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by papicek

Repost: Notebook, 17 May 2012: Covered in Glory

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“He who is not with us, absolutely and without reserve of any kind, is against us, and should be treated as an enemy alien.”

- Theodore Roosevelt

“Russia can neither be grasped by the mind, nor measured by any common yardstick. Russia’s status is special: no attitude to her other than one of blind faith is admissible.”

- Feodor Tyuchev

Because of the confluence of events in the recent sentencing of Chelsea Manning and that of Sergeant Robert Bales underway today, this post has once again become topical and I thought I’d share it more widely from my personal blog. I think, in the end, that the soldier who actually murdered innocent people will get a better deal, through a pardon or other mechanism for reduction of his sentence, than Manning will ever see. Organizational vengeance and jingoism will play their parts. Indeed, we already see efforts emerging to excuse the actual murderer centered about the side effects of anti-malarial drug mefloquine, while the obvious situational difficulties of gender and/or sexual orientation diverging from narrowly defined norms in the armed forces are given no weight whatsoever.

And here is where the rubber meets the road: America forgives its killers, but will tolerate no deviation from our tribal allegiances.
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by papicek

Notebook, 19 June 2013: The Terror Con

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Americans are hysterical. This was evident in the reaction to Chris Hayes’ thoughtful question whether we should be calling American service-people “heroes” in knee-jerk fashion. We neither think straight on many issues nor are we prone to thinking slow and relying on what we know.
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