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Pot Protest the Prez: Pipeline-to-Prison Proponent to Mock Grads in Worcester Wednesday

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Pot Protest the Prez: Pipeline-to-Prison Proponent to Mock Grads in Worcester Wednesday — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



President Obama, whose Administration sends legions of unfortunate young US Marijuana smokers down the school-to-prison Pipeline, will speak to graduates at a high school in Worcester, Massachusetts, today.

Lots of freedom advocates from this and surrounding states will be there to protest his disgusting Drug War against Americans.

President Obama leads the DEA, a Murderous Fascist Terrorist syndicate that makes Billions of dollars by keeping Marijuana illegal. To help them make that money, President Obama must regularly renew his lie that Marijuana can’t be a medicine, and has no medicinal purpose.

This lie causes deaths every day by preventing transplants and blocking treatment for patients with AIDS, MS, ALS, and Skin Cancer, among many other maladies. The Presidential order causes one American to be permanently blinded and scarred by an unnecessary Glaucoma operation every three minutes.

This morning’s news was filled with dangerous fallout from this false campaign. Obama’s Food and Drug Administration is today advising pregnant women to eat extremely dangerous amounts of seafood – eight to twelve ounces per week! – amounts far exceeding what is safe for large adult males, let alone developing fetuses.

The publicity “doctor” promoting poisoning the fetuses on CBS News this morning eschewed labeling fish containing Mercury in favor of eating certain fish. She said that low level Mercury (a poison) is actually beneficial. Under questioning, she admitted that the dangerous fish-eating guidelines are to get Omega 3 Fatty Acids into kids.

But the highest food source for Essential Fatty Acids is Cannabis. This uncensored French page, for instance, recommends Cannabis before fish.

So, the US is poisoning its unborn with Mercury, Gulf-of-Mexico Oil Dispersants, and Pacific Nuclear Spew, while blinding old people unnecessarily, and letting children die from medicines withheld; all just to support President Obama’s lie, to keep the DEA creeps in Black Market money, and to keep locking up African Americans for something that most people don’t consider a crime.

Here’s how some other top stories in today’s news are falsified to the public to justify Obama’s lies on Marijuana:

  • First, sticking with today’s CBS News, it aired a hit-piece segment against Colorado’s Medical Marijuana law. The “news” report was filled with falsehoods. One was that children have overdosed on Marijuana, the world’s safest therapeutic substance, on which it is impossible to overdose. No one has ever overdosed on Marijuana, not even babies in Colorado. The report said that some people have been ticketed for driving under pot’s influence; it didn’t mention that Drunk Driving is significantly down; finished up saying pot profits should hire more cops, to arrest these Marijuana drivers. But according to testing done thus far, Marijuana makes people drive much more carefully. Legal Colorado joints cost $16 there, the report said – but I can get them for about $2 here.
  • The World Cup of Futbol/Soccer is coming to the Oil-rich Slave state Qatar, where playing temperatures will be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. One of the main reasons that Marijuana is illegal is its proven scientific ability to cleanly and cheaply replace Oil, Nukes, and Natural Gas in our economy with products that give off no net Greenhouse Gas emissions, and thus stop causing Global Warming.
  • Fighting in the Ukraine is partly or largely about replacing Russian Fossil Fuels flowing through the Ukraine with Fossil Fuels imported from the US and its allies. These are the same Fossil Fuels that will kill all the children if used. But the Swedish study from Lund University cited below proved that the US, or Ukraine, or Russia, or the EU can easily and quickly produce their own Gas and liquid fuel products that have zero net Greenhouse Gas emissions. But we’re ready to fight on the Nazi side against Russia, to impose dirty fuel?!

Come join me at the protest if you can. I’ll leave for it around noon EST. I’ll be back to write an update in the Comments section below, when it’s over.

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UPDATE/Breaking: Judy Woodruff Lies to Cover Up CIA Program Selling Teenage Girls @$12

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UPDATE/Breaking: Judy Woodruff Lies to Cover Up CIA Program Selling Teenage Girls @$12


I just watched the first half of the PBS News Hour with Judy Woodruff. It’s still on, here in the Eastern US. The far-Right Propaganda about Ukraine was a disgrace to journalists everywhere, and a significant disgrace to the United States. (PBS is on our nation’s official Propaganda organs.)

Judy Woodruff herself reported the PBS piece on Boko Haram; part of the story below that I reported this morning, but with a huge difference: She lied to Cover Up for the Sex Slave network, apparently because they work for the US Government, like she does.

Judy Woodruff is highly incompetent and not up on the news, or she’s lying if she says that she doesn’t know as well as I do that President Obama’s African Death Squad Boko Haram is an arm of the CIA, See the WikiLeaks link in the story below; they exposed it two months ago.

The CIA kidnapped these teenage girls, and they’re selling them for $12 apiece. Judy Woodruff interviewed a guest that talked in circles. She acts clueless. Who is this bad Boko, and why isn’t somebody doing something about it?

A horrible unspoken truth is that it doesn’t matter to a lot of people, because they’re Black. That makes it less important news – that is, with less commercial value.

Lies lies lies. Try to watch the segment if you can find it.


Obama Death Squad “Boko Haram” Confesses to African Murders — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


A CIA Death Squad under President Obama’s control Murdered at least 12 Africans in Nigeria with a car bomb Thursday. The group Boko Haram claimed responsibility. WikiLeaks revealed that they are part of the US Central Inteligence Agency.

Boko Haram is an ODS – an Obama Death Squad. The President has several such groups, carrying out Lynchings in Africa, and Murdering journalists in Honduras and Mexico. Boko Haram stepped up its operations exponentially when Obama became President. According to US officials, Boko Haram has Murdered over 10,000 Africans. (Some were ordered by President George W. Bush, before Obama was in office.)

Because of its affiliation with the CIA, the US State Department refused to designate Boko Haram a Terrorist group until a few months ago, despite its decade of Lynchings. They hold Rape Fests. ~&~

To manipulate the news, they staged a battle with other CIA members and with Great Britain’s MI5.

They are allowed to buy African girl children as Slaves.

With President Obama’s protection and backing, they enjoy Gang Rape, and frequently kidnap African civilians.

Obama is Terrorizing the Black Africans of Nigeria to steal their Oil – the largest known reserves in Africa – to deliver it to the White Colonial Powers (WCPs). Another reason for these attacks in the Oil region is to raise the price of Petroleum.

The CIA is doing these Rapes and Murders to raise the price of Oil, to pay back those who put Obama in office. Make no mistake about it, you American citizens are paying for these crimes to be committed with your tax dollars:

If you voted for President Obama, you voted for Lynching Africans, and for selling them into Slavery. It is now your responsibility to undo this as soon as possible.

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Survivors of South Africa’s 34-Slave Massacre Leaving Jail, Ordered Back to Work by Their Owner; More Slaves Shot; Democrats Party On

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Survivors of South Africa’s 34-Slave Massacre Leaving Jail, Ordered Back to Work by Their Owner; More Slaves Shot; Democrats Party On — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



South African Government forces brutally Murdered 34 enslaved Platinum miners owned by Lonmin on August 16. Lonmin spokesman Simon Scott immediately told Bloomberg, the BBC, and others that the strike was “illegal,” and that the Slaves had to return to work. After a few days, Slaves who had survived the Lonmin Massacre were arrested and charged with the Murders of their comrades, under the theory that they were committing a crime by striking, and that crime had caused the Murders by police.

During the Lonmin Massacre police also wounded 78 other Slaves. In addition, police killed eight Slaves in the days leading up to the Massacre, and claimed that two policemen were also killed. Of course, the lying police also claimed that they Murdered the Slaves in self-defense, which the video of the event disproved. 140 Slave miners were said to be scheduled for “conditional release,” meaning they must go back to work and drop their pay demands.

South African President Zuma immediately stood up to support the Lonmin Massacre as an unfortunate but sometimes necessary way to control the conduct of Slaves. That was two weeks ago. Now, at least four of Zuma’s own Slaves have been shot overnight. This is the Gold Fields corporation, which, like Lonmin, claims that Slaves striking against their owners is illegal.

Later reports cleaned it up, saying that the police had only Tortured the Slaves with Teargas – a Weapon of Mass Destruction that is illegal for use in wars – and that they had shot the Slaves with rubber bullets.

In the late 1970s, the underground documentary Last Grave at Dimbasa was smuggled out of South Africa: It exposed the Slavery there. Americans then and now were/are in denial about South Africa’s Racist Apartheid system. To this day, Americans use a propagandistic mispronunciation of the word to Cover Up its true meaning. Americans pronounce it “Aparth Hyde,” but it is actually pronounced “Apart Hate,” and that’s exactly what it is. It is Slavery. If strikes are illegal and survivors of Massacres can be ordered back to work, then Slavery persists there. Today Lonmin is ordering 40,000 striking Slaves back to work.

And today the Democratic Party begins its Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Billed as the “Teargas and Taser-Torture Convention,” at least one Black man was already Tortured there, a child is dead, and police are apparently lying about an arrested protester having a gun – police in the US often claim people that they Torture were armed, as if that would excuse the Torture.

The Torture victim, Chris Stevens, was hospitalized and charged with Resisting Arrest: The “Resisting Arrest” charge marks it as a case of Torture: When police Torture, Murder, or mistreat US citizens, the officers often claim that their victims were either Resisting Arrest (as they did when they Tortured me in 1981) or that they were armed, as they did with Anna Wright, who was arrested for protesting in Charlotte. Lying police first claimed that she had a knife. Later, they changed it to a gun.–168306526.html Both Stevens and the Murdered Slaves are Black.

Police near Charlotte are on edge: They Murdered a 16-year-old child last night after chasing him. Of course, they claimed that he had Murdered himself.

Remember, police killed the suspect at the scene of the recent Sikh Massacre, then lied that said suspect had committed suicide – police at first admitted to killing the suspect, then later changed their story to he killed himself. President Obama’s “Justice” Department always lets police get away with these Murders, which obviously emboldened them to Murder this child near Charlotte, who is President Obama’s and the Democrats’ first dead victim of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Let’s hope he’s also the last person killed by police around the Convention this year.

Now is the chance for the Democratic Party to come out against Slavery, and against the shooting of Slaves. Now is the chance for the Democrats to come out against the deadly Racist police actions in North Carolina. Now is the chance for Democrats to come out against Torture. But the leader of the Democrats, President Obama claims “We don’t Torture.” New videos to YouTube every day prove that he’s lying. But, who are you going to believe, your eyes or your President?

My friend Presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, the Political Theatre Performance Artist who finished third in the 2012 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, diffused a tense situation at the Republican Convention in Tampa a few days ago. Tampa has a very mellow police force. Even a man with long hair and a beard like me can walk around Tampa without getting into trouble. Not so easy in North Carolina. Ever ride a Greyhound through there? The police presence and searches there are combative and terrifying. So, if you’re there or going there, be careful.

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President Obama’s Hateful Policies Against Sikhs

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President Obama’s Hateful Policies Against Sikhs — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


I greeted my young Sikh friend. Neither of us spoke of the tragedy. We just spoke of our mutual compassion and respect. He said his father wants him to leave this country … to a place with less bigotry, discrimination, and violence; I guess: South Africa.

During his reign, President Obama’s policies have consistently encouraged Hate Crimes against Sikhs. Below are examples. Most of the world’s Sikhs live in India. Sikhs do not cut their hair or beard. Many wear turbans. The massacre operation was carried out by a Right-wing Terrorist who was US Military Intelligence veteran who was specifically trained to carry out such Psy Ops attacks. He was indoctrinated into anti-religious Hate Groups in the Army.

1. Obama’s FBI refuses to track Hate Crimes against Sikhs even though they comprise the world’s fifth largest spiritual tradition [after Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists], and even though the first high-profile 9-11 Revenge Murder was of a Sikh, Balbir Singh Sodhi, on September 15, 2001. and

I think Obama’s policy of refusing to track Hate Crimes against 25 million people is a Hate Crime itself. The FBI does track Hate Crimes against other religious groups, just not against Sikhs. The Sikh Coalition, a Civil Rights group, said it has received “thousands of requests for protection.” Reuters news agency released a disgusting screaming propaganda headline tacitly supporting the Obama Administration’s now-deadly discrimination against Sikhs, yesterday asking “Was” … killing Sikhs while meeting at their temple … “a Hate Crime?” and

But what can we expect out of a sleazy outfit like Reuters except propaganda? The New York Times [speaking of sleaze] revealed last month that both it and Reuters regularly Bribe President Obama by giving him editing privilege over wording of their articles. New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters divulged that both his paper and Reuters [and other so-called "free" press] began paying the Bribes after President Obama Blackmailed them, insisting that they would get no access to the President if they did not pay the Bribes. Isn’t it nice having a President from the Chicago Mafia?

2. Sikh Slavery in Obama’s puppet state Bahrain: President Obama, Commander and Chief of the US Armed Forces, could park the Navy’s 5th Fleet anywhere he wants. Anywhere he wants. That’s what “Commander and Chief” means. Let’s assume the reason that he parks it in Bahrain is not Only because he wants Sikhs to be kept as Slaves. Let’s assume that he has some other reason that doesn’t seem as evil. Even so, Slavery is a deal-breaker. We fought a Civil War in this country over Slavery. Here’s a Bahraini ad to buy a 22-year-old female Sikh as a sex slave, and have her delivered to Bahrain from Punjab in India. Abraham Lincoln said “As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy. Whatever differs from this, to the extent of the difference, is no democracy.” Under President Obama’s “democracy,” or morals, or whatever you want to call it, keeping Sikhs as Slaves is OK.

3. In Obama’s Bahrain, Sikhism is illegal: The Slaves of Bahrain, including the Sikhs, are not allowed to practice their own religion. Under Bahraini Shari’a law, Islam is the only Legal religion. Even the most immoral and repugnant Slave owner recognizes that he is responsible for the well-being of his Slaves. If President Obama is to continue holding those Slaves, he is morally required to provide protection for their Freedom of Religion. So please, President Obama, I am begging you, if you’re absolutely refusing to free the Slaves, then at least, grant them Freedom of Religion!

4. Sikh religious Sacrament draws the Death Penalty in Obama’s Bahrain: Tolerated in India for millennia, Marijuana is a traditional sacrament at Sikh festivals, and among the Sikh Nihang and Bhangi sects; and the Tenth Sikh Guru, one of Sikhism’s founders, Guru Gobind Singh wrote it about as “Bhang” in his poetry, and gave it to followers. In the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission report, the Sikhs’ practices concerning Ganja are reported under the regional heading “Punnjab.”

5. As South Asians, Sikhs in Bahrain face Genocidal Pogroms at the hands of Obama’s puppet dictator: During both of Obama’s ongoing Pogroms in Bahrain, people are killed with poisonous gas supplied by the Obama Administration – that includes Obama’s South Asian pogroms wherein South Asians are killed or removed. / and

6. Obama Classifies the Pakistanis it kills as “Millitants” if the have Facial Hair, even if the Murdered Pakistani is a Child, according to Medea Benjamin’s documentary Drone Warfare: Killing by Remote Control.

7. Obama’s Goons frequently Commit Hate Crimes Against Medical Marijuana patients, many of whom have Long Hair or Facial Hair: These Hate Crimes ordered by the President (raids on Medical Marijuana facilities) have resulted in excruciating suffering and premature deaths for patients with ALS, AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin Cancer, and many other maladies. Longtime activist Medical Rights activist Steven DeAngelo, now a Political Prisoner with long hair and facial hair like a Sikh.

8. The President has publicly announced that he is allowed to order Murders/Assassinations: The Murders he orders are frequently against people with beards. The high-profile Murders that Obama orders are against non-Christians.

9. Obama ordered the Administration’s investigation of US Right-wing Terrorism closed down because Rush Limbaugh and other Right-wing TV personalities demanded it. In ordering the investigation of Right-wing Terrorism stopped, he also committed a Hate Crime: He further that all Terrorism investigation be against Muslims, according to Democracy Now! This was a Hate Crime against non-Christians who might have hair.

10. The Obama Administration has cracked down on non-mainstream-Christian religious practices: Its FDA carried out a Hate Crime in Lawrence, Kansas, at a shop dealing in religious sacraments named “Sacred Journey.” Anyone can tell by the name of the place that its intentions are religious, and thus protected by the First Amendment. The owner was charged with crimes though he was growing perfectly Legal plants, and supplying Legal sacraments. Even if President Obama has an intense personal hatred on non-mainstream-Christians, he should not be empowered to put that hatred into policy against the minority religions.

11. These Massacres of US citizens happen specifically during time of war. Obama is pushing for lots more war.

12. When the Colorado Massacre happened a Few Days Earlier, Obama’s spokeperson immediately announced that more such incidents would certainly be tolerated: According to Democracy Now!, Press Secretary Jay Carney the President would say nothing and do nothing that would curb gun violence by restricting Right-wing lone nuts from massacring Americans. Carney said they weren’t gonna touch it. Terrible choice. The President’s job is to protect the American people, no matter how much money the Gun Lobby has.


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VIDEO of Slave Children: AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA Sell Out Workers, Endorse Candidate who Supports Slavery

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VIDEO of Slave Children: AFL-CIO, SEIU, CWA Sell Out Workers, Endorse Candidate who Supports Slavery — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Slave children are often kidnapped or bought from their parents on the Indian Subcontinent. Others were taken when their parents were slaughtered during anti-Black Genocide in the Sudan. Before Barack Obama became President, there were lots of videos of the child Slave jockeys viewable on YouTube. They’re harder to find now on corporate YouTube. This is a recent video of Slave children.

It’s an example of the Slavery that President Obama, the AFL-CIO, SEIU, and CWA endorse by supporting Bahrain and the UAE. And presumably this is what our President and union bosses envision for American workers. Oh, and, by the way, Slaves are beaten, molested, raped, killed. Knowing that, maybe now you don’t want to watch the video. But maybe you’d better watch it. This could be your next labor union!

As the Democrats swerve recklessly to the far Right, large US labor unions are selling out their member workers by endorsing the pro-Slavery candidate, six months ahead of the 2012 Presidential Election. What’s worse, they know that their candidate President Barack Obama (who supports Slavery in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates) is the most anti-labor Democratic Presidential candidate since Woodrow Wilson [who won one hundred years ago in 1912 with Ku Klux Klan support].

With this development we must conclude that the leadership of those labor groups (including Communications Workers of America, Service Employees International Union, and American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations) sold out completely to management corporations.

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, famous for lying about the supposed US “need” for Fossil Fuel Pipelines, lied about Obama too, saying that the President is good for workers in his endorsement. Strange that Trumka would support Obama anyway, though, after he’d already noted that Obama is working against labor.

President Obama supports Slavery in Bahrain and the UAE. The Slaves are of a different race and have darker skin than their owners. Camel races in both places and elsewhere exposed the Slavery prevalent on the Arabian Peninsula. To hide the fact that Slavery exists there, robots replaced child Slave jockeys in many televised races, but not in all camel races. Other uses of Slaves were not affected by that superficial change.

Here’s the biggest Slave owner/Slave driver from the above video, laughing it up with Barack Obama while his Slaves suffer. And of course Obama is trying to intensify the Middle East’s Nuclear Arms race by sending Nukes to to his buddy there in the Slave state of UAE.

There are over one million Slaves in Bahrain. President Obama is the biggest supporter of Slavery there. He keeps the US 5th Fleet warships docked there. Warship worship! The Obama-backed Fascist Bahraini Government Murders democracy supporters and Tortures journalists.

(Obama’s M.O.: Remember when cop-thugs fired flashbang grenades at Occupy Oakland emergency workers trying to aid a US Marine they’d shot in the face with a tear gas canister?!) Doctors and nurses who help victims of violent repression in Bahrain are themselves Tortured and then imprisoned for long sentences.

US activists, including my friend Paki Wieland of the Witness Bahrain peace group, were gassed and arrested recently when they tried to document the Obama Administration’s Torture of healthcare workers and crackdown on democracy. (She and the other American observers are out of lock-up and safely back in the USA now.)

Of course, Slavery is always in the financial interest of corporate management, to the extent that corporations by law must seek maximum profit. And by extension, then, Slavery is in our nation’s interest when it profits large corporations, right? Here’s an attempt by and for a couple of pathetic disgusting War Criminals to explain that whatever the Slave state Bahrain does is always in our National Interest and cool with us, no matter what: Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron.

And, if being Slaves isn’t bad enough, Obama’s puppet’s forces have run pogroms against the Slaves. In the 21st Century. Pogroms!

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy

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Japan Quake Fallout Shows US Severely Endangered By President Obama’s Nuclear Lies and Dems’ Abandonment of Clean Energy — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

(What kind of a show job –?! I mean who? or how could somebody talk Japan as a country into heavily relying on/investing in Nuclear installments, after Japan’s unwanted experiments with Nuclear Fallout in Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Seems stupid, doesn’t it? Look in the mirror.)

Today on MSNBC’s morning news show, former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough (“Joe the Dumb Guy” who replaced “Tucker the Dumb Guy” [McCain campaign personality Tucker Carlson] – on the show now titled “Morning Joe”) encouraged unthinking people to believe President Obama’s frequent lies about the Global Warming forced by Nuclear Energy usage. In the midst of horrific details on explosions and leakages at Japanese Nuclear Power plants, a talking head reminded us that we “still need it,” because it [Nuclear Energy] “has no carbon footprint.”

This is what you call a “lie of omission.” For, though Nuclear Energy does not leave a carbon footprint like Oil and Coal, it does leave a terrible Global Warming footprint from its Nitrous Oxide emissions. Nitrous Oxide (N2O) warms our air 310 times as badly as CO2, pound-for-pound. Energy investors profit if voters think that Nuclear Energy impacts climate much less than it actually does. And the Republicrat brand profits if the US public is duped into believing the President’s lies about Nuclear safety and lack of Greenhouse consequences from Nuclear Power.

For the umpteenth time: Nuclear Energy is a very dangerous and expensive way to boil water. To attain Nuclear Power, Uranium (sometimes mixed with Plutonium and/or Thorium) is dissolved in Nitric Acid. The resultant hot gases boil water that turns turbines to mechanically produce electricity. The Global Warming gas N2O was already emitted during the production of the Nitric Acid, long before the Nuclear Reaction that the acid facilitates.

Even the President’s own EPA (which lyingly categorizes both Nuclear Power and Coal as “Clean Energy”) cites Nitric Acid production as the third most prolific cause of N2O pollution, after Nitrogen Fertilizers and burning fossil fuels. Yet the President says Nuclear Energy is safe and it causes no Global Warming.

But remember what President Pinocchio said about Oil spills, and how we don’t have them any more, just days before the BP disaster. Then he allowed massive for-profit spraying of toxic dispersants, which will poison our lands, our waters, and our air for untold decades. He proclaimed Mission Accomplished, meanwhile lying about appointing an impartial decision-maker to get “fair” money to people whose livelihoods were ruined by the BP Oil disaster.

That man, whom President Bushbama claimed was impartial, was proven to be taking money from … guess who. His “fair” deals included paying desperate people off with one-and-a-half years’ worth of income for a business that had been in their family four generations.

Then Pinocchio’s FDA claimed that Gulf seafood was completely safe to eat, even though it never had been before, and even though the petroleum couldn’t have helped to make it safe. He claimed to be eating the tainted food himself, and he used his own children in a photo op to trick people into thinking that it was safe to swim in the Gulf. The photographer later revealed that the President’s children were never actually in the Gulf waters in the photographs. To top it all off, the EPA started P-ing on us again, claiming that the Oil is gone.

And some Democrats are screaming ‘What else can we do?!’ You mean: What else, instead of heating up the globe to the breaking point? Instead of endangering the public with danger Nukes? Instead of lying that it’s safe? Instead of sending in mercenaries to help Obama’s thugs murder democracy activitsts in the slave-state Bahrain? What else can we do?

You can do what I did. You can quit the Democratic Party. I was a lifelong Democrat until recently. But now, as far as I can tell, the Democratic Party stands for:

1. Torture;

2. Covering Up Torture;

3. Kangaroo Kourts wherein Tortured defendants plead Guilty to what they confessed while being Tortured (even though in legitimate trials with competent counsel in the US, defendents never plead Guilty);

4. Protecting Middle Eastern dictators’ Oil products and the routes thereto by having the US 5th Fleet of Cowards impose slavery on 56% of the people in Bahrain;

5.Hiring mercenaries to murder people who push for democracy in Bahrain;

6. Lying about how we get our energy, and about how safe and how clean it is.

That’s what it means to be a Democrat in today’s world. In modern society, no one would confuse an American Democrat with a real small-d democrat.

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Gen. McCaffrey: “Gaddafi Will Inevitably Be Murdered,” but Saudi Invasion of Slave State Bahrain to Prop Up Obama Thugs is “More Important”

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Gen. McCaffrey: “Gaddafi Will Inevitably Be Murdered,” but Saudi Invasion of Slave State Bahrain to Prop Up Obama Thugs is “More Important” — by NormanB

This story is very short, but it’s important and being ignored. Former Drug Czar retired General Barry McCaffrey told MSNBC’s morning news audience at 7:37am EST Sunday that “Gaddafi will inevitably be murdered.” He then said that Saudi Arabia would invade Bahrain rather than let democracy take the slave state. Such democracy would lead to the overthrow President Obama’s puppet dictator Sheikh Hamad ibn Isa Al Khalifa and his thug Government.

Al Khalifa is the only King that Bahrain has ever had. The Bush Administration installed this version of the monarchy in 2002, the same day women were granted the right to vote. Becaise the US Navy’s 5th Fleet operates out of Bahrain, the Obama Administration considers Human Rights in Bahrain to be of very low priority. Most of the people in Bahrain are slaves. Most of the remainder are Shiite Muslims, who are discriminated against. Most of the non-slave non-Shiites are Sunni Muslims like the King, but not members of his tribe, and thus face official discrimination. And, a majority of the Sunnis who are of the King’s tribe are women, and face official discrimination.

General McCaffrey was President Clinton’s Drug Czar, and famed for telling lies about Marijuana as he spread  propaganda. He called legitimate science of Marijuana “Cheech and Chong” stuff. Then later, in an unconstitutional Bill of Attainder, the Federal Government targeted comedian-activist Tommy Chong, who has joked about Marijuana for 40 years or more. Our Government made him a political prisoner for telling the wrong jokes. In Article One of the US Constitution (long before the Bill of Rights), the prohibition of Bills of Attainder forbids the Government from targeting a person or group.

McCaffrey was the War Criminal who bombed retreating Iraqis during the US invasion of Iraq near the end of the Gulf War in March 1991. Forces under his command bombed a chemical weapons factory. I spoke to soldier Rachel Bradley, who took part in the operation to evacuate US troops in March when the War ended. Even though the US public wouldn’t learn of Gulf War Syndrome for a long time, and the Government denied its existence for years, Bradley told me that the US soldier she helped evacuate were already very, very sick.

Another bad thing about General McCaffrey is his holdings in DynCorp, the defense contractor often chosen by President Obama in the Arab world and in South America. MSNBC often uses him as a “defense” “expert.” MSNBC never reports McCaffrey’s Conflict of Interest.

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Our International Shame: The 5th Fleet: Quit Disgracing the US and Get the Hell Out

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Our International Shame: The 5th Fleet: Quit Disgracing the US and Get the Hell Out — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)

Now let me get this straight: President Obama has to keep letting his hired thugs murder pro-democracy demonstrators because Bahrain is “home to our 5th Fleet.” Torturing doctors, reporters, students, all that is cool too, I guess.

And in Yemen, there’s a Muslim American who’s suspected of inspiring a fake bomb. So, then, Obama must allow US money to pay his goons to Torture and murder peaceful citizens and crush democracy there, right?

Yemen wasn’t even a real country, it was imposed by the US. That’s why it has secessionist movements in both North and South Yemen, they were two different countries until 20 years ago. They are ethnically and culturally quite different from each other.

The 5th Fleet needs to be in the Persian Gulf, we’re told, to help remove Oil that rightfully belongs in the ground, but if it’s out of the ground, it belongs to people in the Middle East, not us.

The 5th Fleet was formed in 1944. The United Nations was founded in 1945. One UN International Law removed from the charter before final ratification was the passage that would have made Slavery a Crime against Humanity. That provision was taken out because of the prevalence of Slavery on the Arabian Peninsula and in the Persian Gulf. They decided that where we get our Oil trumps whether or not Slavery is a Crime.

Despite the fact that the UN passed on performing its duty, Slavery IS a Crime against Humanity, one that Obama and the 5th Fleet carry out to our eternal disgrace.

And those who lie about being “Liberal” or “Progressive” or “favoring Human Rights” sit around calling President Obama “our candidate” or “our crook,” wimpishly claiming that Obama’s brand of brutality and Fascism is the only thing that can save us from the even worse Fascism favored by stupid people who believe that dinosaurs walked with humans.

Most people only think about the Slaves when they see the camel races. That was an easy fix. Now robots have replaced the Slave jockeys, tiny boys from Darfur, Bangladesh, Pakistan, or India. Now that the camel jockeys are out of sight, Slavery is ignored. The Bahrain Government claimed it was ending Slavery two years ago…

…then six months later, Russia busted a Slave shipment:

If you are an American, please examine the Slavery paradigm that Pres. Obama and the 5th Fleet are endorsing. As you’ll find out if you read on, more than half the people in Bahrain are Slaves, most of them from India. Most non-Slaves are Shiites, and thereby face discrimination from the Sunni minority. But most Sunnis are not in the tribe of the ruling dynasty, so they too face discrimination. (If you’re a Democrat, you might want to read these links later, or not at all, they’re pretty sickening.)

And now the Obama thugs are massacring the pro-democracy demonstrators, as well as Torturing doctors trying to treat their victims and journalists trying to expose their murderous barbarism. Some of those teargassed students will never recover.

I can think of a couple of reasons why the US supports Slavery and civilian massacres. One is Robert Gates, and the other is George Mitchell. Secretary of Defense Gates is heavily invested in Oil, and the US Military is by far the biggest buyer of petroleum in the world. If Gates tried to make peace, he’d lose money. But don’t worry, there’s not much chance of that. If the US Military switched to clean fuel, Russia would lose power and Iran would go broke – the only way Iran can afford to work on its Nuclear program at all is if the US Military keeps buying Oil.

George Mitchell is President Obama’s Middle East “Peace” Envoy. His business partner was convicted of Bribery in Azerbaijan, trying to get that country’s Oil. Think of the enormous dishonesty it took for President Obama to hire two men which such flagrant Conflicts of Interest over Oil, and then to install them between US and peace.

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The Michael Jackson Killing; His Aborted Racist Tour; the Subsequent News Blackout; & US Chemical Ignorance

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The Michael Jackson Killing; His Aborted Racist Tour; the Subsequent News Blackout; & US Chemical Ignorance — by NormanB ("Deviations from the Norm")

Read the racist lyrics excerpted from They Don’t Care About Us:

"… You can never kill me
Jew me, Sue me
Everybody do me
Kick me, Kike me …"

Read the whole song here:

You can’t hear those hateful words on the recording, as they’re censored from audibility in the video below. It was to be released in conjunction with the tour Michael Jackson didn’t get to go on.

In the video, Jackson relates his own legal troubles to the prison-industrial complex, discrimination & police harassment against Blacks, the Rodney King beating & the rioting that followed, African famine, the Vietnam War & its extra-judicial executions, China’s Tiananmen Square massacre, various bombings, the assassination of Lee Harvey Oswald, POW camps, and refugee camps. The point he appears to by trying to make is that all these things are related through the ever-oppressive THEY, the Jews, according to Jackson’s lyrics and the video’s pictures. His song seems to advocate that We The People should revolt against THEY, the Jews.

This reminds one of MSNBC’s "coverage" of Jackson’s death. With Michael Jackson newly dead, MOM (Matthews-Olbermann-Maddow) stopped reporting the news – for weeks! Every show the same all night for weeks and weeks: ‘Our beloved Michael Jackson is still dead! and Fox is still saying awful things!’ Every show, every weeknight, for weeks. Or even months. Legitimate news? No thanks! MOM’s whole month: Just M.Jax and Fox.

If someone challenges the young, not-media-savvy, strict libertarian Rand Paul, he’ll defend even the libertarian planks that logic can show to be BAD. And if Paul’s inept enough at answering questions after speaking at a segregated club, MSNBC takes license to insinuate that he and his followers are dangerous bottom-feeding, mouth-breathing, violent, rabid slobbering racists: ‘Paulists are hateful and BAD.’

But what about Michael Jackson? It’s true: In the past, his music made lots of us feel good. Though I read the hateful lyrics for the first time only recently, as big-network news professionals, MSNBC’s MOM hosts must’ve known about the words back when MOM was adoring M.Jax as the godlike Elvis-Lennon-MLK of our time.

In fact, Michael Jackson cries out, here in the last video of his life, that if Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Martin Luther King were still alive, they [FDR & MLK] would not let THEM [the Jews] do this [oppression] to us [the good decent people].

Sister LaToya and other members of the Jackson family say Michael was murdered:

Michael’s dad filed a wrongful death suit:

Evidence that Michael Jackson was murdered by Dr. Conrad Murray is compelling, as I’ll show below. That Dr. Murray is still allowed to practice medicine shows the power of the Medical Lobby, that doctors are above the law (like cops & judges & politicians), and it shows how ignorant of chemical properties the American public is. If Science aptitude scores EVER DO go up in this country, the status quo is in trouble!

Witnesses said Murray, then an employee of the soon-to-be-aborted racist tour, disallowed CPR that could have saved Jackson’s life, and that he hid drugs (evidence), and fled the scene. He was unavailable for the next couple of days. He apparently got privileged-character treatment like Tiger Woods and BP. Here’s a link from a few days ago reporting Judge Michael Pastor’s order that Murray keeps his medical license:

(For the time being, let’s ignore the Prilosec, Xanax and Zoloft. Throwing more drugs into the mix obscures the picture and changes the story: The M.Jax overdose tops those of his late father-in-law Elvis and Buffy of Family Affair COMBINED! [Presley and Anissa Jones, respectively, respectfully.])

The autopsy report showed that, before the Propofol O.D., Jackson had taken Vicodin and one full milligram of Dilaudid. "The Big D," Dilaudid (pronounced approximately "de-LOT-uh") is the pharmaceutical version of Heroin: Like "H" (Diacetylmorphine), "D" (Hydromorphone) is made from Morphine, a component extracted from Opium poppies. Dilaudid is 2.5 times as strong as Heroin. (Dilaudid and Heroin are brand names.)

Opiates are depressants. When depressants are combined, their effects don’t just add up, they multiply! Most overdoses of Heroin or Barbiturate sleeping pills result from mixing them with another depressant – alcohol. Recreational drug users, shamanic journeyers, and depressant hobbyists often combine depressant drugs to get a high that’s more impressive, though more dangerous. All Heroin users, from the most adamant needle freak to the most casual joy popper, know that combining strong depressants kills. Remember Cheech and Chong’s "And now, the winner of the See-How-Many-Downers-You-Can-Eat Contest, the late …"

Back to M.Jax: Already on Vicodin and Dilaudid, his doctor shot him up with Demerol, a third strong opiate depressant now in his system simultaneously. This will have sent him to Nirvana, not permanently, but overwhelmingly: When the Demerol entered his heart, then permeated his system, his consciousness was obliterated by the devastating euphoria of a Dilaudid "nod." Have you ever seen someone on a Dilaudid nod? I have. Such journeyers can speak, but cannot dance. They usually don’t ask for more drugs. If one does ask for more, the partner in crime (be he junkie, skin-popper, guide, or just a concerned acquaintance who volunteers to help), the person holding the needle ALWAYS says "No, you’ve had enough." Why aren’t doctors trained as thoroughly as junkies? Why aren’t judges?

Kudos to California Attorney General Jerry Brown for pressing the investigation. The California Medical Board still wants Murray’s license suspended:

Finally, to be complete, a look back on the life of Michael Jackson must include something about child exploitation, and some of Michael’s music. I could have used Billie Jean with its lyrics "The kid is not my son!" or Goin’ Back to Indiana or "Simple as A-B-C, 1-2-3, Do-Re-Mi, Baby, you and me," or "Oh, Baby, give me one more chance …" But I chose instead the horror-flick title track Ben, Michael Jackson’s first solo single, away from his probably-also-exploited brothers in the Jackson 5ive. Ben is a beautiful song about a silly situation, written by Don Black and Walter Scharf, originally for Donny Osmond, who was unavaiable to do the recording. MJ sang the love song to a male rat. It follows at the end.

So, M.Jax was exploited. So, too, was the kid (if any) he knew about through Billie Jean. Also, maybe, the kids whose parents apparently rented them to MJ, then sued, but did not successfully prosecute him. Who can forget the notorious interview wherein Michael told the network TV interviewer that he thought it acceptable for a visiting child to sleep in his bed with him, even as Michael and the child sat with feet in one another’s lap? Perhaps Michael Jackson’s alleged child exploitation was a learned behavior, or genetic, or both.

Then there’re the troubling photos of Michael Jackson dressed as a woman, walking with a young child or two, near the Dubai slave market, where Darfurian and Pakistani children are sold. The camel races in Dubai famously use as jockeys boys bought from their parents in indentured servitude from Pakistan or from Darfur [Sudan]. Public pressure got some of the boys off of the camel tracks in Dubai and nearby emirates, allowing other exploitation of the slaves to continue unabated. At its framing, the writers of the UN charter considered outlawing slavery in its member states, but rejected the idea, because slaves were still popular among the rich and royal on the Arabian Peninsula.

Here’s Michael Jackson with a child companion in Dubai:

And here’s Ben. Goodbye, Michael.