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You want true bipartisanship, you got it!

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By Frances Causey

The fix is in. If you read the media tea leaves, it looks like Medicare and Social Security benefits will likely be cut to avoid going over the contrived fiscal cliff because signs are that BOTH U.S. political parties and the Obama Administration have already agreed to it. Reading between the lines of the media speaks volumes to this truth.

It is not so much what is being said by politicians but what ISN’T being said. Have you noticed the dog and pony show around President Obama “drawing a line in the sand” about tax increases for those making $200,000 and up, and House Majority leader John Boehner feigning a fight.

With his populist rhetoric, President Obama is sure to rally his “base” which will soften the blow when he cuts benefits to Medicare and Social Security. I particularly marveled when word leaked by the Obama Administration that he would not be averse to rescinding the tax increase after one year. Hint hint.

The reality? On matters of economics, the Democratic Party does not look a whole lot different from the Republican Party. The Democrats who are right of center as a party long ago abandoned the ideals of FDR who created policy that saved capitalism from itself in the 1930’s and defended working people against its excesses. We need today’s Democrats to put up a fight and they are taking a pass. Crimes of gargantuan proportions have been committed since the 1980’s and continue with instruments like derivatives. Now, the thievery continues with cuts to Social Security and Medicare. As Senator Bernie Sanders says in Heist.

If you really did the investigation, the Democrats would not be able to simply say; oh it was that George W. Bush, it was him. Well you know what, it was a lot of Bush. But I’m afraid the Republicans would be able to say, sorry, not just us, take a look at Robert Rubin, secretary of treasury under Bill Clinton, and all of the Rubin guys. They were working with Allan Greenspan; they were working with Phil Gramm, to deregulate all of this stuff. So you got true bipartisanship – everybody wants bipartisanship, you got it!

I’m still amused when I read or hear people talk about how both parties are separated by ideology with Democrats wanting big government while Republicans are for smaller government. This is just more subterfuge to deceive the public about what is really being negotiated between volleys on the Capital’s basement tennis courts. Both parties support big government to help their favorite industries (think Wall Street, military contractors or Big Pharma, for example,) and occasionally the 99%.

So Act Two of the ideological dog and pony show is trotted out on stage mainly to entertain the good ole boy network as Economic Policy Institute Co-founder Jeff Faux describes in Heist.

If Greenspan and Rubin had really believed the ideology that they preached, they would not have bailed out the S&L’s the way that Greenspan did.…Rubin would not have bailed out the Wall St. holders of Mexican bonds in nineteen ninety-five. Greenspan would not have bailed out the stock market in two thousand and two thousand one. The only explanation I can have for this is that it’s a class question. These people were protecting their class. And what class was that? That was the class – global class – the network of financial wheeler-dealers who had essentially dominated the world economy.

Did you see the actual details (or those NOT leaked to the media) of the financial wheeler-dealer and former Morgan Stanley Director Erskine Bowles’ plan to repair our budget? These were provided by one of the two members (Elizabeth Warren being the other) of the Senate – Bernie Sanders – who retains any credibility.
According to Senator Sanders, Simpson-Bowles would cut Social Security benefits for current retirees by reducing the cost of living adjustment; cut Social Security benefits for middle class beneficiaries by 35 percent; raise the eligibility age of Social Security to 69; and cut Veterans benefits. (Remember during the campaign how both parties invoked these benefits as sacred.) But our favorite Simpson-Bowles bullet point is the one that would reduce taxes for the super rich and corporations, which has already done such wonders for our economy.

There is some good news. A truly progressive social movement is in its infancy in this country but who would know about it? Certainly not the mainstream news media. First we had Wisconsin, then Occupy Wall Street, the re-election of President Obama, the election of truly Progressive candidates Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren who demanded and won a seat on the senate banking services committee. And now we have fast food workers demanding a living wage and the right to join a union! Imagine that.

And the good people of California voted to raise taxes on the rich, defeated an anti-union initiative, and Washington state voted in legalization of gay marriage and marijuana. The 99% is awakening to the menace of corporate rule. Our work now is to not be fooled by the rhetoric of the Democrats who quietly and spinelessly agree to the severe, slow cuts outlined in Simpson-Bowles. Read behind the headlines to know where your bottom line is.

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Obama, Jobs and the Demise of America

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With the signing of NAFTA in 1993, Democratic President Bill Clinton signed a death sentence for the middle class in America, thus implementing the next phase of Republican Pres. Reagan’s dismantling of our economy. Yes, NAFTA was the Reagan administration’s idea.

I am writing this brief diary today in order to alert  Kossaks that the news today is very ominous for us all, and is an indicator of how much disinformation we have been fed these past 3 years by both the government and Wall treet. Today’s job report seems to have been a shocker for both Wall Street and the Obama administration, but not for ordinary Americans, or, for that matter, workers around the world. As the MSM has become a monopoly for a handful of companies, the truth about the worldwide economy and ours has been hidden.

Sadly, the truth is we are in the midst of an unprecedented economic downward spiral, as a result of 30 years of deregulation of the economy (and, yes, that means Wall Street and the other banks), accompanied by tax breaks for the 1% and corporations, and the continued growth of the Military Industrial complex. The upcoming national election will solve none of these issues as both parties are committed to continuing these failed policies.

If one looks carefully at job growth during the Bush years, half of the jobs were a result of the housing bubble, not manufacturing growth. You don’t see any housing construction, do you? So where will the jobs come from? Our grim reality is that large corporations have abandoned this country, and they are not coming back, unless you are willing to cut your salary in half. And that’s exactly what GM and Chrysler did to the UAW with our tax dollars.

So what is the 99% to do? Keep protesting? Well, sure, but maybe we need to get serious about creating a new cooperative economy, that is local, green, sustainable and works for the rest of us. I will be writing more about this in the coming days, but let me end with the prediction of Prof. Alan Blinder(he of the Clinton era Federal Reserve) that the US is going to lose another 30-40 million(yes, million) white collar jobs over the next 10-20 years. It’s called outsourcing.

Here’s a little clip from the film Heist:Who Stole the American Dream? that says it well. Full disclosure-I co-directed this film with Frances Causey. Where are the Jobs?