Awal Gul: “You Cannot Wash Blood with Blood”

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Awal Gul, a man who like so many other countless thousands of men and women around the world was held for nearly nine years without trial, charge or even official arrest at America’s behest as part of the alleged “war on terror”, has died. The official cause: Heart attack during exercise. Pardon me if I say this sounds a little too much like “shot while trying to escape”.

His attorneys at the Federal Defenders Office, W. Matthew Dodge and Brian Mendelsohn, are dubious as well. Here’s their statement:

Awal Gul passed away on February 1, 2011, from an apparent heart attack,
although we have no way of knowing whether the government is telling us the
truth. It is ironic that Mr. Gul may have died doing the very thing that
many middle-aged Americans so every day: exercising. Among the
government’s three categories of Guantanamo prisoners — court prosecution,
cleared for release, or indefinite detention — I am sorry to say he was in
the last category. Mr. Gul was kind, philosophical, devout, and hopeful to
the end, in spite of all that our government has put him through. He was
in American custody from December 25, 2001, until now. The government
charged that he was a prominent member of the Taliban and its military, but
we proved that this is false. Indeed, we have documents from Afghanistan,
even a letter from Mullah Omar himself on Taliban letterhead, discussing
Mr. Gul’s efforts to resign from the Taliban a year or more before 9/11/01.
He resigned because he was disgusted by the Taliban’s growing penchant for
corruption and abuse. Mr. Gul was never an enemy of the United States in
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