News Bites for a Chilly Sunday: January 20, 2013

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– On Gun Appreciation Weekend, the NRA’s counter-celebration to President Obama’s second inaugural, someone in New Mexico went berserk and killed five people. And not with a crossbow, either.

– Also on Gun Appreciation Weekend, five people at gun shows in three different states (North Carolina, Ohio and Indiana) managed to get shot and injured during the events. I sense future Darwin Award nominees in the making — not so much the victims as those who shot them, as they’re not always one and the same.

This Bellingham, Washington guy says he always sleeps with a loaded .45 under his pillow, apparently so he can shoot intruders. Don’t know if he’s shot any intruders, but he did kill his girlfriend, apparently accidentally.

Howie Klein has a deal for us: ‘$100 for anyone who can get Bachmann, Broun, or Gohmert to explain on video why they believe in the “Sandy Hook Hoax.” Or $50 for Stockman’

– Neocon critics of Chuck Hagel claim he tried to shut down an Israeli USO operation. People who were actually involved in the USO operation say that in reality, Hagel helped save that Israeli USO operation.

– Yet another reason to go organic: Modern conventional agriculture kicks out 68% of all US nitrous oxide emissions — and nitrous oxide is 310 times more potent at trapping heat than is carbon dioxide.

– But if you do go organic, stick to farmer’s markets and the locally-owned co-ops and stay away from Whole Foods, whose CEO John Mackey is a mendacious schmuck.

– In other news, Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term as President of the United States, but not before he put some stain on a bookshelf. FLOTUS Michelle and the two First Daughters (the same two adorable little girls the NRA is not-so-subtly threatening) also did some volunteer work before attending a Kid’s Inaugural Ball. (Malia and Sasha are lovely, but I think Malia needs to get bangs like her mother’s (what our British readers would call “fringe”) to make her forehead a tad less prominent.) (UPDATE: Guess what? The NRA’s threat against Malia and Sasha Obama is based on a lie. Quelle surprise.)

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