Bush Administration’s Craven Misuse of the USS Bataan

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I just read a post on the Democratic Underground site where I learned for the first time that the USS Bataan was used as one of the Bush administration’s prison ships.

The US has admitted that the Bataan and Peleliu were used as prison ships between December 2001 and January 2002.

So not only did the Bush administration have these dastardly prison ships but they specifically allowed the USS Bataan’s name to be tarnished for being one of them. Why is the use of the USS Bataan any worse than using another ship for this purpose? Here’s why. Here are some snippets of information about the history of the USS Bataan from their website.

USS Bataan memorializes the valiant resistance of American and Filipino troops on the Bataan Peninsula in the dawning days of World War II. Read the rest of this entry →