Some of you may have seen this post by TBogg on the nonexistent tribulations of a one-percenter named Peter Opie: Awww, poor baby!

One of T’s regulars, the formidable auntsnow, left this comment on the irony of it all:

Canary Wharf Clothier?

This Canary Wharf Clothier, based in Worthing, West Sussex in the United Kingdom?

So a clothing company president who appears to be a refugee from British taxes is whining that his US taxes are too high?

Not only that, it appears his brand name Canary Wharf is intended to evoke the working class image of the docks of London’s East End. Nice.

She then enlarged upon that revelation here:

And let me elaborate on the cynicism of the Canary Wharf Clothiers brand name – the Canary Wharf neighborhood of London is now a major business district and one of London’s main centers of the banking industry, largely due to the government-sponsored redevelopment of the blighted and moribund are after the closure of the docks in the 1980s:

Canary Wharf is located in the West India Docks on the Isle of Dogs in the Borough of Tower Hamlets in East London. The West India Docks once formed part of the busiest port in the world.[6] After the docks were closed in 1980 the British Government adopted various policies to stimulate the redevelopment of the area, including through the creation of the London Docklands Development Corporation in 1981 and granting the Isle of Dogs Enterprise Zone status in 1982

I don’t know Mr. Opie’s company’s direct connection to the Canary Wharfs, but he is certainly branding his company with its image, whether it be nostalgia about it’s working class origins or co-opting the status of its rich banker-class that was created by government funding.

And yes, Mr. Opie isn’t just some designer working for the company — he’s the company director.

RPorrofatto adds:

It’s the NY Post, so they lie even about the arithmetic — and as usual completely ignore what “marginal” means*. Filing as a single taxpayer with $2 million in income and zero deductions Mr. Opie would have netted $1,326,066 in 2011.

For the same income after the Bush tax cuts expire, he will net $1,251,507, a difference of $74,559. (This is before the many typical deductions which would make his net income even higher.)

And if $1,251,507 is next to nothing, then I’d love to be making whatever nothing is.

*Most of the other numbers in the article are bullshit, too — some more than others.

Yes, Mr. Opie, your suffering will be unspeakable.

My thanks to auntsnow.