Remember that little incident in downtown Minneapolis the other night? Turns out that the cops beating people up made a few “oopsies” — namely, beating up on people whose bosses have deep pockets:

Chad Nelson, the photojournalist who was man-handled by a Minneapolis police officer while filming for KSTP Saturday night, has decided to file a criminal complaint.

The cop who beat up Nelson has yet to be officially IDed, but that will soon be forthcoming — the video above, taken by an Occupy protester who was himself arrested moments after recording it, shows the officer’s face quite clearly.

The irony here is that KSTP is run by a corporation owned by the very conservative and rich Hubbard family. That they are likely going to be depending on video taken by an Occupy member in the upcoming court case makes for strange bedfellows.

What say you, Mayor Rybak?