No, I am not a card carrying member of the "professional left" that the mouthpiece of the Obama administration kicked in the shins the other day. I am the one who pays them–they are employees of mine and on my payroll.

But I am not their boss, I am Obama’s boss and it annoys me that his employee has insulted mine, especially when their primary goal is for President Obama’s success. We want America to succeed and not just 2 percent of us. I not amused at comments from the administration–and by extension the village glitterati–that we simply do not understand the way the legislative process works.

We understand perfectly, we just disagree. I recall candidate Obama saying he was going to change all that. Perhaps foolishly we believed him. All of this talk of flushing money down toilets and sniping from anonymous sources was pretty chickenshit, but I’m glad Gibbs sacked up enough to put his name on this latest "Sister Souljah" moment.

If President Obama’s employee seeks adulation, applause and true admiration from the "Professional Left" I will provide a small list:

*Pass DODT
*Repeal DoMA
*Pass FOCA
And hire Elizabeth Warren for shits sake

There may be other suggestions in the comments. We’ll try to keep it reasonable, like world peace, end famine, goodwill towards men. That silly shit fuzzy headed hippies talk about.

I would make this a full fledged rant, but I have to go to work. Seems Koch Industries needs my services. Yes, that Koch Industries. The one boy (David) who decided to teabag America and realized to do that he had to hire a Dick Armey. The guy who calls President Obama a commie. The guy whose Daddy got rich as a handmaiden to Joseph Stalin, teaching Bolshevik commie engineers how build refineries and laying the foundation of the oil infrastructure of the eeevil Soviet Empire. He was also a founder of the (ironically) John Birch Society to protect America from fluoridation.

Know what I’m going to do with the money? Pay my employees, the "Professional Left."

Put them on your payroll here.