Front-Runner for Minnesota GOP Chair Job: Marjorie Holsten, The Anti-Porn Prom Mom Featured on The Daily Show!

5:51 am in Republican Party by Phoenix Woman

Marjorie Holsten interviewed by The Daily Show

There are ten persons in the running to replace Tony Sutton, the failed taco baron who failed even harder at politics, as the Chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota. (Pat Shortridge did step in to serve out the remainder of Sutton’s chair term, but he’s not in the running for a full term.) One of these people is Marjorie Holsten, who you may remember from her appearance on The Daily Show as the outraged woman who objected to local 18-year-old Mike Stone — not her own son, but someone else’s — bringing an actress from adult movies to his high-school prom as his date.

Sally Jo Sorensen, who has another video of Ms. Holsten in action at her website, is rooting for Ms. Holsten to win. So am I.