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Our International Shame: The 5th Fleet: Quit Disgracing the US and Get the Hell Out

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Our International Shame: The 5th Fleet: Quit Disgracing the US and Get the Hell Out — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Now let me get this straight: President Obama has to keep letting his hired thugs murder pro-democracy demonstrators because Bahrain is “home to our 5th Fleet.” Torturing doctors, reporters, students, all that is cool too, I guess.

And in Yemen, there’s a Muslim American who’s suspected of inspiring a fake bomb. So, then, Obama must allow US money to pay his goons to Torture and murder peaceful citizens and crush democracy there, right?

Yemen wasn’t even a real country, it was imposed by the US. That’s why it has secessionist movements in both North and South Yemen, they were two different countries until 20 years ago. They are ethnically and culturally quite different from each other.

The 5th Fleet needs to be in the Persian Gulf, we’re told, to help remove Oil that rightfully belongs in the ground, but if it’s out of the ground, it belongs to people in the Middle East, not us.

The 5th Fleet was formed in 1944. The United Nations was founded in 1945. One UN International Law removed from the charter before final ratification was the passage that would have made Slavery a Crime against Humanity. That provision was taken out because of the prevalence of Slavery on the Arabian Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf. They decided that where we get our Oil trumps whether or not Slavery is a Crime.

Despite the fact that the UN passed on performing its duty, Slavery IS a Crime against Humanity, one that Obama and the 5th Fleet carry out to our eternal disgrace.

And those who lie about being “Liberal” or “Progressive” or “favoring Human Rights” sit around calling President Obama “our candidate” or “our crook,” wimpishly claiming that Obama’s brand of brutality and Fascism is the only thing that can save us from the even worse Fascism favored by stupid people who believe that dinosaurs walked with humans.

Most people only think about the Slaves when they see the camel races. That was an easy fix. Now robots have replaced the Slave jockeys, tiny boys from Darfur, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or India. Now that the camel jockeys are out of sight, Slavery is ignored. The Bahrain Government claimed it was ending Slavery two years ago…

…then six months later, Russia busted a Slave shipment:

If you are an American, please examine the Slavery paradigm that Pres. Obama and the 5th Fleet are endorsing. As you’ll find out if you read on, more than half the people in Bahrain are Slaves, most of them from India. Most non-Slaves are Shiites, and thereby face discrimination from the Sunni minority. But most Sunnis are not in the tribe of the ruling dynasty, so they too face discrimination. (If you’re a Democrat, you might want to read these links later, or not at all, they’re pretty sickening.)

And now the Obama thugs are massacring the pro-democracy demonstrators, as well as Torturing doctors trying to treat their victims and journalists trying to expose their murderous barbarism. Some of those teargassed students will never recover.

I can think of a couple of reasons why the US supports Slavery and civilian massacres. One is Robert Gates, and the other is George Mitchell. Secretary of Defense Gates is heavily invested in Oil, and the US Military is by far the biggest buyer of petroleum in the world. If Gates tried to make peace, he’d lose money. But don’t worry, there’s not much chance of that. If the US Military switched to clean fuel, Russia would lose power and Iran would go broke – the only way Iran can afford to work on its Nuclear program at all is if the US Military keeps buying Oil.

George Mitchell is President Obama’s Middle East “Peace” Envoy. His business partner was convicted of Bribery in Azerbaijan, trying to get that country’s Oil. Think of the enormous dishonesty it took for President Obama to hire two men which such flagrant Conflicts of Interest over Oil, and then to install them between US and peace.

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Finale from Protest PG the Rock Opera: O, President Pinocchio

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The Daily Machine:

Finale from Protest PG the Rock Opera: O, President Pinocchio — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

O, President Pinocchio, how can all the Oil be gone?

No, President Pinocchio, we won’t be eating Oily prawn.

You even let your own kids play in that toxic Oil,

But if they’d dig in the beach sand, they’d strike Oil before they hit soil.


O, President Pinocchio, you let banksters write bank law.

Drug companies and Insurance thieves, well, they surely do thank ya.

O, President Pinocchio, the American people are rugged,

But it really gets us down in the dumps when our leaders are so crooked.


O, President Pinocchio, superstitious worse than Reagan,

You sold the whole world out at Copenhagen.

What you did is gonna scorch the Earth and heat up Africa like a fire.

Iran, Sudan, an’ China spoke sense there, then, our holocaust denier.


O, President Pinocchio, our climate holocaust denier,

O, President Pinocchio, our chief executive liar:

Clean coal! Clean nukes!” What’s next! Clean Oil? Clean dirt? Clean poo?!

You sir have betrayed the poor people who voted for you.


Bribe taker. War monger. Stooge. Shill. Sell-out. Crook. Corporate lackey.

The honored US Military is dressed in baby blood and khaki.

You’d not’ve got a goddam vote if you hadn’t lied,

If you’d told us you want private armies and Pashtun Genocide.


You don’t need a rocket launcher to fight a little spider,

Or a hundred thousand Americans to fight ten guys from Al-Qaida.

Don’t you know that folks’ll catch on the this ridiculous sham?!

And that corporate corrupt nonsense, your Filibuster scam?!


Remember: Republicans were in just two years ago, and a majority then took fifty,

So we know you’re lying when you tell us now that a majority takes sixty.

It’s a lie. It’s a theft. It’s corrupt. It’s ridiculous. It’s despicable and downright disgraceful,

And you’re throwing billions at Robert Gates, the Secretary of Wasteful!


You fired over one thousand people just because they’re gay,

And hey! O, Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

You betrayed the pot smokers voting for you, and what’s worse:

You betrayed everybody; America has buyer’s remorse.


Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?

Hey! Prez Pinnoke, hey, hey! How many kids did you kill today?


line  footnote

1   On the same day that President Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency announced that the BP-Deepwater Horizon-Halliburton Gulf of Mexico Oil spill was gone …

2   … his Food and Drug Administration announced that Gulf of Mexico seafood was safe to eat.

6   Drug companies and Insurance thieves are the middlemen whom all of the healthcare money goes to instead of going to health.

28   Oil investor and US Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. The US Military is the world’s leading purchaser of Oil, so the more wars and trouble and waste Gates can cause, the more money he and his fellow investor, Mideast “Peace” Envoy George Mitchell, whose business partner was convicted of Bribery of Azerbaijani officials trying to get their Oil. Gates and Mitchell have Conflicts of Interest: If they didn’t find more war and strife, they’d make less money.

30, 33-36   From an anti-Vietnam War chant in the 1960s: Hey! Hey, LBJ! How many kids did you kill today?

Finale from Protest PG (the Rock Opera): O, President Pinocchio

by  Norman B

“Deviations from the Norm”

Protest PG: Pashtun Genocide, Prison Guantanamo, Pariah Gases, Prohibition of Ganja, Pinocchio Government.

(p)(c) 2010 Norman Schulerud Bie, Jr. All rights reserved. First performed live at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst following a speech and question & answer session given by Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Jill Stein on Thursday, October 28, 2010, scant days before the scariest night of the year: Election night!

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Obama Endorses Massacre of Peaceful Activists; Threatens UN Veto to Support Piracy & Murder

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Obama Endorses Massacre of Peaceful Activists; Threatens UN Veto to Support Piracy & Murder — NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

The UN and its Security Council unanimously condemn it. Unanimous, that is, except for the US and Israel. The Obama Administration has threatend to veto any UN action by the other countries of the world to demand ending the Gaza Blockade, or any punishment whatsoever for the Israeli pirates and murderers.

The Obama Administration and US propaganda media called the Freedom Fighter Children of Somalia "pirates," because they were the only ones in the world trying to stop China’s looting of Africa, which financed the genocide and enslavement of the Black Christians of Sudan, then financed the genocide and enslavement of the practitioners of native religions of Sudan, then financed the Sudan’s genocide and enslavement of Darfur. Both China and Warren Buffett (then President of PetroChina) made billions of dollars off those genocides and enslavements. Now that a decade of official genocide programs has left most of Sudan’s Blacks dead, displaced and enslaved, the Obama Administration rewarded Sudan diplomatically. No other countries were willing to murder those Sudanese children, not even Oil companies would shoot them. But Obama ordered their killings.

And the massacre by Israel already made the US Military buy millions of dollars worth of extra Oil. This massacre helped the Oily portfolios of Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Mideast Pro-war "Peace" Envoy George Mitchell, BP, the Clintons … the Obama Administration is getting filthy rich already off this massacre, through their conflicts of interest.

This makes Obama’s teargassing of peaceful activists at Pittsburgh’s G-20 Conference look more acceptable. Sure, it was indiscriminate torture ordered by our President, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of the other things he OKs.

Where’s the Rule of Law?

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BP War Planes Attack US Coast with Chemical Weapon; Coast Guard Helps Enemy Block Clean-Up

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BP War Planes Attack US Coast with Chemical Weapon; Coast Guard Helps Enemy Block Clean-Up — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Last week, this column exposed BP’s intentional spill of the deadly chemical weapon Corexit, a Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD). Afterward, the US EPA pretended to try to protect the US coast from the WMD. White House press releases lied about the situation, claiming the EPA ordered BP to stop intentionally poisoning US air and water.

BP’s (paraphrased) response came loud and clear. "You’re just the Government: You don’t tell us what to do: We’re BP: We’re Big Oil: We tell you what to do!" BP refused to end its Corexit strafing attacks, which critically worsened the Oil spill. The Corexit attacks dispersed the WMD-and-Oil spill so far that it’s now hitting Florida beaches.

By letting BP continue poisoning our coastal environment with Corexit, the Obama Administration keeps expanding the spill. In the coming weeks, Corexit could kill all coastal marine life on both Florida coasts, and all organisms on the US East coast as far North as Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Because deadly fluoro-chemical Corexit byproducts apparently killed many giant sea turtles and dolphins, environmentalists warn citizens to avoid all US Atlantic and Gulf beaches this summer. (Or is that ‘Avoid them from now on’?)

After BP’s forceful rebuke of Pres. Obama’s public "demand," the President quickly followed BP’s orders and sent the US Coast Guard to help BP cover up its activities in the Gulf. The Coast Guard is keeping scientists, reporters and environmentalists out of the area, as well as would-be sanitation crews trying to clean up the spill with scientifically sound methods. It’s reminiscent of US troops (under Obama) arresting dissident voters and Journalists in Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s "election."

The Obama Administration banned use of hair or fur to mop up the spill, even though modern science tells us that hair is THE one scientifically valid, environmentally clean way of getting Oil out. Hair soaked with Oil is converted to clean-burning fuel via fungi, using the Paul Stamets method. The US generates 300,000 pounds (136,000 kg) of human hair clippings daily. Pet grooming and llama- and sheep-shearing increase that total. But that’s the clean, safe, scientific way. Obama won’t allow it.

Recently Pres. Obama said he wants US students’ science scores to rise. I can see why! But if more people knew more about science, they’d recognize that Obama’s superstitious pro-Global-Warming policies are anti-scientific. As an Illinois state legislator, Obama voted to condemn the Kyoto Accords, FOR BEING TOO PROTECTIVE of the environment. Everyone else reviewing the Kyoto Accords said they were too weak. Oh, I mean everybody except BP, DuPont, fossil fuel marketers, chemicals companies, and their puppets.

Meanwhile, Pres. Obama appointed DuPont executive and Goldman Sachs confidant William K. Reilly, the Texas Oilman, to co-chair the Blue Ribbon Panel supposedly "investigating" the intentional WMD spill disaster. Reilly already made a mint off BP’s fake clean-up. He’s invested in Corexit, the chemical weapon with which BP is bombing US territorial waters. Corexit is manufactured by a DuPont shadow company.

Reilly was part of President Nixon’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the 1970s. After that, he took over the Conservation Foundation, and then the World Wildlife Fund. (Expect WWF to announce that this is a very nice Oil spill, and the wildlife likes it.)

BP appears to be planning another large explosion on Wednesday, when they will pour cement into high-pressured frozen natural gas slush – the same way they created the earlier explosion called "the accident."
(!!UPDATE: THEY’VE ALREADY DONE IT: Last night after I wrote this, TV news reported that BP ships were already on their way to plant the cement bomb. This morning’s news reports say they’ve already done it, and again, intentionally caused gigantic explosions!!)

BP and the US Coast Guard are powerful, but presumably the US Navy and/or the US Air Force can defeat BP and the Guard, by throwing everything they have at them. US fighter jets can at least shoot down the next attack plane before it strafes our waters again. And if we can find out who’s in charge of the Coast Guard, maybe we can convince him to switch over to our side.


William K. Reilly is with TXU, Texas Utilities. Here’s a link from the Rip-Off Report about his dishonesty there:

And here’s one from FDL about Reilly’s co-chairman on the Cover-Up Panel, Bloody Bob Graham:

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Obama Administration Profiteers Getting Filthy Rich On Oil Explosions

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Obama Administration Profiteers Getting Filthy Rich On Oil Explosions
In a Massive Conflict of Interest, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates & Mideast Envoy George Mitchell have made Billions of Dollars on Wars & Warmongering over Oil. — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Every time fighting erupts over Petroleum, and every time an Oil pipeline is bombed, the result is less usable Oil in the world, causing upward pressure on prices. Each of these explosions amps up the portfolios of all Oil investors, including Oil-Drilling magnate Robert Gates, the Bush family, the Cheney family, the bin Laden family, the Saudi royal family, the Governments of Iran and Russia, and Oil Billionaire George Mitchell, President Obama’s Middle East Envoy, one of the world’s wealthiest men, according to Forbes and Fortune.

Last summer Mitchell’s business partner Frederic Bourke was convicted of Bribing the President of Azerbaijan for control of its Oil. (Formerly Soviet territory, Azerbaijan is a small republic in the Caucasus Mountains, between Russia to the Northeast, Georgia to the Northwest, the Caspian Sea to the East, Turkey and Armenia to the West, and Iran to the South.) Azerbaijan’s Government and people did not want keep sending Oil to Russia, as they had done for more than a Century. On the other hand, they knew they couldn’t trust the Obama Administration after its attempt to illegally obtain the Oil. So they made a deal to sell it to neighboring Iran, angering the powerful George Mitchell. Mitchell flew in for face-to-face talks with Pres. Obama. They both emerged warmongering against Iran, claiming that its Nuclear program threatened international stability.

A Big Deception: Hiding the fact that Nuclear Energy is merely a very expensive method of boiling water for power; and that the only way Iran can afford to spend a fortune on boiling water is if the US keeps buying Oil, thus propping up its price and funneling billions of dollars to Iran. Oil industry critics have cautioned since the 1970s that the US intends to invade both Iran and Iraq to take their Oil as other sources dry up. But unfortunately, as British General Bernard Montgomery, 1960s US comedian Mort Sahl, and the 1987 movie The Princess Bride warned: The first Rule of Warfare is "Don’t Start a Land War in Asia." That is, unless you’re invested in Oil, then it doesn’t really matter how many wars or warriors the country loses, as long as we pump up the price of Petroleum.

September 1, 2001, with White House photos and all, Pres. George W. Bush welcomed Robert Gates, the Oil-Drilling millionaire, as his special adviser. Then, after the World Trade Center attack a few days later on Sept. 11, Bush named him to be the first Secretary of Homeland Security, but he turned it down because the move would have required him to divest from Oil Drilling. But as President Eisenhower noted in his Military-Industrial Complex speech, people who flow back and forth between Industry and Government inevitably start wars & conflicts to profiteer on them for their "former" cohorts. And so it went with Gates: He had to "divest" on paper when Bush appointed him in 2006 to head the Defense Department, by far the world’s biggest buyer of Petroleum. Since then, Drill-Baby-Drill policies of Bush & Obama have made his companies billions.

Gates was part of the Iraq Study Group, which many call the Didn’t Study Group because of its boneheaded conclusions. That commission was formed by the US Institute of Peace, which includes lots of Oil execs, Gates and Condoleezza Rice among them. The "Institute of Peace" also counts at least one active US General in its ranks. Trusting them to find peace is like trusting BP to clean up an Oil spill

Maybe the Obama Administration’s Conflicts of Interest led to the Gulf of Mexico’s BP gusher, and to the much larger one that started nine months ago in the Timor Sea. If our Government were really trying to protect us, it would try to stop that gusher too, but the Timor leak has done so much to enrich George Mitchell and the business partners of Robert Gates, that the Administration has apparently decided to just let that one run, as long as the press keeps it quiet.