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Pot Protest the Prez: Pipeline-to-Prison Proponent to Mock Grads in Worcester Wednesday

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Pot Protest the Prez: Pipeline-to-Prison Proponent to Mock Grads in Worcester Wednesday — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



President Obama, whose Administration sends legions of unfortunate young US Marijuana smokers down the school-to-prison Pipeline, will speak to graduates at a high school in Worcester, Massachusetts, today.

Lots of freedom advocates from this and surrounding states will be there to protest his disgusting Drug War against Americans.

President Obama leads the DEA, a Murderous Fascist Terrorist syndicate that makes Billions of dollars by keeping Marijuana illegal. To help them make that money, President Obama must regularly renew his lie that Marijuana can’t be a medicine, and has no medicinal purpose.

This lie causes deaths every day by preventing transplants and blocking treatment for patients with AIDS, MS, ALS, and Skin Cancer, among many other maladies. The Presidential order causes one American to be permanently blinded and scarred by an unnecessary Glaucoma operation every three minutes.

This morning’s news was filled with dangerous fallout from this false campaign. Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is today advising pregnant women to eat extremely dangerous amounts of seafood – eight to twelve ounces per week! – amounts far exceeding what is safe for large adult males, let alone developing fetuses.

The publicity “doctor” promoting poisoning the fetuses on CBS News this morning eschewed labeling fish containing Mercury in favor of eating certain fish. She said that low level Mercury (a poison) is actually beneficial. Under questioning, she admitted that the dangerous fish-eating guidelines are to get Omega 3 Fatty Acids into kids.

But the highest food source for Essential Fatty Acids is Cannabis. This uncensored French page, for instance, recommends Cannabis before fish.

So, the US is poisoning its unborn with Mercury, Gulf-of-Mexico Oil Dispersants, and Pacific Nuclear Spew, while blinding old people unnecessarily, and letting children die from medicines withheld; all just to support President Obama’s lie, to keep the DEA creeps in Black Market money, and to keep locking up African Americans for something that most people don’t consider a crime.

Here’s how some other top stories in today’s news are falsified to the public to justify Obama’s lies on Marijuana:

  • First, sticking with today’s CBS News, it aired a hit-piece segment against Colorado’s Medical Marijuana law. The “news” report was filled with falsehoods. One was that children have overdosed on Marijuana, the world’s safest therapeutic substance, on which it is impossible to overdose. No one has ever overdosed on Marijuana, not even babies in Colorado. The report said that some people have been ticketed for driving under pot’s influence; it didn’t mention that Drunk Driving is significantly down; finished up saying pot profits should hire more cops, to arrest these Marijuana drivers. But according to testing done thus far, Marijuana makes people drive much more carefully. Legal Colorado joints cost $16 there, the report said – but I can get them for about $2 here.
  • The World Cup of Futbol/Soccer is coming to the Oil-rich Slave state Qatar, where playing temperatures will be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the main reasons that Marijuana is illegal is its proven scientific ability to cleanly and cheaply replace Oil, Nukes, and Natural Gas in our economy with products that give off no net Greenhouse Gas emissions, and thus stop causing Global Warming.
  • Fighting in the Ukraine is partly or largely about replacing Russian Fossil Fuels flowing through the Ukraine with Fossil Fuels imported from the US and its allies. These are the same Fossil Fuels that will kill all the children if used. But the Swedish study from Lund University cited below proved that the US, or Ukraine, or Russia, or the EU can easily and quickly produce their own Gas and liquid fuel products that have zero net Greenhouse Gas emissions. But we’re ready to fight on the Nazi side against Russia, to impose dirty fuel?!

Come join me at the protest if you can. I’ll leave for it around noon EST. I’ll be back to write an update in the Comments section below, when it’s over.

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NORAD Ignorant of High-Speed Drones in Denver/New Obama Policy: Killing Marijuana Possession Suspects from the Air

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NORAD Ignorant of High-Speed Drones in Denver/New Obama Policy: Killing Marijuana Possession Suspects from the Air – by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)




A citizen sighted high-speed Drones flying over Denver, Colorado, and videotaped them. The local Fox TV station taped them too, and asked what they can be. NORAD (the North American Aerospace Defense Command), 70 miles to the South, said it didn’t notice them. Colorado just Legalized Marijuana.
600 miles to the East, at Ft. Leavenworth Federal Prison in Kansas, Political Prisoner Bradley Manning is held indefinitely for whistleblowing: That is, he’s being held – and according to the UN he was Tortured by Obama’s forces – for allegedly protecting his nation from criminal acts committed by President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and others in high Government posts.

On Halloween Amy Goodman reported on Democracy Now! that a US Border Patrol sharpshooter in a helicopter Murdered two Guatemalans on the US-Mexico border because he suspected they were possessing drugs. The report begins at 3:53 of the following clip.

This reminds one of the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) massacre Murders of Honduran pregnant women, some men, and at least one child in May, as reported by Goodman and Juan Gonzalez on Democracy Now! These Murder victims were also accused of drug possession by the US. In this case, a US State Department helicopter accompanied the US DEA helicopter from which the US-paid killers shot the poor people. I would like to know if President Obama personally authorized the slaughter of these pregnant women and children, or if he authorized Covering Up their Murders. I would further like to know if Secretary of State Clinton was in the State Department helicopter that participated in the massacre.


I don’t know if President Obama personally gave the order to kill the pregnant women, or if he just generally empowered employees of the DEA and the Border Patrol to Murder anyone suspected of Marijuana possession. One hopes that he didn’t empower US forces to Murder anyone suspected of being Hispanic or Latino, as he appears to have ordered against Muslims and Arabs. Obama’s reign of terror has also brought on the Murders of hundreds of journalists, in both Mexico and Honduras; but that’s a story for a different article.

Most drug enforcement efforts in this country and Mexico are aimed at Marijuana. In the Honduras massacre, the suspicion may have been Marijuana, Hashish, or Cocaine. Murdering people on suspicion of anything is an Atrocity, and in the two cases cited above, these were War Crimes, committed by our Government, apparently shielded from prosecution by our President and by Attorney General Eric Holder. The Murderers had no right to kill these people. Even if President Obama gave the DEA and Border Patrol permission to kill any suspected drug possessors or Latinos, even if Obama did that, these barbaric killers of the DEA and Border Patrol still need to be arrested for Murder. All of them.
Why does President Obama push to have people who may be possessing Marijuana killed? Why does he block Skin Cancer patients from access to the malady’s anecdotal cure, Rick Simpson Oil? What does President Obama have to gain by subjecting Skin Cancer to painful and unnecessary deaths? Is it because Marijuana can be grown in such a way and in such quantities that it can replace all our Petroleum, Coal, and Nuclear Power usage with Clean Energy that does not emit any Greenhouse Gases? Yes it is: Why? Money.
President Obama claims that he wants the United States to be Energy Independent, but that’s obviously a lie: As cited below, Lund University in Sweden proved Jack Herer’s hypothesis that, by growing Cannabis Hemp (Marijuana) on just 6% of our arable land, we can be Energy Independent on Hempen Clean Fuels in just two months, and we, the United States, would then no longer be contributing to Global Warming. What’s more, by no longer importing Petroleum or Petroleum products, we can instantly flip our disastrous Trade Deficit into a Trade Surplus – because our Petroleum-related imports are larger than our Trade Deficit.
President Obama yesterday said that his Administration has not done enough to address Climate Change. As far as I know, that is the only true statement he has ever made relating to Climate Science: Remember the Debate, when he Superstitiously bragged that he had laid enough Pipe to wrap the world with Oil and Gas Pipelines too many times? Remember the Debate, when he Superstitiously ridiculed his opponent Mitt Romney for once blocking a filthy Coal-burning plant from killing more children?
Remember the last two years’ ANOHOs (Annual Northeast Obama Hurricanes in October)? Obama learned by December 2010 (at the latest) at the Copenhagen Climate Conference that Earth’s climate had reached its tipping point. But instead of doing something about it, he pumped enough Oil and laid enough Pipe and Mined enough Coal to cause the biggest hurricane of all time, Superstorm Sandy.
But with President Obama’s program of selling out US citizens on Global Warming to make more money for BP and his other Oily cronies, next year’s ANOHO will very likely be an even bigger Superstorm than Sandy!
With President Obama’s insane, stupid, and expensive Bribery idea of pumping Petroleum through a giant Pipeline to Texas(!) [which already has plenty of Oil], he remains in complete denial of Global Warming: The most anti-science President we’ve ever had, and just at the time that we need a President who can tell the truth about Climate Change without having to consider how big a Bribe BP is going to give him and his Interior Secretary, Ken “Horse Burgers” Salazar.
Speaking of BP, looks like they just made a ridiculous deal. As reported here at FDL at the time, BP was ‘paying people off’ by paying them only the estimate of what they would have earned in two years without the BP Oil Spew in the Gulf of Mexico. But many of these people lost something worth many times that much, for their families had fished the Gulf for generations. They lost the family business, and BP, with Obama’s help, paid them a disgraceful pittance. Also, the Coast Guard was supposed to protect our coast, and should have prevented that Chemical Company from spraying that toxic Dispersant, which may have permanently ruined Gulf waters, including the seafood.
David Letterman last night, when introducing Steely Dan’s Donald Fagan to perform his new song Fix the Weather in the World, said “I was into Steely Dan. I’d smoke a lot of weed.” His band director Paul Schaefer seemed to agree: “That was you!” Letterman confirmed: “That was me!” One must hope, for his own safety, that President Obama and the DEA don’t suspect that Letterman is now in possession of pot. But even if he is, Leave him alone, Mr. President!
Tomorrow, the Green-Rainbow Party will hold its Convention in Worcester, Massachusetts, beginning at 9 am. 2012 Presidential candidate Jill Stein will speak there, and 2012 Green Vice Presidential nominee Cheri Honkala will be the Keynote Speaker. You should attend if you can. And if you’re passing through Western Massachusetts on the way to Worcester, and you’d like to carpool, please let me know, because, otherwise, I’ll be on my way walking. But I’ll be there at the Convention for sure, I wouldn’t miss it. Giant Green Women From Earth!
(UPDATE: This part is over: It was a smashing success!)


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President Obama’s Climate-Science Denial and His Insane Marijuana Policy Spark Refinery Fire

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President Obama’s Climate-Science Denial and His Insane Marijuana Policy Spark Refinery Fire — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Refining Petroleum Oil is a superstitious act. Even if the President “inherited” his superstition and climate-science denial from George W. Bush, even so, when he (three-and-a-half years ago) swore to protect and defend the United States, he promised not to let anti-scientific superstition threaten our very survival, no matter how much the Oil companies are paying. If Oil refineries are still operating tomorrow, it is because we are all victims of corrupt politicians like Barack Obama.

It is time for the President to stop denying the facts of climate science. July, the month that just ended, was the warmest month ever. The last year has been the warmest on record. Drought and fires are everywhere. Burning Fossil Fuels (Coal and Petroleum products [Oil, Gasoline, Natural Gas, Propane, Butane]) causes Global Warming. Specifically, it causes the Greenhouse Effect, first noted in 1826, when Coal burning really got cooking, in the Industrial Revolution. The United States should use science to get Clean Energy, instead of using Bribery to get Fossil Fuels.

There is no Clean Coal or Clean Natural Gas or Clean Nuclear Power. President Obama is lying when he says that these things exist. These lies are killing people. The US does not need to burn Fossil Fuels or exploit Nuclear Energy.

Mining Fossil Fuels makes them more expensive. Speculating on them makes them more expensive. Printing money makes them more expensive. Every spec that is mined or pumped raises the actual price, because is less is left in the ground, so they become more dear.

Cannabis is by far the world’s richest source of Ethanol, a Clean Fuel that causes no Global Warming. Internal combustion engines can operate on Ethanol. Cannabis seeds are the richest source of Biodiesel fuel. All Diesel-fueled vehicles and Oil-burning heaters can run on Hemp seed oil. Power Plants now burning Coal can instead burn Hemp seed Oil, without causing any Global Warming.

Hemp is also the world’s richest source of Gas, but the Biogas derived from Hemp causes no Global Warming, unlike what President Obama calls “Natural” Gas. Hemp-derived Biogas burns without causing climate change, because, like all Hemp fuels, it holds only the Carbon that the living plants absorbed as CO2 from the air: Hemp fuels are Carbon Neutral. There are nearly a trillion tons of Carbon in the atmosphere. It is foolish, insane, stupid, irresponsible, and diabolical to add more.

Lund University in Sweden proved Jack Herer’s hypothesis from his self-published classic The Emperor Wears No Clothes: That the US can supply all of its current energy usage and future energy needs by growing Hemp on 6% of our arable land.  and

Obama says he want us to be Energy Independent with Natural Gas, but that would kill billions of people with Global Warming, including everyone’s children. If we use clean Carbon Neutral Hemp-derived fuels instead, we can be Energy Independent and stop Global Warming with the very first harvest, two or three months from now. Hemp has the highest biomass of any plant; that is, more weight of Hemp can be produced per acre than of any other plant. Hemp stalks can be planted one inch apart, so that four billion plants can be grown per square mile.

But now the President is ready to start another Oil War. He’s got that superstitious Oil-drilling regime attacking the US Gulf Coast. And now he’s got Oil companies attacking the Alaskan coast too. Dredging our coast [which they do for offshore Oil] is an irresponsible and anti-scientific, criminal act. The US Military should be turning those would-be dredgers back. Why aren’t they protecting the integrity of our coasts? Why aren’t they protecting the American people from these attacks?

And, as an extra added bonus, keeping Marijuana off the market ensures suffering and and early death for millions of Medical Marijuana patients. Why is this Administration intentionally making all these people suffer?

Obama is supporting Onshore Drilling, Offshore Drilling, Nukes, Tar Sands, Shale Oil, Fracking, Pipelines, and Refineries, lots of Refineries: All of these plans are superstitious, nothing less! We don’t need them; they are extremely harmful to Americans and to our country; and they cause Global Warming. But somehow, instead of defending our country and its people, President Obama wants them, the Fossil Fuel frauds, not Marijuana.

Can you spell Bribery?

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Obama & Netanyahu Threaten to Dirty-Bomb US Soldiers, Marines & Airmen in Afghanistan

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Obama & Netanyahu Threaten to Dirty-Bomb US Soldiers, Marines & Airmen in Afghanistan — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


“All options are on the table,” said US Vice President Joe Biden three days ago.

President Obama made the same threat Monday, February 27: “I don’t bluff … all options are on the table.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the same threat the same day Obama did.

President Obama and puppet PM Netanyahu are threatening to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities with Israel’s Air Force. If these madmen carry out their threat, they will deploy the largest and potentially the most deadly dirty bomb in history against all American Military personnel in Afghanistan. NATO troops too. The biggest Friendly Fire incident ever! And that’s assuming that Obama and Netanyahu are not really as insane as they’re acting.

…Because “All options on the table” could also include bombing an operating nuclear facility with a nuclear bomb. That would incinerate parts of Iran and bordering countries. It would also poison us in this country – because the jet stream just keeps on coming. Or an “option” might be nuking something else in Iran. That would be irresponsible. And evil. And it would still poison our guys.

They’re actually talking about bombing nuclear facilities with “conventional” weapons, and scattering those charged particles into the wind, specifically, into the jet stream of upper air currents that always blows from West to East (due to the rotation of the Earth).

Here are the nuclear facilities. Here are the US bases. & Now, please note how today’s jet stream [for May 25, 2012] will deliver those radioactive particles [that the explosion sends into the atmosphere above Iran] directly to the air over US Military bases in Afghanistan. It does that every day.

Besides poisoning all US servicemen in Afghanistan, this diabolical scheme will poison civilians in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, East Turkestan, and probably elsewhere. If the US is willing to poison these people merely because they’re Muslims, then our genocidal impulse is reaching a feverish pitch. A Hate Crime in all our names.

And let’s remember just how preposterous this lie is: Obama, Netanyahu, and their propaganda mouthpieces claim that Iran’s nuclear program poses “an existential threat” to Israel. Of course there’s no proof that Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons – which Israel already has. But even if Iran had them, they couldn’t bomb Israel with them, for the very same reason: The jet stream would carry those charged particles right back to Iran: They’d be dirty-bombing themselves!

Of course, dirty-bombing one’s own Military is by definition Treason: Waging war against one’s own people. If Obama [or Iran's Military leader] does choose that option, it will be a clear case of Treason. Then, Senators Al Franken, Sherrod Brown, and others who got elected as Liberals, will be forced to either oppose President Obama for this Treasonous act, or join him in his War Crime barbarism.

East Turkestan, by the way, is  an occupied nation in the Northwestern quadrant of China. It is the land of the Uygurs, and it’s known in US propaganda as “China’s Muslim West.” Territorial claims of occupied East Turkestan and occupied Tibet comprise more than half of what the colonial powers [through international law] call “China.”

Most Americans have never heard of the Uygurs. Most who have heard just found out about them when Presidents Bush, and then Obama, ordered several innocent Uygurs to be held in Guantanamo Bay Torture Facility for years, as a favor to China. Four were released to Bermuda in 2009. Two were “freed” last month to El Salvador, a Fascist country. Eleven are still said to be warehoused at the G.B. Torture Facility. There is no proof that they are still alive.

The bullying US forcing Bermuda to accept the Uygurs violated the island nation’s sovereignty, and its Constitution. Those just sent to El Salvador also will likely face harsh discrimination.

The reason President Obama is making this nuclear threat is to raise the price of Oil. Iran is one of the world’s leading Oil producers. Newspaper editorials in the 1970s predicted that the US would someday wage war against Iraq and Iran to steal their Oil. Fighting over Oil, or threatening to do so, causes upward pressure on its price. This tactic always works.

And by raising the price of Oil, Obama and Netanyahu help pay for Iran’s nuclear program, wholly financed by Oil. Raising the price of Oil also helps pay for Obama’s and Netanyahu’s own political futures.

Don’t believe Obama’s lies: There Are No WMDs! (Some people will do nearly anything for Oil money.)

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

(What kind of a show job –?! I mean who? or how could somebody talk Japan as a country into heavily relying on/investing in Nuclear installments, after Japan’s unwanted experiments with Nuclear Fallout in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Seems stupid, doesn’t it? Look in the mirror.)

Today on MSNBC’s morning news show, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough (“Joe the Dumb Guy” who replaced “Tucker the Dumb Guy” [McCain campaign personality Tucker Carlson] – on the show now titled “Morning Joe”) encouraged unthinking people to believe President Obama’s frequent lies about the Global Warming forced by Nuclear Energy usage. In the midst of horrific details on explosions and leakages at Japanese Nuclear Power plants, a talking head reminded us that we “still need it,” because it [Nuclear Energy] “has no carbon footprint.”

This is what you call a “lie of omission.” For, though Nuclear Energy does not leave a carbon footprint like Oil and Coal, it does leave a terrible Global Warming footprint from its Nitrous Oxide emissions. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) warms our air 310 times as badly as CO2, pound-for-pound. Energy investors profit if voters think that Nuclear Energy impacts climate much less than it actually does. And the Republicrat brand profits if the US public is duped into believing the President’s lies about Nuclear safety and lack of Greenhouse consequences from Nuclear Power.

For the umpteenth time: Nuclear Energy is a very dangerous and expensive way to boil water. To attain Nuclear Power, Uranium (sometimes mixed with Plutonium and/or Thorium) is dissolved in Nitric Acid. The resultant hot gases boil water that turns turbines to mechanically produce electricity. The Global Warming gas N2O was already emitted during the production of the Nitric Acid, long before the Nuclear Reaction that the acid facilitates.

Even the President’s own EPA (which lyingly categorizes both Nuclear Power and Coal as “Clean Energy”) cites Nitric Acid production as the third most prolific cause of N2O pollution, after Nitrogen Fertilizers and burning fossil fuels. Yet the President says Nuclear Energy is safe and it causes no Global Warming.

But remember what President Pinocchio said about Oil spills, and how we don’t have them any more, just days before the BP disaster. Then he allowed massive for-profit spraying of toxic dispersants, which will poison our lands, our waters, and our air for untold decades. He proclaimed Mission Accomplished, meanwhile lying about appointing an impartial decision-maker to get “fair” money to people whose livelihoods were ruined by the BP Oil disaster.

That man, whom President Bushbama claimed was impartial, was proven to be taking money from … guess who. His “fair” deals included paying desperate people off with one-and-a-half years’ worth of income for a business that had been in their family four generations.

Then Pinocchio’s FDA claimed that Gulf seafood was completely safe to eat, even though it never had been before, and even though the petroleum couldn’t have helped to make it safe. He claimed to be eating the tainted food himself, and he used his own children in a photo op to trick people into thinking that it was safe to swim in the Gulf. The photographer later revealed that the President’s children were never actually in the Gulf waters in the photographs. To top it all off, the EPA started P-ing on us again, claiming that the Oil is gone.

And some Democrats are screaming ‘What else can we do?!’ You mean: What else, instead of heating up the globe to the breaking point? Instead of endangering the public with danger Nukes? Instead of lying that it’s safe? Instead of sending in mercenaries to help Obama’s thugs murder democracy activitsts in the slave-state Bahrain? What else can we do?

You can do what I did. You can quit the Democratic Party. I was a lifelong Democrat until recently. But now, as far as I can tell, the Democratic Party stands for:

1. Torture;

2. Covering Up Torture;

3. Kangaroo Kourts wherein Tortured defendants plead Guilty to what they confessed while being Tortured (even though in legitimate trials with competent counsel in the US, defendents never plead Guilty);

4. Protecting Middle Eastern dictators’ Oil products and the routes thereto by having the US 5th Fleet of Cowards impose slavery on 56% of the people in Bahrain;

5.Hiring mercenaries to murder people who push for democracy in Bahrain;

6. Lying about how we get our energy, and about how safe and how clean it is.

That’s what it means to be a Democrat in today’s world. In modern society, no one would confuse an American Democrat with a real small-d democrat.

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Bin Laden Vid Pans Civil War for Mexican Marijuana & Murtha’s Assassination?

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bin Laden Vid Pans Civil War for Mexican Marijuana & Murtha’s Assassination?
Hey! That’s not bin Laden! That’s a video-age journalist trying to cut through the haze of sound bites and atomized consciousness.

The video was directed and recorded by Rachel Neulander of medicinesocks. Script, Lyrics, Detailed Footnotes follow below.

OBAMA bin PLOTTIN-Norman B-Deviations from the Norm

WARNING! This is VERY SCARY! Try not to be afraid. The man you’re about to see is an actor. He’s just an actor, not a real monster. Please, don’t be scared!

Greetings, Infidels. Asalaam Alayikum. Welcome to my cave, and my new video.

Wars of Reagan and George Bush and Johnson and Nixon
And Dubya, who got in through e-lection fixin’,
But do you recall
The most dange-rous Pres’dent of all?

Obama the Baby Bomber
Killed Pashtun kids ev’ryday,
Not just because they were Pashtuns,
But just because they were in the way!

All of the worldwide nations
Were wary of this violent maniac.
But few spoke up, for fear that THEIR kids
Would get sacked in the very next attack.

Thugs accUSEd a sevenTEEN-year-old KID of a CRIME,
NOT PROVEN in all these years – I’m tellin’ all o’ ya -
Then, ELEVEN YEARS LATER in September ’09,
U.S. hitmen INVADED and caught and KILLED him in Somalia.

After Somalia, the Hit Squad moved on to Yemen,
People who knew said then that the killing was wrong.
But cads kept it mostly outta corp’rat’ propaganda news,
And soon we ALL heard a different kind of song:

‘Cause then on False-Flag Christmas Eve,
Congressman Peter King told CNN:
"Any minute now, a terrorist’s plane is gonna land,
And then he’s gonna claim he’s from Yemen!

"He’ll go on to claim that he is Al Qaida!
Hey! Let’s X-ray genitals in Amsterdam!
Men with beards are weird! They must be tortured ’cause we’re skeerd!
Mass insanity is part of this whole scam!"

Then courageous John Murtha blew the whistle on the military lies,
And way Way WAY too much Charlie Wilson knew,
So, in a single week, with the wink of an eye,
Obama’s hitmen hit those Congresspeople, too!

"Morale at the CIA" and Blackwater
HAD "reached an all-time low,"
But when Obama said he’d let them murder anyone they want,
THAT really gave them lots of get-it-up and go!

After the election, back before B.O. took office,
His pot comments started civil war in Mexico.
Many U.S. Americans don’t have maps, but Mex is right next-door to Tex.
Is there a WORSE PLACE that a civil war can go?!

El Chapo Guzman is the world’s richest man.
His worldwide wealth wouldn’t fit in failing banks!
For knocking off his competition and propping up the DEA,
Guzman publicly gives Barack Obama thanks!

The 2001 U.S. invasion of Afghanistan stressed regional tensions – "Like, I’m – I’m really stressed-out, man" – pushing Pakistan and India to the BRINK of nuclear exchange,
Then, Bush worsened it, illegally sending nuclear bomb parts to India.
First thing Obama did when he got int’ office: Start a ANOTHER civil war, this one in Pakistan! That’s Change
I CAN’T Believe In. Doesn’t killin’ kids kinda seem a sin t’ ya?

What?! Do you think I’m not being "fair" to President Obama? Well, I’m only talking about killing kids. He’s actually doing it. And these kids he’s killing are NOT terrorists.
They’re kids.
I don’t think I’m the one being unfair here.

O, Obama the Baby Bomber
Kills Pashtun kids ev’ryday,
Not JUST because they are Jewish,
But just because they are in the way!

So, we’ve got a President committing War Crimes,
And the Democrats are covering it up,
Even so-called "progressives" and the Congressional Black Caucus;
And, who’d have thought that EVEN THEY would be corrupt?!

Blackwater/CIA – Coups-Intrigues-Assassinations – and rigged elections
Have manipulated world politics for years!
But they’d never try it here, where it would directly affect their funding.
Just keep repeating: "It can’t happen here!"
If you’re one of those who buys Government propaganda lies,
Just keep repeating: "It can’t happen here!"

(p)(c)March 7, 2010 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved.
(NOTE–The tune may sound similar to something familiar, but it’s not that tune exactly, and even if it were, I would still be able to use it under the Fair Use (F.U.) doctrine, because this is satire, parody, humor. All material used here is used fairly. This is much MORE fair than the situation discussed in Stanza 12. And if there’s any other point here on which you question its Fair Usability, remember, I already said "F.U.!")


Stanza2 Pashtuns are indigenous people of Eastern Afghanistan and Western Pakistan. They are the largest ethnic group of Afghanistan. The Government is comprised of Heroin exporters and Oil executives. The Pashtun symbol is the Star of David; the Pashtuns refer to themselves at the "Children of Israel;" their holy book is the Book of Moses, their national hero. When the name "Moses" is spoken, Pashtuns stand at attention to honor him.

Stanza3 (This verse is NOT about the child "pirates" killed by US Navy Seals in April 2009.) In September 2009, the US Assassination Team went to Somalia to murder a person accused of a crime that happened eleven years earlier, when he was 17 years old. The commandos declared "Mission Accomplished!" The murder victim/"suspect" was never proven to have committed the crime. If there were evidence that he’d committed the crime, he could have been tried: Somalia is a puppet state set up by the US: According to the UN, Somalia’s is the most corrupt Government in the world. The bottom line: There was no evidence that this man had committed a crime when he was a child, but President Obama ordered him assassinated anyway, during a illegal clandestine invasion of a supposedly sovereign country.

Stanzas4-6 Three months later, the US Assassination Squad was killing people in Yemen. Corporate news barely reported it, but some Americans got upset that our Government was assassinating un-convicted foreign citizens on no evidence, killing people who were merely accused by right-wing ideologue Oilmen. The few protests were squelched by the False-Flag operation on Christmas Eve involving the so-called "Underwear Bomber." This is a misnomer, because the banker’s son from Africa had no bomb on him: He had PETN, from which it is possible to make a bomb, but PETN with no detonator is not a bomb, and cannot blow a hole in a plane. I happened to be watching CNN when the "announcement" came out: Not a regular news bulletin, but The White House interrupted television when nearly no one was watching. The plane was in the air near Detroit. The accused was on the plane and Congressman Peter King was already on TV trying to make political hay from it. In fact, both King and Joe Lieberman were booked to discuss the False-Flag event and advocate war with Yemen on the Sunday talk shows AT LEAST 3 DAYS BEFORE the Christmas Eve fake terrorism fraud took place. So, Senator Lieberman and Rep King apparently knew that a "terrorist" was flying a "bomb" into the US, but instead of stopping him from getting on the plane, they let it happen then tried to profit politically from the "terrorism" themselves! BY THE TIME THE PLANE LANDED the supposed perpetrator had already (falsely?) declared that he was from Yemen and Al Qaida, meaning that the murders President Obama had already ordered the day before must be OK. Just THINK about it: A suicide bomber is a person so completely dedicated to his cause that he would never turn in his compatriots, and would even die for his cause. A suicide bomber is obviously not a scared whimpering wimp that spills the beans in a few seconds when caught. THINK AGAIN: If Al Qaida is so clueless and impotent that they send part but not all of an unmade bomb, and so easy to torture information out of that an Air Marshall can get their most sensitive info in 3 minutes by just tackling him tying him up, if that’s Al Qaida, then obviously we have nothing to fear from them! But instead of arresting and prosecuting the traitors perpetrating this False-Flag fraud against the American people, President Obama is playing along with the treasonous ruse, and adding to the deception by ordering more discrimination against longhairs, bearded men, and hippies traveling to and from Amsterdam.

Stanza7 Congressman John Murtha was the most prestigious and influential spokesman against Obama’s war machine. As a highly respected ex-military man, his words carried a lot of weight both in and out of the military. During a "routine" gall bladder operation last week (at the time of writing), a doctor killed him by slicing his intestine with a scalpel. Slicing the patient’s intestine is NEVER part of routine gall bladder surgery.The doctor who killed Murtha wasn’t arrested for murder and political terrorism, he was rewarded, paid thousands of dollars by an insurance company for his skillful cutting. "Charlie Wilson’s War" was a book and movie about the Soviet war in Afghanistan wherein the CIA’s Osama bin Laden fought against the Russians. The sudden untimely deaths of Congressmen Murtha and Wilson came just as President Obama was announcing that he sends Assassination Squads to murder people, sometimes Americans. He claimed it is his right to do so, even though it is obviously an impeachable offense. If this stands, Obama makes permanent one of the Fascist Reforms that Bush implemented while people were in a state of shock following September 11, 2000.

Stanza8 When "CIA morale hit an all-time low" (because so much info on torture and terrorism committed by CIA had emerged), President Obama used the lack of morale as an excuse to rationalize his order to cover up the torture and other Bush War Crimes, joining in the Criminal Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice by blocking prosecutions of those criminals. The Obama cover-up encourages the CIA and Blackwater to commit ever more and worse torture, War Crimes, coups, assassinations and rigged elections.

Stanza9 In December 2008, a month before taking office, President Obama called for questions from the public. By far the most popular question was on legalizing marijuana (marijuana’s illegality causes thousands of killings annually). The world was hoping for reform. But Obama wasn’t taking his new job seriously: The President-elect laughed and joked and casually rejected the idea: Insisting that it’s OK to arrest others the "crime" that he committed and enjoyed.The human rights travesty, the economic devastation, and the thousands of people killed over it were things that he somehow found funny. Within in minutes of this heinous hypocrisy, the current Mexican Civil War began, and hasn’t let up since, with thousands killed each and every month. Obama started the Mexican Civil War, and Mexico is not far from the US. Not a smart move. Not a moral move. Not an honest move.

The U.S. Government claims that Pashtun children must be killed because they may be near terrorists. Ask the Obama Administration to stop killing the Pashtuns. Have Americans No Decency? Show some Courage! Stand up Against the Injustice!