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So what happens to a Republican operative who failed at being a party treasurer, failed at running a turkey farm for fellow Republican operatives, failed at running the Republican Party of Minnesota, and failed at running a shakedown with his then-wife (and ex-wife as of five months ago) Bridget?

Why, you file for bankruptcy, of course. Sally Jo Sorensen at Bluestem Prairie has the details:

A friendly tipster brought a bankruptcy filing listed in the Sept 1 Star Tribune Recent bankruptcy filings in Minneapolis and St. Paul to our attention:

Anthony Gerard Sutton and Bridget Mary Cronin Sutton, as surety for JC
Food Systems and Sutton Enterprises, doing business as Baja Sol, as
surety for IGH Cantina, doing business as Baja Sol Tortilla Grill, 8540
Bechtel Av., Inver Grove Heights; filed Aug. 23, 13-34121; Chap. 7;
assets, $296,404; liabilities, $2,134,346.

Sounds like the TCF Coopers, who were Sutton’s partners in Baja Sol, have totally cut both him and Bridget off from what was once a very generous wingnut-welfare gravy train. Sutton, whose failures as RPM treasurer and Baja Sol owner did not impede his greased-skid progress to becoming RPM chair, seems to have finally found a sticky wicket out from which he cannot “fail upward” as he has done so often in the past.

As Tony Sutton sees his nadir, so also does the myth of the fiscally prudent and managerially competent Republican. Sutton used the myth of his skill with numbers and business expertise to get to the top of the Republican Party of Minnesota; now he is gone, and his chief ally Michael Brodkorb is gone, and the Republicans are left to pick up the pieces.