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Rachel Fracking Maddow Equates Drug Legalization with Premeditated Killing

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Rachel Fracking Maddow Equates Drug Legalization with Premeditated Killing — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show last night presented a long segment on how disturbing it is when crowds at Republican debates make their bloodthirsty lynch-mob voices heard.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the show: It tries to trick naive Liberals and the clueless into supporting President Obama’s Right-wing policies, and voting for him. Like all MSNBC shows, it is sponsored by Fracking.

Maddow showed the clip wherein Rick Perry brags about his Premeditated killing of lots of people, followed by Murderous applause. Apparently this bothered Rachel Maddow, not because Right-wingers were wailing for blood, but because those Right-wingers are presumably registered in the Republican Party. She appeared overjoyed back when President Barack Obama bragged about ordering Premeditated Murder of a Muslim, a member of Bin Laden Oil Dynasty of Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

She then aired many examples of the President so boasting, followed by bloodthirsty applause from his admirers, including lots of Journalists! (It was absolutely Hitlerian.) So, to follow the Maddow ethics: It’s OK for far-Right Democrats to cheer for Premeditated Murder, but that’s not OK for Republicans.

She showed other disturbing clips: In one Ron Paul is asked if an uninsured man in a coma should be left to die. Hooting and yelling accompany a scream of “Yeah!!” After the crowd finally settles down, Paul can barely be heard saying “No” as the clip ends.

The point of the whole exercise was to show that Republicans are bad; and that we all need to vote for Barack Obama, because only he can protect us from stupid violent crazy Tea Partiers. Maddow has announced hundreds if not thousands of times that there are two Parties. Exactly two. If she graduated college, how come she doesn’t know about the other Parties?

To further her point about how bad Republican crowds are when they make noise, she reached back into the archives for a video clip, again of Ron Paul in a debate. This time he spoke out for Legalizing drugs, including Heroin. Many rational people believe in Legalizing. Some countries have Legalized Heroin. So, it is not the crazy whak-o Murder-related activity she presented is as: She was lying: Legalizing drugs does not equate to Premeditated Murder, like Rick Perry’s signing Death Warrants, or like a Barack Obama’s ordering Premeditated killings of Muslims.

Uproarious applause from Republicans for drug Legalization! That’s drug Legalization, much better than killing!

(Lastly let me say this about the cheering and booing: Happening first in Tampa, then Orlando: I’m from Tampa: The standard of living is so low down there, that it’s easy to hire somebody to cheer or boo or vote the way you want. And there are thousands of intelligence agents in the Tampa area. So that booing and cheering wasn’t just stupid Tea Partiers. It was much more contrived than that. And nobody should be scared that that hired lynch mob is made up of average Tampa citizens: Tampa elected a Green and a Socialist to its City Council in 2010. Tampa has the coolest, hippest, most Left-wing radio station in the world: WMNF 88.5 FM Tampa Community Radio, which you can listen to right now, or anytime at 88.5: As far Left as you can go, and still be on the radio.)

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Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency

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Racist Premeditated Murder Pits KKK, Obama Democrats & MSNBC against Pope, Carter, Tutu, Sessions, Barr, Basic Human Decency — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


The forces that be intend to kill Troy Davis in Georgia at 7 pm today.

Those of us who on principle oppose Racist Premeditated Murder must mobilize NOW to save this man’s life. It is our duty to immediately do our best to prevent our President from Conspiring with anti-scientific Right-wing ideologues to Murder an innocent man in cold blood, while supposedly acting on our behalf.

President Obama’s duty is clear!

President Ulysses S. Grant sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South. Of course, under Grant, we had Black Senators. Not anymore.

President Lyndon Baines Johnson sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South.

Even President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent troops to prevent Racist Atrocities in the South.

We must call and email the White House, urging President Obama not to take part in this Racist Premeditated Murder Conspiracy against Troy Davis. We must send copies of our Presidential emails to our Congressional Representatives in the US House. Mine is John Olver, a Liberal Democrat, very extremely Liberal, but sheepish and unlikely to challenge Obama, unless he hears from lots of us. We must urge our Congressional Reps to file Impeachment charges against President Obama if he does indeed carry out his implied threat to officially condone the First Degree Murder by refusing to send troops, as a responsible President would.

We can email this column, with its outrageously inflammatory headline, to the National Urban League and the NAACP, to the ACLU, Amnesty International, MSNBC, the White House, and every Democrat we can think of, especially President Obama’s most disgraceful apologists: Charles Schumer, Patrick Leahy, Al Franken, and Sherrod Brown. Those four got elected claiming to be “Liberal,” but now go along with the “Fascist Reforms.” Their clear duty is to go to Obama today and demand that he stop this Atrocity.

In its limited coverage of the evil devil worshipers’ human sacrifice ritual, MSNBC (the Fracking-sponsored fake Liberal outlet) and other networks keep showing the mother of the man whom Troy Davis is accused Murdering. This poor woman is obviously severely violently insane, ranting that Murdering Troy Davis will bring her “peace.”

Please, everyone who opposes Racist Premeditated Murder, call President Obama at 202-456-1111. Please email same via “contact us” window at Ask your Congressional Representative to file Impeachment papers against President Obama if he does indeed help Racists Murder this man by “not getting involved.” Call and email these “Liberal” Congressmen/Senators demanding that they do what’s right: John Olver 202-225-5335/; Al Franken 202-224-5641/; Sherrod Brown 202-224-2315/; Patrick Leahy 802-229-0569/; Charles Schumer 212-486-4430/

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7 Witnesses Say Police Made Them Lie to help carry out Georgia’s Racist Killing: Now, Only Obama can Stop this Murder

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7 Witnesses Say Police Made Them Lie to help carry out Georgia’s Racist Killing: Now, Only Obama can Stop this Murder — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


Urge President Obama to Halt Georgia’s Racist killing of Troy Davis. Seven witnesses against Davis said that they actually knew nothing about the crime, but that Police had intimidated them to falsely incriminate Troy Davis. No physical evidence ties Mr. Davis to the crime. Please, everyone who opposes Racist Premeditated Murder, call President Obama at 202-456-1111, and urge him to halt the Execution. –NB

Please call now, and on Friday. It’s not a very long wait on the phone. (The people working the White House telephones are volunteers, so take it easy on them.)

Friday is the National Day of Action on this case, with the Racist killing scheduled for next Wednesday, September 21, 2011. Though Friday is the Day of Action, many college students have no classes on Fridays, so, if you can, please get out to your local colleges and universities today and tomorrow, and place fliers to inform the students. Very large print, and bold where appropriate. You can use the wording of this article’s first paragraph if you want. Post it on your facebook page too, and email it to friends. Call people to tell them about it.

A man’s life is at stake. None of the Police who committed heinous crimes in this case has been charged with anything: Not Falsification of Evidence, not Obstruction of Justice, not what it is: The Hate Crime of Racist Attempted Murder. Of course, President Obama can theoretically make points with the far Right by letting the killing proceed. But he can stop it. Yes he can!

Equal Justice USA Action Alert



Today I am writing to ask you to act. We have less than two weeks. There is simply too much doubt in this case to let the execution proceed.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Hold a local event on September 16th, a global day of action. Actions can be any size – a few people at a vigil, handing out flyers at a street fair, or even hosting friends at your home to watch the Troy Davis videos. If you can hold an event, please let us know, so that organizers in Atlanta can announce your event during the march that day.
  • Continue to ask your networks to sign our petition. We will close the petition on Wednesday, September 14th so it can be delivered to the Georgia State Board of Pardons and Paroles. National and state groups have gathered more than 60,000 new signatures in the past few days alone! Your actions are making a difference.
  • Legal professionals, please add your name to this sign-on letter from our friends at Amnesty International.
  • Religious leaders, please sign the religious leader sign-on letter organized by Amnesty International and People of Faith Against the Death Penalty.
  • Retweet EJUSA’s #TooMuchDoubt tweets. We’ll be tweeting a new fact about Davis’ case every day at
Background on the case: 

Executing an innocent person is unconscionable. Troy Davis’ case started off shaky and has only deteriorated since.

His 1991 murder conviction was based on the testimony of nine “eyewitnesses” – seven of whom have since recanted or contradicted their testimony.

Many have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured or coerced into signing statements. Here’s an example of what one of them had to say:

“I told them I didn’t know anything about who shot the officer, but they kept questioning me. I was real young at that time and here they were questioning me about the murder of a police officer like I was in trouble or something. I was scared… [I]t seemed like they wouldn’t stop questioning me until I told them what they wanted to hear. So I did. I signed a statement saying that Troy told me that he shot the cop.”

No physical evidence connects Davis to the crime. It is a case based on a collapsed house of cards.

Enough doubt for you? Then please take one or more of these actions today!

Thank you for everything you are doing to prevent what could be a terrible miscarriage of justice.

Towards Justice,
Emma Weisfeld-Adam
on behalf of all of EJUSA

Here’s the petition, and more info:

Petition for Religious Leaders to halt the execution of Troy Davis:

Petion for Legal Professionals to halt the execution of Troy Davis:

Videos on the Troy Davis case:

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Usually Honest “Liberal” Newsspeakers Myopic to Worst Vitriolic Rhetoric Leading to Massacre

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Usually Honest “Liberal” Newsspeakers Myopic to Worst Vitriolic Rhetoric Leading to Massacre — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!, Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, Keith Olbermann and the rest of the gang on MSNBC, all noted Republican rhetoric apparently advising or insinuating that someone should shoot Representative Gabrielle Giffords. (Her opponent Jesse Kelly’s commercial asked the public to shoot “a fully automatic” weapon and remove her from office; Sarah “Re-Load” Palin displayed her name, targeted with gunsight crosshairs; Sharon Angle called for a “second-amendment” remedy, but not specifically against Giffords. It is illegal to advocate drug use. It must therefore also be illegal to advocate assassination. Palin seems to have published an Assassination Manual, directing any of her would-be conspirators to shoot Giffords, and explaining where to find her.)

But Goodman, Stewart, Olbermann, Chris Matthews, the other MSNBCers, and the Sunday talk shows all ignored the person who spewed the worst, most hateful rhetoric of all. President Barack Obama claims that he is allowed to order political assassinations against Muslims based merely on suspicion. Barack Obama is the ultimate authority figure for the youth of this country. Obama is the first President to so openly and adamantly insist that premeditated political assassinations are an acceptable way of forcing one’s will to be done. It is President Obama whom the young assassin has been obligated to adnmire, since he [the shooter] was twenty-years-old.

It is a shameful day for Freedom of the Press in the United States, and an extremely shameful day for the Democratic Party, the Party which once stood for peace, human rights, and honesty. Never mind that speck in Sarah Palin’s eye. Our President advocates killing people suspected of being Muslim extremists (and their neighbors). This is a national emergency.

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Those of Us Who Study History are Condemned to Watch the Rest of the World Repeat It

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Those of Us Who Study History are Condemned to Watch the Rest of the World Repeat It — By Norman B

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
– George Santayana

“Those of us who study history are condemned to watch the rest of the world repeat it.” — Me.

Here I am in the liberal bastion of Amherst, Massachusetts. Yet Islamophobia and related hatred of people who are different is in full bloom. I am not Muslim or Arab, but you can’t tell that from looking at me, because I have a long gray beard that can strike fear into the 10,000 or more Freshmen in this University town, who’ve never before lived in such a multi-cultural Mecca (if I can still use that term). Lots of times during my daily walk across the UMass campus, a new Freshman has seen me, and turned to run away in terror. It will probably happen again next week. I can laugh at it, but it hurts immensely.

Earlier this year, a mosque was proposed, but the haters – I mean "the neighbors" – prevented it, falsely claiming that the traffic would be a problem.

And even at the most liberal place in town, Hampshire College, I am severely discriminated against. To put into perspective just how liberal Hampshire College is: For several years Saturday Night Live aired a continuing skit with a running gag about Hampshire students: No grades, no tests, no departments, students openly smoking pot. It’s all true; and it’s alright with me.

As it happens, I am a Minister in a radical church, the Church of the Tree of Life. Hateful opportunist politicians have attempted (unconstitutionally, I think) to ban the Church by illegalizing its Sacraments, the most famous of which today is Salvia Divinorum, an herb that doesn’t hurt anyone, but makes most of its users uncomfortable and scared, because it takes them to the place of prophecy. The Church began in San Francisco around 1970, and has operated without problems here in Amherst more than 15 years. Three-quarters of the attendees at our events have been Hampshire College students.

So when a local newspaper ran a disinformation article about Salvia, I was compelled to act, including placing fliers at Hampshire College, as I’ve done for more than a decade. Ah, but I don’t look like a college student, even a Hampshire student, and I don’t dress like a professor. So, as I was boarding the bus to leave, a Hampshire College policewoman approached me with her hand on her gun, trembling profusely. I felt like I was facing that poor McCain rally attendee who, speaking of Candidate Obama, stammered “He’s – he’s a – a Arab!” John McCain, of course, said “No he’s not; he’s a good man,” as if the two are mutually exclusive.

Well, I was banned from Hampshire College, despite my history there. (I had worked there, I had performed there, had been involved in political organizing there, and my activist/performer career had been the subject of a student’s dissertation, among other connections.) And if you think that’s bad, you should see what happens if I try to get onto a plane.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
– George Santayana

“Those of us who study history are condemned to watch the rest of the world repeat it.” — Me.

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Proof that Centrists are Violently Insane

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PROOF that Centrists are Violently Insane — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Do you know people who consider themselves Centrists? Maybe they haven’t thought it through: I can prove to you that Centrists are violently insane: Just compare the Left-Right extremes in our two most important issues today:

1. Climate Change:
Left Extreme:
Stop emitting the Greenhouse Gases, for they are what causes GL0Warm.
Right Extreme:
Increase emissions of all Greenhouse Gases. (I can list the respective proposals gas by gas to demonstrate, if you want.) No such thing as GL0Warm.

2. Human Rights:
Left extreme:
Everyone is equal: No discrimination allowed.
Right extreme:
People of the wrong groups should be Genocided.

Being a Centrist is saying that Left and Right are equal. Above are the Left and Right extremes of two of our most important issues. Compare the extremes of Left and Right, and tell me how one can call them "equal."

The Daily Beast-CNN “Wingnut of the Week” feature has a far-right-wing bias. To start with, it lies about the meaning and derivation of the word Wingnut, which originated among the Rainbow Family and Deadheads, the terminally hip. It is short for “Right-wing Nut.” That was the only definition and derivation printed anywhere, one year ago. (I looked it up extensively, being a Rainbow Deadhead, I was long familiar with the term.)

Then the Right-leaning CNN & Daily Beast named Green Party Presidential candidate Cynthia McKinney their [oxymoron:] “Wingnut of the Left” for trying to break the Gaza blockade. CNN-Beast once named Rev. Jeremiah Wright their “Wingnut of the Left” for saying something insanely Right-wing about “Them Jews.”

Now, online sources have changed their definition entries, because of the TV exposure. The truth is that CNN-Beast are lying wingnuts. You need to be pretty whacky to think the two extremes are equal. You also need to be hateful to believe the two are equal.

The simple fact is, on these most important issues, the two are not equal. One is truth, and the other is a lie.

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News of Yesteryear 2008! BNNTheBadNewsNetwork Eposes Sarah Palin’s BP Connections. Nobody Listens.

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News of Yesteryear 2008! BNNTheBadNewsNetwork Eposes Sarah Palin’s BP Connections. Nobody Listens. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Washington, DC’s Congressperson cannot vote.

New Orleans was having trouble back in September 2008, as that fateful election approached …

If the first video disturbs you, don’t even try the second one. If you remember the hope that the election results brought, watch the third one.

BNN The Bad News Network
Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Norman Bie reporting.


(p)(c)2008 Norman Bie, medicinesocks. All rights reserved. Directed by medicinesocks. MUSIC: "J School" (about my the University of South Florida College of Journalism) by Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr.

STILL A PIG-Norman B-BNNTheBadNewsNetwork

Lyin’! Lyin’! Lyin’
‘Bout the Bridge to Nowhere.
Lyin’ an’ the Lie’s gettin’ Big!
But if ya smear lyin’ lipstick
All over a pig,
Then, by golly, it’s still a pig!

Big Lie says
"She went after Big Oil,
And, she likes fishin’!"
But Palin and her husband
Both work for BP,
An’ go after their competition!

O, Adolph Hitler fired a librarian for not banning books.
O, Sarah Palin fired a librarian for not banning books.

All mass murderers
Began in Animal Cruelty.
Sarah likes shootin’ wolves from a plane!
But to legitimate sportsmen,
Shootin’ from the air’s
Cruel, cowardly and insane!

"God wants a pipeline!"
"God wants a gas line!"
God shoots beasts from a plane?!
Animal Cruelty Vote,
The Big Oil Bribery Vote,
An’ the Stupid Vote go to McCain!

O, Adolph Hitler fired a librarian for not banning books.
O, Sarah Palin fired a librarian for not banning books.

(S)He’ll increase ROT-C! Note
His Shevardnadsze quote!
They’ll fer sher git the neo-Nazi Vote!
They’ll git the vote of Big Oil Bigot Man!

They’ll git ev’ry vote from the Ku Klux Klan!
An’ Skinheads with Christian Identity!
They’ll kill the last polar bear, the last caribou,
Wolves an’ whales an’ the last manatee!

O, Adolph Hitler fired a librarian for not banning books.
O, Sarah Palin fired a librarian for not banning books.

When Eduard Shevardnadze said he would destroy the republic of Georgia’s ecology to build the BP-Cheney pipeline, John McCain called Shevardnadze ""one the great men in the history of the world."
But later, when Shevardnadze said he would NOT build the BP-Cheney pipeline in Georgia, McCain said "They had a corrupt government headed by a guy named Shevardnadze"
Through these quotes, McCain shows NO HONESTY. He lies for Big Oil.

(p)(c)2008 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr., medicinesocks. All rights reserved.

LET IT RIDE-Yusuf O’Jay Obama/Democracy: Basic Training

when i woke up this morning norm was already working on this video idea he had. he said,(to be nice, i think, he could’ve done it all himself, that he needed my help capturing some clips he’d chosen, in order to represent a train traveling, in musical flashes, from the distant and not so distant past, a train of thought and dreams, moving and shaking and rattling us into awareness once again, rolling along those polished old lines of peace, of love, of soul, of hope, those old refrains, rattling down those flashing tracks again. through the recent months and days of campaign rhetoric and the ever so stirring stirring public awareness, the sleepy slothful youthful giant of a new american generation bestirring itself and beginning to realize its own strength, its own pure energy and powerful potential… our long languishing designer gened drug dependant adhd motorhead anaesthetized and troubled country’s slow awakening from this, our past 8 years of war and lies, the collective air conditioned fuel injected nightmare, this rustbucket dirty old oil rag corrupted dream, into the heart of our new morning, our green man, our youth and our nodding sages, our grass roots present day, our 44th president’s inauguration day.

– Rachel (of YouTube’s medicinesocks channel)