“Houdini Handcuff Suicide”

Benjamin Crump, the attorney representing the families of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, is calling for the Feds to investigate the “suicide” of Victor White.

Saying the explanation by the Louisiana authorities “fundamentally defies all logic” he asked:

… why police initially said White was shot in the back but the coroner’s report found he was shot in the chest; how a left-handed man could have shot himself in the right side; how police managed to find drugs on the suspect’s body but not a .25 caliber handgun; and why the deceased’s hands were not tested for gunshot residue.

I suspect many are wondering about those same questions, as I know I am. And I’m sure the family is as well.

The reason the Feds should get involved, beyond the obvious, was well laid out as well.

… the White case is part of a troubling pattern of what he called “Houdini handcuff suicides” — including the 2012 death of Chavis Carter, 21, in Arkansas and the 2013 death of Jesus Huerta, 17, in North Carolina. “This is why we believe this is bigger than just a state issue,” he said. “This is a federal issue.”

The Louisiana State Police, who leads the current investigation, has said it is nearly complete and that investigators will be handing over their results to the District Attorney this week. Spokesperson Capt. Doug Cain said they would not be swayed by any calls for federal involvement, saying “We’re strictly interested in finding the facts.”

So am I. But somehow I fear that not only will the Louisiana State Police treat this as a cover up, so too will the Feds if they were to get involved. No Capt. Cain, you personally have done nothing to make me distrust you. But the local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies have provided more than enough reasons for any rational person to question your true motives. Sorry, but that’s how it works when governments lie.

I’ll update this post if there is some news this week from the District Attorney and if it’s not covered elsewhere here.

Photo by Victor under Creative Commons license