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#OccupyNRA – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

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From Twitter earlier today, the first signs of a new movement:

1h PattyMomPatrol PattyMomPatrol ‏@PattyMomPatrol

YES WE CAN! #RallyforSanity #OccupyALEC #OccupyNRA March 21-22. RT. Invite your fav celebrity help org & promote. WE WILL SHOW UP!
4h Nicky Rozay Nicky Rozay ‏@nickrosenberg

@UncleRUSH can u help get behind #occupynra – a protest at their hq to show these politicians where the people stand on this issue?
4h skippielong skippielong ‏@skippielong

Another senseless shooting hours after the massacre in CT #guncontrol #occupyNRA – USA TODAY –
10h Ehab إيهاب Ehab إيهاب ‏@Hitteen48

The lord of weapons proliferation in the world doesn’t qualify to be the leader the ‘free world’! #USA #OccupyNRA #Newtown #GunControl
13h DoktorJeep DoktorJeep ‏@DoktorJeep

The NRA is actually a big compromiser and sellout of gun rights. Attacking will have the effect of bombing Iran. #OpNRA #OccupyNRA
13h Casey Aldridge Casey Aldridge ‏@CaseyJAldridge

The @NRA runs this country like a cartel. They profit off gun violence. @OccupytheNRA #OpNRA #OccupyNRA
13h Michele Tucker Michele Tucker ‏@micki_t

The NRA Represents Gun Manufacturers, not Gun Owners. #GunContro Now #OccupyNRA The Nation …
13h Casey Aldridge Casey Aldridge ‏@CaseyJAldridge

RT @MaxwellEileen: @CaseyJAldridge #OccupyNRA March 21-22 Federal Affairs Division, 410 1st St, #2, SE Wash DC. 20003 202-651-2560
14h YourMediaTeam YourMediaTeam ‏@MaxwellEileen

“@bsharwood: where is NRA offices: #OccupyNRA March 21-22 Federal Affairs Division, 410 1st Street, #2, SE Wash DC. 20003 202-651-2560
14h YourMediaTeam YourMediaTeam ‏@MaxwellEileen

#OccupyNRA March 21-22 Federal Affairs Division, 410 1st Street, #2, SE Wash DC. 20003 202-651-2560
14h DoktorJeep DoktorJeep ‏@DoktorJeep

I checked my gun safe. Appears none of them had ever even been to Connecticut #OccupyNRA They didn’t even try to escape.
14h YourMediaTeam YourMediaTeam ‏@MaxwellEileen

“@p_staatz: Rt”@PattyMomPatrol: @RCdeWinter Help us organize DC Rally 4 Sanity #OccupyNRA #OccupyALEC March 21-22. What do you think?” YES!
14h DoktorJeep DoktorJeep ‏@DoktorJeep

#OccupyNRA Real gun owners hate the NRA because the compromise. All you will do it make us rally around the NRA. I might even join again.
14h Anthony Franz Anthony Franz ‏@lennon_hp11

#OccupyNRA, dismantle the NRA, outlaw the NRA, penalize the NRA, bring the NRA to justice.
14h PattyMomPatrol PattyMomPatrol ‏@PattyMomPatrol

Do NOT do the person blame and insread, look past the 24 year old shooter & see the puppet masters and their stage. #OccupyALEC #OccupyNRA
15h PattyMomPatrol PattyMomPatrol ‏@PattyMomPatrol

@KatrinaNation Would you get behind, speak at a DC Rally for Sanity on March 21-22 to #OccupyNRA?

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The NRA exists to help gun manufacturers sell guns in the US, many if not most of said guns aren’t even made in the US. They use fear of crime (and of course fear of crime committed by dark-skinned people) to sell their products, even though the rate of violent crimes are at an all-time low in this country. (The rate of crimes committed by Wall Streeters and other elites is on the rise and unchecked.)

Will OWS’ Rolling Jubilee Cause Tax Issues For Debtors? IRS Says: NO.

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The Rolling Jubilee debt elimination project is one of the best ideas to come out of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Yet some, most notably Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism, have raised concerns that eliminating debt in this fashion might create tax liabilities for the former debtors.

It turns out that the Rolling Jubilee folks have already dealt with this potential issue:

Q. When a Rolling Jubilee abolishes someone’s debt will this raise their taxes?
A. No. We double-checked this with the IRS and a project like this does not meet the requirements to file a 1099-C Cancellation of Debt form and will almost certainly have no effect on anyone’s taxes.

The lawyers I’ve talked to agree that this is largely a non-issue and can be easily dealt with should it arise (and the only way it would arise is if the IRS chose for some unimaginable reason to apply the United States tax code in a way which has never been done in the past).

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UPDATE: Here’s what Forbes writer Tim Worstall — who as he states is a capitalist and neoliberal “red in tooth and claw” and thus not someone who normally would agree with Occupy Wall Street on anything — has to say about the tax issue: Read the rest of this entry →

Occupy Sandy Relief Efforts on the Ground in New York

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Consider this a public service announcement: Check out the excellent (and unheralded by the national media) response to Sandy by the InterOccupy network:

If you don’t like the Red Cross for whatever reason, or would like to donate to a group besides the Red Cross, you can donate to these folks, who are on the ground and know the area. You may have already seen the pictures going around of the Time’s Up! crew using their bike generators to charge people’s cell phones and even run drainage pumps to clean out basements.

@OccupySandy is their Twitter handle. To get regular updates by text message, please text “occupysandy” to 23559. Contact them at

Hat tip to Siun, who tipped me off to this.

The MLK Jr. Mic Check

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Sunday morning, January 16, 2012, at the MLK Jr. March staging area.

As the Occupy Atlanta participants gather for the march, a man makes his way to where the Occupy organizers are putting the last-minute touches on their portion of the march before they start in a little over an hour. A murmur, soft yet with growing power, follows him as various Occupiers see him and recognize him.

The organizers, hearing the murmur, turn towards it — and recognize the man too. Having got their attention, the man smiles politely.

“Good afternoon,” he says to them, in the well-modulated tones of a man in perfect command of his voice. “May I invoke the Mic Check?”

“Certainly, sir. MIC CHECK!”



The assembled Occupiers form concentric rings around the man, who begins to speak his piece:

“Thank you, Occupiers… for allowing me… to address you… before we start… I did not have time…. to draft a new sermon… for the occasion… However…. I have found that… many of my old ones…. are all too fitting… for this day and age.”

He stops, clears his throat, then recommences:

“I would like to use…. as a subject…. from which to preach:…. ‘The Drum Major Instinct.’