Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo)

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Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo) — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Attention Just-Say-Now Folks:

There’s another state voting on legalizing Marijuana November 2 which is Not one of the four you have listed: Massachusetts: We wish to have that information listed in JustSayNow’s States section, because there are not just four states voting, there are at least Five! Please include Massachusetts too. There’s also a new state blog about the Marijuana movement in Massachusetts, which we hope to add to the Blog List at

This November 2nd, 73 towns and cities in Massachusetts will be give voters a chance to weigh in on either of two Public Policy Questions, one which instructs our representatives to push for the legalizing of medical use of Marijuana, and one instructing them to support outright legalization, with a tax-and-regulate structure similar to that of alcohol.

We know from previous campaigns and polls that a clear majority of voters approve of these Public Policy reforms, and the measures will pass handily. The voter interest from these PPQs could help to elect Green Rainbow candidate Jill Stein as Governor, because she’s the only candidate standing up for and supporting passage of the Marijuana PPQs.

Rachel Neulander launched the Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal (MaMaMoJo), to follow the progress of the 73 PPQs, to push for further reform, and to chronicle the stories of the heroes of this movement.

The official State Voter Information Packet, omits the Marijuana PPQ for Amherst in the packets mailed here, and across the state, because the PPQs were not assigned their Ballot Numbers until the Voter Info Packets had already been sent. It feels like censorship, and possibly an attempt to manipulate the Election results.

If you’re in Massachusetts, and you’re wondering if your town is going to vote on this issue, you can check here.

Congratulations to Jill Stein, who just reached the money-raising threshold imposed by the Boston Media Consortium: Hopefully that means the media represented by the BMC will stop trying to manipulate the Massachusetts Gubernatorial Election by blocking Dr. Stein from Debates, as they’ve done in the past.