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Got a Few Minutes Tonight?

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The union that covers 300,000 Federal employees, AFGE, had a phone call tonight where they filled their members in on the imminent lockout/shutdown and the best courses of action.

Updates on the legislative progress (or lack thereof) were made during the call. To the Senate’s credit, they were quite fast. The third amendment-laden continuing resolution was voted on by the House at 8:41 PM ET, and by 9:12 PM ET the Senate had stripped out the garbage and sent a third clean continuing resolution back to the House for Boehner’s perusal.

AFGE said that the best thing people can do, both right now and tomorrow if necessary, is to call their House members and get as many other people as possible to call their House members to tell them to pass a clean CR. As for tomorrow, should a shutdown occur, the best thing besides calling is to join the informational pickets — or start one if at all possible — by one’s workplace.

So, just in case nobody has this number:

House: 1-888-775-3148

You know what to do.

Now is the Time for All Good DC Hookers to Come to the Aid of Their Country

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Larry Flint’s offer to pay $1 million for evidence of Congressional hanky-panky brought down Newt Gingrich

So we’ve discovered that, so far, the rebranded John Birch types of the Astroturf “Tea Party” wing of the GOP are remarkably resistant not only to reason and compassion, but also to pleas from the US Chamber of Commerce and even the anti-tax CEO “deficit hawks” whose interests they allegedly serve.

What might get these giggling mad toddlers to shape up and grow up? About the only thing I can think of would be this: If all the Beltway sex workers who have Tea Party congresscritters and senators for clients were to make sex tapes of themselves with their clients and arrange for them to fall into the hands of Larry Flynt.

Many of you folk might remember when Larry Flynt, sickened by the grotesque hypocrisy of the Capitol Hill Republicans attacking Bill Clinton over his private life, offered to pay $1 million to any person or persons who could provide him with iron-clad evidence of congressional or senatorial hanky-panky by any of the elected officials currently castigating President Clinton. His efforts led to the downfall of both Newt Gingrich and alleged BDSM aficionado Bob Livingston, and very nearly derailed the impeachment juggernaut.

It looks like it’s time once again for some DC hypocrites and liars to have their hypocrisies exposed. Patriotic prosties, step forward! Your country needs you!

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Dear Mr. Kline…

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Representative John Kline

An open letter to John Kline

Dear Mr. John Kline:

I listened with great interest to your comments as played on NPR this morning. In them, you in essence joined your fellow John Birch Astroturfed Tea Partiers in Congress in denying that shutting down the government, or even defaulting on the debts you made it run up by backing the Bush tax cuts and wars, would hurt the US all that much.

It’s hard to tell whether you are serious or just spouting tough-guy jargon because you fear looking “weak.” But here are a few things that you and your fellow arsonists might not have taken into consideration – namely, around two million things, the approximate number of Federal government employees. This does not include troops of which we have another 1.4 million, so actually we’re looking at approximately 3.4 million things.

By the time you read this, John Kline, all Federal government employees and military troops will probably have been told something along the lines of the following sentence:”If the shutdown looks like it will last more than two weeks, apply for unemployment money.”

Do you realize what that means, Mr. Kline?

Do you?

Yes, yes, we know that the first bite of your insanity apple, the shutdown, will “only” affect 800,000 people. But the debt limit crisis is following in a few days, and that affects all Federal employees.

Subtracting the troops serving overseas, who you apparently want to suffer in place, that’s nearly three million people nationwide hitting unemployment offices, all at once.

Do you realize what that means to the state governments you and your colleagues have already worked to deprive of Federal aid?

Do you?

Furthermore, a lot of these people, like so many persons in what used to be America’s middle classes until you guys decided that cutting rich people’s taxes was more desirable than a healthy and sound country, are living paycheck to paycheck. What happens to them when they run out of options? Who do you think they are likeliest to blame?

I await your reply.

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Why Doesn’t Obama Want Us To Know How Much A Government Shutdown Will Hurt Us?

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This was sent to me over the transom this morning:

In February e-mail messages from the Office of Management and Budget, agencies were told their statements to Congress “should not state or imply what functions would or would not be continued in the event of a funding gap,” USA Today reported.

The message continued: “Agencies should not be previewing shutdown plans – that is, policy and operational decisions – in any way.”

Agencies have been instructed to clear any responses to questions about their shutdown plans with OMB.

What could be the rationale for this? Is Obama trying to pre-empt Republican claims that he’s politicizing the crisis and poisoning the negotiations? If so, that’s stupid — they’re going to claim he’s politicizing things anyway. We’re talking about people who habitually call our first de facto Republican black president a “Socialist”.

Anyone got any ideas?

If Republicans Take The House, They Shut Down The Government. Period.

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As David Dayen says:

And if Republicans take even one chamber of Congress, they will control some level of the appropriations process, and the budget resolution that funds the government. The resulting gridlock could easily lead to a government shutdown. The Republicans are actually salivating at the prospect of this, and have learned the lesson from the 1995 shutdown controversy that they simply lacked the will to carry forward their demands.

And we all know that the GOP/Media Complex will frame it all in the Republicans’ favor.

This is why the idea that they might win the House is so horrific. And I do not use the term lightly.