Roseanne Barr then ran for the Green Party nomination for President. Willie said about the Tea Pot Party “We lean a little to the Left.” Willie Nelson said he endorsed Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson, former Republican Governor of New Mexico, who also favors Legalization. Willie Nelson recently said that he would be Roseanne Barr’s running mate, if she gets the nomination. Roseanne is at the convention now. Tea Pot Parties are very active nationwide at trying to Legalize.

Please share this FDL story widely. You can watch the individual videos in this stream separately. Here they are:

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Saturday Night Live Endorses Jill Stein!

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Saturday Night Live Endorses Jill Stein! — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

normanb May 13th, 2012 at 7:23 am


Here is the video

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Last night NBC’s Saturday Night Live endorsed Green candidate Jill Stein for President [but not in those words], while decrying what looks like a disgraceful sham of an election: The skit “Funkytown Debate” depicted two male candidates, a Black incumbent and a White challenger, who are extremely dishonest, spewing nothing but lies and propaganda in their speeches and ads. They are hokey hucksters, charlatans, crooks through and through, lapdogs constantly flip-flopping for their corporate overlords

First the Obama character came out laughing and lying his head off about cleaning up the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill. So he went way way way over budget, who cares?! What a party! Then, over to the far-too-rich know-nothing corporate slickshit campaign: Musical guest Usher, as Romney’s valet, accused the Obama character of “chang[ing] his answers” from what he had promised four years earlier.

But what I am most impressed about is the quality of Saturday Night Live itself, especially the contrast from four years ago: That election, SNL was part of the rigging! Let me take you back, if I can.

By November 2007, the American electorate had rejected the mainstream media completely, and was getting most of its “news” from comedic fake news shows like SNL, Maher, Stewart, and Colbert. Then the Networks did something unreasonable causing all the comedy writers to go out on strike, in December, with the Primaries just weeks away – expected in February, or maybe even in January. And Facebook hadn’t yet surfaced as a way to spread news, or overthrow the Government, so people had no news whatsoever, and just when they needed it most, to make their most monumental decision in years!

During the news black-out, on Christmas Eve 2007, someone shot and killed Dennis Kucinich’s brother. Barack Obama called Kucinich right away. Also right away, police ruled that it was Suicide. Dennis Kucinich was one of the only peace-pot-&-personal-freedom candidates in the race, and the killing really set him back. Mike Gravel was another peace-and-pot candidate. Saturday Night Live‘s take on them then was this: Kucinich and Gravel are crazy and ridiculous. Gravel was portrayed as dangerously insane.

This time, both Obama and Romney were shown as dangerously incompetent, virulent liars, and without a trace of concern for the people, and not very smart. Both Obromneys are childish and keep trying to distract from what’s real. They want to change the subject and fool people. The Jill Stein character comes across as the only mature adult in the group. She talks economic specifics, tax code and such. Corporate TV and corporate candidates will have none of it. They Cover her Up and block her out! That explains why Greens and Libertarians are not invited to the Debate Commission’s faux Debates:

Jill Stein would make these clowns look stupid. Gary Johnson would spotlight their inability to tell the truth. Rosanne Barr would have them looking sheepish and talking backward. A poll in January said two-thirds of likely voters would vote for a non-Republicrat. Another poll I heard quoted on TV news last week said 51% think Obama frequently misleads the public, while 63% think the same of Romney. Can anybody still believe the Obromney monoparty, now that they’ve been crying “Wolf!” so much and for so long?

But let’s also look back, to see what did happen around the real Debate that year. That first 2008 Debate was sponsored by AARP – which gets money in kickbacks from Insurance companies and Big Pharma. AARP can never allow single-payer candidates, it would cost them money. They announced that Kucinich, Gravel, and Obama were not invited to this Debate. The next day, Obama announced that he was against single-payer, after his Primary opponent Hillary Clinton had ridiculed the single-payer idea in an interview. Obama quickly got an invitation.

When the several candidates got out on stage – without Gravel or Kucinich – there was no need to ask about peace or pot, everybody was against it! And instead of Debating single-payer, the moderator merely stated: “I don’t think that anybody here is for single-payer. If you are, raise your hand.” No one did.

That made me remember back to 1993, when I was proud of Hillary Clinton’s White House Health Care Task Force. For the first month, she didn’t even say that her program would allow the existence of Insurance or Drug companies. But then, she was universally attacked by nearly every newspaper in America. (Remember newspapers?!) So, she let the corps play. Oh, well.

Now, flash forward to 2009: Obama says he’s trying to fix health care, but instead teams up with AARP and Senator Max “Bogus” Baucus to crush single-payer. What a crook!

Jill Stein doesn’t have a loud voice, but she speaks the truth.

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First Debate of the New Election Cycle, at the IGLO Dissidents’ Convention – Independents, Greens, Libertarians & Others

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First Debate of the New Election Cycle, at the IGLO Dissidents’ Convention – Independents, Greens, Libertarians & Others — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

The very first Debate of the new election cycle is shaping up!

The unofficial IGLO dissidents’ “Convention” (or alternative Convention) will make waves in and near Massachusetts throughout mid-April, uniting Independents, Greens, Libertarians and Others who believe in: (1) Ending the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq; (2) Ending Marijuana Prohibition; and (3) Human Rights for All [including restoration of habeas corpus and Geneva Conventions Rights, and restoration of all Rights compromised by 9-11 hysteria and the War on Drugs. In other words, we want to overturn "Fascist Reforms," including the Patriot Act, the Cancerous X-Rays and Pervert Patting at airports, etc.].

Some have wondered how can we have a Debate when the delegates are already in agreement. That is sort of the point: Most parties (and probably most people) in the United States agree with our three guiding principle listed above. Anyone who doesn’t believe in ending the Wars, curtailing Prohibition, and the full spectrum of Human Rights … well, anyone who doesn’t believe in at least that is an immoral scumbag and not worthy of my vote, nor yours.

Though the delegates largely agree on Peace, Pot, and Personal Freedom, I’m sure each has an individual vision of how we can go forward.

Cindy Sheehan will give the Keynote Speech. That is to say: She’ll be addressing a gathering of peace activists April 11 in Boston, and has agreed that we can consider that speech to be our Keynote Speech. She’s encouraged us to record that speech and to play all or part of it before the Debate.

We’ve received quotes to be read there and endorsements of our efforts from Civil Rights icons Prof. Cornel West and Robert Meeropol, son of the Rosenbergs.

The Debate will be at 7pm Thursday April 14, 2011, in the Chapel of First Churches of Northampton, 129 Main St., Northampton, Massachusetts.

Confirmed Debate participants:

~2010 Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein;
~2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate George Phillies;
~2010 New York Gubernatorial candidate Jimmy McMillan of the Rent is Too Damn High Party;
~Legendary political prisoner John Sinclair of the anti-racist White Panther Party;
~Aron Kay, the “Yippie Pieman” of the Youth International Party;
~Political theater activist Vermin Supreme, “the Friendly Fascist,” who was on the New Hampshire Republican Presidential Primary ballot in 2008 and expects to be there again in 2012;
~Pirate Party (hopefully James O’Keefe, who wrote to us and assured us that the Pirate Party will take part);
~We also expect either active participation or a statement from Presidential candidate Denny Lane of the US Marijuana Party.
~Independent Terry Franklin and Anarchist Joe McCullough will also contribute to the discussion.

We may get regular Democrats and Republicans (as long as they’re against War and Prohibition, and favor Human Rights). If you’d like to attend and/or question the delegates, details for that are in the final paragraph of this posting.

First, Anarchist performance poet Joe McCullough of the Philadelphia-South Jersey area, a former political activist, will explain why he doesn’t vote, and why we should consider quitting. Then, each of the party people will give an opening statement. The last will be from Independent Terry Franklin, who’s been a candidate for the US House of Representatives and the Massachusetts State House.

We’ve got third parties galore. The names above include an Anarchist, two Communists, three Socialists, a Green, a Libertarian, an Independent, and two people who are registered Republicans. If only more Republicrats could be like them!

We hope C-SPAN will cover the event. If you’d like to see C-SPAN cover it, you could suggest it to them by emailing If they don’t cover it, we can get it out to the public through YouTube and Facebook.

I wish to thank Anthony Noel of the New Progressive Alliance (our own themalcontent here at FireDogLake) for putting me in touch with Cindy Sheehan and Cornel West. Jill Stein is in the Debate, and Paul Barrow who published the platform for United Progressives noted (during the NPA steering committee conference call a few days ago) that our points are in accord with his platform. So, NPA’s steering committee is close to consensus in endorsing the Debate, and our efforts to unite on the three agenda items (from the first paragraph).

The IGLO Debate is part of the IGLO dissidents’ Convention, an unofficial and loosely affiliated group of events. Below are the loosely related events in and around Massachusetts in the coming weeks that make up the 2011 IGLO Convention:

~April 8-10: National Conference for Media Reform in Boston (with Amy Goodman);
~April 9: The New Hampshire Libertarian Party Board Meeting: Significant because New Hampshire Libertarians lead the country in Civil Disobedience activism over marijuana;
~April 9, 16, 23: Massachusetts Green Rainbow Party Issues Summit Conference in Worcester;
~April 11: Anti-war activist and 2012 Presidential candidate Cindy Sheehan will unofficially kick off our IGLO Convention with a speech to peace activists in Boston, our IGLO Keynote Speech;
~April 14: Debate at First Churches of Northampton;
~April 16-17: Extravaganja on Amherst town common (apx. 5,000 to attend)’ the IGLO Convention Tent will be set up there both days, for speakers, networking, Conventioneering;
~April 16: Legendary Political Prisoner & poet John Sinclair speaks and performs at First Churches of Northampton (after years in prison he was freed through the efforts of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Stevie Wonder, Frank Zappa, Eric Clapton, Dick Gregory);
~April 20: Libertarians’ Civil Disobedience – Marijuana smoking at the New Hampshire State House (4/20/11 is “Four-twenty,” the Marijuana-smoking holiday, all over the world);
~April 23: The Equalites (reggae stars who opened for Bob Marley & the Wailers) perform at First Churches of Northampton to celebrate and emphasize the Right to sacramental use of Marijuana;
~May 1: Maine Green Independent Party Convention in Brunswick.

Next year, we will hold the 2012 IGLO Convention in 4/20 week of 2012, and we will hopefully nominate a consensus candidate at least two months before the Democrats or Republicans do.


Tickets for the Debate are $25 and available at the University of Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition office, at the Hempest and Feeding Tube Records in Northampton, at Mystery Train Records in Amherst, and through PayPal. To buy through PayPal, pay through the PayPal account attached to my email address, which is my first name, followed by underscore followed by bie at yahoo dotcom. (I haven’t used PayPal since the Assange affair, but they did relent and give him his account back.) When purchasing a ticket through PayPal, send an email to that address confirming your order and (if you wish) asking your question of the Debaters, or a of a specific delegate. Or you may specify that you want to ask a question, and you’ll get that opportunity there.

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The Daily Machine: Introducing the Sticky Greens; They’re Good For You

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The Daily Machine: Introducing the Sticky Greens; They’re Good For You — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Announcing a new Green Party Caucus identity group working to Legalize Marijuana & end discrimination against its users, to promote the economic and environmental benefits of Cannabis Hemp, and to convince the Green Party of the United States to fully embrace and promote these priciples.

Today I renounce my lifelong membership in the Democratic Party, recognizing that what has been my Party increasingly panders to corporate elitists and, in serving as shill to those donors, works against the principles I hold dear. How much money would I need in order to have enough to bribe the Party leaders to turn honest? And even that wouldn’t work, because I don’t want Party leadership that responds so disgracefully to money. What I want politically is peace, freedom, human rights, economic justice, environmental protection, and honesty & accountability in Government. With the move I make today I hope to further these goals.

Here we stand at the precipice: Albert Camus’ existential dilemma as described in The Myth of Sisyphus: The most important philosophical question is Should I commit suicide? because, if the answer is Yes, then the other questions are irrelevant. Ignorance on climate issues is such a valued commodity that the US has advanced in this important field to Number One in the world. In many African countries and island nations, 90% of the populace knows how we get Global Warming. In the US, more than 100,000,000 people doubt the science. That confusion helps fossil fuel and chemical companies profiteer off pollution and market extinctions that will include our own, if we don’t stop climate change. The current Administration ignores the climate emergency: After promising responsible conscientious environmental stewardship, it has instead allowed increased emissions of every Greenhouse Gas, and has had its Environmental Protection Agency officially lie about Coal and Nuclear Power, reclassifying them as “Clean Energy.” President Obama this week endorsed corporate-sponsored superstition over science: He declared that he intends to fight Global Warming without limiting any Greenhouse Gases. But the fact is: Greenhouse Gases cause Global Warming: By increasing emissions of every Greenhouse Gas, we Cause Global Warming, not Fight it.

Sunday I attended the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) Convention in Worcester. Because I was not a member of the Green Party, my name placard wasn’t colored green. GRP 2010 Gubernatorial nominee Jill Stein, co-chair of the state Party, asked me what she could do to change my placard to green. I do very much agree with Dr. Stein and Green Party concensus on issues. And during her campaign she spoke thoughtfully and forcefully about Legalization. Much more than other political candidates, she favors protecting my civil rights, as a medical user, as a religious user, and as a recreational user. In our informal group from Western Mass’s Pioneer Valley, I saw tireless hard-working dedicated activists in it for the long haul, committed to improving our country and our planet. I have long respected the work of a majority of individuals in the circle. These Are My People. I do belong.

100,000,000 US citizens have smoked Marijuana. The Democratic and Republican Parties do not want our votes. The Greens and Libertarians do want them, but no Party is doing what it takes to get them. Our campaign for Legalizing Marijuana carried 75% of the vote in Amherst, 65% statewide. Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein only got 1.43% statewide. Both the Democratic and Republican Parties in Massachusetts are shedding members: Independents now outnumber both Parties in the state. 70% of people nationwide have said they don’t trust Democrats and 80% don’t trust Republicans. If only those two-thirds of Massachusetts citizens demanding Marijuana reform saw the Greens as allies, we’d control elections in this state. But people in the Marijuana/Cannabis/Hemp movement largely see the Greens as irrelevant, and are unaware of that plank in the Party’s official platform calling for Legalization of Medical Marijuana and protection of its patients.

Now, we the Green Party, stand at the precipice. Should we commit suicide? The Hemp movement is our natural constituency and its voters make up two-thirds of the state’s electorate. Most of us in the Hemp movement see the Greens as not caring about our rights or the rights of patients suffering and dying from lack of access to medicine. Greens are also seen as lacking important knowledge on the economic and environmental realities surrounding Cannabis Hemp, and in some cases are perceived as lacking working knowledge of Global Warming science needed to talk to certain voters. The Sticky Greens hope to correct these problems, by including on our homepage primers on the science, economics, and bigotry encountered by Hempsters.

At the Convention, our local Greens generated a list of concerns we can work on together locally that were cited in our circle. I made the first suggestion on the list, Legalilzing Marijuana. When emailed copies of the list of concerns arrived, I saw that Marijuana is included, at the end, separated from everything else, looking like an afterthought. This is the prescription for our Party’s extinction. The 20 items on the list above Marijuana all added together can get us 1.43% of the vote. Marijuana gets us 65% statewide and in Boston, 75% in Amherst, 82% nextdoor in Pelham, and 80% in nearby Wendell. I urge Pioneer Valley Greens, the entire Mass GRP, and Greens across the country to learn the language of Hemp activism immediately. And I urge the Green Party of the United States Accreditation Committee to quickly approve and accept our Caucus, as soon as we meet the requirements. We have a spectacular opportunity.

Shortly I’ll go downtown to re-register to vote, this time as a member of the Green-Rainbow Party. I’m posting these ideas to my Diary blog The Daily Machine, and to MaMaMoJo, which is my partner Rachel Neulander’s non-commercial Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal. Beginning today, MaMaMoJournal’s left column is the Sticky Greens homepage. It will include political, historical, and scientific information about Cannabis and its integral relation to energy, climate, food production, health, human rights, and honesty in politics and business. We’ll note its relationship to LGBTIQ issues and racism. Most importantly, we’ll show how science can stop and reverse Global Warming using existing technology, and do it in time if we start right away.

I’m also sending it to our local Greens circle, to Jill Stein and her campaign staff with whom I worked, and to the Accreditation Committee of the Green Party of the United States. The Sticky Greens will quickly become an official local Green-Rainbow Party group when three of us agree to form it. To get Accreditted as a Green Caucus, better able to affect national Party policy, we’ll need 100 members spread throughout 15 states. Reaching 100 members seems easier than reaching 15 states. We’ll try.

To join the Sticky Greens just email & display “join” in the Subject window, and you will receive an email newsletter. But joining the Sticky Greens Caucus identity group of the Green Party of the United States requires a little more: (1) Email & display “caucus” in the Subject window; (2) if you are not a member of the GPUS, register to vote as a Green Party member within 7 days; and (3) in your email to shamanslibrary, include all of the following info that’s applicable: Your email address, your phone number, your name, your mailing address, and your voting address. Let’s have a Party!

I have been a political activist fulltime without pay for decades, having consciously decided in 1978 to dedicate my life to the unending push for human rights, environmental integrity, economic equality, art, and culture. In the early 1990s I toured the country with the Cannabis Action Network at early Hemp Rallies on the early Hemp Tours. In that function I performed and spoke at rallies in 20 or more states, and at 30 or more colleges. Coming off tour, still in the early 1990s, I founded SPACE: The St. Petersburg [Florida] Alliance for Cannabis Emancipation. Two years and five Hemp Rallies later, we disbanded the group having achieved our objective: Educating the press and public on the issue: By our fifth Rally, both our local middle-of-the-road newspapers (the St. Petersburg Times & Tampa Tribune) published editorials favoring complete Legalization. That was in a Republican-majority city in conservative Florida. One of my fellow activists in the Massachusetts Hemp movement, John Leonard, did a study recently showing how Hemp voters can be influenced to vote for issues and Parties they knew little about.  We saw how it worked at our state convention, where Katelyn Golsby was the first speaker of the Party’s Campus Leaders. I had met Katelyn and her friend Eric Cameron at the local busstop and invited them to the Rock Opera I wrote and was soon to perform at the University of Massachusetts in an event sponsored by the Cannabis Reform Coalition there. Jill Stein spoke to begin the event, then took questions. Katelyn and Eric left carrying Jill Stein campaign signs. The Rock Opera was the most attended Jill Stein event of the entire autumn campaign. And as one student activist pointed out, we’d have had ten times as many attendees if we’d had two weeks to promote it.

Some other time I’ll discuss why the column is called “The Daily Machine.”

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Governor Deval Patrick Politely Declines to Open for my Rock Opera at UMass – That’s Cool – Jill Still Will

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Governor Deval Patrick Politely Declines to Open for my Rock Opera at UMass – That’s Cool – Jill Still Will — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

The Cannabis Reform Coalition of UMassAmherst invited our incumbent Governor Deval Patrick to speak at my Rock Opera next week. He politely declined. In fact, all three invited Democratic-Republican candidates politely declined. Only Green-Rainbow nominee Dr. Jill Stein agreed.

Others in her campaign thought she shouldn’t associate herself with the Marijuana movement. Seconds after they told me that a few weeks ago, Jill Stein arrived for a meeting and walked straight up to me and said that she indeed wanted to work closely with our movement. Two-thirds of the state agrees with her on legalization. And as a medical doctor, she makes and excellent spokesperson.

Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan want the US to end its program of genocide against them. Most Americans don’t know anything about Pashtuns.

I’ve posted YouTube versions of some of the songs in the opera. Those videos are most popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Uganda, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, Jordan, Armenia, Zambia, Bangladesh, and throughout Africa and the Middle East, according to YouTube’s Insight demographics-tracking program.

I am an Amherst poet-entertainer-activist. At 4pm Thursday, October 28, 2010, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Cannabis Reform Coalition will present my one-man multi-media Rock Opera in the Student Union Ballroom.

Before the performance, Amherst/Granby Independent State Rep candidate Dan Melick will introduce Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein, who’ll speak for about half-an-hour. Then CRC organizer Terry Franklin will introduce me and my 40-minute one-man multi-media Rock Opera lifts off.

The show is titled "Protest PG" by Norman B ("Deviations from the Norm")
Recommending protest, and lamenting the lack, a reporter becomes an actor, then uses the actor’s characters to draw attention to the reporter’s stories. The PG can stand for Pashtun Genocide, or Pariah Gases, or Prison Guantanamo, or Prohibition of Ganja, or Pinocchio Government.

You are invited for a program of: Poem, song, comedy, erotica, AND complete reform of everything.

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massgreennews: GRP Endorses Indy dem Socialist Engel for Congress; Jill Stein Will Rock (Opera) UMass

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massgreennews: GRP Endorses Indy dem Socialist Engel for Congress; Jill Stein Will Rock (Opera) UMass — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party (GRP) Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein will speak at the University of Massachusetts … before a Rock Opera. The event is sponsored by the UMass Cannabis Reform Coalition (CRC).

Around 4pm Thursday, October 28, 2010, Independent Amherst-Granby Massachusetts State House candidate Dan Melick will introduce Jill Stein. Melick is a CRC member and a recent graduate of the University. Dr. Stein will address students and others in the Student Union Ballroom on the UMassAmherst campus. Following her speech, CRC organizer Terry Franklin will introduce the one-man multi-media Rock Opera "Protest PG" by Norman B ("Deviations from the Norm"). Oh, that’s me.

In the show: Recommending protest and lamenting the lack, a reporter becomes an actor, then uses the actor’s characters to draw attention to the reporter’s stories. The "PG" being protested can stand for Pashtun Genocide, or Pariah Gases, or Prison Guantanamo, or Prohibition of Ganja, or Pinocchio Government. The diverse costuming in the production may remind theatre goers that the Oct. 28 performance is just days before the scariest night of the year: Election Night!

Stein’s 3 opponents in the Massachusetts race are incumbent Democratic Governor Deval Patrick, Republican Charlie Baker, and Democrat-turned-Independent Massachusetts State Treasurer Tim Cahill. The three of them are pushing for legalizing casinos in Massachusetts. All three Democratic-Republican nominees stink of corporate money. And they’ve kept Jill Stein out of some debates based on her campaign’s lack of cash. As Stein pointed out, that dirty corporate and casino money should disqualify those who exploited it, not her, the only candidate to refuse it.

The most active polling on the race is by Rasmussen, who clearly shows [dishonest] prejudice in the race by referring to Dr. Stein as "some other candidate" on its official poll-reporting page. Obviously asking the question like that skews results against Stein.

All 3 of Stein’s opponents were invited to speak at the Rock Opera. None has accepted yet. The potentially controversial nature of the event could keep them away. Certainly the 3 corporate salesmen come off sounding like buffoons when they share a stage with well-spoken straight-talking Dr. Jill Stein, a competent scientist. And the college and college-educated audience interested in protest is very likely to be a Stein crowd.

The show is hosted by the Cannabis Reform Coalition, which took an interest in Jill Stein after this reporter arranged for her to speak at the CRC’s annual pro-Marijuana rally, Extravaganja, around the date 4/20, this past spring. Stein’s opponents might stay away because of the cannabis connection. Amherst and 72 other towns in Massachusetts will vote on November 2 to instruct their representatives to work to Legalize Marijuana. All measures are expected to pass in landslides. Stein is the only Gubernatorial candidate to support these Public Policy Questions

Two of the "PGs" protested refer to the wars, and one to Greenhouse Gases (GHGs). No one who’s corporate controlled wants to come out against the War Machine. Jill Stein will try to hasten an end to the wars by recalling the Massachusetts National Guard to its home base.

And as for the Pariah Gases: Gov. Patrick is pushing hard for Cape Wind, an offshore windfarm that has already acquired switchgear equipment from Siemens corporation that uses the world’s strongest Greenhouse Gas, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6). One of SF6′s byproducts, Sulfuryl Fluoride (SO2F2) is the second-fastest-increasing GHG in our atmosphere, and the Global Warming Potential of SF6 is 34,500. That means that each pound of Sulfur Hexafluoride warms our air more than 17 tons of Carbon Dioxide. And the state is buying a bunch of it to pretend that we are "going green." And Stein’s other two opponents are even worse than Patrick on climate.


The Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party has cross-endorsed Independent democratic Socialist Congressional candidate Michael Engel in his bid to replace 10-term incumbent ultra-progressive Democratic Representative John Olver, of the 1st Congressional District.

Let’s not mince words here: I love John Olver’s politics. He is a true champion of Human Rights: He was arrested at the Embassy for protesting Sudanese genocide against Darfur; he was one of the few to vote against the Iraq war, he’s an environmentalist, he and precious few other Congresspersons tried to stop the rigging of the 2004 Presidential Election (Bush-Kerry); he submitted a medical Marijuana research bill that would have allowed UMassAmherst Professor Lyle Kraker to grow high-quality medical grade Marijuana for research, which the DEA has been fighting for years, despite citing ‘lack of research’ as an excuse to maintain the status quo.

Okay, okay, I’ll let you see his video; but just remember, most Democrats are not nearly as cool as John Olver:

In a more serious YouTube video than above, Ralph Nader explains why he thinks Olver didn’t initiate Impeachment procedings against Bush.

We need good old-fashioned Lefties like John Olver in Congress. I have even seen him giving to charity when he didn’t know anyone was watching. He’s the most Left-winged person in the House of Representatives, and I’m a Left-Leftitiy-Left Lefty, so of course I want John Olver to stay in Congress. I want him in there forever, and I want the others in Congress to be a lot more like John Olver. I am proud that John Olver represents me in Washington.

But John Olver is 74-years-old. He won’t be in there forever. I certainly oppose age limits, but more than a year ago, a Democrat filed papers to run for Olver’s seat in 2012. And so I worked hard to get Independent democratic Socialist Michael Engel’s name on the ballot. William Gunn, a Republican whom some characterize as "Tea Party," is also running this time. This is a big change for Olver, who usually runs unopposed. He was first elected in 1990.

I do believe we need immediate economic reform. That being the case, please watch Michael Engel’s video and examine his website.

Here is one great idea from Michael Engel for Government reorganization. Here, Engel reveals he’s a Socialist.

Progressive Leftists have typically affected American politics not by getting elected, but by campaigning to the Left of both political parties on true social problems. Though not usually elected, Leftists got us banking regulation, anti-discrimination legislation and the 40-hour work week. When in rare cases they are elected, they bring real breakthrough boons to the people … Jerry Brown … Bernie Sanders … Feingold … Wellstone … Al Franken …

So, John Olver usually runs with odds 100,000 to 1 in his favor. This time, with opponents, it’s more like 100 to one in favor.

by normanb

Without Funding, True Activist Progressive Leftists Are Challenging Progressive Democrats in Massachusetts

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Without Funding, True Activist Progressive Leftists Are Challenging Progressive Democrats in Mass — by NormanB (Deviations from the Norm")

Here in Western Massachusetts, we’ve had a one-party system for a long time. Nearly everyone registered is a Democrat. Sometimes in political races, Republicans don’t field a candidate. For instance, in 2002, the Republicans didn’t even run someone against Senator John Kerry. Though Republicans might not run, sometimes Socialists do, or Greens, or Libertarians, or Independents. Democrats usually win. But Massachusetts and Vermont are quite Left-leaning, and it is our responsibility to pull the country forward in our direction if we can.

Leftist candidates usually have no money, no funding at all, no campaign ads. They rise only based on desire for reform.

Good luck to Jerry Brown and Russ Feingold. If only more Democrats were like them, we wouldn’t need this radical break-away movement.

Progressives across the country swept Democrats into office two years ago in hopes the Party would make positive changes. To our horror, instead of stopping Human Rights abuses and Right-wing shenanigans, the Democrats jumped in and got every bit as dirty as the Republicans. I have been a Democrat all my life, and I have never been so disgusted with my Party.

With all the disgraceful War Crimes, the media suppression to help BP hide its crimes, the continuing filibuster scam, why don’t honest Democrats stand up to oppose the Human Rights abuses, the War Crimes, the media suppression, and the filibuster scam? Are all Democrats in Government as thoroughly dishonest as those in the Obama Administration? The Democratic attitude of ‘We’re not going to investigate at all, because he’s OUR crook!" is not winning anyone over. When an Administration is corrupt, it is the duty of those in Government to bring it down, irrespective of party affiliation.

And so it is a breath of fresh air that our Massachusetts Democrats, progressive compared to those in the rest of the country, and their nominal opponents the centrist Republicans, are being challenged from the Left. We’ve had a quiet subdued far-left pro-peace, pro-pot Congressman, John Olver, for many terms. He’s done well, but many complain that he’s too quiet, too timid. Where’s our national reform of Marijuana laws? Where’s our investigation of Torture and other War Crimes?

Enter Michael Engel, Independent candidate for Olver’s Congressional seat. Engel is a true grassroots reformer, a democratic socialist in the mold of Bernie Sanders. Below is his first YouTube video:

Another progressive Democrat not usually challenged is State Representative Ellen Story. She’s a friend of the Left, far Left of the national Democratic Party. Her opponent is longtime hard-working dedicated Cannabis activist Dan Melick:

Cannabis reform is on the move in Massachusetts. This election cycle, one of every eight voters in the Commonwealth will be able to vote on a Cannabis question. In the more progressive parts of the state, many will be voting on a non-binding resolution instructing their elected representatives to support legislation to legalize, tax and regulate Marijuana. In the more conservative parts of the state, people can vote on whether they want to legalize medical Marijuana. 53 State House districts and several State Senate Precincts will make Marijuana choices in November. Scott Brown’s former local constituents will vote on a pot question. We expect Cannabis reform to win widely.

More than two decades ago at a wild party benefiting Leftist Community Radio station WMNF at the Cuban Club in Ybor City, Tampa, I opened for an ecstatic abstract jazz genius called Sun Ra, who told people he had been taken up onto the "mothership" and interrogated by "a guy who looked like Spock." Be that as it may, the son of one the members of Sun Ra’s space band, Governor Deval Patrick, has turned out to be kind of middle-of-the-road. The same can be said for both his Republican and Independent opponents. The powers that be would prefer to keep Green-Rainbow candidate Jill Stein out of the debates, but the debates need her, for the taste of honesty, so it won’t just be three men agreeing with each other.

Below is a link to the first debate in which Jill Stein was included, the Cape Wind Debate. Stein asked the Governor to give back political donations from sources trying to influence his decisions, including Cape Wind. One can see in this debate three candidates who want to sell us a bill of goods, and one who wants to reveal the truth: