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Pot Protest the Prez: Pipeline-to-Prison Proponent to Mock Grads in Worcester Wednesday

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Pot Protest the Prez: Pipeline-to-Prison Proponent to Mock Grads in Worcester Wednesday — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



President Obama, whose Administration sends legions of unfortunate young US Marijuana smokers down the school-to-prison Pipeline, will speak to graduates at a high school in Worcester, Massachusetts, today.

Lots of freedom advocates from this and surrounding states will be there to protest his disgusting Drug War against Americans.

President Obama leads the DEA, a Murderous Fascist Terrorist syndicate that makes Billions of dollars by keeping Marijuana illegal. To help them make that money, President Obama must regularly renew his lie that Marijuana can’t be a medicine, and has no medicinal purpose.

This lie causes deaths every day by preventing transplants and blocking treatment for patients with AIDS, MS, ALS, and Skin Cancer, among many other maladies. The Presidential order causes one American to be permanently blinded and scarred by an unnecessary Glaucoma operation every three minutes.

This morning’s news was filled with dangerous fallout from this false campaign. Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is today advising pregnant women to eat extremely dangerous amounts of seafood – eight to twelve ounces per week! – amounts far exceeding what is safe for large adult males, let alone developing fetuses.

The publicity “doctor” promoting poisoning the fetuses on CBS News this morning eschewed labeling fish containing Mercury in favor of eating certain fish. She said that low level Mercury (a poison) is actually beneficial. Under questioning, she admitted that the dangerous fish-eating guidelines are to get Omega 3 Fatty Acids into kids.

But the highest food source for Essential Fatty Acids is Cannabis. This uncensored French page, for instance, recommends Cannabis before fish.

So, the US is poisoning its unborn with Mercury, Gulf-of-Mexico Oil Dispersants, and Pacific Nuclear Spew, while blinding old people unnecessarily, and letting children die from medicines withheld; all just to support President Obama’s lie, to keep the DEA creeps in Black Market money, and to keep locking up African Americans for something that most people don’t consider a crime.

Here’s how some other top stories in today’s news are falsified to the public to justify Obama’s lies on Marijuana:

  • First, sticking with today’s CBS News, it aired a hit-piece segment against Colorado’s Medical Marijuana law. The “news” report was filled with falsehoods. One was that children have overdosed on Marijuana, the world’s safest therapeutic substance, on which it is impossible to overdose. No one has ever overdosed on Marijuana, not even babies in Colorado. The report said that some people have been ticketed for driving under pot’s influence; it didn’t mention that Drunk Driving is significantly down; finished up saying pot profits should hire more cops, to arrest these Marijuana drivers. But according to testing done thus far, Marijuana makes people drive much more carefully. Legal Colorado joints cost $16 there, the report said – but I can get them for about $2 here.
  • The World Cup of Futbol/Soccer is coming to the Oil-rich Slave state Qatar, where playing temperatures will be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the main reasons that Marijuana is illegal is its proven scientific ability to cleanly and cheaply replace Oil, Nukes, and Natural Gas in our economy with products that give off no net Greenhouse Gas emissions, and thus stop causing Global Warming.
  • Fighting in the Ukraine is partly or largely about replacing Russian Fossil Fuels flowing through the Ukraine with Fossil Fuels imported from the US and its allies. These are the same Fossil Fuels that will kill all the children if used. But the Swedish study from Lund University cited below proved that the US, or Ukraine, or Russia, or the EU can easily and quickly produce their own Gas and liquid fuel products that have zero net Greenhouse Gas emissions. But we’re ready to fight on the Nazi side against Russia, to impose dirty fuel?!

Come join me at the protest if you can. I’ll leave for it around noon EST. I’ll be back to write an update in the Comments section below, when it’s over.

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Beware of the Propaganda Video “The Politics of Obama’s Climate Move”

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Beware of the Propaganda Video “The Politics of Obama’s Climate Move” — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Beware of the Propaganda video “The Politics of Obama’s Climate Move.”  A Boston group called “Environmental Action,” which doesn’t always support Fracking, nonetheless says this in its Facebook announcement favoring President Obama’s death pact for the nation:

“Are you fired up and ready to support this rule?” it begs enthusiastically. This proposal amounts to a call for a national mass suicide through suffocation.

Here’s the way the BBC starts its report: ““The proposals reportedly seek to cut carbon pollution from nearly 1,600 power plants by 30% by 2030.” He supports Fracking and Shale Gas, unnecessary Pipelines, and only reducing a little on Coal’s CO2 emissions by 2030. President Obama is in full climate-science denial.

But by burning Hemp in the Coal plants – even without renovations to the plants – the CO2 emissions will drop to zero the first day, because Hemp cannot add CO2 to the air since it only contains the CO2 that it just absorbed from the air:

Hemp is Carbon Neutral, while Coal, Gas, Fracking, and Pipelines all add lots of unnecessary CO2 to the atmosphere, and Nukes do worse. With Hemp, we could be a Carbon-Neutral nation in 45 days.

This proposal shows that the Republicans have gotten to Obama. The President is promoting superstitious nonsense that burning Fossil Fuels and emitting unnecessary Greenhouse Gases can be good. Every bit of Coal and Oil taken from the ground or sea increases the cost of Coal and Oil by reducing the Earth’s reserves. But every bit of Hempen or other Clean Fuel produced lowers the price, by creating a glut.

Between this and his State of the Union message, with his adamant denial of climate science, Obama is clearly calling for Genocide against Africans, Islanders, the Global South, and indigenous peoples the world over, by inundating us with Greenhouse Gases. I urge “Environmental Action” an others touting the monstrosity to tell the truth about it.

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The Devil’s Roll Call: Ukraine

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The Devil’s Roll Call: Ukraine — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)
The Devil’s Roll Call: Ukraine
  by Norman B
98% of the Senate voted Nazi,
And they cannot see you.
You’d better run out and join ROT-C,
Before that’s what you get ordered to do.
Bernie Sellout Sanders voted Nazi,
As corporations ordered him to do.
Every fake “Progressive” voted Nazi:
Elizabeth Warren, Markey, Sherrod Brown too.

Raul Grijalva and Keith Ellison voted Nazi,
Bobby Rush, Henry Waxman, Barbara Lee,
Jerrold Nadler, Maxine Waters, Blumenthal,
Elijah Cummings, Capuano, Joe Kennedy.


Tammy Baldwin, George Miller, Charles Rangel,
Pelosi, Marcy Kaptor, Pete Defazio,
Lynch and Tierney and James McGovern voted Nazi
- I just thought that all of you should know.


Sheila Jackson Lee and Emanuel Cleaver,
Frank Pallone, and all the Democrats (but two
In the House) voted to back the Nazi Terrorists.
Does that even matter much to you?




(p)(c) 2014 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All Rights Reserved.

[Photo: (L to R) Andrew, Maure, Norman, Ezekiel. Photo by Alex.]

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UPDATE/Breaking: Judy Woodruff Lies to Cover Up CIA Program Selling Teenage Girls @$12

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UPDATE/Breaking: Judy Woodruff Lies to Cover Up CIA Program Selling Teenage Girls @$12


I just watched the first half of the PBS News Hour with Judy Woodruff. It’s still on, here in the Eastern US. The far-Right Propaganda about Ukraine was a disgrace to journalists everywhere, and a significant disgrace to the United States. (PBS is on our nation’s official Propaganda organs.)

Judy Woodruff herself reported the PBS piece on Boko Haram; part of the story below that I reported this morning, but with a huge difference: She lied to Cover Up for the Sex Slave network, apparently because they work for the US Government, like she does.

Judy Woodruff is highly incompetent and not up on the news, or she’s lying if she says that she doesn’t know as well as I do that President Obama’s African Death Squad Boko Haram is an arm of the CIA, See the WikiLeaks link in the story below; they exposed it two months ago.

The CIA kidnapped these teenage girls, and they’re selling them for $12 apiece. Judy Woodruff interviewed a guest that talked in circles. She acts clueless. Who is this bad Boko, and why isn’t somebody doing something about it?

A horrible unspoken truth is that it doesn’t matter to a lot of people, because they’re Black. That makes it less important news – that is, with less commercial value.

Lies lies lies. Try to watch the segment if you can find it.


Obama Death Squad “Boko Haram” Confesses to African Murders — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


A CIA Death Squad under President Obama’s control Murdered at least 12 Africans in Nigeria with a car bomb Thursday. The group Boko Haram claimed responsibility. WikiLeaks revealed that they are part of the US Central Inteligence Agency.

Boko Haram is an ODS – an Obama Death Squad. The President has several such groups, carrying out Lynchings in Africa, and Murdering journalists in Honduras and Mexico. Boko Haram stepped up its operations exponentially when Obama became President. According to US officials, Boko Haram has Murdered over 10,000 Africans. (Some were ordered by President George W. Bush, before Obama was in office.)

Because of its affiliation with the CIA, the US State Department refused to designate Boko Haram a Terrorist group until a few months ago, despite its decade of Lynchings. They hold Rape Fests. ~&~

To manipulate the news, they staged a battle with other CIA members and with Great Britain’s MI5.

They are allowed to buy African girl children as Slaves.

With President Obama’s protection and backing, they enjoy Gang Rape, and frequently kidnap African civilians.

Obama is Terrorizing the Black Africans of Nigeria to steal their Oil – the largest known reserves in Africa – to deliver it to the White Colonial Powers (WCPs). Another reason for these attacks in the Oil region is to raise the price of Petroleum.

The CIA is doing these Rapes and Murders to raise the price of Oil, to pay back those who put Obama in office. Make no mistake about it, you American citizens are paying for these crimes to be committed with your tax dollars:

If you voted for President Obama, you voted for Lynching Africans, and for selling them into Slavery. It is now your responsibility to undo this as soon as possible.

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Protest Racist KC Murders at Nazi Collaborator Jim McGovern’s Northampton Office Today, Every Tuesday at 1:15

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Protest Racist KC Murders at Nazi Collaborator Jim McGovern’s Northampton Office Today, Every Tuesday at 1:15 — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


My US Congressman Jim McGovern voted to back Nazis in the Ukraine, three times. He voted for President Obama’s program arming the Nazi coalition Government, which just overthrew the legitimately Elected one there that our country was pledged by Treaty to protect. This was a War Crime.

The Obama Administration with Jim McGovern’s help installed the first Nazi Government in Europe since Hitler. Now, obviously emboldened by our own Government’s new embrace of Nazism, a famed Nazi and Klansman and outspoken anti-Semite, Frazier Glenn Cross/Miller apparently Assassinated three people at Jewish events Sunday.

I’ve done these weekly protests at McGovern’s Northampton, Massachusetts, office three times. The first time, it looked like the person sitting at the desk in the office called the police. Very quickly, a Northampton Police car showed up. The cop in the car looked at my sign and parked a block down the street. He did not approach me. My first two times protesting McGovern, I was the only one there.

My protest sign is a piece of notebook paper still attached in the notebook. It shows the international slash-over sign for “No_” over a Swastika, like the Jello Biafra/Dead Kennedys poster “Nazi Punks Fuck Off,” but without the lettering.

The second week, a man from Congressman McGovern’s came out, noted that I had been there the week before, and asked what was my problem with Jim McGovern. I told him. I told him that I consider Jim McGovern the Nazi Ambassador to our Congressional District, because, as far as I know, he’s the only person in our District who does support them.

Let me say now that Jim McGovern has been an outstanding member of Congress, and I have even been enthusiastic over much of his work. But Nazi collaboration is a deal-breaker for me.

When I got to the weekly protest last week wearing my Uncle Sam pants, my torn raincoat, and my torn backpack; already sitting on the bench across the street from Congressman McGovern’s office was the perfect undercover agent: A nondescript young guy in his 20s wearing a baseball cap with a hard-to-make-out green logo on its front:

Remember, McGovern’s office knew to expect me this time, and nobody from the office came out to ask me anything. No cop showed up: As soon as I held up my sign and started showing it to pedestrians and drivers of passing cars, the guy across the street whipped out a sleek expensive camera and began shooting photos and filming me.

He kept it up for … I don’t know how long, because I was trying to do my work of making my protest known to the public: Soon my friend Daniel, whom I had just spoken to, showed up to join in the protest. I shook his hand.

I handed him $5, knowing that he may have been giving up much more than that by leaving his busy Street Performing gig at the heart of the sidewalk-traffic day. Daniel showed solidarity with me, and I felt proud, and more committed than ever. We talked about the Ukraine situation.

We talked about the Propaganda that major media was shoveling. We talked about the crooked politicians. We talked about the Nazis. We served out our complete tour of duty: We stayed there a full ten minutes, and then we left, and went on about our separate days:

Who was the guy filming me? He was almost certainly someone from the far Right, keeping track of just WHO is demonstrating against the Fascists. Here’s my assessment of the probabilities on who the phantom photographer was:


~~~34%~~ He was a Government agent of some kind committing Treason by deploying an Act of War (Espionage) against an American citizen exercising his Constitutional Right to Try to Be Heard.
~~~33%~~ He was a Nazi, Klansman, or some such Hatemonger keeping track of who’s dissing them.
~~~32%~~ He was with the press: I gave my Press Release to these 3 entities:
~~~~12%~ He was with the Daily Hampshire Gazette, our local city paper here, which has largely stopped reporting national news since it got my Press Release cautioning that Mainstream Media is publishing Nazi Propaganda.
~~~~11%~ He was with the Valley Advocate, our local alternative rag, which poses as Left-leaning to pander to local demographics, but often tries to trick its readers into voting for Right-Wing Republican Pinheads (RWRPs) who are registered as Democrats.
~~~~~9%~ He was with Channel 22, our local NBC affiliate, whose news crew I saw around the corner a few minutes earlier. 22 usually targets uninformed and unintelligent viewers with quite stupid fake news, but sometimes reports student or Lefty events from Noho and Amherst. But I’d just seen their news crew around the corner, up to their usual nonsense banter.
~~~~1%~~ He either read about it on and came to document it, or he just happened to be there and saw a guy dressed as Uncle Sam holding a sign that symbolized “No Swastika.”

: So that’s it my fellow countryfolk, that’s what we’re down to: Daniel and Me: Two disabled semi-homeless greybeard Street Performers on Social Security, one Black, one White:

We are our nation’s front line against Nazism. Don’t worry, America, Daniel and I will never let the Nazis take over here. Never, as long as we live!

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After Obama sends $20 Billion to Ukraine’s Nazi Coup, a Nazi Murders 3 in KC Anti-Jewish Attacks: Protest @1:15

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After Obama sends $20 Billion to Ukraine’s Nazi Coup, a Nazi Murders 3 in KC Anti-Jewish Attacks: Protest @1:15 — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Svoboda Logo, based on the swastika

(Ukraine’a self-named Nazi Party’s original logo was the Wolfsangel insignia of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. Its image references the Swastika and the stylized rune logo of the Schutzstaffel – the brutal Nazi SS before and during World War II)

President Barack Obama’s neo-Nazi CIA and other White House-affiliated groups pumped $20 Billion into the Ukraine’s Nazi Coup (UNC). Immediately thereafter, a well known American Nazi Murdered three people in Kansas whom he mistook for Jews. Coincidence?

But the US was already a signatory to the Nuclear Anti-Proliferation Treaty protecting Ukraine from such foreign meddling. Obama and neo-Nazi John Brennan committed War Crimes by violating that Treaty to overthrow the legitimately Elected Ukrainian Government and replace it with Obama’s puppet UNC Government.

Propaganda Billionaire Pierre Omidyar of First Look Media (formerly with eBay and Julian Assange nemesis PayPal) also spent Millions of dollars for that effort installing the first Nazi Government in Europe since Hitler. The shooter was obviously emboldened by the Obama CIA’s actions against Jews in the Ukraine.

President Obama’s Murder Czar John Brennan flew to the Ukraine under an assumed name, obviously to collaborate directly with the Nazis there in person.

Antisemitic attacks increased dramatically worldwide as soon as Obama took over the Presidency…  …and have reached epidemic proportions in France, where Omidyar is from.

Every American must now face this harsh reality: Our Government funds Murderous international Nazi Terrorism, and it has spilled over into our own country.

As a Nazi politician in Elections during the Obama regime and a well known Ku Klux Klansman, accused Racist Nazi Terrorist Murderer Frazier Glenn Cross (aka Frazier Glenn Miller) might be on our Government’s payroll as an Assassin. These antisemitic attacks could have been ordered on “Terror Tuesday” by Obama and his CIA Director, John Brennan, the most prolific Serial Child Murderers on the planet.

Under Obama, Federal agencies have frequently deployed Nazi-style war tactics and Terrorist actions against the American people and others, including illegal deployments against citizens by the Central Intelligence Agency; the Drug Enforcement Agency; the Federal Bureau of Investigation; Military Intelligence; the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms; the Immigration and Nationalization Service; and the National Security Agency.

Today, like all Tuesdays, President Obama and John Brennan meet to order Assassinations. They celebrate it as ‘Politically-Motivated Premeditated Murder Tuesday” – often shortened to “Terror Tuesday.”

Congressman Jim McGovern voted to fund the Nazis in the Ukraine. He voted to back them three times. He’s “my” Congressman. I am now very ashamed of voting for him. Please join me at Nazi collaborator McGovern’s Northampton, Massachusetts, office today and every Tuesday at 1:15.

My two thoroughly crooked Senators (Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren) also support Nazis in the Ukraine. If you can’t get to the Northampton action, maybe you can go to your own US Representative’s Congressional office and protest there.

You see, Massachusetts is not the only delegation in the US Congress comprised of Nazi sympathizers. The House voted overwhelmingly to pay for and prop up the Ukraine’s Nazi coalition Government – it was almost unanimous! Your Senators and Congesspersons almost definitely went Nazi in those votes too.

We don’t know why Nazi collaborators Barack Obama and Jim McGovern are spending Billions of our tax dollars to spread Racial Hatred against Jews. But we know for sure that they are spending that money and they are spreading that anti-Jewish Hate. The proof is in the pudding.

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VIDEO: Obama-backed Nazis Speak Out on Jews

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Svoboda Logo, based on the swastika

Svoboda’s original logo

Meet our side. The Obama administration and media mogul Pierre Omidyar instigated the overthrow of the elected Ukraine Government, spending more than $5 Billion. The coalition Obama installed includes the Nazi groups Right Front and Svoboda (“Freedom”), formerly self-named the Nazi Party.

Their insignia (logo) is an homage to the Swastika. In its mission statement, Svoboda calls for cracking down on “The Jews.”

That’s who’s now running Homeland Security in the new US-supported Ukraine Government, the Nazi Parties. You can see what’s happened to Jews in the Ukraine since that influx of US funds in the videos below. Witness the crackdown on Jews that the Obama Administration paid for and is exploiting.

Here in the US, and throughout the world, many people are on the fence about whether they should support the US-backed Ukrainian Nazis … or not! Let’s have a national discussion.

(The first Comment below holds an important video.)

Read the rest of this entry →

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As Obama Administration Cracks Down on Jews in Ukraine and India, Can It Still Not Happen Here?

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As Obama Administration Cracks Down on Jews in Ukraine and India, Can It Still Not Happen Here? — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



Far-Right Racist forces, possibly loyal to US Intelligence and First Look Media owner Pierre Omidyar, are harassing Jews in the Ukraine. At least two men violently attacked Ukrainian Rabbi Hillel Cohen in Kiev last week, calling him “Yid!” (an antisemitic slur).

Billions of US dollars flowed from Omidyar and Obama’s Intelligence community to the coalition of the self-named Ukrainian “Nazi Party” [later changed to "Freedom Party" (Svoboda)].

Under the influence of those Billions, Ukraine’s parliament ruled that it’s Legal to call a Jew a Zhyd, and to call a Jewish female a Zhydovka, and that these Racial slurs are not antisemitic.

(Bizarrely, Wikipedia condones the antisemitic slur, claiming that it isn’t anti-Jewish and that it isn’t a slur when it’s used by Ukrainians.)

For links confirming that Svoboda is Nazi, that Obama and Omidyar (Oh-Oh) funded its Nazi coalition, and that anti-Jewish incidents have cropped up since that funding’s been in place, please see the bottom of this page.

The Ukraine’s Nazi/Freedom Party (whose coalition is supported by Oh-Oh) officially calls for fighting Jews in its mission statement.  ~&~

US mainstream media (MSM: ABCNNBCBS, Fox, most newspapers & radio stations) and the official US Propaganda organs (PBS, NPR) blitzed the airwaves all week, demanding that the US ‘man up’ and support the Ukraine coup, ignoring the Nazi connection and ignoring the results of the last Ukrainian Election.

During far-Right putsches/coups, including those the CIA just pulled against Venezuela and the Ukraine, the Intelligence-targeted countries’ news media are infiltrated such that they encourage the public – that is, they try to trick the public – into supporting Fascism. Are we in an Intelligence-targeted country now?

Omidyar might appear to be involved in another serious coup, against Freedom of the Press. I refer of course to his very publicly hiring (many say ‘buying up’) some of the world’s top investigative reporters, including those closest to heroic Military Intelligence whistleblower Edward Snowden (Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras), as well as Jeremy Scahill, Empty Wheel’s Cindy Wheeler (formerly of, and Rolling Stone‘s Matt Taibbi.

Taibbi’s RS colleague Michael Hastings, Internet- & Press-Freedom advocate Aaron Swarz, and hundreds of other journalists in the United States, Mexico, and Honduras were Assassinated or suspiciously got dead under Obama’s reign so far. They just wouldn’t shut up. Obama claims he is allowed to just order Assassinations if he wants. He admits to doing it.

Prepping Press with Propaganda makes the people more pliable.

Early on, the Obama regime overthrew elected Governments and suppressed the media in Honduras and the Maldives with far-Right Fascist coups, too. I hope to find out if Omidyar was also involved in funding those coups, and in the Obama Administration’s far-Right attempt to overthrow Venezuela and steal its Oil (simultaneous with the US’s anti-Ukraine actions).

As one after another of the world’s top investigative journalists agreed to join Omidyar’s First Look Media, we who believe in investigative journalism had our hopes pumped up higher and higher: Can we really hope for widespread access to professionally investigated non-MSM news?

Then, amid revelations that Omidyar helped Obama and US Intelligence fund elements of the UNC (Ukraine’s Nazi Coup), I felt my hopes for First Look had been completely dashed.

I hope I’m wrong about that. I hope they’ll be doing hard-hitting reporting on any and all Obama-and-Omidyar-linked Fascist groups in the Ukraine, the Maldives, Honduras, Venezuela, Mexico, and elsewhere.

Groups on the far Right are often called “Fascists,” “Neo-Fascists,” Nazis,” or “Neo-Nazis.” President Obama is officially the titular head of several Fascist Terrorist groups currently waging war against the US and its allies, including the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the National Security Agency (NSA), and the Zetas Drug Cartel of Mexico, an arm of the US CIA. ~&~ ~&~

Russian gas has flowed contentiously to the Ukraine and through it to the EU for some time. The US may be ready to man up with exported US “Natural” Gas to help fill that potential gap, even though the President knows that burning all that gas would kill all the children in this country before their time. ~&~

Corporate Bribery could be why President Obama is so incentivized to arm Ukrainian Nazis, as Oil companies and other frequent Obama contributors clamor for a piece of the overthrown Ukraine’s pie.

David Headley of the DEA, one of the Neo-Nazi Terrorist organizations the President heads, Murdered and Kidnapped Jews in the antisemitic Mumbai attack in India just after Obama got elected, on November 26, 2008.

The Indian Government then copied the US “9/11″ Terrorist Propaganda and the UK “7/7″ Terrorist Propaganda, that were used to curtail Human Rights in America and Britain, respectively (the so-called “Fascist Reforms”).

In India the commercial catch phrase for the Fascist Reforms was “27/11″ – using the catchy rhyming date, with its emotional tug, to convince people to give up their freedom to the homeland security apparatus, after the US-Intelligence-sponsored Mumbai Terrorist strikes.

India wants to prosecute the DEA’s Headley, but the DEA’s head, Barack Obama, is Covering Up for the confessed Racist Murderer, and blocking his underling Agent David Headley’s extradition.



Link showing that Svoboda is Nazi

That is what they originally named themselves, the “National Socialist Party.” Nazi is an acronym or abbreviation for National Socialist

Links showing that the US Government/Obama Administration funds Svoboda’s Nazi coalition ~&~

Link showing that Pierre Omidyar funded Svoboda’s Nazi coalition

Links showing anti-Jewish actions in Ukraine after Oh-Oh funding began to Svoboda’s Nazi coalition ~&~ ~&~ ~&~ ~&~ ~&~ ~&~ ~&~ ~&~,7340,L-4478340,00.html ~&~

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Obama Sending US Troops to Stand with Ukrainian Nazis Against Russia

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Obama Sending US Troops to Stand with Ukrainian Nazis Against Russia — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Does anybody think this is a good idea? President Obama is sending the US Military to the Ukraine this summer. Our soldiers will carry out joint Military exercises and War Games with our newest ally, the Nazi coup Government of the Ukraine. Once there, US troops will be completely surrounded and lopsidedly outnumbered by the much-better-trained, -equipped, and -supplied Russian Army.

Obama’s guided missile destroyer warship the USS Truxton is now playing War Games near Ukraine in the Black Sea to threaten Russia, and to try to prod Russia into Nuclear-attack mode: If Obama can just get Putin to hit the US with a few Nuclear bombs – or to even consider it – that would raise the price of Oil significantly, Obama’s goal in this dangerous stunt.

US Propaganda relentlessly attacks Russian leader Vladmir Putin because he blocked: (1) Obama’s attempt to bring the world to war against Iran for non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction; (2) Obama’s attempt to bring the world to war against Syria for non-existent Weapons of Mass Destruction; (3) Obama’s attempt to kill or otherwise neutralize heroic whistleblower Edward Snowden for exposing Obama’s Treasonous Cyber War against the American people.

President Obama announced that he officially condones stealing money that’s in the bank accounts of people who know Putin.

In each of the three cases, Putin was the adult. In each of the three, Obama acted irrational and insane, demanding war for no good reason. Two other cases US Propaganda torpedoes Russia over are Pussy Riot in the church and Greenpeace in the Arctic. These are false reasons to be mad at Putin:

The US will not allow Greenpeace activists to interrupt its Arctic drilling regime without killing and/or imprisoning them. The US similarly will not allow rock’n'rollers or other activists to interrupt churches’ business, as Pussy Riot did. If they’d done that in this country, they’d likely still be locked up, or dead.

We don’t have sufficient reason to incite war with Russia. We don’t need a war with Russia, even if it would raise Oil prices for the people who installed Obama.

Meanwhile, Right-wing Danish NATO head Anders Fogh Rasmussen lied about Russia being a worse threat to Europe than the US-backed Ukrainian Nazis. NATO and the US are still pushing fruitlessly for Afghanistan to accept continued Western occupation.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said he will accept longer occupation if the US forces will stop Murdering Afghan civilians and Raping Afghan women and children. Obama and Rasmussen refuse, contending that US and NATO troops and contractors are too cruel and incompetent to do that: We’d rather have our Military leave Afghanistan than make them stop.

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Kerry Sells Out Jewish Relatives with Billion Dollars to Nazi Coup in Ukraine

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Kerry Sells Out Jewish Relatives with Billion Dollars to Nazi Coup — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



The above video shows Ku Klux Klan flags hung in Kiev City Hall by Nazi coup collaborators. They’re there to threaten and intimidate Ukraine’s Jews. The Ukrainian Nazi Party changed its name to the “Freedom Party” (Svoboda).

The photo one-tenth down this page shows US Secretary of State John Kerry shaking hands with two of the Ukraine’s coup leaders, who are now leaders in the “interim” Government which has – through deadly Terrorist violence – replaced the elected Government there.

Protesters in the Ukraine demonstrations and the regime’s police were both being killed by the same Assassins, possibly CIA snipers ordered to cause chaos in the Ukraine by our President. (The Central Intelligence Agency [CIA] is a Neo-Nazi international Terrorist crime syndicate with which President Obama is closely allied: He is its titular head.)

The Terrorism in the streets that overthrew Ukraine’s legitimate Government was led by demonstrators loyal to and allied with the Ukrainian National Socialist [Nazi] Party, which recently changed its name to Svoboda, meaning “Freedom.” Svoboda officially calls for ‘restrictions’ on “Moscovites, Germans, Jews and other scum.”

Of Jewish ancestry through his paternal grandfather, Kerry (a practicing Catholic) is ironically helping to instigate attacks against Jews like his own relatives by delivering this billion dollar package to the coup leaders.

The three Ukrainian provinces bordering Poland all voted 30-40% Nazi in the last election. The growing Nazi influence in the country is obviously related to US spying and Propaganda efforts.

I wonder if some of the Propaganda propping up the pro-Nazi protests was promoted by Pierre Omidyar, whose First Look Media, many of us are hoping, will not be pushing far-Right Propaganda, or trying to trick us into supporting a poor choice. I guess that’s about all I have to say.