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None Dare Call It Treason: Are Prominent Right-Wingers Plotting Overthrow or Secession?

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MorningStar screenshot

I’ve latterly had occasion to view the promotional flyer for the upcoming Familiy Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, slated for October 11 through 13 at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, DC.

What some might consider the progressive facsimile thereof, Netroots Nation, was held in my bailiwick, Minneapolis, back in 2011. But it’s pretty hard to consider the VVS and NN mirror images of one another. For one thing, to my knowledge nobody speaking at NN11 ever called for (or is closely allied with anyone calling for) the overthrow of the government, or for one part of the nation to secede from the other.

Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, who was named Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council last year, is scheduled to speak at the VVS again this year. Boykin’s connected to a chappie named Rick Joyner, the head of Morningstar Ministries – and a man who has just called for a “military takeover” and martial law:

In a September 30, 2013 broadcast, as reported by Raw Story and Religious Right Watch, Morningstar Ministries head Rick Joyner — a leading prophet and apostle in the theocratic movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation who has ties to former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin [see: 1, 2] and other leading Tea Party-aligned Republicans — publicly issued a call for a coup – a “military takeover” of the United States government and the imposition of martial law.

In an interview with former Reagan administration lawyer Michael “Mikey” Weinstein — who formed the civil rights watchdog organization the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) after discovering a pattern of coercive evangelizing at his former alma mater, the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs — Weinstein told me his organization estimated that between 28 percent and 34 percent of officers and NCOs in the United States military were adherents to a supremacist form of Christianity known as dominionism who might back or at least be sympathetic to evangelist Joyner’s call for a coup.

“It is a terrible mistake to dismiss Joyner as merely fringe. The opposite is true,” explained Weinstein, who emphasized that there are dozens of dominionist evangelical para-church organizations engaging in what MRFF views as predatory evangelizing in the military. “Complacency is complicity,” warned Weinstein, who called Rick Joyner’s call for a military takeover a “red line” and also a “wretched” form of “sedition.”

One of Joyner’s other prominent confederates is none other than former Senator Jim DeMint, who will also be speaking at this year’s VVS. You may know him as the man who took over the Heritage Foundation last December and has proceeded to run it into the ground, in addition to being one of the persons egging on the GOP’s Suicide Caucus.

Another Summit speaker this year is Rand Paul, whose father Ron appears to have been orchestrating a high-risk strategy to use a government shutdown/federal default as a springboard for state secession:

The objective would be to lock in Republican dominance of over 1/2 the states in the Union and preserve, even enhance, the political power of an aging, white-dominated, predominantly Christian conservative demographic for years to come.

This would, in effect, shatter the Republic. Unthinkable ? Consider the following:

“Precinct by precinct, town by town, county by county, a decentralized political movement could begin to undermine the legitimacy the existing political structure. It can do so politely, helpfully, and sympathetically.

The central issue is legitimacy…

When the dollar dies, political legitimacy dies with it. This is the central premise of my recommended strategy.” — Ron Paul political strategist Dr. Gary North, from Phase 2 of Ron Paul’s Political Strategy

Now, consider:

In May 2012, in a fundraising pitch for Senate candidate Ted Cruz, Texas Congressional Representative Ron Paul gave a warm and ringing endorsement of Cruz and promised that “If elected, Ted will stand side-by-side with my son Rand in the U.S. Senate to fight against Big Government.” In a nod to shared John Birch Society-style conspiracy theory-driven ideology, Paul wrote,

“…Rand, Ted, and I had a lengthy discussion about the dangers of the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air.

…Ted is a firm believer in American sovereignty – and will never support or vote for ceding our rights to the United Nations.”

With help from Ron Paul, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has become one of the Tea Party ringleaders driving the current budget impasse that threatens to cause an historic default on payments to service the Federal debt.  

By the way, Ted Cruz will also be at this year’s Summit.

As if to round out a sort of conservative Dominionist treason trifecta, conservative hero Larry Klayman has called for an overthrow of the government to start on November 19. Really, he has. Oddly, Klayman as far as I know is not slated to speak at this year’s Values Voter Summit, which judging from the list of known insurrectionists’ fellow travelers appearing as speakers for this year’s Summit must be some sort of unfortunate oversight on the part of the organizers.

If any of these people were lefties talking about overthrowing the government in this way, especially under Bush, they’d have been hauled off to prison tout de suite. But apparently even treason’s OK if you’re a Republican. Read the rest of this entry →

White Supremacist Hacks Trayvon Martin’s E-mail, Social Media Sites

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Trayvon Martin (image: glauryphotography, flickr)

Trayvon Martin (image: glauryphotography, flickr)

This is beyond sickening:

The racist smear campaign against Trayvon Martin, the unarmed black teen shot to death last month in Florida, has reached a new level of ghoulishness. A white supremacist hacker says he’s broken into Martin’s email and social networking accounts, and leaked his private Facebook messages. We’ve been able to confirm that at least one email account that belonged to Martin was cracked.

The hacker, who goes by the name Klanklannon, posted what he said were Martin’s private Facebook messages to the politics section (NSFW) of the anarchic message board 4chan—called “/pol/”—Tuesday afternoon at around noon. The messages were posted on four slides, strategically arranged to back up the insane racist argument that Trayvon was a Scary Black Teenager and so somehow deserved to be killed by neighborhood watch captain George Zimmerman that night.

However, the hacker had to carefully cherry-pick even to get the mild stuff he found. Which means that he left out things like this:

But Klanklannon included none of Martin’s emails in his leak, because the picture they paint is of a normal high school junior preparing for college. A screenshot of Trayvon’s Gmail inbox our source provided us is heartbreaking. Martin apparently used his Gmail account for his college search, and it’s filled with emails about upcoming SAT tests and scholarship applications. (“Trayvon, now is the best time to take the SATs!”) One email included the results of a career aptitude test, our source said. It “talked about his interest in aeronautics and stuff.”

Klanklannon has proven nothing more than the depths to which the racist amateur detectives who have spent days obsessing over every aspect of Trayvon Martin’s short life will sink in their horrible quest to vet a dead teenager.

Words fail me.

None Dare Call Them Racist: GOP Fan Group CPAC Hosting White Nationalist VDARE Founder

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Yet another one for the “They Say They’re Not Bigots, But…” file:

Following speeches from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. Michele Bachmann, CPAC is hosting the panel “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity” with Peter Brimelow, the founder and head of

VDARE is a White Nationalist website, run by Brimelow, which frequently publishes the works of anti-Semitic and racist writers and is named after Virginia Dare, who is believed to be the first child of English parents born in the Americas. Brimelow, an immigrant from Great Britain, expresses his fear of the loss of America’s white majority, blames non-white immigrants for social and economic problems and urges the Republican Party to give up on minority voters and focus on winning the white vote. He also said that a New York City subway is the same as an Immigration and Naturalization Service waiting room, “an underworld that is not just teeming but also almost entirely colored.”

Res ispa loquitor.

UPDATE: And guess what? Brimelow’s not the only white supremacist to be given an honored spot at CPAC. Robert Vandervoort, of ProEnglish and American Renaissance infamy, is there as well, cuddling up with the National Review‘s staff racist, John Derbyshire.

GOP, Conservatives Downplay Right-Wing Terror

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Matt DeLuca, compassionate conservative

Earlier today, I put up a post where I noticed the eagerness of conservatives to blame the terror attacks in Norway on Muslims — and predicted that, now that it’s known that the terrorist was actually Anders Behring Breivik, a right-wing neo-Nazi sympathizer who hated Muslims, the conservative response would be to downplay the terror attacks and/or the victims of these attacks.

Sure enough, GOP strategist Matt DeLuca did a Tweet that mockingly referenced President Obama’s press conference expressing America’s sympathy for Norway in this tragic time — a Tweet so obnoxious that a horrified David Brauer spotted it and preserved it for posterity and screen-shotting before DeLuca could pull it: “@MattDeLuca: Waiting for @Barackobama’s press conference honoring Amy Winehouse for giving a voice to crack addicts everywhere.” (See also above.)

And over at his domain, the ever-brilliant TBogg, a fellow connaisseur de la folie conservatrice, has some choice morsels of right-wing intellectualism from Astute Bloggers, including this one:




Well, sure, Mister All-Caps — except for the fact that Anders Behring Breivik’s longtime proclivity for following conservative and anti-Muslim groups is pretty well documented. But then again, conservatives like you were and still are busily telling anyone who will listen that right-wing white supremacist Timothy McVeigh really didn’t blow up the Murrah Building.

UPDATE: I’m reminded that none other than Michele Bachmann, the insane congresswoman from the congressional district just to the north of mine, is on record as being one of the loudest Republican voices attacking the Department of Homeland Security for pointing out what legitimate terrorism researchers have known for years — that right-wing terrorism is a very real threat. In fact, the Southern Poverty Law Center suspects she may be an enabler of right-wing terrorist militias.

Conservatives in General: Not Just Racists, but Lying Racists Too

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As the sky is my witness, there’s very little I love more than rhetorically batting around those pieces of human catnip known as conservative shills. And lookie here, we’ve got one called Gerard Alexander, smack-dab in the pages of Kaplan Test Prep (aka the Washington Post)!

Mr. Alexander, who is apparently deep in the good graces of fellow archconservative Fred Hiatt (you know, the guy who runs the Post’s editorial page?) as he has made a prior appearance in Kaplan Test Prep, has written a magnum opus of bullshit entitled "Conservatism does not equal racism. So why do many liberals assume it does?"

I won’t be swatting at all the ancillary and distracting branches of bullshit Alexander — who is a member of that famed sheltered workshop for conservative pundits, the American Enterprise Institute — puts out. (Though it is tempting to make a laundry list of deeply bigoted Republicans, such as Jake Knotts, a South Carolina state senator and would-be Republican nominee to replace Mark Sanford in the governor’s mansion there.) Instead, I choose to go for the main trunk from which they all grow: The Big Lie, beloved of conservative pundits nowadays, that the Southern Strategy never really existed — or if it did, was confined solely to the two presidential terms of the conveniently-dead Richard M. Nixon, who cannot now defend himself from the traducing of his memory by his fellow Republicans. Read the rest of this entry →

The Tory-GOP-BP Love Triangle

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Republican House Minority Leader John Boehner’s attacking Obama for being mean to poor widdle old BP — coupled with a sudden eagerness on Boehner’s part to bail out BP — is being strangely echoed by prominent Tories (the UK’s version of the GOP) and their allied newspapers and media in Blighty:

Boris Johnson, the Conservative mayor of London, said Thursday that he was worried about “anti-British rhetoric” and “name-calling” from American politicians.

“When you consider the huge exposure of British pension funds to BP, it starts to become a matter of national concern if a great British company is being continually beaten up on the airwaves,” Mr. Johnson told BBC radio’s Today program.

Prime Minister David Cameron refused to criticize the United States, however, saying he sympathized with its “frustration” in dealing with its worst environmental disaster in memory. But the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, signaled careful support for BP, saying that he had spoken to its chief executive, Tony Hayward, and that it was important to remember “the economic value BP brings to people in Britain and America.”

Did you catch how Cameron’s playing Good Cop to Johnson’s and Osborne’s Bad Cops? Ah, but it gets better:

Many Britons are upset at what they say not just as the economic costs of American anger, but also at language they say demonizes Britain, America’s partner in the so-called special relationship — loose talk that taps into the British suspicion that Americans are insular and overly nationalistic.

Writing on his Web site, a Conservative peer, Lord Tebbit, called the American response “a crude, bigoted, xenophobic display of partisan, political, presidential petulance against a multinational company.”

Comments on British message boards this week have been full of anger at the United States and disillusionment at Mr. Obama, a wildly popular president here until now.

“The rest of the world is fed up with the parasitic attitude of the U.S.,” went one representative comment on the Daily Telegraph Web site. “As a Dutch citizen, I used to be a supporter of the U.S., but not anymore. You want the oil? You clean up the mess."

Note how the NYT piece talks of "Many Britons", but the only ones cited by name are — you guessed it — Conservatives (aka Tories)? And how "Comments on British message boards" is one self-proclaimed Dutch guy posting at a Conservative-favoring paper known in the UK as "the Torygraph"? (By the way, almost all UK newspaper comments threads are, as are their American counterparts, overrun by conservative commentators, many of them from the US. And just as they do with the comments threads of American websites, they use sockpuppets to make themselves seem more numerous than they are. But I digress.)

Interestingly enough, the one UK-generated media item cited by the NYT piece that didn’t come from a Tory-friendly entity, a piece from the Guardian, notes both the fact that Conservative pols are the ones doing the politicizing and that the danger to British pension funds is somewhat overblown (emphases mine):

But one chief executive of a FTSE 100 company with major interests in the US criticised the comments made by [Tory mayor of London Boris] Johnson. "This hysteria is all a bit ludicrous, everyone is whipping the situation up into a frenzy," he told the Guardian.

He added that provided the leak is plugged, what he described as the politically motivated furore would die down and he believed that wider British business interests would not be affected. "The relationship between the US and UK is still special. Obama faces elections in November so it’s understandable why it’s very important for him."

The National Association of Pension Funds (NAPF) attempted to calm fears over the effect of the BP crisis on pensions.

Chief executive Joanne Segars said: "BP’s difficulties should not have an immediate or serious impact on those saving into a pension, or on those who have retired." He said UK pension funds’ exposure to BP is about 1.5% of total assets, which are in excess of £800bn.

Aha! So even if the absolute worst-case scenario did happen and BP did go belly-up, the Tories are yammering about 1.5% of total pension fund assets? Hell, that’s probably less than the cuts Cameron’s plotting in other areas for pensioners.

Hmmm, maybe that’s in the wind here — the Tories want UK pensioners to blame Obama for Cameron’s austerity measures, measures our own John Chandley has eviscerated. And John Boehner’s trying to provide moral support.

The Tory-GOP-BP Love Triangle: So charming.

Are There Any Obscenely Wealthy Creeps to Whom the WaPo Won’t Sell Themselves?

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The paper of Bernstein and Woodward has suffered quite a falling-off in recent years. Its editor, Fred Hiatt, is a right-wing stooge of the purest kind, stacking the paper with fellow conservative hackaroonies such as Bush speechwriter Michael Gerson, Cheney apologist Marc Thiessen, PNAC Platoon leader William Kristol, and Ben the Bigoted Wet-Behind-the-Ears Plagiarist Domenech to join lying crapweasel Charles Krauthammer and genteel racist George Will, while dumping on and then simply dumping Dan Froomkin, who is arguably one of the ten best mainstream-media reporters working in the US today.

Entwined with the hard-right push is a hard-sell ethic, or non-ethic as the case may be. The Post never has been a moneymaker for its owners at Kaplan Test Prep, and the efforts to change that have veered like a drunken frat boy between the ridiculous and the horrifying. There’s been the "salon" scandal, wherein access to WaPo writers was to be sold to lobbyists for as much as $250,000 a pop. There’s the unspeakable deal with the devil himself, billionaire leech Pete Peterson, who wants to use the Post as a platform for his decades-old war on Social Security and Medicare and has apparently bought their compliance with the lure of free content via his Fiscal Times propaganda rag.

So really, it isn’t that surprising that the WaPo is hiring itself out yet again, this time to the coal industry:

The Washington Post introduced a new web page about politics called, and the site’s exclusive sponsor is the coal industry’s shady front group, the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity (ACCCE). ACCCE is the group whose lobbying firm, Bonner and Associates, was caught forging letters to Representative Tom Periello (D-Virginia) in July, 2009, which urged Rep. Periello to oppose the Waxman-Markey Climate bill. The letters were supposedly from groups like the NAACP or Creciendo Juntas — on what appeared to be their stationery. ACCCE admitted that Bonner had been working on its behalf as a contractor to another PR firm, The Hawthorn Group. Hawthorn’s Senior Partner, Suzanne Hammelman, in late 2008 sent out a report to "friends and family" boasting that Hawthorn’s astroturf activities succeeded in manipulating presidential candidates to support "clean coal" in the run-up to the 2008 election. Hammelman wrote, "President-elect Obama and Senator McCain, their running mates and their surrogates adopted our [clean coal] language and included it as part of their stump speeches." Dan Becker, director of the Sierra Club‘s Global Warming and Energy Program, argues that the term "clean coal" is misleading: "There is no such thing as ‘clean coal’ and there never will be. It’s an oxymoron." Despite ACCCE’s shady track record, and the misleading nature of supposed "clean coal" technology, Post National Editor Kevin Merida says of the paper’s new page, "What we bring to the often muddled political landscape is a clarity that is unmatched and an authority you can trust."

Have you no shame, Fred Hiatt? At long last, sir, have you no shame?

Huckabee’s Hypocritical Pardon Patterns

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One thing that the right-wingers and their media allies lining up to take potshots at Mike Huckabee’s pardoning the guy who would go on to kill four cops in a coffee shop somehow neglect to discuss is the full story behind Wayne Dumond’s pardon — and the role of conservatives in making it happen. It’s certainly not mentioned in this piece by the Republican-owned Politico, for example.

If you’re wondering why the Cons keep talking more about Willie Horton (who has nothing to do with Mike Huckabee) instead of Wayne Dumond (who Huck actually pardoned, here’s the scoop. The short version: Wayne Dumond was pardoned because a bunch of right-wing lunatics, led by Huck’s good buddy and fellow Baptist preacher Jay Cole, started ranting without any proof whatsoever that Dumond was innocent of the crime for which he was imprisoned — namely, the violent rape of a distant relative of Bill Clinton’s.

Ah, but it gets better. You see, while then-governor Huckabee would release without question anybody who was vouched for by one of his preacher friends, especially if they’d allegedly turned to God while incarcerated, the Huckster had a very different standard for other religious converts. Barbara O’Brien of the Mahablog explains:

I wrote about Dumond and another Arkansas convict, Frankie Parker, almost two years ago in “A Tale of Two Prisoners.” For reasons explained in the earlier post, Huckabee, an ordained Baptist minister, was pressured by the Christian Right into pardoning Dumond.

But the Christian Right kept silence on Frankie Parker, who was executed in 1996 over the objections of Mother Theresa and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In fact, Governor Huckabee was so keen to execute Frankie Parker that he intervened to move the execution date up by six weeks so that Parker could be executed sooner. He was so keen to execute Parker that moving up the execution date was Huckabee’s first official proclamation as Governor of Arkansas. Clearly, this was an itch that Huckabee was rarin’ to scratch.

It is true that Parker was convicted of committing two murders while under the influence of drugs. He admitted he had done this. He wasn’t asking for a pardon; just life.

What made Frankie Parker’s life so untenable? In prison, he had acquired a copy of the Dhammapada, which inspired him to convert to Buddhism. He corresponded with a Zen priest and also worked with a Little Rock Buddhist group to learn the practice. He became a spiritual leader within the prison. A Buddhist spiritual leader. Can’t have that.

As Ms. O’Brien comments in a later post:

I think it is important to call the public’s attention to Frankie Parker’s story. One might assume Gov. Huckabee was just gullible, or soft. But the way he handled Frankie Parker’s request for commutation reveals something much more sinister about the governor — that he had no compunction about exercising the worst kind of religious favoritism.

If Huckabee had simply not intervened in Parker’s sentence and allowed the execution to go ahead as scheduled, it wouldn’t have been so blatant. But Huckabee took the trouble to make the execution date to six weeks sooner. And he did this even as Mother Teresa and many Buddhist monks and priests, including the Dalai Lama, wrote requesting that Parker’s sentence be commuted. I think that says something really ugly about Mike Huckabee.

I do, too.

(Crossposted at Mercury Rising.)

Please, GOP: Cuddle up to Corsi!

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As I’d mentioned yesterday, the Cons are already calling for pogroms against Muslims after the latest Fort Hood shootings — most of which haven’t been committed by Muslims, but that’s not going to stop the Cons from letting their bloodlust off the leash.

Guess who’s leading the charge? Jerome Corsi, that’s who. He’s actually crafting a lie to falsely link the shooter to Obama! Our own Spencer Ackerman has the details.

Sane Congressional Republicans, if any still exist (which from the evidence of yesterday’s Nazi-baiting teabaggery seems doubtful), should not be rushing to pick up the themes laid down by Corsi and his fellow online smear crafters. Corsi is not a nice man, and he hates Catholics as much if not more than he hates Muslims. As Media Matters stated back in 2004:

Corsi on Catholicism: "Boy buggering in both Islam and Catholicism is okay with the Pope as long as it isn’t reported by the liberal press"


On Catholics and the Pope

CORSI: Maybe while he’s there he can tell the UN what he’s going to do about the sexual crimes committed by "priests" in his "Church" during his tenure. Or, maybe that’s the connection — boy buggering in both Islam and Catholicism is okay with the Pope as long as it isn’t reported by the liberal press. (03/03/2003)

CORSI: So this is what the last days of the Catholic Church are going to look like. Buggering boys undermines the moral base and the laywers rip the gold off the Vatican altars. We may get one more Pope, when this senile one dies, but that’s probably about it. (12/16/2002)

He really has a thing about anal sex, doesn’t he? Kinsey would have a field day with this dude, I suspect.

“Obama wants to gas the Jews!”

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Just when you thought the McCain backers couldn’t get any more disgusting, we see this:

During the October 30 broadcast of his Cincinnati-based radio show, Bill Cunningham asked "Randy Furman," a fictional Jewish character voiced by fellow WLW-AM host Scott Sloan: "Did you hear about this [Columbia University professor of Middle East studies Rashid] Khalidi tape where [Sen. Barack] Obama is toasting a guy who wants to gas and fry Jews? … This Obama guy loves the PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organization]. Can’t you figure that out?"

Cunningham later added, "Jews for [Sen. John] McCain because Obama wants to gas the Jews, like the PLO wants to gas the Jews, like the Nazis gassed the Jews. You got Obama introducing Arab terrorists, and the L.A. Times won’t release the story."

I’m astonished that these gents aren’t attacking the hard-right and McCain-backing Jerusalem Post for daring to point to a story in the Huffington Post about McCain’s heading the International Republican Institute when it gave grants to an organization co-chaired by Professor Khalidi (who, by the way, is a respected academic – Juan Cole lists his books — and not the evil demon the righties make him to be). But I digress. Read the rest of this entry →