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Sandy Update: FEMA Sending Trailers to Victims; Occupy Sandy Asking Amazon to Waive Shipping Fees for Occupy Sandy Registry Orders

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Some good news out of FEMA last week concerning the assistance being given to victims of Hurricane Sandy: “FEMA chief Craig Fugate says his agency has several hundred temporary homes in its inventory and has started moving them toward the most heavily damaged areas in those states.”

Let’s hope these trailers don’t have formaldehyde in them.

Meanwhile, Occupy Sandy is petitioning Amazon to waive the shipping charges for goods and services ordered for Sandy’s victims via the Occupy Sandy registries (for NYC and NJ) on Amazon. Over $400,000 worth of supplies have been ordered via these registries, and more could be in the pipeline if shipping costs didn’t eat up so much money. And the New York Times has joined the Daily News as a formerly-adversarial reporter of Occupy activities that has been won over by Occupy’s swift and effective response to the Sandy aftermath.

More news as I learn it.

Firedoglake is sending blankets to Victims of Hurricane Sandy, you can donate here. The Firedoglake Supply fund is a volunteer project of the Firedoglake Membership program.

Conservatives Blaming Romney’s Pre-Existing Stall (and Looming Loss) on Sandy

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Median Electoral Vote Estimator by Princeton's Sam Wang indicates Ro-Mentum stalled out 3 weeks ago

It’s already starting: The Romney camp, as well as surrogates like Haley Barbour and Karl Rove, are pushing the excuse for Romney’s loss on Hurricane Sandy, which they claim stalled out the otherwise-unstoppable Mittmentum.

What they don’t mention is what Sam Wang of the Princeton Election Consortium mentioned again today: Romney’s momentum stalled out three weeks ago.

Keep this bookmarked to throw in the face of anyone who dares say “And he would have won, too, if it weren’t for that meddling storm.”

That is all.