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None Dare Call It Treason: Are Prominent Right-Wingers Plotting Overthrow or Secession?

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MorningStar screenshot

I’ve latterly had occasion to view the promotional flyer for the upcoming Familiy Research Council’s Values Voter Summit, slated for October 11 through 13 at the Omni Shoreham hotel in Washington, DC.

What some might consider the progressive facsimile thereof, Netroots Nation, was held in my bailiwick, Minneapolis, back in 2011. But it’s pretty hard to consider the VVS and NN mirror images of one another. For one thing, to my knowledge nobody speaking at NN11 ever called for (or is closely allied with anyone calling for) the overthrow of the government, or for one part of the nation to secede from the other.

Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin, who was named Executive Vice President of the Family Research Council last year, is scheduled to speak at the VVS again this year. Boykin’s connected to a chappie named Rick Joyner, the head of Morningstar Ministries – and a man who has just called for a “military takeover” and martial law:

In a September 30, 2013 broadcast, as reported by Raw Story and Religious Right Watch, Morningstar Ministries head Rick Joyner — a leading prophet and apostle in the theocratic movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation who has ties to former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin [see: 1, 2] and other leading Tea Party-aligned Republicans — publicly issued a call for a coup – a “military takeover” of the United States government and the imposition of martial law.

In an interview with former Reagan administration lawyer Michael “Mikey” Weinstein — who formed the civil rights watchdog organization the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) after discovering a pattern of coercive evangelizing at his former alma mater, the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs — Weinstein told me his organization estimated that between 28 percent and 34 percent of officers and NCOs in the United States military were adherents to a supremacist form of Christianity known as dominionism who might back or at least be sympathetic to evangelist Joyner’s call for a coup.

“It is a terrible mistake to dismiss Joyner as merely fringe. The opposite is true,” explained Weinstein, who emphasized that there are dozens of dominionist evangelical para-church organizations engaging in what MRFF views as predatory evangelizing in the military. “Complacency is complicity,” warned Weinstein, who called Rick Joyner’s call for a military takeover a “red line” and also a “wretched” form of “sedition.”

One of Joyner’s other prominent confederates is none other than former Senator Jim DeMint, who will also be speaking at this year’s VVS. You may know him as the man who took over the Heritage Foundation last December and has proceeded to run it into the ground, in addition to being one of the persons egging on the GOP’s Suicide Caucus.

Another Summit speaker this year is Rand Paul, whose father Ron appears to have been orchestrating a high-risk strategy to use a government shutdown/federal default as a springboard for state secession:

The objective would be to lock in Republican dominance of over 1/2 the states in the Union and preserve, even enhance, the political power of an aging, white-dominated, predominantly Christian conservative demographic for years to come.

This would, in effect, shatter the Republic. Unthinkable ? Consider the following:

“Precinct by precinct, town by town, county by county, a decentralized political movement could begin to undermine the legitimacy the existing political structure. It can do so politely, helpfully, and sympathetically.

The central issue is legitimacy…

When the dollar dies, political legitimacy dies with it. This is the central premise of my recommended strategy.” — Ron Paul political strategist Dr. Gary North, from Phase 2 of Ron Paul’s Political Strategy

Now, consider:

In May 2012, in a fundraising pitch for Senate candidate Ted Cruz, Texas Congressional Representative Ron Paul gave a warm and ringing endorsement of Cruz and promised that “If elected, Ted will stand side-by-side with my son Rand in the U.S. Senate to fight against Big Government.” In a nod to shared John Birch Society-style conspiracy theory-driven ideology, Paul wrote,

“…Rand, Ted, and I had a lengthy discussion about the dangers of the Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air.

…Ted is a firm believer in American sovereignty – and will never support or vote for ceding our rights to the United Nations.”

With help from Ron Paul, Texas U.S. Senator Ted Cruz has become one of the Tea Party ringleaders driving the current budget impasse that threatens to cause an historic default on payments to service the Federal debt.  

By the way, Ted Cruz will also be at this year’s Summit.

As if to round out a sort of conservative Dominionist treason trifecta, conservative hero Larry Klayman has called for an overthrow of the government to start on November 19. Really, he has. Oddly, Klayman as far as I know is not slated to speak at this year’s Values Voter Summit, which judging from the list of known insurrectionists’ fellow travelers appearing as speakers for this year’s Summit must be some sort of unfortunate oversight on the part of the organizers.

If any of these people were lefties talking about overthrowing the government in this way, especially under Bush, they’d have been hauled off to prison tout de suite. But apparently even treason’s OK if you’re a Republican. Read the rest of this entry →

Even the TradMedia Almost Admits It Now: Nixon Sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks

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Of course, Consortium readers knew about this well over a year ago, and Anna Chan Chennault ‘fessed up to it. (See here and here for example.)

But now the tapes are out, and it’s no longer deniable, even though the Atlantic writer Connor Simpson tries to soft-pedal it: Richard M. Nixon committed treason — and condemned several million Vietnamese and American troops to be maimed and killed over the next six years — just so he could win the 1968 presidential election:

In previously released tapes from Johnson’s Presidency, we had heard about Johnson having substantial body of evidence showing Nixon had schemed to keep the South Vietnamese away from the negotiating table at the 1968 Paris peace talks. Like Nixon, Johnson had recored all of his conversations held inside the White House. Nixon was accused or dispatching Anna Chennault, a senior advisor, to convince the South Vietnamese they would get a better deal if they didn’t agree to a peace deal until after the U.S. Presidential election. Chennault confirmed she spoke with the Vietnamese in her autobiography, The Education of Anna, but nothing more than that. If true, the charge would likely amount to treason.

And it was true, as we already know from Robert Parry’s shop. (And by the way, the peace talks were much closer to success than the persons trying to minimize Nixon’s treason are willing to admit.)

Why did Johnson not act on the knowledge — publicly, at any rate? (He had already confronted Nixon on it privately.) Because it might have, among other things, damaged the nation’s security: Read the rest of this entry →

What Even Woodward and Bernstein Can’t Say Out Loud: Nixon Wrecked the Paris Peace Talks

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The recent retraversal by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein of their Watergate reportage is a welcome, albeit flawed, corrective to the decades of efforts by Nixon and his cheerleaders to rewrite history.

I say “flawed” because it is not entirely correct. For example, there is this passage:

On June 17, 1971 — exactly one year before the Watergate break-in — Nixon met in the Oval Office with his chief of staff, H.R. “Bob” Haldeman, and national security adviser Henry Kissinger. At issue was a file about former president Lyndon Johnson’s handling of the 1968 bombing halt in Vietnam.

“You can blackmail Johnson on this stuff, and it might be worth doing,” Haldeman said, according to the tape of the meeting.

“Yeah,” Kissinger said, “but Bob and I have been trying to put the damn thing together for three years.” They wanted the complete story of Johnson’s actions.

“Huston swears to God there’s a file on it at Brookings,” Haldeman said.

“Bob,” Nixon said, “now you remember Huston’s plan? Implement it. . . . I mean, I want it implemented on a thievery basis. God damn it, get in and get those files. Blow the safe and get it.”


For reasons that have never been made clear, the break-in apparently was not carried out.

Now, Nixon did order — repeatedly — that the safe at the Brookings Institute be blown and the file stolen. The file, however, a) wasn’t there anymore, and b) didn’t just contain what Woodward and Bernstein says it did, but something much more dangerous as far as Nixon was concerned. As Robert Parry reports:
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Paris, 1968. Teheran, 1980. Tel Aviv, 2012?

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The person calling himself “Mobutu Sese Seko”, but who most manifestly is not the late Congolese dictator, is in my opinion one of Gawker’s better and more perceptive writers, and he just hit another home run, in the course of discussing Mitt Romney’s all-too-likely illegal foreign policy collusions with his best bud Bibi Netanyahu. While delineating that misdeed, he then cites two others committed by Republican presidential candidates:

… In 1968, with the expectation of a plum position in the Nixon administration, Henry Kissinger persuaded the south Vietnamese to spike the Paris peace talks with unreasonable demands, promising a better deal under a GOP administration. About a half decade and 20,000 dead Americans later, Kissinger brokered an accord like the one he’d scuppered illegally. But it had already served its purpose: Kissinger destroyed Hubert Humphrey’s peace strategy and a huge 1968 campaign plank. Lyndon Johnson refused to publicly condemn Nixon and Kissinger for doing something incredibly fucking illegal (under the Logan Act), lest he be seen to use the office of the president to aggressively campaign for a successor or divulge the shady means with which his evidence had been gathered.

And if that example feels too quaintly historical or insufficiently Middle Easty, there are always the more recent depredations against truth and policy, like announcing Mission Accomplished 40 days after a war’s commencement and eight-and-half years before its end—but only one year before an election.

He left out another infamous electorally-inspired meddling — to wit, Reagan’s October Surprise from 1980: Read the rest of this entry →