Lt. Dan Choi Arrested in Russia

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While visiting FDL, you may have noticed the smiling face of a man in uniform, attached to these words:

“FDL is important because our words are not just meant to echo within ourselves, but to echo with future generations.”

The words and face belong to Lt. Dan Choi, whose energetic fight to end “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” succeeded where more mannered mainstream efforts did not. (Rather like how Gulf resident and activist Diane Wilson’s efforts succeeded where those of various DC Veal Pen members didn’t.)

Lt. Choi is in Moscow this weekend, in solidarity with the formidable and brave activists of GayRussia — and has now been arrested for taking part in a Moscow Pride demonstration, which is illegal under Russian law:

Despite being detained by Moscow police, Choi continues to tweet about the arrests, “We are here: Right ear ringing small bleeding, 7 in car including me and Andy Thayer.”

Witness reports call the arrests “brutal.”

Peter Tatchell from the Associated Press was with the group when they were arrested and has reportedly been released.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.

You can follow his tweets here.