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Welcome to Jill Stein’s Victory Party

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Welcome to Jill Stein’s Victory Party — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)



Thank you, and Congratulations to Jill Stein! She ran a brilliant campaign, brought hope to hundreds of thousands of people, and lit a lamp, a direction for the future. Come to the Jill Stein Victory Party. We haven’t won yet, but we in the Stein campaign have the comfort of knowing we’re doing the right thing.

She got nearly 400,000 votes, raised and spent about $350,000: Just under a dollar a vote. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson spent about a million dollars, and got just over a million votes. They were fourth and third, respectively, in the Presidential popular vote Tuesday.

So, our work is cut out for us. There is just one Left Party in the US noticeable to the bigger Parties. The Green Revolution is needed. The Green Revolution is happening. We must not relent. If each of us who voted for Jill Stein brings in just fifteen more people, and then does that ten more times…

We don’t have time to celebrate. We have an awesome and somber task. The house is on fire, but the kids are playing Monopoly. We’ve asked Obama, the bully of the block, to put out the fire. He won’t do it because he’s playing the game.

When the President does something unjust, every time he does it, we’ve got to call him on it. Yell and point. Call a War Crime a War Crime. Atrocity is Atrocity. Murder is Murder. Self-pardoning for Murder is preposterous, and illegitimate in every case.

Every time there’s an unsolved killing, we must point out the obvious suspect: President Obama. Every time he commits a crime, we must call for prosecution. Call for a Special Prosecutor every day that there’s a reason to do so.

Maybe Obama’s going to turn honest and good this term. If so, he still needs to be prosecuted for the War Crimes and Cover-Ups. But just in case he doesn’t turn honest and good, make up your lists to distribute around the internet:

Obama’s hateful policies against Children, Women, Gays, African-Americans, Africans, Sikhs, Muslims, Minority Religions in general, Workers, Students, African Slaves, Bahraini Slaves, Home Owners, Consumers, Breathers of Air, Drinkers of Water, Eaters of Food, and his hateful policies against Mother Earth. Circulate petitions demanding that he immediately halt the Pogroms in Bahrain and the West Bank.

Every time he does something detrimental to children, point out his hateful policies against children. If he hurts or kills another child, point out other children that he has hurt and killed. Post the pictures of them dead. That is truth.


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New York Times Bribes Obama and Romney, After Campaigns Demand It

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New York Times Bribes Obama and Romney Because Campaigns Demand It — by NormanB (“Deviations from the Norm”)


New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters revealed this week that his paper Bribes both President Barack Obama and his Republican opponent Mitt Romney. He reported that the Times began giving the Bribes after they were Blackmailed by both Obromney campaigns. Peters said that the Washington Post also pays the Bribes, as do Reuters news service and Bloomberg News. Peters indicated that all four were Blackmailed by the two campaigns into agreeing to pay the Bribery. He says many other news outlets have been victimized by the Republicrats during this rigged Election.

Allowing the President to Censor the Press marks a Government as overtly Fascist.

The report begins at 9:28 in the video below:



Both Barack Obromney and Mitt Obromney are taking part in the Blackmail and Accepting the Bribes. We need an Independent Prosecutor right away!

Accepting Censorship privileges is Accepting a Bribe. The definition of Bribery is a gift that alters the behavior of the recipient.

Refusing to give interviews unless allowed Censorship privileges is Blackmail. The definition of Blackmail is making unjustified threats to make a gain.