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Just as everyone knew that the Non-Aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin would eventually be broken by one party or the other, it was a good bet that the Non-Aggression Pact between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul would also eventually be broken once it was clear that Romney had no intention of honoring whatever deals he may have struck with Paul.

What wasn’t clear was that Paul and his people were not only fully aware that Romney couldn’t be trusted to keep his word, but they were also fully prepared to execute a plan to compel Mittens to keep his word, to punish him if he didn’t, or to just plain win outright:

The five states holding primaries on Tuesday—Connecticut, Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island—were all prime turf for Romney: heavily urbanized, high-Catholic populations with comparatively moderate Republican electorates. Romney did as well as expected, running the table in Connecticut and New York, and successfully ending Newt Gingrich’s campaign by seizing the winner-take-all state of Delaware. But, in Rhode Island’s proportional race and Pennsylvania’s loophole primary, Ron Paul managed to slip in and grab delegates. In fact, Paul is expected to finish second in the overall delegate haul for the night despite investing almost no effort in the states contested.

Next stop: Texas, which is not only Paul’s home state but has proportional representation — in other words, it’s not winner-take-all.

Meanwhile, the Ron Paul contigent has made serious inroads into various state GOP branches, such as Minnesota’s. Here’s an example of a Minnesota Ron Paul Republican; his name is Kurt Bills, and he’s, erm, interesting.