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Rachel Fracking Maddow Equates Drug Legalization with Premeditated Killing

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Rachel Fracking Maddow Equates Drug Legalization with Premeditated Killing — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show last night presented a long segment on how disturbing it is when crowds at Republican debates make their bloodthirsty lynch-mob voices heard.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the show: It tries to trick naive Liberals and the clueless into supporting President Obama’s Right-wing policies, and voting for him. Like all MSNBC shows, it is sponsored by Fracking.

Maddow showed the clip wherein Rick Perry brags about his Premeditated killing of lots of people, followed by Murderous applause. Apparently this bothered Rachel Maddow, not because Right-wingers were wailing for blood, but because those Right-wingers are presumably registered in the Republican Party. She appeared overjoyed back when President Barack Obama bragged about ordering Premeditated Murder of a Muslim, a member of Bin Laden Oil Dynasty of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

She then aired many examples of the President so boasting, followed by bloodthirsty applause from his admirers, including lots of Journalists! (It was absolutely Hitlerian.) So, to follow the Maddow ethics: It’s OK for far-Right Democrats to cheer for Premeditated Murder, but that’s not OK for Republicans.

She showed other disturbing clips: In one Ron Paul is asked if an uninsured man in a coma should be left to die. Hooting and yelling accompany a scream of “Yeah!!” After the crowd finally settles down, Paul can barely be heard saying “No” as the clip ends.

The point of the whole exercise was to show that Republicans are bad; and that we all need to vote for Barack Obama, because only he can protect us from stupid violent crazy Tea Partiers. Maddow has announced hundreds if not thousands of times that there are two Parties. Exactly two. If she graduated college, how come she doesn’t know about the other Parties?

To further her point about how bad Republican crowds are when they make noise, she reached back into the archives for a video clip, again of Ron Paul in a debate. This time he spoke out for Legalizing drugs, including Heroin. Many rational people believe in Legalizing. Some countries have Legalized Heroin. So, it is not the crazy whak-o Murder-related activity she presented is as: She was lying: Legalizing drugs does not equate to Premeditated Murder, like Rick Perry’s signing Death Warrants, or like a Barack Obama’s ordering Premeditated killings of Muslims.

Uproarious applause from Republicans for drug Legalization! That’s drug Legalization, much better than killing!

(Lastly let me say this about the cheering and booing: Happening first in Tampa, then Orlando: I’m from Tampa: The standard of living is so low down there, that it’s easy to hire somebody to cheer or boo or vote the way you want. And there are thousands of intelligence agents in the Tampa area. So that booing and cheering wasn’t just stupid Tea Partiers. It was much more contrived than that. And nobody should be scared that that hired lynch mob is made up of average Tampa citizens: Tampa elected a Green and a Socialist to its City Council in 2010. Tampa has the coolest, hippest, most Left-wing radio station in the world: WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa Community Radio, which you can listen to right now, or anytime at 88.5: As far Left as you can go, and still be on the radio.)

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Fracking Industry, Shale Pipeline, Weapons Industry, Siemens & The Nation mag (?!) Introduce MSNBC’s New Far-Right Propaganda show

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Fracking Industry, Shale Pipeline, Weapons Industry, Siemens & The Nation mag (?!) Introduce MSNBC’s New Far-Right Propaganda show — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

I just watched the debut of MSNBC’s Up With Chris Hayes show. Let me be the first to say, what a disgusting piece of salesmanship! The fracking commercial so authoritatively showed how fossil fuel companies intend to drill under our drinking water sources, because they’re so nice and green. Pollution/Weapons manufacturer General Electric and Microsoft/Bill Gates own MSNBC. Advertiser Siemens is also in the Pollution business.

The most striking thing about this sham pretending to be Journalism was its censorship. MSNBC and other media blacked out news coverage of the Occupation of Wall Street (censorship that Keith Olbermann complained about They blocked out the Facebook photo of the bloodied Tortured face of a protester held face down on pavement by a brutal officer. They ignored the twelve protesters massacred today by President Obama’s puppet’s marksmen in Yemen.

Of course, I’ve heard Hayes shill in the past. I saw him triumphantly glowing on the Rachel Maddow Show, reactionary to President Barack Obama’s boasts about his order for Premeditated Murder of a Muslim, a member of the Bin Laden Oil Dynasty of Saudi Arabia and Yemen. But it troubles me to see The Nation magazine endorse Right-wing propaganda. This show is another cheerleader for the Obama reelection campaign.

So, here we have a magazine that’s nominally Progressive (it does publish the brilliant reporting of Jeremy Scahill), but when faced with the magazine’s Editor-at-Large Chris Hayes’s decision to go to work for a political campaign one year and two months before the election, The [presumably nonpartisan] Nation, instead of dismissing Hayes from his post for the Conflict of Interest, wished him luck and sent a guest from the magazine for his first show, to help push the Right-wing propaganda.

(This is not the first time The Nation has veered off to the Right way too far for my comfort. In the 1872 US Presidential Election campaign and before it, President Ulysses S. Grant and the Radical Republicans crusaded for Black [male adult] suffrage. But The Nation magazine, newspaper publisher/Presidential candidate Horace Greeley, and the Liberal Republicans insisted that Black people who were illiterate should be barred from voting. What’s “Liberal” about that?! It’s not Liberal: Sometimes words are used to deceive.)

Most of the two-hour Chris Hayes show consisted of several guests sitting around a table pushing MSNBC’s Party line for the week. [That's the Party line of the Republicrat Party.] Hayes’s guests made the exact same points as talking heads on MSNBC’s other shows did this week. Some were the same people. Their message was “we need Obama.” The Nation‘s commercials claim that it has “Liberal bias,” but here it is supporting a far-Right candidate more than a year before the election, without even bothering to find out who the Left-wing candidates are. That’s “bias” alright, but not “Liberal bias.”

MSNBC’s shows (the ones that aren’t Right-wing propaganda about cops and prisons) all opine that Obama, with his warring against all Muslim countries, his endorsement of Slavery and massacres ignored by US troops in Bahrain, his attacks on Human Rights, his deadly criminal treatment of Haiti/Somalia/Yemen … every MSNBC show claims that only this neo-Fascist nightmare can save us from terrible stupid crazy Tea Partiers.

MSNBC’s been claiming that for a long time. Now, they’re overtly campaigning for Obama, and it’s still a year and two months before the election: MSNBC doesn’t even know who the Liberal candidates may be, but it’s forcefully trying to trick naive Liberals and uninformed college students into falling for the MSNBC/Obama Campaign: “It’s-Fascist-or-Crazy-or-Nothing!

(Wednesday evening, MSNBC was forced against its will to start covering the Troy Davis execution by firedoglake shaming them, and Democracy Now! reporting on it. MSNBC host Al Sharpton was missing from his own show at 6 pm: He was on Democracy Now!, down in Georgia, trying to save Troy Davis’s life. Here’s my MyFDL Diary on the subject at the time: “Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency” Both Rachel Maddow and Chris “the Dumb Guy” Matthews had to – “unexpectedly,” she said – come back on the air and cover the Davis Murder, during the time slots when their shows would usually re-air the earlier broadcasts. On Matthews’s 7 pm show, he had endorsed Davis’s killing. On the Troy Davis’s Death Certificate, the cause of death is listed as “Homocide.”)

The panel on the Chris Hayes show lamented the Republican crowd cheering Rick Perry’s boasts of Premeditated Murders [Capital Punishment]. But for some reason, none on the panel compared it to the Democratic crowd cheering Obama’s boasts of Premeditated Murder [Targeted Assassination] of a Muslim. (Rachel Maddow also used the Perry death cheer incident for misleading Right-wing propaganda, which I’ll cover in a different Diary.) One Hayes show graphic showed the top ten countries in executions, with the US in the middle of those. The Obama regime’s puppet far-Right dictatorships in Yemen and Somalia also made the top ten. So, instead of fifth, if you include its satellites, the US is third.

Top 10 countries for executions in 2010

To be balanced, guests on the show made sure to note that the Death Penalty can be good. One panelist, Ezra Klein, noted that that the “Death Penalty doesn’t work … ” but then went on to insert Right-wing propaganda “… the way Communism doesn’t work.” He said that Communism failed everywhere it was tried. This brings me to longstanding propaganda in this country: That Communism=Left. I have here on my desk a 1940 reprint of “A Popular Essay In Marxist Strategy and Tactics” written in 1920 by V.I. Lenin. The book is titled “Left-Wing” Communism, an Infantile Disorder. Lenin obviously detested the Left.

So, Lenin, who founded the Soviet Union, was no Leftist. Stalin who succeeded him purged the Left. Later leaders locked up poets Yevgeny Yevteshenko and Alexander Ginsberg, for being too far Left. “Red” China’s Cultural Revolution purged artists, free thinkers, Leftists. What was “tried” in the Soviet Union and China was far-Right dictatorship, and propaganda. I don’t want it.

No one on the Hayes panel pointed out that Mitt Romney, the candidate who beats Obama in head-to-head polls, is the one major candidate to the Left of Obama. I say this having lived under both of them for several years, Romney here in Massachusetts, and Obama here in the United States.

Romney signed the world’s first Gay Marriage bill into law. Last I heard, Obama is still against it. Romney enacted the most far-Left health care law of any state in the US (though Vermont has passed us on that by now). Obama enacted the most far-Right health care policy of any country in the world. In one of the debates, Romney spoke out against the Wars and said he doesn’t want citizens who make under $100,000/year to pay any taxes at all. Obama is a warmonger and wants citizens who make under $100,000/year to continue paying Social Security tax at a rate that’s at least ten times as high as what he and his fellow millionaires pay. In fact …

… If you paid taxes on less than $100,000 in earnings in 2009, then you paid a 55-times-higher rate in Social Security taxes than President Obama did. Oh, but Obama said he wants to end that unfair disparity, in 2019! He knows it’s unfair and he wants to fix it someday, long after he’s out of office, after he and his contributors have made money on the unfairness for almost another decade. As I said, I’ve lived a long time under both of them: Mitt Romney is far to the Left of Barack Obama.

Unfortunately, Romney like Obama is quite – how can I put this diplomatically – truth challenged. We heard two things about Mitt Romney here before he ran for Governor. People warned that he was a Mormon. But actually, that never came up in his governing at all. Others bragged of his “bringing the Olympics to Utah.” But to me, that didn’t seem like something to brag about: Utah was famous as home to a Conservative religion, but to get the Olympics people on the International Olympic Committee were Bribed. (Don’t get misread me – I support Jill Stein for President.)

When Chris Hayes fills in for Rachel Maddow, one can tell that their words are exactly the same: There’s no difference. It’s seamless. They even look the same. We can see that on MSNBC, we don’t have actual reporters or journalists or editorials, we don’t have Rachel or Chris, the real person; we have someone reading a script from the propaganda arm of a weapons manufacturer, trying to manipulate us into thinking and doing things profitable to the Weapons Industry.

That reminds me, tomorrow morning on Up With Chris Hayes, he’ll talk with someone about the Constitutional Convention Conference. This Conference fills me with great hope, the reason for which I’ll write about in a separate column; but Hayes will not be reporting on how Progressives can uses Article Five Constitutional Conventions to take over. No, he’ll be talking to Koch brothers ally Mark Meckler.

The name of the show is Up With Chris Hayes. I say “Down with Chris Hayes!” What a load of crap!

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Gay Rights/Marijuana/Peace Proponent ex-Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM) in Tonight’s Debate

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Gay Rights/Marijuana/Peace Proponent ex-Gov. Gary Johnson (R-NM) in Tonight’s Debate — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Candidates who favor Gay Rights, Legalizing Marijuana, or ending the wars often don’t get in televised Presidential debates. But one will be included tonight, at 9 pm on Fox News. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson should have been included all along.

Johnson, Fred Karger, and Jimmy McMillan are three Republican Presidential candidates who espouse those taboo opinions. One of them is in tonight.

Fred Karger is unique as the only openly Gay candidate in the race. He filed a complaint against Fox News for blocking his participation in a previous debate. Poverty Rights activist and performance artist Jimmy McMillan was a Democrat when he soundly defeated current New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and all others in the 2010 Gubernatorial Debate, by harping on the theme of his own The Rent Is Too Damn High Party.

Ron Paul, who’s now third in the Republican Presidential polling (behind Gov. Rick Perry and Gov. Mitt Romney), agrees strongly with them on two of the three above issues. He’s adamant about Rights in most cases. Paul, Johnson, Karger, and McMillan may be competing for that segment of the Republican electorate who are considering moving over to the Libertarian Party, or who already have.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul are popular among Marijuana advocates, who are by now after all grasping at straws. Getting exposure for his views, and facing Ron Paul in the debate could be the push Johnson needs to start polling above zero.

The League of Women Voters was years ago elbowed out of debate facilitation by corporate debate panels which suppress certain candidates with certain political opinions. And so we’ve reached our current sitch, wherein MSNBC nervously warns us each night that we need Obama’s corporatist anti-Human-Rights, anti-science brand of Save-the-War-Not-the-Poor neo-Fascism to protect us from stupid violent crazy Tea Partiers.

To ensure that we’d face this Crazy-or-Fascist dilemma, the 2008 debate dictators used anti-democratic moves to winnow the field of candidates: The first 2008 Democratic Presidential debate in Iowa didn’t allow Dennis Kucinich or Mike Gravel, and threatened not to allow Barack Obama, until he announced that he did not favor single-payer health care. So, on television, the moderator merely asked: “I don’t think anyone here favors single-payer health care – if anyone here favors single-payer, raise your hand.” No one did. That was the extent of discussion on health care in that debate.

Kucinich and Gravel both favor Gay Rights, Marijuana Legalization, and peace. When Kucinich finally was allowed in a debate, he only got one question, and it was specifically designed for character assassination. The questioner was Tucker the Dumb Guy, Tucker Carlson who had an MSNBC morning show in those days. Laughing his ass off, Carlson asked Kucinich his only question: “You saw a UFO?!” Weeks later, Carlson revealed his position high up in the John McCain for President campaign.

And while you’re watching tonight, remember that it is Fox News, owned by Rupert Murdoch. Murdoch’s empire admitted this summer that it Bribed police and public officials in the United Kingdom. President Obama is empowered by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act to withdraw all of the Fox networks’ broadcast licenses. And leaked info says he won’t do that, at least not before the election. Why wouldn’t he? Is he trying to help Fox rig the election? On the other hand, if he had pulled Fox’s licenses, they might not now be hosting tonight’s debate. But perhaps someone else would.,0,5388217.story

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Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency

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Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


The forces that be intend to kill Troy Davis in Georgia at 7 pm today.

Those of us who on principle oppose Racist Premeditated Murder must mobilize NOW to save this man’s life. It is our duty to immediately do our best to prevent our President from Conspiring with anti-scientific Right-wing ideologues to Murder an innocent man in cold blood, while supposedly acting on our behalf.

President Obama’s duty is clear!

President Ulysses S. Grant sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South. Of course, under Grant, we had Black Senators. Not anymore.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South.

Even President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South.

We must call and email the White House, urging President Obama not to take part in this Racist Premeditated Murder Conspiracy against Troy Davis. We must send copies of our Presidential emails to our Congressional Representatives in the US House. Mine is John Olver, a Liberal Democrat, very extremely Liberal, but sheepish and unlikely to challenge Obama, unless he hears from lots of us. We must urge our Congressional Reps to file Impeachment charges against President Obama if he does indeed carry out his implied threat to officially condone the First Degree Murder by refusing to send troops, as a responsible President would.

We can email this column, with its outrageously inflammatory headline, to the National Urban League and the NAACP, to the ACLU, Amnesty International, MSNBC, the White House, and every Democrat we can think of, especially President Obama’s most disgraceful apologists: Charles Schumer, Patrick Leahy, Al Franken, and Sherrod Brown. Those four got elected claiming to be “Liberal,” but now go along with the “Fascist Reforms.” Their clear duty is to go to Obama today and demand that he stop this Atrocity.

In its limited coverage of the evil devil worshipers’ human sacrifice ritual, MSNBC (the Fracking-sponsored fake Liberal outlet) and other networks keep showing the mother of the man whom Troy Davis is accused Murdering. This poor woman is obviously severely violently insane, ranting that Murdering Troy Davis will bring her “peace.”

Please, everyone who opposes Racist Premeditated Murder, call President Obama at 202-456-1111. Please email same via “contact us” window at Ask your Congressional Representative to file Impeachment papers against President Obama if he does indeed help Racists Murder this man by “not getting involved.” Call and email these “Liberal” Congressmen/Senators demanding that they do what’s right: John Olver 202-225-5335/; Al Franken 202-224-5641/; Sherrod Brown 202-224-2315/; Patrick Leahy 802-229-0569/; Charles Schumer 212-486-4430/

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9:30am 8/15/11 Breaking NOW: FBI Agent Just Revealed that the “Osama bin Laden” Body Had the WRONG Fingerprints

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9:30am 8/15/11 Breaking NOW: FBI Agent Just Revealed that the “Osama bin Laden” Body Had the WRONG Fingerprints — by Norman B (“Deviations from the Norm”)


This morning’s guest on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal, author and retired FBI Agent Ronald Kessler, just revealed that the person called “Osama bin Laden” who was Assassinated by Navy Seals did not have Osama bin Laden’s fingerprints, which were on file with the FBI. This may explain why the Navy Seals destroyed the body with a “traditional sea burial.”


President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and many other high ranking Cabinet officials, as well as Intelligence and Military officials, participated in the Conspiracy to Murder the man who lived very near a US-subsidized Military base in Pakistan. After the Murder, the President and others went on to tell the world that the operation had killed bin Laden, despite fingerprint evidence disproving that assertion.


After the President’s announcement, his office and the US Military quickly changed their official version of the story at least five times during the night, finally settling on the most preposterous version of all: That the Navy Seals had destroyed the body via sea burial to be reverent and respectful of the sea burial tradition of bin Laden’s ancestry. The bin Laden family is from Saudi Arabia, and from Yemen before that. Those are desert countries. Sea burial tradition. Preposterous.


By morning, the daughter of a famous Republican diplomat, Mika Brzezinski, on MSNBC’s Morning Joe wondered aloud “Now, it doesn’t take away from what they did, but why didn’t they get their story straight?” Yes, Mika, it does take away from what they did. And if they were telling the truth, they wouldn’t need to tell a story or to get it “straight.” In Virginia and North Carolina (where the Navy Seals are based and trained, and where the TV show was broadcast), telling a story means telling a lie!


The show’s host, disgraced former Florida Republican US Congressman “Joe the Dumb Guy” Scarborough, and others on the show, immediately pushed the propaganda line that everyone on television news and pseudo-news now had to promote: On the Administration’s and the Navy Seals’ latest lie about the illegal Lynching of the so-called “Osama bin Laden,” if you don’t believe this newest lie, then you’re a crazy wack-o conspiracy buff!


Within days, Bill Maher had jumped on the propaganda bandwagon on his show Real Time by attacking conspiracy crazies. Anyone would have to be crazy not to believe lying cowardly Murderers who destroy evidence.


The bin Laden Oil family has long been close with the Bushes. Both families are heavily invested in Oil and related industries, so both families make money anytime the US Military does anything, but especially when those Military moves involve Oil countries or their neighbors. That is because the US Military is the world’s largest buyer of Oil, thus every Military move by the US makes money for all Oil investors. Simple math.


Eight days after 9/11/01, US airspace was declared a No-Fly zone for all civilian aircraft except the Ryan Airlines flight moving bin Laden family members, to make them safe from the American people. Osama bin Laden’s brother Shafiq bin Laden was on that flight. He had spent 9/11 at the Carlyle Group meeting with former US President George H.W. Bush (father of then-Pres. Bush).


Osama bin Laden’s other brother, Salem bin Laden, was an investor in President George W. Bush’s Arbusto Energy, an Oil company that was an early proponent of Oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. After giving money to the future President, Salem bin Laden died mysteriously in Texas.


Osama bin Laden waged war as a CIA Asset, to defend Afghanistan against the Soviet Invasion during the Carter Presidency. The US got more than it bargained for: Osama bin Laden turned out to be a brilliant strategist: Armed by the US, bin Laden’s fighters were able to thoroughly impoverish the Soviet Union, which fell soon thereafter.


Then, through the War on Terror/War on Muslims, Osama bin Laden’s strategy thoroughly impoverished the United States with apparently unwitting cooperation from Presidents G.W. Bush and Obama (the man whom GWB’s actions, intentionally or not, helped to install).


Counter-terrorism and Intelligence expert Richard Clarke, the former US diplomat, recently revealed that the CIA contacted the 9/11 hijackers to recruit them before the attack. (See David Dayen’s FDL Roundup for Aug. 11 & links below.) In the days following the 9/11 attacks, Osama bin Laden released videos denying involvement in the attacks, but did say he that Allah was punishing the US. This was the beginning of his television propaganda career.


Apparently still working as an Intelligence Asset, bin Laden then started releasing videos aimed at aiding the electoral hopes of his brother’s business associate. The long-running series’ most famous episode was the “October Surprise” video, released a few days before Election Day 2004 – the day former bin Laden associate G.W. Bush stood for reelection. The video brought a late rush of voters and monetary support to Bush, who won the controversial election.


The next electoral video, calculated to help usher far-Right ideologues into the US House of Representatives, came out four months before the midterm election, wherein the Republicans did take back the House. Bin Laden also put out recordings in 2008. He had a long-running video and audio career, successful in brainwashing Americans. So successful, that when his Lynching was announced, Americans celebrated their loss of rights, and the new outlaw status of their President. They acted as if what they had seen on TV made it OK for the President to sanction Murder. It did not.


After the Murder (on Obama’s orders) of the man whom President Obama called “Osama bin Laden,” the US Senate voted 97-0 to claim that the Murder was Justice. Bernie Sanders didn’t vote that way, but all the Democrats in the Senate so voted, and all of the Republicans except two. Thus, no Senate Democrats can be considered Liberal or Progressive: Liberals/Progressives don’t believe that the President is above the law, or that he’s allowed to order Assassinations of Muslims. No Liberal or Progressive would agree that Murdering a suspect without a trial is “Justice.” Especially when they got the wrong suspect!


Obama’s current Wars and warmongering in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Bahrain are putting massive upward pressure on the Oily portfolios of the Bushes, the bin Ladens, the Cheneys, and Obama’s old friends at BP. These Wars engender spectacular Conflicts of Interest and huge cash windfalls for two Oil billionaires very close to President Obama: Retiring Defense Secretary Robert Gates and retiring Mideast Peace Envoy George Mitchell. They made the Wars worse, and made money off the fact that they made the Wars worse. President Obama was both irresponsible and reckless to appoint those two foxes to be in charge of the hen house that held our fragile chances for peace. Irresponsible, reckless, and dishonest.


A couple of weeks after the Murder of the man whom the President called “bin Laden,” on ABC’s This Week, reporting the Murder of another Muslim ordered by Pres. Obama, Christiane Amanpour  proudly, propagandistically proclaimed “Justice has been done again!” Our Journalists and our political “leaders” lie prolifically to help Oily War Profiteers and international criminals.

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MSNBC: Japan Decides NOT to Extinguish Fire Like USSR Did at Chernobyl

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MSNBC: Japan Decides NOT to Extinguish Fire Like USSR Did at Chernobyl — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Since its noon news today MSNBC has repeatedly reported  that the Japanese Government has decided NOT to extinguish the fire at Fuk U Shima, as the Soviet Union did at Chernobyl. In the Soviet Union, you may recall, amazing heroes braved the flames, went in to fight the fire, and lost their lives for it. One has had to wonder what would happen if we needed that kind of bravery in the United States. Now we have an indication. We will soon know what will likely happen here in the US, because, as we watch Japan, where no one is brave nor heroic enough to put out the fire, they are just letting it burn.

MSNBC keeps assuring us we aren’t in any danger, and that we should not take potassium iodide pills, which wouldn’t help anyway. And that, yes, some of the radiation will get here, but don’t worry about it. They say that regular Japanese people need to evacuate 12 miles around the site, but that US Government personnel should evacuate 50 miles around the site, and should take the pills that only seconds earlier they’d said wouldn’t help. Other nations recalled their personnel from all of Japan.

A US ship 100 miles East of Japan hove into a dangerously radioactive plume. In one day, the toxicity and danger had moved 100 miles toward the United States. Politicians keep assuring us that, as nuke money keeps pouring into their campaigns, the US will keep using nukes, no matter how bad the Japan situation gets.

Asked today at her press conference in Cairo if she were concerned about the safety of nuclear power here in the US, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton changed the subject and said that she was worried about our lack of an energy policy and our dependency on [foreign] Oil. She said President Obama had claimed he wanted an energy policy, but indicated that he must not have been telling the truth about wanting one, since he hasn’t formulated one.

Worst of all, the US Military-Industrial-Media Complex, sure that the nuclear radiation is coming here, keeps telling people not to worry about it. They should be informing us that the best way to protect ourselves from any charged particles headed our way in the jet stream is to eat miso and kelp. This treatment was proven effective in the immediate aftermath of the nuclear bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

**********(people ignoring the climate crisis should avoid reading the rest of this post)***********

Mrs. Clinton went on to pose a fake dilemma: That our country needs either nukes or Oil. [That is, we need energy purchased from an industry that donates to Democratic Party candidates.] She then lied that the only reason not to use wind and solar energy is that we are not “up to scale” on them yet. The fact is that the chemicals emitted by current usage of solar panels and wind farms are the two worst Greenhouse Gases made, the ones increasing fastest in our atmosphere. The chemicals from wind and solar (Sulfur Hexafluoride and Nitrogen Trifluoride, respectively) now each contribute approximately 1% of the total Global Warming forcing since the Industrial Revolution. If each is brought “up to scale,” thus each being increased greater than one thousandfold, that would give us 20 times worse Global Warming than we have now. Those gases will be here for hundreds of years, the worst one (SF6), for thousands.

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

(What kind of a show job –?! I mean who? or how could somebody talk Japan as a country into heavily relying on/investing in Nuclear installments, after Japan’s unwanted experiments with Nuclear Fallout in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Seems stupid, doesn’t it? Look in the mirror.)

Today on MSNBC’s morning news show, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough (“Joe the Dumb Guy” who replaced “Tucker the Dumb Guy” [McCain campaign personality Tucker Carlson] – on the show now titled “Morning Joe”) encouraged unthinking people to believe President Obama’s frequent lies about the Global Warming forced by Nuclear Energy usage. In the midst of horrific details on explosions and leakages at Japanese Nuclear Power plants, a talking head reminded us that we “still need it,” because it [Nuclear Energy] “has no carbon footprint.”

This is what you call a “lie of omission.” For, though Nuclear Energy does not leave a carbon footprint like Oil and Coal, it does leave a terrible Global Warming footprint from its Nitrous Oxide emissions. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) warms our air 310 times as badly as CO2, pound-for-pound. Energy investors profit if voters think that Nuclear Energy impacts climate much less than it actually does. And the Republicrat brand profits if the US public is duped into believing the President’s lies about Nuclear safety and lack of Greenhouse consequences from Nuclear Power.

For the umpteenth time: Nuclear Energy is a very dangerous and expensive way to boil water. To attain Nuclear Power, Uranium (sometimes mixed with Plutonium and/or Thorium) is dissolved in Nitric Acid. The resultant hot gases boil water that turns turbines to mechanically produce electricity. The Global Warming gas N2O was already emitted during the production of the Nitric Acid, long before the Nuclear Reaction that the acid facilitates.

Even the President’s own EPA (which lyingly categorizes both Nuclear Power and Coal as “Clean Energy”) cites Nitric Acid production as the third most prolific cause of N2O pollution, after Nitrogen Fertilizers and burning fossil fuels. Yet the President says Nuclear Energy is safe and it causes no Global Warming.

But remember what President Pinocchio said about Oil spills, and how we don’t have them any more, just days before the BP disaster. Then he allowed massive for-profit spraying of toxic dispersants, which will poison our lands, our waters, and our air for untold decades. He proclaimed Mission Accomplished, meanwhile lying about appointing an impartial decision-maker to get “fair” money to people whose livelihoods were ruined by the BP Oil disaster.

That man, whom President Bushbama claimed was impartial, was proven to be taking money from … guess who. His “fair” deals included paying desperate people off with one-and-a-half years’ worth of income for a business that had been in their family four generations.

Then Pinocchio’s FDA claimed that Gulf seafood was completely safe to eat, even though it never had been before, and even though the petroleum couldn’t have helped to make it safe. He claimed to be eating the tainted food himself, and he used his own children in a photo op to trick people into thinking that it was safe to swim in the Gulf. The photographer later revealed that the President’s children were never actually in the Gulf waters in the photographs. To top it all off, the EPA started P-ing on us again, claiming that the Oil is gone.

And some Democrats are screaming ‘What else can we do?!’ You mean: What else, instead of heating up the globe to the breaking point? Instead of endangering the public with danger Nukes? Instead of lying that it’s safe? Instead of sending in mercenaries to help Obama’s thugs murder democracy activitsts in the slave-state Bahrain? What else can we do?

You can do what I did. You can quit the Democratic Party. I was a lifelong Democrat until recently. But now, as far as I can tell, the Democratic Party stands for:

1. Torture;

2. Covering Up Torture;

3. Kangaroo Kourts wherein Tortured defendants plead Guilty to what they confessed while being Tortured (even though in legitimate trials with competent counsel in the US, defendents never plead Guilty);

4. Protecting Middle Eastern dictators’ Oil products and the routes thereto by having the US 5th Fleet of Cowards impose slavery on 56% of the people in Bahrain;

5.Hiring mercenaries to murder people who push for democracy in Bahrain;

6. Lying about how we get our energy, and about how safe and how clean it is.

That’s what it means to be a Democrat in today’s world. In modern society, no one would confuse an American Democrat with a real small-d democrat.

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Gen. McCaffrey: “Gaddafi Will Inevitably Be Murdered,” but Saudi Invasion of Slave State Bahrain to Prop Up Obama Thugs is “More Important”

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Gen. McCaffrey: “Gaddafi Will Inevitably Be Murdered,” but Saudi Invasion of Slave State Bahrain to Prop Up Obama Thugs is “More Important” — by NormanB

This story is very short, but it’s important and being ignored. Former Drug Czar retired General Barry McCaffrey told MSNBC’s morning news audience at 7:37am EST Sunday that “Gaddafi will inevitably be murdered.” He then said that Saudi Arabia would invade Bahrain rather than let democracy take the slave state. Such democracy would lead to the overthrow President Obama’s puppet dictator Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa and his thug Government.

Al Khalifa is the only King that Bahrain has ever had. The Bush Administration installed this version of the monarchy in 2002, the same day women were granted the right to vote. Becaise the US Navy’s 5th Fleet operates out of Bahrain, the Obama Administration considers Human Rights in Bahrain to be of very low priority. Most of the people in Bahrain are slaves. Most of the remainder are Shiite Muslims, who are discriminated against. Most of the non-slave non-Shiites are Sunni Muslims like the King, but not members of his tribe, and thus face official discrimination. And, a majority of the Sunnis who are of the King’s tribe are women, and face official discrimination.

General McCaffrey was President Clinton’s Drug Czar, and famed for telling lies about Marijuana as he spread  propaganda. He called legitimate science of Marijuana “Cheech and Chong” stuff. Then later, in an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder, the Federal Government targeted comedian-activist Tommy Chong, who has joked about Marijuana for 40 years or more. Our Government made him a political prisoner for telling the wrong jokes. In Article One of the US Constitution (long before the Bill of Rights), the prohibition of Bills of Attainder forbids the Government from targeting a person or group.

McCaffrey was the War Criminal who bombed retreating Iraqis during the US invasion of Iraq near the end of the Gulf War in March 1991. Forces under his command bombed a chemical weapons factory. I spoke to soldier Rachel Bradley, who took part in the operation to evacuate US troops in March when the War ended. Even though the US public wouldn’t learn of Gulf War Syndrome for a long time, and the Government denied its existence for years, Bradley told me that the US soldier she helped evacuate were already very, very sick.

Another bad thing about General McCaffrey is his holdings in DynCorp, the defense contractor often chosen by President Obama in the Arab world and in South America. MSNBC often uses him as a “defense” “expert.” MSNBC never reports McCaffrey’s Conflict of Interest.

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Madoff’s Stolen Ponzi Loot Funneled to Obama Campaign Through Daley

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The Daily Machine

Madoff’s Stolen Ponzi Loot Funneled to Obama Campaign Through Daley — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Nearly $1 million of Bernard Madoff’s stolen Ponzi-scheme profits went to elect US President Barack Obama. JP Morgan Chase paid it directly to his campaign, and President Obama just appointed JPMC’s executive William Daley (of the infamous Daley Machine) to be his new White House Chief of Staff. Daley himself skated with $7.6 million in the Madoff swindle. Yep, he just made off with it. Morgan Chase made $1 billion. Hillary Clinton got some, but gave it back, and the President’s new “Competitiveness” nominee Jeffrey Imelt got plenty.

You can’t make this stuff up.

According to OpenSecrets, William Daley’s JP Morgan Chase gave $695,132 to the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign:

Through recent revelations…

…I learned that despite the fact that Daley’s Morgan Chase knew Bernie Madoff was running a [$65 billion] Ponzi scheme, JPMC conspired to keep the crimes secret until after Obama’s November 2008 election (an apparent Obstruction of Justice), because JP Morgan Chase made at least $1 billion (that we know of) on the scheme. Morgan Chase spent much of that money promoting Obama.

Firedoglake’s masaccio was onto it when it happened:

No one stopped Madoff until December 2008, after Barack Obama was elected, albeit just a few weeks after.

On Daley’s appointment in January 2011, Huffington Post said “President Barack Obama’s next Chief of Staff holds more than $7.6 million worth of stock in JP Morgan Chase, according to a regulatory filing …William M. Daley, vice chairman at JP Morgan Chase, holds 175,678 shares in the $2.1 trillion behemoth, the nation’s second-largest bank by assets. Daley headed the firm’s Corporate Responsibility division, which included oversight of the firm’s lobbyists and relations with government officials.”

This means that Daley still has Ponzi loot: His $7.6 million, out of JPMC’s $1 billion, out of Madoff’s $65 billion.

But the Obama Administration’s dirty dealings with Madoff don’t end there, not by a long shot! Madoff gave $50,000 to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and at least $600,000 to lobbyists:

“Madoff Investment Securities made campaign contributions totaling $372,100, with about 89 percent of those funds directed to Democrats, according to, the Web site of the Center for Responsive Politics.” (That’s how PoliticalTicker put it, but the OpenSecrets headline says Madoff spent $1 million.)

Much of that political campaign money went for and continues to go for buying ads on NBC and MSNBC, the head honcho of which is GE Chairman Jeffrey Imelt, whom President Obama just appointed to head his new White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness. Competitiveness?! According to Forbes, GE is the world’s second-largest company, after JP Morgan Chase. In the Obama Administration, we see Conflict of Interest running off the scale, but Imelt’s MSNBC just keeps MSNBC-ing it.

MSNBC-ing” is the type of propaganda that tries to make it look like the Obama gang of crooks is on our side, our good guys, looking out for our interests. It’s as if, like the Egyptian propaganda claiming that Mubarak’s Suleiman goon squad is needed to hold back the evil Muslims, the White House wants us to think that our crooks are the only possible heroes who can save us from the bad Republican Cheney TeaBag Beck.

So, not only did MSNBC (in a partisan move) refuse to air Michele Bachmann’s alternative State of the Union response (as it had aired Senator Obama’s alternative State of the Union response in 2006), Chris Matthews (apparently trying to out-juvenile the newly removed Keith Olbermann) called Ms. Bachmann a “Balloon Head!” and told her “Go back to grammar school!”

At the exact same time that the President tapped Imelt to “oversee” “competitiveness” (or overlook the lack thereof), Imelt’s firm dumped Olbermann, and at the same time Comcast announced its working relationship with MSNBC (further limiting competition, but making profit for the Administration’s cronies) … as Rayne pointed out:

Speaking of Conflict of Interest: Both GE and Morgan Chase are heavily involved in the Nuclear industry and the Wind industry, two of the dirtiest forms of energy generation. When Rachel Maddow’s MSNBC show comes on, a Wind Farm masquerading as Clean Energy steps up to fight for GE/JPMC energy profit, and supposedly against the bad Republican Cheney TeaBag Beck. The President frequently lies about both Wind and Nuclear being “Clean.” He claims that both are free of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, and that they therefore help fight Global Warming. This is completely false.

For details on the emissions, use the fdl search window and search “normanb ghg nuclear wind.” Wind energy causes massive emissions of the worst GHG known, Sulfur Hexafluoride, or “Air Jordan.” One pound of SF6 warms our planet more than 17 tons of Carbon Dioxide (CO2); and 20 million pounds of it are made every year. The so-called “Smart Grid” is stupid, but, hey, it makes money for the President’s men.

Nuclear Energy causes massive emissions of Nitrous Oxide, which is 310 times as bad as CO2. Yet President Obama had the EPA reclassify it officially as “Clean Energy,” just as he did for “Clean” Coal. President Obama even appeared on a TV commercial for Clean Coal, just weeks after taking office, just days after the Coen Brothers had released a widely circulated commercial reminding us all that Clean Coal doesn’t exist.

Athough lying about climate and energy causes disease epidemics, insect infestations, and environmental devastation, even so, President Obama still doesn’t mind lying about climate and energy when it profits his allies. Just ask BP:

So, who’s keeping score here? Madoff stole $65 billion –> then, with Obama in the White House, and with his appointees in charge of regulating things, less than $10 billion got paid back to the poor set-up victims of the famous Madoff-Morgan Chase-Daley-Obama-Imelt Ponzi Scheme.

Where’s the rest of the stolen money? Well, President Obama’s sitting on $695,132 of it; or he was before spending it on Imelt’s and other networks’ commercials for the 2008 campaign. Secretary of State Clinton (who posed as an opposing candidate during the campaign) got $50,000; Chief of Staff William Daley has $7.6 million; his company JCMC, the President’s 6th-highest contributor, got $1 billion. I’ll bet others on the President’s top contributors list Made Off with some too! (i.e. GE, who gave half a million dollars!)

Madoff’s family officially got to keep $2.5 million of the stolen funds, but I suspect more of that money is still somewhere corrupting our political system. And Madoff’s son conveniently got dead a few weeks ago, conveniently partially covering up the White House connection. And somehow those “investigating” the killing quickly called it “suicide.” Never mind who’s behind the curtain. No reason to investigate this.

Oh, and let’s remember that JP Morgan Chase didn’t hire Daley because he’s a famous banker; he’s not. They hired him for the Organized Crime connection: They hired him to pull strings for them politically. And they sure got what they paid for: A billion dollars in stolen funds, out of which they only had to give the Obama cartel a few million. A body or two along the way. Banker plus Gangster equals Bankster.

“Madoff founded the Wall Street firm Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC in 1960, and was its chairman until his arrest on December 11, 2008 … JP Morgan Chase & Co. may have also benefited from the scheme – through interest and fees charged – to the tune of a billion dollars.”

Along with the family of one of President Obama’s major financial appointees (Mary Schapiro, whom President Obama appointed to head the Securities and Exchange Commission), Bernie Madoff started the NASDAQ Stock Exchange in 1971 as National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD). Madoff was its President and Chairman. The economy collapsed and the President of the Stock Exchange made off with $65 billion at the same time, and at the same time, more than $1 billion were being funneled to the cronies of and the Presidential campaign of the winning candidate, Barack Obama, who had just appointed Madoff’s partner’s kid:

“Two years after Madoff’s $65 billion fraud was revealed, its victims are trying to move on. It was good news indeed to hear over the holidays that Irving Picard, the trustee hired by the Securities Investor Protection Corp., or SIPC, has recovered $9.8 billion so far – much more than some had expected. Yet many of Madoff’s neediest victims might never benefit from Picard’s settlements, and in fact some are being sued to give back gains from the sceme, funds already spent on retirement or taxes.”

February 10, 2009, a few days after taking office, President Obama said “There are a lot of banks that are actually pretty well-managed – JP Morgan being a good example … I don’t think [CEO Jamie Dimon] should be punished for dong a pretty good job managing an enormous portfolio.”

Well, Madoff’s victims have only been compensated 15% of what they lost. Immediately after JPMC gave $7 hundred thousand to Obama, and Madoff gave $1 billion to JPMC, all to help to get BO elected, then President-elect Obama, when the Madoff Ponzi news broke, said “In the last few days, the alleged scandal at Madoff Investment Securities has reminded us yet again of how badly reform is needed when it comes to the rules and regulations that govern our markets…

“…Charities that invested in Madoff could end up losing savings on which millions depend – a massive fraud that was made possible in part because the regulators who were assigned to oversee Wall Street dropped the ball. And if the financial crisis has taught us anything, it’s that this failure of oversight and accountability doesn’t just harm individuals involved; it has the potential to devastate our entire economy.”

Indeed, Mr. President indeed. Give the money back to the destitute widows and orphans that your gang helped to steal it from. Order Daley and Imelt to give back theirs too. If memory serves, Hillary Clinton has already returned the Madoff contribution, but what about that $6 hundred thousand to the lobbyists? And after you give it back, come clean: Tell the truth about what you know about the crimes, and make Daley and Imelt do the same.

So, the profits from the biggest theft that ever happened helped elect our current President. GE is pouring even more into lobbying since the 2008 elections. The co-conspirators in this story, General Electric, Morgan Chase, and Madoff, together poured more than $1 billion into campaigns and political lobbying over the past few years, and lots of it went right back to GE and Imelt through purchase of airtime on MSNBC. And our President is in cahoots with these thieves. You just can’t make this stuff up.

And you Democrats out there, in the Congress, and in the blogosphere and other media: Don’t you now have a responsibility to do something about this? Go ahead: Do what Democrats do.

by normanb

Usually Honest “Liberal” Newsspeakers Myopic to Worst Vitriolic Rhetoric Leading to Massacre

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Usually Honest “Liberal” Newsspeakers Myopic to Worst Vitriolic Rhetoric Leading to Massacre — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the gang on MSNBC, all noted Republican rhetoric apparently advising or insinuating that someone should shoot Representative Gabrielle Giffords. (Her opponent Jesse Kelly’s commercial asked the public to shoot “a fully automatic” weapon and remove her from office; Sarah “Re-Load” Palin displayed her name, targeted with gunsight crosshairs; Sharon Angle called for a “second-amendment” remedy, but not specifically against Giffords. It is illegal to advocate drug use. It must therefore also be illegal to advocate assassination. Palin seems to have published an Assassination Manual, directing any of her would-be conspirators to shoot Giffords, and explaining where to find her.)

But Goodman, Stewart, Olbermann, Chris Matthews, the other MSNBCers, and the Sunday talk shows all ignored the person who spewed the worst, most hateful rhetoric of all. President Barack Obama claims that he is allowed to order political assassinations against Muslims based merely on suspicion. Barack Obama is the ultimate authority figure for the youth of this country. Obama is the first President to so openly and adamantly insist that premeditated political assassinations are an acceptable way of forcing one’s will to be done. It is President Obama whom the young assassin has been obligated to adnmire, since he [the shooter] was twenty-years-old.

It is a shameful day for Freedom of the Press in the United States, and an extremely shameful day for the Democratic Party, the Party which once stood for peace, human rights, and honesty. Never mind that speck in Sarah Palin’s eye. Our President advocates killing people suspected of being Muslim extremists (and their neighbors). This is a national emergency.