Remember that promise Charles Tapp made to open the Garland County polls so that there would be more than two polling places available in Bill Halter’s strongest county?

That was a lie. From Blue Arkansas:

I’m getting word from Garland County that voters were lined up to early vote today, as the election commissioner, Charles Tapp, told Bill Halter and local activists they would be able to do. Tapp lied, surprise surprise. Polls weren’t open today and people were standing out in long lines to do so. I’m told someone got pictures, but none have crossed my desk yet. Hopefully that changes, and if any readers have them send them to me.

Our own Jason Rosenbaum, on the road with the Halter campaign, has confirmed this to us by e-mail.


Update: from 11 until 4pm, Halter staff and volunteers observed 200 people turned away at the polls.

(photos: Eddie Vale, AFLCIO)