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One of Today’s OccupyMN Arrestees is The Gent Who Glittered Karl Rove

5:03 pm in Business, Financial Crisis, Politics by Phoenix Woman

The OccupyMN crew, having had their tents taken from them on Government Plaza, were going to move to US Bank Plaza — but they were thwarted by a group of power-washers that suddenly showed up and cordoned off most of the US Bank Plaza, right as they were gearing up to move their encampment there. The power-washers didn’t show any signs of leaving any time soon, either.

So, faced with the choice of setting up their tents on the narrow strip of sidewalk still open on the plaza, or making a bid to get some public space somehow, some of them chose to set up in the street — literally — and a few of them were arrested as a result. Per CityPages’ Jessica Lussenhop: Read the rest of this entry →

Is the GOP/Media Complex Using Silly Sex Smears to Scare Schneiderman, Other AGs from Probing Bank Crimes?

8:54 am in Business, Financial Crisis, Media, Politics by Phoenix Woman

The New York Post, Rupert Murdoch’s chief American tabloid enterprise (yes, I know, the Wall Street Journal is still technically a broadsheet even after he bought it, but still), and purveyor of stinky turds posing as journalism, dropped a particularly, um, fragrant one the other day:

A well-respected lawyer in the state Attorney General’s Office spends her days toiling in securities fraud — and her nights moonlighting as a dominatrix, The Post has learned.

Alisha Smith, 36, who dresses demurely as a buttoned-down prosecutor, turns up the heat when she becomes perky persecutor “Alisha Spark,” a nom de dom she uses when she performs at S&M events for pay, according to a fetish source.

“They pay her to go to the events. She dominates people, restrains them and whips them,” the fetish source said.


Yesterday, she was removed from her duties — for which she earns $78,825 annually — after The Post inquired about her saucy S&M lifestyle.

“The employee has been suspended without pay, effective immediately, pending an internal investigation,” said a spokesman for state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

(Of course, if Smith and her boss were Republicans, she’d still be on the job, just like dominatrix customer Diaper Dave Vitter is still on the job — his “job” per his oil-industry bosses being to kill solar energy. But I digress.) Read the rest of this entry →

Even Larry Tribe Now Agrees: Fourteenth Amendment is a Viable Option. So Why Won’t Obama Use It?

1:16 pm in banality of evil, Financial Crisis by Phoenix Woman

Is the much-touted “Fourteenth Amendment option” a viable end run around the debt-ceiling nonsense that threatens to destroy the world?

Charles Grassley thinks so. Bruce Bartlett thinks so. Former president Bill Clinton definitely thinks so: He’s said he’d do it “without hesitation, and force the courts to stop me”.

As for whether the courts or anyone else would or could try to stop Obama should he invoke the Fourteenth, even Laurence Tribe, who is known to be close to the Obama administration — close enough to carry its water, as he blatantly did with his pronouncement earlier this month that the Fourteenth Amendment didn’t trump the debt ceiling legislation — has admitted that this is highly unlikely: “This is not a circumstance in which the courts have any plausible point of entry.” Tribe even went so far as to dismiss the threat of impeachment as “not politically a very plausible scenario.”

So, knowing all of this, and with so much on the line — why, then, won’t President Obama admit that this is an option? Why, instead, is he pushing to put Social Security and Medicare on the chopping block — and getting various liberal “Veal Pen” groups to echo his call for cutting Social Security?

Could it be it’s because he’s been planning to attack Social Security and Medicare — and whatever else is left of the New Deal and the Great Society — all along?

It sure looks like it. As Glenn Greenwald says: Read the rest of this entry →

Thank You, Nancy Pelosi, For Saving Me Money

7:46 pm in Financial Crisis, Government, Legislature, Politics by Phoenix Woman

It has come to my attention that the fix is in:

FDL has learned that in a last minute move, Nancy Pelosi sneaked language into the rule that the House is voting on tonight regarding war funding.

Embedded in the rule is the requirement that the House will vote on the deficit commissions’s recommendations in the lame duck session if they pass the Senate.

Pelosi knows full well what the committee wants to do. The fix is in.

Happening on CSPAN now.

Pelosi’s office number: (202) 225-4965

Thank you, Nancy Pelosi, for saving me money. The money in question being that which I might have donated to any Democrats this election cycle. Turns out I’ll need it, thanks to your pushing for a vote to put me on cat food when — or if — I retire.

The apologists are all revved up saying all manner of silly things in their effort to excuse this:

"But but but this will never ever pass the Senate!" Oh really? How do you keep 41 Senators, many of whom are Conservadems, from voting for cloture?

"But this isn’t a big deal — it was planned from the start!" News flash: We knew Harry and Nancy had struck a deal; we just didn’t when or how it would be implemented. Turns out that Nancy picked the most chickenshit cowardly self-serving way it could have possibly been done. Since this rule is only in effect for the 111th Congress, it expires on January 5 and applies only to the lame duck Congress.

Pete Peterson’s smiling now. He’s got my retirement money. Maybe he’ll use it to fill one of his swimming pools.