Rallies supporting the Egyptian uprising are spreading, including this one in Australia today. (photo: Takver via Flickr)

This won’t be a big sweeping post about events unfolding in Egypt; it’ll be just enough to help you catch up this morning.

Rumors began after 1:00 a.m. EST that Hosni Mubarak had already fled to Sharm el-Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula; rumors followed shortly thereafter that the Egyptian Army had moved into Sharm el-Sheikh as well. Such a move without the express consent of Israel would be a breach of the Camp David accords.

Al Jazeera Arabic’s license has been annulled and their coverage of events blocked by Nile TV satellite.

Egypt’s outgoing information minister had earlier “ordered the closure of all activities by Al Jazeera in the Arab republic of Egypt, and the annulment of its licenses, as well as withdrawing the press cards of all its employees,” the official MENA news agency said.

Al Jazeera’s Dan Nolan indicates they will continue to provide coverage anyhow as their Cairo bureau packs up. It remains to be seen how the White House will respond to this additional suppression of speech.

As you can see from the photo inset, rallies are popping up all over in support of the people’s uprising in Egypt. Sizable rallies happened in the U.S. yesterday, including one in front of the White House, this one about 14 hours ago in Boston and this one about 18 hours ago in San Francisco.

More immediate ominous signs of things to come:

Preparations are being made by the U.S. and Turkey as well as other middle eastern countries to evacuate their citizens in Egypt to other locations in Europe.

Reports are popping up across Twitter that fighter jets are now flying over Tahir Square in Cairo.

We’ll have more coverage throughout the day.

Oh, forgot to add this bit of goodness: Seems the Guardian-UK must not have an editor watching traffic of articles publishing over the weekend, given this piece which published yesterday promoting Cairo as a vacation destination. We hear it’s warm there this time of year.