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A Very Disappointing “Peace” & “Justice” “Coalition” “Attempt”

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A Very Disappointing “Peace” & “Justice” “Coalition” “Attempt” — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



I just came from a meeting. At the Friends Meeting House. A political meeting. Of radicals, so to speak. The local Left, showing up in Northampton, Mass. Peace and justice issues. Thirty-five or so activists. Real dedicated people.

You know, it’s impressive and inspiring to see and hear dedicated activists who’ve worked hard through many decades, and even through the Obama years, unflinching. (Let’s see, just a minute, let me do the math…) Okay: I’m 57; and I was one of the youngest people in the room. Someone quoted the completely non-commercial songwriter Charlie King (who wrote the legendary Vaguely Reminiscent of the Sixties), and nobody even asked “Charlie who?” But, something was missing. Why were so few young people there?

There was an Election Tuesday. President Obama was reelected. Here in Massachusetts, voters replaced pliable incumbent Republican Scott Brown with hawkish Democrat Elizabeth Warren. Massachusetts also saw one of the nation’s biggest landslides Tuesday:

In a binding Referendum, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly Legalized Medical Marijuana, voting 63%-37% in favor of the new law, which takes effect in early 2013. In a previous Election, the state voted by a similar margin to instruct all of its elected representatives to work to Legalize Marijuana. Massachusetts US Senator-elect Elizabeth Warren said (in her Debate against Brown) that on this issue she will defy the will of the people who elected her, and will refuse to strive for Marijuana Legalization.

Because of that, I couldn’t vote for her, I mean, if she’s going to snub our democratic process and not protect our Rights, well, as George Wither wrote 400 years ago in Shall I Wasting in Despair, “…But if she be not so for me, What care I how fair she be?”

Back to the meeting: There were several cool people there, and some important Progressive organizations were represented. Jill Stein’s 2010 Gubernatorial running mate Rick Purcell was one of the speakers. Former Political Prisoner Paki Wieland was there, fresh from her courageous trip to Pakistan to witness Obama’s Coward Drone Murder regime for herself. (At least it wasn’t like in Bahrain, where Obama’s thugs detained her immediately before one of Bahrain’s infamous ‘Torture-the-protesters’ crackdowns in March.)

The Murderous Obama-backed Fascist Khalifa regime was then running, and now continues to run Genocide programs (Pogroms) against Bahrain’s Shi’a Muslim majority, and against its South Asian Slaves (which far outnumber the citizens). The Obama Government’s Genocidal Murders in Bahrain are often carried out with Poison Gas paid for by US taxpayers. Hurry, hurry, don’t look, walk fast, nothing to see here.

It’s the deplorable, anti-Semitic Genocide in Bahrain that gets more noticed in the limited news coverage; but most reporters don’t use the words Genocide or Pogrom – though the more honest ones do. (Google it if you care to.) Yes, it’s the horrific anti-Semitic Genocide that gets the more notice, because the Semitic Arabs are citizens and they’re protesting; however, I think the anti-Slave Genocide is just as bad. But, maybe that’s just me.

In fact, I don’t even think they should have Slaves. I think it was Archie Bunker who said of Slavery “I was never for that!” Me too neither, but you know, I’d like to take it a step further even than Archie was willing to go: I just don’t think that the US should arm Genocidal Slave states at all. Maybe that’s just me. And that’s even if they give the President lots of money, I still say No Pogroms. No Poison Gas to killers. Just Say No!

So, back to the meeting. We were all pretty happy about the ‘Budget-For-All’ non-binding Referendum that passed overwhelmingly – 87% in Northampton, and 86% in neighboring Amherst. Such bills passed in many towns in Western Mass, and in Vermont. It’s basically Green Presidential candidate Jill Stein’s Green New Deal (but without Dr. Stein’s understanding of Hemp’s place in our economy and environment): The Referendum advises that money now going to the Military and giant capitalists should instead be spent locally, hiring the jobless, manufacturing the things we need, addressing the environment; and, taking the money out of politics – thus getting rid of Citizens United.

We’re against Nuclear weapons, against war in Iran and Afghanistan. Hopefully against the war in Syria, too, but no one said that. (I hope that people aren’t now considering Syria ‘the good war,’ like Afghanistan before it.)

We’re against Drones, very much. We’re seeing that Obama is already putting Medicare and Social Security on the Fiscal Cliff for his Grand Bargain with his Republican cronies (even though, in the Vice Presidential Debate, Joe Biden revealed that Obama is lying about one reported part of that Grand Bargain, and that Military cuts are not really on the table as Obama has repeatedly claimed): In the Debate, Paul Ryan challenged Biden on the issue, asserting that cutting the Military arbitrarily is completely irresponsible. Biden hushed him up immediately saying “We’re not gonna do that” [cut Military spending].

A speaker at our meeting pointed out that Obama has already offered to cut twice as much from the social safety net as is cut from the Military. On how we might attain Jill Stein’s goal of Medicare For All, and the Budget-For-All, Richard Purcell quoted Jill Stein: “It doesn’t take an army [to organize for political change], if you start a street at a time.”

Many people at the meeting said that they wanted to form a broader coalition. Amid all the praise for the success on non-binding Referendums, there were calls of “Let’s do some binding Referendums!” (Or is it Referenda?)

The highlight of the event, as far as I’m concerned, was when 93-year-old peace and anti-Nuclear activist Frances Crowe called for a national General Strike. Nobody said nothin’! So she explained a scenario wherein lots people would simultaneously not work or drive on a Sunday afternoon. The audience looked very confused. Then she came to her point. She lamented that in Italy people just stayed out on strike nationwide for five raging days, but here, we couldn’t even get a few people to strike for just part of a Sunday afternoon.

Frances, and several others there, noted that Obama had quoted Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s words on getting Progressive change accomplished: “‘Now, make me do it.’” We intend to make him. Please help.

Frances, Paki, and Rick were brilliant, and the other speakers were good too. Even the guy from Progressive Democrats of America (PDA). He said that social issues showed a Progressive victory in this Election. He mentioned Gay Rights. He did not mention Marijuana. He bragged that his organization had not endorsed Obama in 2008 or in 2012. He glowed over the electoral victories Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren, and the ever-popular Alan Grayson. He said he did not like Warren’s pin-headed jingoistic Militarism, but that they had worked something out. Then he went on to name some prominent members of Congress’s Progressive Caucus.

(Elizabeth Warren is a rabid war monger on Iran, inferring [when she endorsed throwing "all Military options" on the table] that the United States should consider such a Genocidal move as Nuclear Bombing Iran’s Nuclear facilities, even though that would set much of the country on fire, and would kill many US servicemen in Bahrain and Afghanistan – the latter because it is downwind from Iran, via the jet stream upper air current. I hope that Warren and Obama don’t Dirty-Bomb our own troops. Jet stream phenomena, by the way, also show that Warren and Obama are lying in their claim that Iran would shoot Nukes at Israel if it ever had them: Iran is downwind from Israel: They’d be Dirty-Bombing themselves!)

And there were other names dropped at the meeting too. I had to take exception eventually, when I finally got my chance to say a few words. Someone mentioned our state’s senior Senator John Kerry, who was directly involved in the most viewed public Torture video in history [up to that time]. Yes, John “Taser Torture” Kerry is our US Senator, as disturbing as that is. I was once Tortured until my back was broken. I don’t like Torturers. If you don’t remember the incident, let me refresh your memory:

John “T.T.” Kerry was speaking at the University of Florida in Gainesville. He was taking questions. A student asked Kerry embarrassing questions, including one about his lodge-brotherhood with his Presidential Election opponent George W. Bush: Kerry and the Bushes belong to Yale University’s ghoulish homoerotic Skull & Bones secret society (believed by many people in Florida to be a devil-worshipping cult). Apparent Democratic Party shills started to shout the young man down. Cops started brutalizing him and arresting him. A cowardly policeman stepped forward and aimed a Torture device at the student.

“Don’t Tase me, bro!” the Torture victim pleaded. Incredibly, even though the incident was before large group of witnesses, and on widely circulated video, the Torturer was not arrested. Incredibly, though he was once said to have courage, Senator Kerry did not speak up for the Torture victim. Incredibly, the University blackmailed the student, threatening him with the loss of his college education – everything but the loans – the University in violation the law forced the Torture victim to apologize to his Torturer, and to the cowardly crooked politician too. UF has done a lot of good in history, but it should lose its certification over its criminal Conspiratorial participation in Torture. University officials should be turned over to the Hague in Holland, for War Crimes prosecution. (But I didn’t tell the Quakers all that.)



None of those Torturers has been arrested. So much for Bushbama’s lie “We don’t Torture.” Incredibly, the cowardly Senator Kerry has not yet apologized for his role in the Torture of Andrew Meyer, and for Meyer’s ordeal as a Political Prisoner. What an incredible disgrace to our Commonwealth and country, what a disgrace to the human race is John Taser Torture Kerry! Why are there not loud protests everywhere he goes?!

Yeah, so I mentioned Kerry’s part in the Torture at the meeting, to dead silence. The PDA guy had already mentioned Kerry voting for war twice. Said that they had found some common ground, though. And don’t get me started on Kerry’s fake climate protection bill.

And I pointed out that most of those “Progressive” Democrats now in the Caucus in Congress that he’d just named had recently Covered Up for our criminal Attorney General Eric Holder’s Operation Fast and Furious, which smuggled assault weapons to the notorious Zetas Cartel in Mexico. Some of the assault weapons Holder’s F&F smuggled to Mexico got smuggled back to the US, and used to Murder Law Enforcement.

And Holder and Obama have Conspired in Hate Crimes against Skin Cancer patients, thousands of whom will die this year. But active ingredients in Marijuana kill Cancer cells, and with a stroke of his pen, Obama could give Skin Cancer patients access to Rick Simpson Oil, simply by removing MJ from Schedule 1, which he can do at any time as an Executive Order. If you’ve never seen the photographic evidence that it works, I recommend seeing it. and and

So there was no reaction to Frances Crowe’s call for a General Strike, no reaction to Kerry Torture, no reaction to so-called “Progressive” Democrats sold us out on Eric Holder, lying that the Congressional investigation was a “Witch Hunt.” A Congressional Committee subpoenaed Holder but he [and Obama] refused to honor the subpoena, just like the Bush Administration. That’s crooked, and it’s Fascism. In the last couple of months, Ron Paul, Rocky Anderson, and Cornel West have all publicly called President Barack Obama “Fascist.”

And there was no reaction to the information about our President and Attorney General – the nation’s two highest ranking Law Enforcement officials – and their Fascist refusal to answer a subpoena, and their Hate Crimes against medical patients. Hate Crime against Skin Cancer patients. That seems pretty bad to me. (One would think that someone would rationalize some conscience-easing by saying ‘Hey, that’s not Hate Crime,’ or something.)(I’d like to see Human Rights extended even to the people who will die if they don’t get Rick Simpson Oil for their Skin Cancer, even though they’d technically be using a Marijuana product – albeit one that doesn’t get people high.) Seems pretty bad to me, but maybe that’s just me: Obama-Holder Hate Crimes against Skin Cancer patients.

Still no reaction. But my main message was about the landslide. These people and groups at the meeting were (I thought) trying to build a broader coalition. Some had suggested that they go for binding Referendums in the future. (Or is it Referenda?) So, here, in the Marijuana movement, we just put together a coalition that includes 63% of the voters in the state. We are less than a dozen small-s socialists and Rainbow hippies who did the leg work for years, proving with hundreds of Public Policy Questions put before Massachusetts voters town-by-town that we could carry just about exactly 63% of the vote.

Looking for a broader coalition? Broader than 63% may not be possible anywhere. We carried every ethnic group by a landslide. We carried Gays and Straits. We carried Freaks and Straits. We carried Democrats and Republicans and Independents and Blacks and Whites and Hispanics and college students, lots of college students. Our percentage was even higher among young voters. Looking for an economically revolutionary binding Resolution? We just passed one by a Super Majority. The group took no interest.

Man, was that frustrating! One person came up to me afterward and noted that my sound advice on coalition building unfortunately fell on deaf ears. Frances Crowe may have been the only person there who actually had deaf ears, but the others were faking it pretty good.

It is unfortunate: The Republicans are going after the Marijuana demographic, and they might get it. Republicans have now taken over what much of what the the public perceives and the pro-Marijuana Party, the Libertarians, it seems: In 2008, Right-wing Republican Bob Barr supposedly turned over a new leaf and campaigned for the Libertarian nomination. He got it, but here in Massachusetts, the state Libertarian Party refused to recognize Republican Barr. The Mass Lib Party ran George Phillies instead.

But this year, Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico, got the full Libertarian Presidential nomination, even here. The Republicans have taken over the Libertarian Party, and Libertarian nominee Johnson got three times as many votes as Green Party candidate Jill Stein. So, lots of Marijuana smokers don’t vote, perceiving that the Democrats and the Republicans are all against their Civil Rights, and that Progressive organizations are indifferent to our Rights. And caring about Rights but not our Rights makes the organizations seem much less sincere, and even a little hypocritical.

To counter that argument, one of the speakers said to me privately that probably everyone in the room had voted for the bill. But that’s not the same thing as working for it. That’s not the same as joining the coalition. Not quite the same as really caring fully. Someone there mentioned the Occupy movement, which of course had some old people, but mainly young. And we here in the room were mainly old. And Marijuana voters are mainly young. In Massachusetts, without Marijuana voters, what can this movement’s chant be? I’ve got one: “We Are The Thirty-Seven Per Cent!”

And as if that weren’t frustrating enough, as I walked away from the Friends Meeting House on this warm and sunny, touristy afternoon in downtown Northampton, I ran into a friend, an award-winning investigative documentary filmmaker. Everybody here at is familiar with dirt on Bush that this man has uncovered, and the memes he generated therefrom. A brilliant writer. Tremendous activist. I told him about my frustration, trying to Left-orient people who’d thought they were already Left enough, but (to my mind) may have overlooked some important facts.

I told him my disdain for Obama ordering Murders and then pardoning himself for it, noting that self-pardons are illegitimate everywhere. He said that people take it too easy on Obama, and that he is one of them. He even used the term Liberal, referring to the President. I had to correct him. He feebly tried to argue back, but facts are facts. If the President or the King or the Dictator orders someone killed, then, by definition we’re living in a Fascist country.

And the President ordering Murders and then self-pardoning is not Liberal. And I had to correct him again. No Liberals condone Presidents ordering Murder. Fascism is not Liberalism.

That exchange was troubling, too. Even a little stressful. We smiled and cordially parted company. Luckily, 4:20 pm was approaching, time for meds. I ducked away to an undisclosed location and began to toke up. Right away something happened to restore my faith in humanity. A couple of young voters came walking along with a guitar. When they saw me, one of them said “We won!” I didn’t know if they smelled the pot, or recognized my face, or what. As they walked up to me, one of them asked “Aren’t you Norm?” (It’s a small town.)

We introduced ourselves and toked up together and talked about the Election. “There’s gonna be 35 Dispensaries.” “At least 14, one in each county” I told them, having read the text of the new law. As we walked away from the scene of the crime, we continued to discuss the election. “Can’t wait till March!” “Obama sucks, though.” “Yeah, Obama sucks.”


You see, the point is: We’ve already got 63% of the voters on our side: That means, in two years, if we hang together and put up a Full Legalization binding Referendum, then in 2014 we Marijuana voters can pick both our new Governor, and a new US Senator to replace our current Taser Torture Senator.

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Obama’s Part in Conspiracy Helps Trayvon Martin’s Confessed Killer Escape – He’s Gone

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Obama’s Part in Conspiracy Helps Trayvon Martin’s Confessed Kiler Escape – He’s Gone — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


By personally speaking up to to cite no need for a Federal investigation into George Zimmerman’s crimes against Trayvon Martin [the child Zimmerman admitted killing], President Obama has allowed Zimmerman’s escape: Whereabouts unknown! He stuffed his stuff into a rented trailer, turned off his phone and Facebook, and hit the road; according to ABC’s Good Morning America this morning. Police in Florida continue to insist Zimmerman is not a suspect. Obviously not.

For weeks, following President Obama’s “leadership,” Federal, state, and local authorities refused to make inquiries into the February 26 Premeditated Murder of the Black Florida teen by Zimmerman, who was stalking Trayvon Martin while calling him a “fuckin’ coon.” Instead of launching an investigation or ordering the apprehension of the criminals involved, opportunist President Obama politically exploited the teen’s death, using it to blur the distinction between Church and State.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to Trayvon Martin’s family. But obviously, we’re not going to wade into a local law enforcement matter. I would refer you to the Justice Department and local law enforcement at this point,” the President said in a statement (read by his propaganda minister Press Secretary Jay Carney), explaining why Obama wasn’t pushing for Federal action.

The White House released the above statement just three days ago on March 19, 2012. (That’s three weeks and two days after the Murder!) To understand just how much President Obama himself was Covering Up, read Pam Spaulding’s story about it from the previous day. The comments section there is also enlightening, with more info from Pam.

If they were doing their job, then President Obama, the Justice Department, US Attorney General Eric Holder, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, FBI Director Robert Mueller, FBI acting counter-terrorism chief Ralph Boelter, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), Florida Governor Rick Scott, Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi, Seminole County State Attorney Norman Wolfinger, Sanford Mayor Jeff Triplett, Sanford Police Chief Bill Lee, and Seminole County Sheriff Donald Eslinger all knew long before then that this was likely a Racist Hate Crime of Premeditated Murder committed by Zimmerman, whom police had advised to stop stalking his victim just minutes before the killing.

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now! reported that the Sanford “Police love” vigilante George Zimmerman. Philosopher Askia N’diaye, a student at Syracuse University, succinctly explained why President Obama decided to Conspire to Cover-Up this Murder (which under strict enforcement of the law would require his arrest for his after-the-fact criminal efforts that allowed the confessed killer to escape – except that the President cannot be arrested).

Before looking at why and how the above Conspirators are culpable in this Murder Cover-Up, listen to some of the evidence they had: Zimmerman’s Racist phone calls to the Sanford Police, calling Trayvon Martin a “fucking coon,” and saying of Martin and all Blacks: “These assholes always get away with it!”

After picking up Skittles at the store, Trayvon was on his cellphone with his girlfriend, telling her about his fear of his Stalker/Murderer when he was killed. Axiom Amnesia posted the cell phone calls to his girlfriend, and Zimmerman’s repeated complaint calls against people of the wrong race, and the horrifying police 911 recordings of the actual Murder: You can hear the child screaming for his life for a long time. You can hear the neighbor urging the Police to do something while the child screams. You can hear the Police receptionist delay and delay and delay sending any help – until finally you hear the gunshot that finally shuts that Black child up for good! No more crying!

Apparently taking advantage of the Presidentially imposed delay, Zimmerman fled. Then, just two days ago, Obama’s Justice Department and FBI announced that they were not investigating the case yet, but they will soon. (They will because of the excessive intense breaking publicity, obviously not because of the justice issues involved.) Late in the day March 20, the Civil Rights Division of the Justice Department, not the Criminal Division (obviously not) announced that it “will” launch an investigation in the future.

That same day, just two days ago, the FDLE announced that it might want to ask some questions too. Maybe. As long as everybody else is doing it now. Just to make it look good. Here is Amy Goodman’s report released the morning of March 20.

Then, just yesterday criminally negligent Sheriff Bill Lee temporarily stepped down, after the Sanford City Commission voted 3-2 “No Confidence” against him. In 1998, Lee received an award for valor from Eslinger, who is still Seminole County Sheriff. The Sheriff makes clear that he is not investigating because it is morally right, only to restore calm.,0,2419134.story

Then, just last night the local prosecutor recused himself and the Florida Governor and Attorney General finally announced that a Special Prosecutor “will” investigate for the state in the future News finally came today that a Florida state grand jury “will be” impaneled in the future to determine if Zimmerman will be charged with Murder.

Then, just tonight, the US Federal Government’s propaganda organ PBS’s Washington Week reported that the FBI will [in the future] listen to the tapes that Axiom Amnesia listeners have been listening to all along.

According to Democracy Now!, Trayvon’s body was thrown into a morgue as unidentified, even though the Police had his cellphone and the phone company had its records. All of the officials and agencies I cited above were according to law obligated to press charges sooner than this! Here’s a timeline of the Murder, events leading to it, and the fallout since. Note how long the authorities failed to act.

Note that yesterday CBS propagandistically reported that this case is about “self-defense,” and the Mayor claimed he was surprised that Zimmerman wasn’t arrested. CBS also reported here that Zimmerman was cooperating with Police. (I guess that means that Police Conspired to help him escape.) Mayor Triplett said that this case has strained trust. Trust in him and in others.

At a rally of thousands in Sanford yesterday Reverend Al Sharpton spoke out against the injustice. Here are Trayvon Martin’s grieving parents speaking about the Atrocity on this morning’s Democracy Now! (At 2:45 on this video.)

Investigations are finally beginning now. They waited until the Murderer could escape, so obviously their plan is not to seek justice. Obviously not. They are trying calm the masses, quell publicity, and Cover Up the crimes committed by President Obama and his co-Conspirators regarding this Murder. Florida Police claim that a barbaric state law Legalizes Murders like this, so there was no need to push the investigation. Zimmerman’s not a suspect. Meanwhile, a “Million Hoodies March,” or several of them, have formed spontaneously to cry out for justice. Trayvon was wearing a hoodie when he was Murdered.

Florida laid groundwork for this travesty long ago: In college in 1976 I campaigned against a very similar law, proposed by Florida’s then-Attorney General Robert Shevin, who was also pushing Governor Reuben Askew to sign Death Warrants in his newly-designed-to-skirt-the-Supreme-Court-ruling execution regime. But Askew was truly an ethical man: He refused to sign the Death Warrants, and when Shevin’s “Shoot-to-Kill Bill” passed, Askew vetoed it. (Duplicitously, Shevin came out against his own Bill, when it became clear that Askew would veto it.) Shevin of course had political ambitions to run for Governor. He didn’t win, but the next Florida Governor, Bloody Bob Graham, did sign lots of Death Warrants, opening the floodgates of blood across the country, even though the USA had only allowed one execution in the previous decade when Graham started his killing career, often against Blacks. Graham’s reign of terror led to the nationwide execution regime we have now.,6863735

One reason 20 states have already passed the “Shoot-to-Kill Bill” (now re-named the “Stand-Your-Ground Bill), is that the National Rifle Organization wields extraordinary influence [which most Americans consider Bribery] over all politicians. And no politician likes money more than President Obama. (Remember the Virginia Tech Massacre? Obama said nothing about Gun Control afterward, even though, for at least 25 years in Marvel Comics, unsavory characters have been “going down to Virginia” to get guns.) Florida has a particularly tight relationship with the NRA. Now, here in “Liberal” Massachusetts, a Democratic legislator has proposed a similar Shoot-to-Kill Bill for Massachusetts. (We have Black people wearing hoodies in Massachusetts too, you know!)

While this is really not about defending oneself (obviously not), seeing this as a solely a racial problem is also incorrect. It is about the incompetence and criminal culpability of the entities I named in paragraph 5, above. It is about the illegal violence that marks the national Police Crisis in this country. Police in Florida are allowed to Torture and Murder. They do it a lot. That is one reason I am an exile from Florida, the land that I love.

We saw this Fascist impulse in the violent repression the Occupy movement, with peaceful protesters Tortured by the thugs of Barack Obama, California Governor Jerry Brown, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. All three were elected as Democrats! They  don’t know what the word means! Obviously not!

Like in this case, Obama, Brown, Cuomo, and other Governors, and all their respective Attorney Generals and other law-enforcement underlings, are all guilty of Covering Up the Torture, for not charging any of the police who Tortured people on international television. We see these same criminal far-Right tendencies in President Obama’s Atrocities in Yemen, Bahrain, Honduras, and the Maldives. A big part of the problem is that people are trying to limit perception of what the problem actually is: We have a President who generally opposes Human Rights, and he’s leading from behind as our country marches off to the far Right in lockstep-goosestep.

One reason we have such a Police Crisis is the Fascistic philosophy running rampant within the CIA, the DEA, the FBI, and police across the nation; and the Obama Administration allows them undue influence on policy. Throughout Florida, citizens know that all White policemen who aren’t Catholic are Klansmen. In Florida, we always assumed that it’s that way all over the country. The Ku Klux Klan is the military arm, the political Terrorist arm of Freemasonry.

Klansmen working out of the Masonic lodges in and around Seminole County were involved in many Lynchings and Racist Murders throughout Florida since 1920. My recently deceased friend Tom Reece witnessed the St. Petersburg, Florida, White Masonic lodge in the 1920s launching the Klan in St. Petersburg. Here’s a story I wrote about a Klan Rally I attended in St. Pete.

Many Government officials and police are Masons. Sources tell me some names in this case are connected through those lodges to that tradition of Racist political Terrorism: Masons of Seminole County and police from through were involved in at least three horrifying Ku Klux Klan actions in the Christmas-New Years holidays of 1922-23:

1. First, in Perry, Florida, Klansmen met in the White Masonic lodge, then burned the Black Masonic lodge and carried out a human sacrifice, burning a crucified Black man to death. After one of those creosote-soaked log crosses is burned, no corpse is found nailed to it. But in 1990 I spoke to a Nazi “skinhead” in Tampa who told me he had seen a dead Black man nailed to a cross. He said the shock of seeing it made him quit the Racist club.

2. On New Years Eve, they went to the White Masonic lodge at Gainesville, Florida, and met with Klansmen there. They held a widely attended Klan Rally that got glowing reviews in the local papers. They then they drove West on Highway 24, through Rosewood, to the White Masonic lodge in nearby Sumner, Florida. Here’s a story I wrote this month about the Rosewood Massacre.

3. They met at the White Masonic lodge in Sumner, then went to Rosewood and Murdered everyone they could find. They burned the town to the ground, starting with the Black Masonic lodge. Its ashes and some of its artifacts were recently unearthed.

Here’s a report about Rosewood, including a photograph of the burning, presumably taken by a proud Murderer. Rosewood was part of a Racist wave sweeping the country in the 1920s, and part of a Fascist impulse sweeping the world. It was part of a national Racist killing spree, spread through police departments and White Masonic lodges. The KKK controlled the Democratic Party in the 1920s, and shortly after the Rosewood Massacre, very shortly before his very suspicious death, President Warren G. Harding, already a Freemason, joined the Ku Klux Klan, according to Stetson Kennedy.

This chart shows the Rosewood Massacre’s relationship to the Racist Lynching movement then going on. The Republican Convention will be down there in the heart of Klan territory this summer, Tampa, Florida, where I lived for many years. Be careful if you go down there for the Convention.

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MA MA YaYa, CA CA Poo Poo: Mass Landslide Says Legalize Pot, West Say Opposite

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MA MA YaYa, CA CA Poo Poo: Mass Landslide Says Legalize Pot, West Says Opposite — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

As California, Oregon, and  South Dakota voters rejected Marijuana Legalization in landslides, and Arizona voters in a squeaker, Massachusetts constituents overwhelmingly voted to instruct our representatives to Legalize Marijuana. Here in Amherst, our landslide was three-to-one in favor of Legalizing, Taxing and Regulating Marijuana “Like Alcohol.” More than 74% of Amherst voters checked Yes. Statewide, Marijuana Legalization swept All Districts wherein we placed it on the ballot.

To illustrate how this affects our Reps, we need look no further than our own State Rep Ellen Story. She’s an 18-year incumbent who was re-elected, to her 10th term, in a resounding victory over my fellow Cannabis Reform Coalition activist, Independent Dan Melick, and Republican Dan Sandell. Story is a progressive Democrat. We in the CRC have been trying to get her to support Legalization for years; CRC activist Terry Franklin ran against her a few years ago. In the debate, knowing how Dan Melick felt, and fully aware of how Amherst was likely to vote on the Marijuana Public Policy Question, both Ellen Story and Dan Sandell came out for full Legalization.

It is possible or likely that Republican Dan Sandell already supported Legalization, since his fliers brag that he has been to shows of the Grateful Dead, Phish, and Rage Against the Machine. This was a Republican able to challenge Story, who usually runs unopposed, especially by Republicans – in our area, Greens, Libertarians, Independents, Socialists, and members of other Parties have made runs when Republicans didn’t. Story carried 77% of the vote, Sandell 19%, and Dan Melick 4%; but it was Dan Melick’s activism on Legalizing Marijuana that forced Ellen, a far-Left Democrat, over to our side of the issue.

As of 10:05am EST today, last time the state web page was updated, Palmer is the only town to have rejected the Ballot Question, by a vote of 51.7% to 48.3%. But Palmer was unsuccessful in attempting to instruct its Rep to vote it down, because its 1st Hampton State House District voted in a 54.5%-45.5% landslide to Legalize Medical Marijuana. Boston’s vote hasn’t been officially posted yet, nor that of Gosnold nor Walpole. In addition, Norton is currently reporting that its voting is over, but no one voted on that Question, which seems incorrect.

Below are links to the official State Webpage, and I’ll list them again in the first comment, should they not take here.

Tax & Regulate Ganja ‘Like Alcohol’

Legalize Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana wins Big in Kentucky & Massachusetts: AquaBuddha IS God

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As the electoral whip rolls its curl ever toward its eventual Crack!, the earliest results look good for Ganja, but not for Democrats, excepting the Democrat on the penultimate end of that whip, California Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown. If the pot vote turns out, it could put him over the top. How ironic, that Brown, whose honest leftist reputation is the opposite of the national Democratic Party, should benefit from the legalization of Marijuana, which he says he doesn’t support, like a good big-D Democrat. However, like a good small-d democrat, he protected medical Marijuana when it passed. Then, he was Oakland Mayor. He deputized the pot sellers in Oakland, so they wouldn’t get busted. The next day, San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown (no relation) deputized the dealers there. What a golden age that was! After that, Brown became Attorney General, and the lax enforcement and multi-billion-dollar California Marijuana industry are in part due to his input.

Here in Massachusetts, all 73 Marijuana non-binding ballot questions passed in astounding landslides. Those in the more conservative Eastern part of the Commonwealth, including Boston suburbs, voted to instruct their local, state, and federal reps to legalize medical Marijuana. Here in Amherst and in many other towns in more liberal Western Mass, voters passed a measure instructing their representatives to fully legalize, tax, and regulate Marijuana “like alcohol.” Those towns are listed with MaMaMoJo here in the Massachusetts Marijuana Movement Journal.

Rand Paul’s “Democratic” (as opposed to “democratic”) opponent accused him of Marijuana use, forgetting that approximate 100% of the families in Kentucky grow Marijuana, and grew hemp for most of the state’s history. He takes the Right-wing Republican pinhead position on many issues, but favors peace and opposes the Bushbama fascist reforms, including the Patriot Act. He favors liberalizing Marijuana laws and apparently smokes it. His opponent, Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway, the man who enforces Marijuana laws against that percentage of the families in Kentucky who possess it, ran a commercial exposing Rand Paul as the smoker of AquaBuddha, the name of a Ganja waterpipe Rand Paul owned. AquaBuddha is also Marijuana incarnate. And so, Rand Paul is a follower of the one true religion.

That had to impress Kentuckians: When the AquaBuddha ad came out, it “rocketed” Rand Paul to victory. A “rocket” is what some people (expecially in Chicagoland) call a joint. It may have been from a rocket (flat at one end and pointed at the other) that young Law-Breaker Obama inhaled. I think I’ll have one now.

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Governor Deval Patrick Politely Declines to Open for my Rock Opera at UMass – That’s Cool – Jill Still Will

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Governor Deval Patrick Politely Declines to Open for my Rock Opera at UMass – That’s Cool – Jill Still Will — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

The Cannabis Reform Coalition of UMassAmherst invited our incumbent Governor Deval Patrick to speak at my Rock Opera next week. He politely declined. In fact, all three invited Democratic-Republican candidates politely declined. Only Green-Rainbow nominee Dr. Jill Stein agreed.

Others in her campaign thought she shouldn’t associate herself with the Marijuana movement. Seconds after they told me that a few weeks ago, Jill Stein arrived for a meeting and walked straight up to me and said that she indeed wanted to work closely with our movement. Two-thirds of the state agrees with her on legalization. And as a medical doctor, she makes and excellent spokesperson.

Pashtuns in Afghanistan and Pakistan want the US to end its program of genocide against them. Most Americans don’t know anything about Pashtuns.

I’ve posted YouTube versions of some of the songs in the opera. Those videos are most popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Uganda, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, India, Israel, Jordan, Armenia, Zambia, Bangladesh, and throughout Africa and the Middle East, according to YouTube’s Insight demographics-tracking program.

I am an Amherst poet-entertainer-activist. At 4pm Thursday, October 28, 2010, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst Cannabis Reform Coalition will present my one-man multi-media Rock Opera in the Student Union Ballroom.

Before the performance, Amherst/Granby Independent State Rep candidate Dan Melick will introduce Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Gubernatorial candidate Jill Stein, who’ll speak for about half-an-hour. Then CRC organizer Terry Franklin will introduce me and my 40-minute one-man multi-media Rock Opera lifts off.

The show is titled "Protest PG" by Norman B ("Deviations from the Norm")
Recommending protest, and lamenting the lack, a reporter becomes an actor, then uses the actor’s characters to draw attention to the reporter’s stories. The PG can stand for Pashtun Genocide, or Pariah Gases, or Prison Guantanamo, or Prohibition of Ganja, or Pinocchio Government.

You are invited for a program of: Poem, song, comedy, erotica, AND complete reform of everything.

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2010 Northeast Cannabis Voters’ Guide from MaMaMoJo – the MassachusettsMarijuanaMovementJournal

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2010 Northeast Cannabis Voters’ Guide from MaMaMoJo – the MassachusettsMarijuanaMovementJournal — by Terry Franklin, with additions by Rachel Neulander of MaMaMoJo & NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

In Massachusetts, 73 cities and towns will vote on whether to instruct their representatives to work for either Legalization of Medical Marijuana, or Legalization of Marijuana for Personal Consumption, to be Taxed and Regulated. To find out if your town is one of them, check the Non-Binding Public Policy Questions’ Town Roll Call, from the MassachusettsMarijuanaMovementJournal (MaMaMoJo).

MaMaMoJournal ("Massachusetts") from DEATHINKING of YouTube:

Pro-Cannabis Candidates in the Northeast
by Terry Franklin

California, with its Proposition 19, is the place to vote this year. If you have moved there recently, please do so. If you are from there, and still vote absentee, please do that. If you have a friend out there, make sure they are registered to vote. Call them on Election Day with a reminder, friendly or pesky, whichever the case requires.

But for us voters in the Northeast, I’ve put together this list of candidates in our own area who support marijuana legalization.

Not everyone is a single issue voter, but please keep this issue in mind when making your decision. Most of these people are "3rd party" candidates — Libertarians have been on board for decades — and it’s heartening to see a number of Greens joining them this year. Even without winning, minor party candidates can have an effect: One or both of the major parties see themselves losing voters, and will try to shift their platform in an effort to get them back in the next election.

I tried to make the list as comprehensive as possible. However, there is no doubt I have missed someone — especially in the more local races. Carefully evaluate the positions of all the candidates on your ballot before going to the polls on Election Day. Even if someone has not come out for legalization, they may have a position on a lesser issue such as medical, decrim, or hemp which is better than their opponent.


Please Distribute This List Widely


Party Designations:

(D) = Democrat
(R) = Republican
(L) = Libertarian
(G) = Green
(M) = US Marijuana Party
(A) = Anti-Prohibition Party
(I) = Independent
(S) = Independent Socialist



Comptroller (G) Colin Bennett
Congress (G) Kenneth Krayeske 1st C.D.
Congress (G) Charlie Pillsbury 3rd C.D.
State Rep. (I) Jason Ortiz 54th Dist.


State Rep. (D) Anne M. Haskell District 117
State Rep. (D) Mark N. Dion District 113 (North Deering, Falmouth)


Governor (G) Jill Stein
Congress (S) Michael Engel 1st Congressional District
Congress (D) Barney Frank 4th C.D.
Congress (R) Sean Bielat also in the 4th
State Sen. (D) Cythia Creem Newton area
State Sen. (R) Craig Spadafora Melrose area
State Rep. (I) Daniel Melick Amherst & Granby
State Rep. (I) Jonathan Loya Hopkinton area
State Rep. (I) Ron Madnick Worcester area
State Rep. (G) Scott Laugenaur Pittsfield area

In addition, 73 towns in MA have non-binding, but important, advisory questions, "PPQs," on the ballot, concerning either legalization or medical marijuana. Click on the Town Roll Call at the top of this article, for the Question number for each town.*


Governor (L) John Babiarz
Senate (L) Ken Blevens
Congress (L) Phillip Hodson 1st C.D.
Congress (L) Howard Wilson 2nd C.D.
State Rep. (L) Brenden Kelly Rockingham area
State Rep. (L) Lisa Wilber Goffstown area
State Rep. (L) Rich Tomasso W.Manchester area
State Rep. (L) Steve Couture Tilton area


Congress (L) Russ Conger 3rd C.D.
Congress (L) Joe Siano 4th C.D.
Congress (I) David Meiwinkle also in the 4th
Congress (L) Jim Gawron 11th C.D.


Wow — 3 gubernatorial candidates are pro-legalization!

Governor (L) Warren Redlich
Governor (G) Howie Hawkins
Governor (A) Kristin Davis
At. General (L) Carl Person
Comptroller (L) John Gaetani
Senate-6yr (L)+(A) Randy Credico
Senate-6yr (G) Colia Clark
Senate-2yr (L) John Clifton
Senate-2yr (A) Vivia Morgan
Congress (L) Elizabeth Burney 5th C.D.
Congress (L) Tom Vendittelli 13th C.D.
Congress (L) Dino Laverghetta 14th C.D.
Congress (L) Ernest Bell 24th C.D.
Congress (L) Marc Romain 25th C.D.
Congress (L) Dean Sandstrom 27th C.D.
St. Rep. (L) Anthony Librera 60th Dist.
St. Rep. (L) Dave Narby 61st Dist.
St. Rep. (L) Danny Panzella 63rd Dist.
St. Rep. (L) Bill Gouldman 90th Dist.


Congress (L) Etzel Vernon 5th C.D.
State Sen. (L) Betsy Summers 14th Dist.
State Sen. (L) Edward Gately 28th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Michael Robertson 63rd Dist.
State Rep. (L) Vance Mays 64th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Erik Viker 85th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Thomas Anderson 109th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Brian Bergman 119th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Tim Mullen 120th Dist.
State Rep. (G) Hugh Giordano 194th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Willian Kohler 196th Dist.
State Rep. (L) Michael Muhammad 203rd Dist.


Governor (I) Ronald Algieri


Governor (M) Cris Ericson
Senate (M) Cris Ericson She’s running for both
At. General (L) Karen Kerin
State Sen. (I) Larkin Forney Chittenden County